Who Cares

Who Cares – Chapter 91

Chapter 91 Dead Refusal


Guan Suyi cooked a few dishes that her grandfather and father loved the most, fetch a few pots of wine she brewed, picked out a little and fed them to the rabbits, chickens and ducks, and made sure they were not poisoned before letting Baifu personally deliver them.

“Madam, won’t you go and accompany His Majesty to have dinner?” Jinzi asked bravely. No one knew better than her why His Majesty was here. Once he lost control of his emotions, it’s unknown what would happen. Although recently he became a bear (tn: meaning timid), bears can eat people too!

“I have guessed before that you were sent from the palace, eight out of ten is the emperor’s person. But I never thought that the emperor was Hunnar.” Guan Suyi washed her hands expressionlessly and scraped her nail seams clean.

It was precisely because she had a plan in her mind that she did not avoid Jinzi in everything she done. No one is perfect. Grandfather and father were very loyal, capable, and their reputation was increasing. There were hardly any slander for them on the street, they were all praises. This was not a good thing in the eyes of the superior. It was often said that “those whose accomplishments overshadow the master is always in danger, and those who are brave to shake the master will die.” Defeating oneself at the right moment was an effective way to avoid it.

She was actually reluctant letting her grandfather and father pour dirty water on themselves, ruining their clean names and nobleness. Even when she leave Jinzi behind, she did not expect that there were even more dirty conspiracy hidden behind it.

Jinzi’s tears came out, and she quickly knelt down and pleaded guilty, “Madam, don’t think too much, this servant is ordered to protect you and have no intention to spy on you. Since this servant came to you, have never done anything to let you down, please don’t drive this servant away. Madam please!”

“You are a good girl, very capable, and loyal to the master.” Guan Suyi’s tone was flat, “Get up, I won’t drive you away. If I drive you away, I don’t know who else he will send to take over, it’s better for everyone to save all of these back and forth things.”

Jinzi felt ashamed and guilty, and repeatedly kowtowed. Seeing that Madam left the dining room and walked toward the mourning hall, she hurriedly followed suit, never dare to ask her to go back to serve His Majesty again.

Emperor Sheng Yuan waited bitterly for Madam who didn’t return, but he was accompanied by Emperor Teacher and Chief of Ceremonies so it was inconvenient to inquire, let alone chase after her, he had no choice but to eat without tasting the food.

At the same time, the news of the emperor’s visit to the Zhao Mansion had already spread to everyone, and some judicial officials had received signal from the top, and spread the word of how the Emperor Teacher, Chief of Ceremonies and Song Xuan presented the memorials in the court, justifying Guan family’s name, Madam’s name, and the child’s name; and sent dozens of Confucian scholars to explain the regulations of the new law in detail for the common people.

What happened in the Zhao family was nothing but anecdotes, after it was passed along on the street, it would not be long before people forget them. But the laws of the country were closely related to their livelihood and even their life, how could they not care? In the past, there were also small officials who distributed the pamphlets of “The Law of Civil Punishment” from house to house, telling them to study the law of the country well, which could come in handy at critical moments. They also said that The Law of Civil Punishment was a law specially formulated by the emperor for the common people, and its purpose was to maintain the people’s interests.

Those officials, what pleasant thing can they says? What nasty thing that can’t be done? Just listen to it, don’t take it seriously. This was the thinking of most people, but it was completely subverted at this moment. For a newborn baby, in order to wash away his demon’s stigma, Emperor Teacher and Chief of Ceremonies both resigned from their official positions and returned to their old home!

That was the Emperor Teacher, a big man more honorable than the prime minister! Chief of Ceremonies also the head of Nine Ministers, too high to reach! But just like that, the two Mount Tai and North Star*  took off their official robes and leave just because the words “wrongly save”, which showed that The Law of Civil Punishment was by no means a joke. After the emperor’s reprimand and Song Xuan’s answer, he explained the content of civil law vividly and in detail. Let’s not mention the other things for now, just one sentence “the government should not be careless about people’s lives” could make the people feel grateful and then ran to tell each other.

They said tyrannical government is fiercer than a tiger, this statement was not exaggerated at all. Before the establishment of Wei Kingdom, the common people never knew that their own people were also person, and their own lives were also life. Used to be, the grain grown with their blood and sweat was plundered by the tyrant noble families in a blink of an eye, and if they wanted to survive, they could only pick up the bark, dig grass roots, and even eat the soil; When the border was fighting war, the noble families hid behind, and instead pushed the common people to the front of the line to block the knifes and spears; Even if they stayed honestly at home, disaster would fall from the sky, suddenly a group of officers or robbers broke in, burning, killing, looting, and commit any imaginable crimes.

This was the life they lived in the past, with starvation and cold, and precariousness. Compared with the present, one was hell and the other was heaven.

At this time, who cares about what happened to Ruan shi, what happened to Madam Guan, and what happened to the child? Quickly understanding the specific content of the “The Law of Civil Punishment” was the top priority. After hearing about the civil law, there were also national law, tax law, commercial law, land law… everything was all-inclusive. Every code was based on the people, loves the people and protects the people. It might sound very unbelievable, but to have the Emperor Teacher and Chief of Ceremonies who resigned their official positions angrily for an infant at the front, and there was the emperor who dismissed judicial secretary Song Xuan at the back, the concept of “human life is beyond value” had been heavily engraved into the people’s mind.

“His Majesty said it very well. An official should be like Madam Guan, for the sake of human life willing to defy world’s opinion. If you know that there are injustice hidden in the case, but you give up because you encounter resistance, what kind of parent official will you be?” An old man sighed.

“That’s right. The process of finding out the truth is like cutting open the belly. If you don’t even have the courage to hold a knife, how can we expect them to stand for the people and not be afraid of the powerful? That judicial secretary Song Xuan is that Prime Minister Wang’s party. Just the noble family’s running dog.”

“What kind of prime minister, don’t put gold on his face*. Because of inciting civil unrest and shaking the country, the emperor has already dismissed him as an official. In order to save his face and family reputation, he had to beg for bones* and return to his hometown, otherwise he would be in prison by now, there are no comparisons between them. Both are officials and both are resign from their positions, but some people are comparable to wolves, tigers and leopards, have black hearts and ruthless; and some people have noble character and unquestionable integrity, benevolent and righteous. Some people are for personal gain, and some people are for the sake of justice. If there are more good officials like Emperor Teacher and Chief of Ceremonies, the people will be saved.”

“Emperor Teacher and Chief of Ceremonies are good officials, and the emperor is also a good emperor. He is wise and heroic, govern the country with benevolence. Our good days are still to come.” As soon as the man finished speaking, he was greeted with many happy laughter.

The matter of taking a child by cutting open the stomach was gradually forgotten, and although some pedantic old Confucian were still holding on to it, it was not a hindrance.


Due to the emperor’s personal visit, more and more people came to the Zhao Mansion to offer condolences. Even unrelated passers-by came to the door with gifts, not to mention the honorable people in the capital. Old Master Guan and Guan Father accompany the emperor to finish the meal and get ready to send him back to the palace, but unexpectedly the person had already reached the door when he suddenly changed his mind, “How about Zhen take a look at the child before leaving? Where is Madam, let her show the way. The two of you can just go to the front hall to help entertain guests, don’t worry about Zhen, Zhen is too lazy to deal with unrelated people.”

Seeing that the son-in-law have his hands full, and he also had no official position, it was inconvenient to deal with all these honorable people, so Old Master Guan and Guan Father hurriedly agreed, and then sent someone to call Yiyi.

Hearing that the emperor wanted to take a look at the child, the old madam and Zhong shi were worried of snubbing him, hurriedly urged Guan Suyi to go. The two walked to the main house one after the other, pushed open the door, saw two nurses dozing off on the table, while Minglan held the child and rocked gently, humming an unknown nursery rhyme.

“This servant, this servant have seen the emperor.” Seeing the tall figure standing at the door, she shivered with fright, but did not recognize that this person was the guard who wanted to eat the swan meat.

The drowsiness of the two nurses disappeared, and they knelt down in fear.

Emperor Sheng Yuan indifferently called “Get up”, and walked straight to hold the child. His movements were very wild, as if he was carrying an object. Guan Suyi, who didn’t want to pay attention to him, finally couldn’t hold back, and immediately stopped him, “The baby’s bones are soft and vulnerable, so the emperor should leave him to this subject woman.” As she spoke, she skillfully took the child, gently held the back of his head, wrapped the other arm around his body.

“Madam will be a good mother in the future.” Emperor Sheng Yuan stared at her with a burning gaze, and his tone was gentle, “If the child can inherit Zhen’s tall and strong physique, and inherit Madam’s intelligence and wisdom, he will be the best crown prince of Wei Kingdom in the future. Of course, if you give birth to a princess who is completely like Madam, it will be even better. Zhen will definitely dote on her like a pearl in Zhen’s palm.”

Seeing the horrified expressions of Minglan and the two wet nurses, Guan Suyi couldn’t bear it any longer, and scolded sharply, “Still ask the emperor to speak carefully!”

“These words have been brewing for many months, and the scene of those children circling around Zhen’s knees has also imagined for many months, why still have to be careful?” Emperor Sheng Yuan looked back innocently with a sincere expression.

Guan Suyi’s cheeks were flushed, and she didn’t know if she was ashamed or angry, she raised her chin at Jinzi and ordered, “Take these two out and teach them the rules, what to say and what not to say, they should have a bottom line in their hearts.” Then continued with a slightly slower tone while handing the child to Minglan, “Take the second young master to the crib, some words are not suitable for him to hear, let’s not stain his ears.”

Her hidden words of pointing the mulberry tree and curse the locust tree did not cause Emperor Sheng Yuan to feel ashamed at all, but instead made him chuckle, as if it were very funny.

Guan Suyi was also angrily laughed, raised her eyebrows and asked, “Who is the person standing in front of me today, the guard of Marquis Zhenxi Mansion, Hunnar or the Golden Palace’s Emperor Huo Shengzhe?”

Emperor Sheng Yuan did not dare to answer at will, and tentatively said, “What if it’s Hunnar, and what if it’s Huo Shengzhe?”

“If it’s Hunnar, I’ll slap you hard and tell you to get out of here! If it’s Huo Shengzhe, I’ll use death admonishment* to prevent you from destroying the law and disturb the discipline, and breaking the ethical code!”

Facing her eyes that were as bright as cold stars, Emperor Sheng Yuan’s breathing slightly stopped, and after thinking for a moment, he said, “Zhen is both Hunnar and Huo Shengzhe, then what you’re going to do?”

“Very well, then I’ll slap you a few times, and then ram my head on the door beam to death! Do you dare to test it?” Thinking of Ye Zhen who was still in the palace, Guan Suyi felt her stomach churning, feeling nauseated and wanted to vomit, she said sharply, “Your Majesty, after listening to my grandfather and father’s remarks, I thought you were a wise man, but I didn’t expect you to be so muddle-headed to this point. Is it your hobby to rob other people’s wife? It’s not enough to rob Ye Zhen, do you still want to lure me too? What do you think of me? Where do you put the Guan family? Do you think I will cry like Ye Zhen, half pushing half approaching? Then you’re thinking too beautifully! The Guan family is no Ye family, we have moral character, have courage, and don’t fear power. Today I deadly refuse, and tomorrow my grandfather and father will be ready to give death admonishment, even if my Guan family is torn to pieces, we will not yield!” As she spoke she took off the silver hairpin, and aimed the sharp end at her throat.

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TN: Here’s why I don’t mind the emperor is like this, because GSY is too awesome and can definitely handle him..

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