Who Cares

Who Cares – Chapter 90

Chapter 90 Lingering Scent


In the open and bright hall, Emperor Shen Yuan did not put up any imperial airs. Seeing that there was a small round table for four people to sit around in the center, he immediately walked over and invited the Emperor Teacher to take a seat. Old Master Guan was ashamed and dared not accept it and refused several times, but he forcibly pressed him down. He also asked Chief of Ceremonies to sit on the left and himself on the right, so Guan Suyi was sandwiched between the two, facing her grandfather.

The group exchanged some pleasantries, and then a servant girl brought snacks and tea trays. Minglan carried the child to the main house, leaving Jinzi and Baifu to serve in the hall.

When Emperor Shen Yuan saw Madam lowered her head and eyes, only staring at the steaming teacup, without even looking at himself, he couldn’t help but feel anxious, secretly touched her with his toes, tried to appeal: Madam, just look at Zhen, and let Zhen be at ease.

It’s a pity that Guan Suyi couldn’t hear him at all, and she scolded him a hundred or eighty times in her head, but because of her grandfather and father, she had to hold back.

Emperor Shen Yuan saw that she was unresponsive, like a wooden person without saying a word, so he guessed that she must be angry. However, now he couldn’t care whether she was angry or annoyed, whether she would distanced herself from him. The last shackles around his neck had been lifted, and now he was going to show Madam who the person who wooed her was and what kind of identity he had.

He had a lifetime to appease her anger and incite her love. What Zhao Luli could give her, he could give; what Zhao Luli couldn’t give, he could also give, and he would give the best in the world!

Full of affection but could not express his feelings, gave hint but Madam pretended not to know, Emperor Shen Yuan couldn’t help but use the cover of the gorgeous tablecloth to hold her slender wrist.

Guan Suyi felt her wrist suddenly tighten, and her palm was pulled over by someone and firmly held, she couldn’t break free no matter what, couldn’t help but secretly scolded: The earthy Emperor (local tyrant) really made his fortune by burning, killing, looting, and acting like a bandit. After robbing other people’s original partner, then come to rob their second wife, could it be he’s addicted to it? If it’s an addiction, then go to the imperial physician to cure the disease, drink some medicine!

Taking advantage of the gap between her grandfather and father drinking tea, she glared fiercely, only to see a cold and serious face, and she couldn’t help but get angry.

Feeling the softness and warmth in his palm, as well as the occasional twitching movement, Emperor Shen Yuan smiled satisfactorily and said, “Emperor Teacher, Chief of Ceremonies, you two will go to the public security office in a while. Zhen have already brought the official hat and official robe. Without you in the court, Zhen’s heart feel very empty, and cannot do anything steadily.”

“Still ask the emperor to please forgive, this humble one is old and in low spirits, wants to stay at home to nurture one’s years and enjoy some leisure life, and do not want to go the court to work hard. I’m old, I really cannot accept it.” Old Master Guan resolutely refused, Guan Father also echoed softly.

“Why are you in low spirits? You are clearly very strong! Zhen will call the imperial physician to examine you. For the sake of one child, Zhen have lost two good teachers, Zhen is very heartbroken!” Emperor Shen Yuan’s tone was sincere, his expression was sorrowful, and it was actually quite inspiring. That if one ignored that he forcibly clasped Madam’s ten fingers with his left hand. (TN: I think it supposed to be his right hand because she sit to his right)

Guan Suyi really wanted to get angry but also found it laughable. In her two lifetimes she had never seen anyone more shameless than Huo Shengzhe. In front of her grandfather and father, he dare to done such frivolous things, no wonder he could abduct Ye Zhen away.

She struggled but couldn’t get away, she dodged but couldn’t tear it away, so she had to relax her strength, and when the person also loosened his strength, she pulled her hand back. Unexpectedly, he was so cunning, he quickly inserted his five fingers between hers, firmly clasped her palms, and pressed it against his strong thigh.

Through the fabric, she could feel the tightness of his leg’s muscles, and the place where the palms were touching was even more steaming, beads of sweat were frequent, and soon it was damp. But he didn’t find it sticky at all, and he didn’t dislike being dirty at all, his palm were rubbing around without stopping. If it wasn’t for the sound of chanting sutras outside, that damp patch sound would have been heard by her grandfather and father long ago.

Guan Suyi was so embarrassed that her ears turned red, she secretly squirmed several times, but the person found it even more interesting, and actually pulled her hand to his crotch. So shocked, she almost jumped up, and had to honestly buckle him. But looking at his expression again, it was still so sincere and mournful, indeed a beast in human clothes.

Embarrassed and angry, she did not wait for her grandfather to speak before she rebuked, “Your Majesty is wrong. What do you mean for the sake of one child? You must know that children is the most precious wealth of a family and therefore a country. If there are no thousands upon thousands of successor, how can Wei Kingdom will have centuries of great achievements and prosperous world? The future of the child is the future of the family and the future of the country. From the day he was conceived in his mother’s womb, she would have devoted all her efforts for him. Your Majesty is not from the Central Plains, you may not understand our attachment to our children and bloodline continuation. Take the most simple example, Ye Hao, the eldest grandson of the Ye family. The baby was wearing a treasure map, and Ye Quanyong, who had no regard for others his whole life, in order to protect him willing to bury the nine clans of the Ye family alongside the Zhao family. This is the power of bloodline, and it’s also the power of children. As long as the breath is alive, the spark can start a prairie fire. Therefore, there is a saying in the Central Plains called ‘Don’t deceive the young and the poor‘, because they have infinite possibilities and futures.”

She struggled again, but the grip tightened, so she had grit her teeth and continue, “The Ruan family poured dirty water on my head is equivalent to throwing dirty water on the child’s head. If I were a witch, what would the child be? A demon? This kind of reputation, how will he live with himself in the future? My Guan family have been teaching and educating people for many generations, we can do without brocade clothing and fame and fortune, but we can’t destroy any child or miss any piece of good talent. Today my grandfather and father justified his name in the court, I refuse to admit my mistake in front of the mansion, and when he understand things, I can tell him that he is a child who is loved and looked forward to, not some kind of demon.”

She looked at her grandfather and father with tears in her eyes, “Although the two elders have been implicated, I know they are willing in their hearts. Our Guan Family uphold a principle in everything we do, not against our hearts, to have clear conscience and to have no regrets.” she turned to look at Emperor Shen Yuan again, and said bluntly, “Your Majesty, if you want to blame, then blame me for acting carelessly, not being able to control the family, and let the wind leak out. Don’t blame the child even the slightest bit. He had just been born, pure white like a piece of paper, isn’t he innocent?”

To sum it up, she still refused to admit that she was wrong, her temper was indeed stubborn, but Emperor Shen Yuan was even more reluctant to let her go. Every word that Madam spit out struck a chord in his heart and fell to the bottom of his heart. If there was such a person who protected him everywhere and justified his name back then, why did he have to struggle in hell? Why fight within the glint and flash of cold steel, and walked alone in the blood and rain? If he could marry Madam, and obtained a little bit of her love, he would die without regrets.

Thinking like this, he was already overwhelmed with emotions, and difficult to control himself.

Seeing the solemn expression on the emperor’s face, Old Master Guan didn’t speak for a long time, thinking that he was annoyed at his granddaughter. Cutting open the stomach was already shocking enough, she still dislike that her tail has not been swept clean. This was her one shortcoming, always said whatever she thought, without any disguise.

This child is just too upright, loves to speak the truth, really resemble himself. Sighing in his heart, Old Master Guan had no alternative but to help out, “What Yiyi means is that the emperor should not take his anger on this child. Everyone in the world says it is good to be an official, but I think it’s best to educate people. Being an official can rule a dynasty, but educating people can make all generations prosper. Creating this enlighten achievement, I dare to undertake this responsibility.”

Guan Father also smiled and agreed, feeling like a clear and fresh scene after the rain.

Emperor Sheng Yuan secretly kneaded Madam’s pale and slender fingertips and pleaded, “Just now is Zhen who made a slip of the tongue, please everyone do not blame. Emperor Teacher, no one knows Zhen’s situation better than you. At that time when Zhen first pay respect under you, although Zhen can read and understand books, but can’t even write Han characters completely. Now that Zhen finally drink some ink, but you said you want to resign from your post, then how can Zhen deal with those people in the court? The imperial family wants to control Zhen, the noble and aristocrat family wants to overstep Zhen, the poor official cannot help, the generals are too vulgar and only know how to hack and kill. If there are no you two to make strategy, advise, and admonish, Zhen really don’t know how many stupid things will Zhen do. Even if you don’t look at Zhen’s face, please look at the face of the common people and return to the court to continue assisting Zhen.”

He let out a long sigh and said in a sad tone, “Really cannot blame the people for saying that it’s lonely at the top, being an emperor is destined to be lonely and widowed*. Isn’t that what happened to Zhen now? It’s hard to get two good teachers and friends, and they have to leave Zhen too.” As he said this, his eyes were already red, and the bluffed Old Master Guan and Guan Father hurriedly consoled him, their hearts were wavering.

Guan Suyi admired Huo Shengzhe so much that she almost bow down to him, his one sentence actually almost made people to shed tears, and anyone who didn’t know were still thought he was affectionate and sincere. In fact, he secretly played with her five fingers under the table and almost rub off a layer of her skin.

When she couldn’t bear it any longer and wanted to flip the table and gave him a few slaps, the housekeeper walked to the door tremblingly, knelt down and said, “This servant has seen Your Majesty, Emperor Teacher, Chief of Ceremonies. Madam, today there are a lot of distinguished guests, the old madam asked you to go to the dining room to see what dishes should be served, the cook doesn’t know the tastes of several nobles, so he doesn’t dare to take it on himself, and is waiting for your instruction.”

“Alright, I’ll go right now.” Guan Suyi breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that the emperor should have given up now, but she didn’t expect him to continue to hold her like he didn’t hear anything.

“Your Majesty, what do you want to eat, this subject woman will prepare it?” she asked suggestively.

Only then did Emperor Sheng Yuan, who was talking “seriously” with the Emperor Teacher and Chief of Ceremonies, looked at her and said in a deep voice, “Every time Zhen dined with Emperor Teacher, he always says that the imperial chefs in the palace are not as skilled as his granddaughter. Zhen finally got to see Madam, is it possible to be fortunate enough to taste Madam’s craftsmanship? It doesn’t matter which dishes, just pick what you are best at.”

As soon as he comes, let her wash hands and make soup* for him, can his face be thicker? Guan Suyi was furious, but had to nod in agreement, and after struggling to get free again, she escaped and quickly led Jinzi out of the hall and walked fast.

Only then did Emperor Shen Yuan raise his sweaty left hand, pretending to touch the tip of his nose, but in fact smelling the strong fragrance left on it, his eyes narrowed slightly, and a hint of intoxication appeared. After today, he would no longer take a roundabout way to court Madam. Without damaging her reputation, he wanted to let her reconcile as soon as possible, and marry into the imperial family in a grand way and become his empress.

Mother of the country, these four words can only be afforded by Madam.

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T/N: If people hasn’t abandoned this novel yet, I think they will after this chapter. Please don’t leave just because the ML is an a**hole, Please!!! 😖🙏😄


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