Who Cares

Who Cares – Chapter 92

Chapter 92 Pamper

What a strong person Madam was, Emperor Sheng Yuan knew very well, and had already anticipated many kind of consequences from his confession. Anger, refusal, and even destroying her family from death admonishment were all within the controllable range, but the matter of Ye Zhen shocked him a little.

A single slip may cause everlasting sorrow, it was only at this time that he deeply understood the meaning of this sentence. People really couldn’t make mistakes easily. Take a wrong step, and in the future you will have to pay a hundred times, even a thousand times the price, and now this price was definitely not something he could bear – Madam loathed him, hated him, never mind, she actually disgusted with him! She looked at him like she was staring at a mass of filth, and even approach a little closer would stain her territory.

Everyone said that he indulged in beauty and robbed other people’s wife, how could they know that he was the most innocent one! How much infamy did he bear for that husband and wife? How much glory was given to them? They even used that unwarranted sense of guilt to make him miss out the one he loved, putting him in such a dilemma. Who could understand his suffering? Who could justify his name?

In front of Madam who was full of cold air but at the same time seemed to be about to burst into flames, Emperor Sheng Yuan felt very powerless, but he couldn’t help but love her more deeply. Her words and deeds were just as he thought before, she refused so directly, her hand holding the silver hairpin exposed some blue veins, and she didn’t even tremble.

She stood on the opposite side with furious brows, clearly in a weak position, and even more in the abyss of despair, but her jaw was raised so high, her back was so straight, like a pine rooted on a cliff, high and steep. She also wanted to slap him a few times and tell him to beat it!

In the land under heaven only Madam dared to do this. She could be insulted, but she would never be crushed; she could be destroyed, but she would never bow her head and admit defeat.

Somehow, Emperor Sheng Yuan remembered the night Ye Zhen was sent to him. She knelt at his feet, weepingly begged him to let her die, and pretended to commit suicide, leaving him in a dilemma, with no room to advance or retreat. If he directly threw her a dagger at that time, how could there be so many messy things now?

Both were refusal, one was straightforward, with deep inner strength; the other was sticky, oily, and pretentious. It’s a pity that he didn’t read more books and had more insight back then, to actually fooled by a woman to this point, and Madam somehow also learned about those scandals!

The more Emperor Sheng Yuan thought about it, the more embarrassed he became, and the more he thought about it, the more awkward he became. If there was a crack in the ground, he would to immediately drill to get in. But Madam still held the silver hairpin to her throat, how could he not care, he had to endure his shame and persuade, “Madam, don’t be impulsive, Zhen will never hurt you, you put down the hairpin first, then we’ll talk about it calmly, okay?”

“Talk what? How do you lust for beauty and steal other people’s wife? You study Confucianism all day, but have you ever known the word ‘shame’?” Guan Suyi gritted her teeth.

Emperor Sheng Yuan wiped his face and said helplessly, “Zhen naturally know the word ‘shame’, but it doesn’t know Zhen, so bound to disappoint Madam.”

“You, you are so shameless!” Guan Suyi was shocked by the shamelessness of this man, she stretched out her index finger tremblingly, but because of this short inattentiveness, it let the other person to seize this opportunity to approach quickly, snatched the silver hairpin, and hold her tightly from behind.

“If can get Madam, why Zhen need any shame?” He tried his best to soften his voice and soothe her in a low voice, “Madam, don’t be angry, Zhen is more uncomfortable than you when you’re angry. How did you know about Ye Zhen? Who told you?”

Guan Suyi couldn’t help but sneer, “Even Zhao Chunxi knows it, how can others not? Do you still think you handled everything carefully?” The best answer was to avoid answering and let the other person guess it for himself.

Emperor Sheng Yuan didn’t think too deeply about it, and said bitterly, “That’s right, Madam is so smart, how could she be deceived by those little tricks. However, Madam doesn’t know, Ye Zhen and I don’t have the kind of relationship you think of. After all these years, I have never touch a single hair of her, and only responsible for providing her with a place to live. The only one Zhen have ever loved, and loving, is Madam.”

How could Guan Suyi believe those nonsense, she twisted and stomped her feet, panting heavily.

Emperor Sheng Yuan was really distressed, and even more his lower abdomen was tightened by her rubbing, so he had to cover her eyelids with his big hands, and whispered softly, “Madam, don’t move, listen to Zhen. Madam is a clear-sighted person, who is sincere and who is fake will not escape your eyes. Don’t think that Zhen as the emperor, and don’t think that Zhen deliberately conceal identity to approach you, you only need to recall every meeting and every conversation you had with Hunnar, did you ever feel half deceived and any perfunctory? Hunnar can’t wait to dig his heart out and give it to you.”

Guan Suyi’s sight were pitch black, and her movements were restrained. Only the heat and the voice that implicit appeal in her ears were prying on her senses. She slowly regained her composure, and said with a sarcastic smile, “’In this life, I will never marry if it’s not with you’, but it turns out that there are already three thousand beauties in the harem. Your Majesty, isn’t this called perfunctory, isn’t this called deceived? People actually can be shameless to this degree, I finally see it today.”

Emperor Sheng Yuan hugged her tighter and said cautiously, “Madam, it’s inconvenient here, Zhen can’t explain more to you, but Zhen will definitely  answer your questions one by one in the future. You just need to know, don’t use hurting yourself as a way to reject Zhen. There is a saying in Central Plains – Porcelain does not touch rubble. You are precious a porcelain, Zhen is a rough rubble, why bother to break yourself for a piece of rubble? Zhen will never hurt you, let alone hurt the two Mount Tai, you can rest assured.” The words fell on her jade white ear and he kissed it gently.

His cheeks were full of stubble, so the kiss was not only a little hot and wet, but also prickly and numbing, making Guan Suyi red from the roots of her ears to her neck.

“You bastard, you shameless!” She was so angry that she stepped on the back of the man’s instep and crushed it a few times. However, just as he said before, he was really a piece of rough rubble, and didn’t feel any pain at all, but instead laughed lowly, his voice full of joy.

“Madam, your blushing look is so beautiful, just as Zhen thought. You are kicking and making trouble in Zhen’s arms, so cute, Zhao Luli must have never seen such a vivid side of you, right? Madam, you yourself may have not noticed that you are not afraid of Zhen, you are absolutely unrestrained and willful in front of Zhen, because you know in your heart that Zhen love you, love to the extreme, so reluctant to hurt you even a tiny bit. These days, every time Zhen confide in you, you’re also not completely without feelings.”

All Guan Suyi’s struggles and scoldings were stopped dead by his last sentence.

With great difficulty she could live again, even if not for herself, she should also consider for her family. It’s not easy for her grandfather and father to have today. She was indeed strong, but she also understood the truth that “the strong will be easily humiliated, and the strong will be easily broken”. When facing Emperor Sheng Yuan, even if she didn’t obey him, she shouldn’t offend him too much.

But she really didn’t have the slightest scruples. As soon as she met this man’s blue-black eyes that seemed to contain everything, all the anger and grievances came out one after another, and she couldn’t suppress it. It turned out that she had been certain that this person would never hurt her, so she had no fear?

When she fell into a trance, Emperor Sheng Yuan quickly kissed her delicate cheek and exhorted, “Madam has misunderstood Zhen. Someday Zhen will explain everything in detail. Zhen never have anything to do with Ye Zhen, and it’s not as bad as you think in your mind. There are people outside, Zhen has to leave.”

He was about to let go, but felt uneasy, so he added, “Madam, Zhen beg you not to hurt yourself again, Zhen will never ruin you, let alone the Guan family. You don’t have to worry about anything, just wait for the opportunity to finally reconcile with Zhao Luli.” The words landed on her cheek and he kissed her, slightly loosened his arm and kissed again, and after four or five kisses, he let go completely under Madam’s fiery eyes, then turned around and left.

Guan Suyi’s left face was stabbed red by the stubble, she slammed the door with force, scolded “bastard”, lose her mind for a while and then cursed bastard again, angrily said, “Two Mount Tai? You really dare to put gold on your face (self-praise)!” As for the rotten affairs between the other party and Ye Zhen, as well as her true feeling, she didn’t want to think about it, she sorted out her appearance and asked Minglan to carry the child in.

“Miss, when you with the emperor, with the emperor…” Minglan wanted to speak but hesitated, her expression horrified.

Jinzi was very calm, and warned, “Don’t ask what you shouldn’t ask, you will understand when the time comes. Madam, this servant have already dealt with the two wet nurses, and there is no fatality, so you can rest assured. The one who sold you to outsiders about the matter of cutting up the stomach is Mingfang, do you want to let this servant kill her?” She put her five fingers together and made a throat-slashing motion.

“What you did in the past was burning, killing and looting?” Guan Suyi asked nonchalantly.

“Yes. This servant come from dead soldier’s background. Since childhood, has already been thrown into the wilderness to fight with wild beasts, only knew how to kill people, but never saving people. This servant is very happy and honored to be able to stay by Madam’s side and experience the joy and true feelings of the world. I beg Madam to be merciful and let this servant continue to follow you.” Jinzi’s tears were about to flow out. She finally understood why His Majesty was so infatuated with Madam, because Madam deserves everyone’s sincere treatment.

Guan Suyi looked at her with amazement, and saw that although there was vicious currents between her eyebrows, her eyes were full of admiration, and she finally said softly, “Forget it, just follow if you like. Staying by my side is a hundred times better than sending you back and continuing to let you live the days of licking blood from the knife’s edge.”

“This servant is not afraid of licking blood from the knife’s edge, but this servant are reluctant to part with Madam.” Jinzi quickly confessed, but a dark box was stuffed in her arms, and she got a dilemmatic assignment.

“In order to prove that what you said is true, burn your master’s things with your own hands.” Guan Suyi urged, “Hurry up, there are people at the front.”

Jinzi unable to refuse, hurriedly took the things and ran to the base of the wall, and burn it down. Fortunately, paper money was burned everywhere in the mansion, so it did not attract the others’ attention. As soon as she left, the old madam and Zhong shi arrived. They said that the grand princess came to express condolences and asked her to rush over to accompany her. In addition, many dignitaries also came. They poured incense one after another, bowed to worship, and turned the originally deserted mourning hall into a lively scene.

At this time, no one dared to mention the matter of cutting the stomach to take the child, and even less dared to put the names “witch” and “demon” on Madam Guan’s and the child’s head.

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  1. Many thanks
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    1. I actually knew that this is the only approach.
      He has limited time because she is already married, suyi steadfastly follows her rules and ethics and divorce seems far off currently.
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      1. Please let’s not cheat each other, the disrespect is overflowing 😭🤚. He has zero respect for her by forcing her to be with him just as he forced her to marry the first time. It’s literally the same thing.. Him willfully ruining her reputation in front of her servants isn’t respectful at all. Him touching her without consent is extremely disrespectful.

        Plus there’s more than one way to hurt a person. If he truly respected her, he should have changed the laws to include women as officials, like his sister. Once she is trapped in the harem, she is bound by law to not interfere with the court. What he admires most about her will be buried just like that.

  2. I love your idea, F_J. She should totally go live with the sister. Probably the only other person who doesn’t take him seriously and would be capable of kicking his butt.

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  3. I love your idea, F_J. She should totally go live with the sister. Probably the only other person who doesn’t take him seriously and would be capable of kicking his butt.

    Thank you for the chapter!

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