Reborn After Widowhood

Reborn After Widowhood – Chapter 30

Chapter 30


The weather was getting colder, but the sun was shining brightly on the body, warm and cozy, and people didn’t have to worry about getting tanned.

After the afternoon class, Wan Yi brought her three younger brothers to the garden.

Dalang and Erlang were both five years old, the former was just born earlier, and Sanlang was two years younger than his brothers. He was quite strong and tough at first glance.

The garden was small, Wan Yi could see the princess sitting at the stone table at a glance, and ran over happily: “Fourth Aunt, you are here too!”

Hua Yang looked at her niece with a smile.

Chen Bozong was steady and dignified, he was polite but unsmiling. Yu Xiu was cautious and seemed a bit dull. With such parents, Wan Yi nevertheless turned out to be well-behaved and very cheerful, like a warm little sun, very lovable.

“I’m here to enjoy the maples and bask in the sun. Being stuck in the house all day is not good for your health.”

Hua Yang pointed to two maple trees covered with red leaves not far away. Of course she would not tell the children that she had just been walking around in circles and was trying to lose weight.

“Fourth Aunt sitting here is much more beautiful than the maple leaves.” Wan Yi said sweetly.

Hua Yang pinched her little nose.

Sanlang was the youngest, and kept thinking about playing. He ran to the largest open space in the garden, jumped and urged his brothers and sister: “Come on, it will get dark soon!”

Wan Yi explained to the princess: “Sanlang wants to play skipping rope and has been pestering us for a long time.”

Hua Yang noticed that Erlang was holding a long rope in his hand and smiled: “Go quickly, I’ll watch you play here.”

The children ran away.

Dalang and Erlang each held the end of the rope, letting Wan Yi and Sanlang to jump first.

Wan Yi had a light figure, while Sanlang was stocky and could jump quite high.

Hua Yang watched intently.

Chao Yun leaned over, “Princess, do you want to go and play? You also liked to play with these when you were a child.”

And compared to walking in circles, skipping rope consumed more energy and much more fun.

Hua Yang was very tempted, and when Wan Yi ran over enthusiastically and invited her to play together, Hua Yang agreed.

Chao Yun called Zhen’er over and let them handle the rope.

Hua Yang and the four children kept running and jumping here and there. Sanlang tripped the most and his funny falls would cause a burst of laughter.

Chunhe Hall, where Chen Tingjian and Sun shi lived, was next to Siyi Hall.

Laughter came in waves. Chen Tingjian frowned, put down the book in his hand, and said to Sun shi who was sitting on the couch doing needlework: “Although the children have been out of mourning, it’s not appropriate to laugh like that.”

He was strict with his sons and the same with his grandchildren.

This strictness was deeply imprinted in his bones just like his knowledge. Sun shi knew that it could no longer be changed.

So she didn’t speak for the children, only called her maid La Mei and told her to go talk to the children.

La Mei retreated and came back soon. After entering the house, she looked at Cabinet Elder, then at looked at Cabinet Elder Madam, and said embarrassedly: “Master, Madam, the princess was playing with the little masters. I only took a peek, and didn’t dare to go there.”

Sun shi curled her lips, looked at her husband at the desk, and said deliberately: “So what if it’s the Princess? The Princess also has to observe etiquette, not to mention she is still in mourning period. You hurry over and say that our family’s Cabinet Elder is unhappy, ask the Princess to go back to her room and stay there.”

How could La Mei take it seriously? She lowered her head and suppressed her laughter so much that her shoulders were shaking.

Chen Tingjian looked at his old wife helplessly: “How unbecoming is it to joke about the princess.”

Sun shi put down her needle and thread. Seeing that she was about to come down, La Mei hurriedly went to serve her and put on her shoes.

Chen Tingjian: “Where are you going?”

Sun shi: “Lamei doesn’t dare to say it, then I will say it myself.”

Chen Tingjian shook his head and continued to read. He didn’t believe that his old wife would really do that.

Sun shi basked in the sun in the yard for a while. After hearing the sounds of play in the garden gradually fading away, she walked over slowly.

Siyi Hall sent pastries, and Hua Yang sat at the stone table to entertain the four children.

Wan Yi looked at Dalang and whispered to the princess: “Fourth Aunt, if my father finds out about us going out to play, he will definitely scold us.”

Hua Yang smiled: “What should we do?”

Wan Yi said playfully: “Can I say that Fourth Aunt wants to see us playing? You are a princess, and my father will not dare to interfere with anything you want to do.”

Hua Yang knew that the little girl was clever and agreed.

Sanlang eavesdropped while eating cakes. At this moment, his dark eyes rolled and he said to Erlang: “We will say the same thing when we go back.”

Erlang looked at his younger brother as if he were a fool. The Eldest uncle was strict, but their father didn’t really care. Their mother even urged their father to find the rope.

“You little gluttons, instead of doing your homework at this time, you come to the Princess to beg for food.”

Hua Yang turned around and saw her mother-in-law walking towards this side with a smile on her face, covered in warm sun.

She stood up with a smile: “We just start eating, Mom, don’t scare them.”

Wan Yi called out to her grandmother and gave up her stone bench.

Sun shi touched her granddaughter’s head and invited her daughter-in-law to sit down together.

The children’s faces were flushed, and Hua Yang’s face was even more gorgeous than a flower.

Sun shi pretended not to notice anything and ate a piece of pastry. After the children left, she said to Hua Yang: “Time flies, we have been in Lingzhou for more than half a year. However, we have wronged the noble princess, letting you accompany us to stay in this small house.”

Hua Yang: “Mom treats me like a guest again.”

Sun shi: “Okay, okay, Mom will tell you something that’s not for a guest. Today is the eighth day of Tenth Month. Does the Princess know what day tomorrow?”

Hua Yang looked curious: “What day?”

Sun shi looked at Siyi Hall and said with a smile: “It’s the Old Four’s birthday. In fact, he is already such an old man, so what kind of birthday can he have? I’m not telling the Princess this to let you do anything. It’s just that we are very particular about longevity noodles over here. The princess can ask the small kitchen to cook him a bowl of noodles. There is no need to point out that it’s longevity noodles, just bring it to him and ask him to eat it.”

The family would no longer went out of their way to celebrate birthdays of children over ten years old. They would just have a birthday noodles the night before and let the kitchen to cook four more dishes at noon the next day, and it would be considered done. Later, the eldest brother got married and had his own little family. Simple birthday celebrations like this were no longer possible, and the young couple could just do it in their own courtyard. The Old Three and Old Four would also be like this, and today would be the last time she told her daughter-in-law princess this.

If the princess and the Old Four has a loving affection, telling her once would naturally remember. If there was no loving affection, to be reminded every year would only annoy people.

Sun shi did this to both the eldest daughter-in-law and third daughter-in-law.

Hua Yang was secretly amused. In her previous life, her mother-in-law reminded her much more tactfully than now, for fear that she would be unhappy. In this life, the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law was much closer, and her words were less restrained.

“Don’t worry, Mom, I will definitely ask the kitchen to cook a bowl of longevity noodles for Prince Consort. I will also tell Prince Consort your regards. He will definitely be happy to hear it.”

Sun shi snorted: “Don’t tell him, otherwise he will get complacent and refuse to change his donkey temper.”


As night fell, a whistle finally came from the west wing.

Chao Yun stood under the eaves of the corridor, looking at the prince consort who was striding over. She took a few steps up to meet him, lowered her voice, and said complainingly and sympathetically: “Why did you come back just now? The princess didn’t even eat in order to wait for you. ”

Chen Jingzong threw the game in his hand to her. When he learned that Hua Yang was in the side room, Chen Jingzong walked to the window of the side room and explained through the closed carved window: “Actually, I came back a long time ago, but there were two acquaintances by the stream. My neighbors were washing clothes, and I was afraid that they would recognize me, so I temporarily hid in a tree, but I didn’t expect it to be delayed until now.”

He didn’t want to make her angry. Before, he wanted to pretend to be a ghost in the tree to scare away the two women who were not concentrating on washing clothes but were gossiping instead.

Hua Yang was reading a book when she heard this and said, “I understand, let the kitchen start cooking. You can take a bath before the meal is ready.”

The voice was clear, languid, like Guanyin on a lotus platform, half-closing her eyes and giving orders to her attendants, or like a spring swallow murmuring in one’s ear, scratching one’s heart.

Chen Jingzong thought about it carefully, but he didn’t seem to hear any anger.

Over in the kitchen, Chao Yun was asked to run errands, and Chen Jingzong deftly went to the water room to carry the water himself. He was already coming back late, so if he came back looking all dusty and disheveled, she would be even more displeased.

The longevity noodles have been rolled out and cooked in boiling water for a while. Chen Jingzong took a quick shower, wiped himself with a wet towel, and then rinsed off with cold water, leaving no hint of sweat on his body.

He was not a particular person, he tied up his half-dried hair, put on clean clothes, and strode to the main room.

Hua Yang came out of the side room, looked at him, and sat down at the dining table.

The way Chen Jingzong looked at her seemed no different from before.

Chao Yue and Zhu’er brought dinner over.

It was normal to eat noodles in cold weather, but when Chen Jingzong lowered his head, he saw an extremely beautiful poached egg in the middle of the bowl of noodles. On the left were dried bamboo shoots and green vegetables, and on the right was a dense row of the soy sauce beef he bought for her a while ago. Beef was a rare thing. Unless in the neighborhood, a person’s cow died unexpectedly, it was almost impossible to eat it. Moreover, beef was less fat, so you wouldn’t be afraid of getting fat if you eat it.

So much meat, and such a plate arrangement…

Although Hua Yang’s side had a similar arrangement, but the portions were half less than his, Chen Jingzong still felt something was wrong.

Hua Yang glanced at him and said, “Mother told me that tomorrow is your birthday. This is longevity noodles. Eat it quickly.”

Chen Jingzong’s eyes changed slightly and he looked over inquiringly: “Mother asked you to cook noodles for me, so you cooked them?”

Hua Yang: “Otherwise, why would I still be stingy with your birthday noodles?”

Chen Jingzong smiled, looked at her with some other meanings, and then started eating.

Hua Yang clenched her chopsticks slightly.

Tonight in her previous life, he also looked at her with such meaningful eyes. Hua Yang didn’t understand. Then at night, he pounced on her. Even though she scolded him at the critical moment, he still pestered her like a hungry wolf for half the night.

After dinner, it was so dark outside that you couldn’t see your own fingers.

After the maids all retreated, the inner room became quiet.

Chen Jingzong was used to climbing up the pole. He put his hand into Hua Yang’s quilt first and touched Hua Yang’s back tentatively. When he saw that Hua Yang didn’t come to hit him or scold him, he drilled himself in.

Her eyes could not see, but his breath swept through her body like fire.

Hua Yang tilted her head. There was a small porcelain vase hidden in the vaguely outlined dresser a few feet away. There were two Bizi Pills in the porcelain vase.

She deliberately took it out of the trunk in the evening and put it in there.

In her previous life, his birthday was also his death anniversary.

Hua Yang didn’t know what he was thinking before his heart stopped beating when he fell on the battlefield.

Maybe what Chen Jingzong said was right, she was a fairy descending to earth and couldn’t bear to see others pity her.

Raising her hand, Hua Yang hooked his neck tightly.

Just as Chen Jingzong was about to kiss her, he heard her whisper in his ear: “It’s your birthday tomorrow. Whatever you want to do tonight, I’ll do as you wish.”

Chen Jingzong’s movement stopped.

Hua Yang pulled his neck close to her, proving that she wasn’t talking casually.

Chen Jingzong’s breath became heavier. After a while, he asked seriously: “Will taking too much medicine be bad for your health?”

Hua Yang felt his body like a taut bowstring, and smiled: “Then don’t eat and go to bed early.”

Chen Jingzong:…..

They had come to this, who can still sleep? Even if there’s another flood, he will still sleep with her first!

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