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Who Cares – Chapter 201

Chapter 201 Extra (24)


Since the emperor had already order to adopt the three nephews, Shen Jieyu and Pan Jieyu quickly came to Changle Palace to express their gratitude. At first the empress dowager was still a little embarrassed, but after thinking about it, all three grandchildren had prospect to ascend the throne, it was better than putting all the chips on the sixth imperial grandson alone. Wouldn’t that be more secure?

After thinking about it, she saw Guan Ronghua drinking tea, eating snacks, and taking away a box of rouge that had something added to it before leaving, which completely put her mind at ease. Even if all her sons were gone, in the end, the position of the monarch of Wei Kingdom wouldn’t it be still in the hands of her grandson? This is destiny.

She was quite satisfied in her heart, so she didn’t care which concubine the emperor favored. It’s good for him to be obsessed with women, and if he delayed the government affairs because of this, the winning chances for her grandchildren would be even greater. Xu Yayan and others would also not rush to compete for favor. On one hand, they were afraid of the emperor’s erratic temperament, and on the other hand, they had arranged a back road for themselves. As long as they raised three little imperial grandsons, the future was set, where’s the need to still rely on the emperor’s power?

Therefore, Guan Suyi’s imaginary scene of being squeezed and suppressed did not happened. On the contrary, no one cared whether she entered the palace or not, whether she was favored or not. In the other people’s eyes, as long as she was close to the emperor, she was equivalent to a dead person. This is truly…

Guan Suyi shook her head and sighed. She was a little nervous at first, but now she had completely calmed down.

“What are you laughing at?” Emperor Sheng Yuan took the person back to Weiyang Palace, placed her beside him, and opened the memorial to read. But his attention was always drawn to Madam, whose frown and smile were more interesting than government affairs.

“Everyone is drunk and I sober alone, why not laugh?”

“Well, it’s really ridiculous.” Emperor Sheng Yuan pushed a pile of memorials in front of her. “You have nothing to do, why don’t you help Zhen pick out the important memorials.”

“Your Majesty, the harem is not allowed to interfere with politics.” Guan Suyi moved her fingertips.

“That’s just a bizarre statement made up by Xu Guangzhi and others to seize the military power in the imperial sister’s hands. Whether it’s a man or a woman, as long as they have real talent and work hard, Zhen will use it.” Emperor Sheng Yuan said disapprovingly, “Zhen prefer women who have their own views and opinions.”

This was a disguised compliment for her views and opinions, right? But then again, he was surrounded by women who only followed the herd, hearing the wind and mistaken it for rain, had no opinions of themselves, and blindly regarded him as an evil spirit, so it was no wonder that he felt fed up. It seemed that it was really because of that painting he was attracted to her.

Guan Suyi was also an ordinary person, and being appreciated by others, it was inevitable that she would feel joy and pride. She covered her mouth and snickered for a while, and then took out a memorial and flipped through it. She read the book very fast, to say ten lines in one glance  was no exaggeration. In a short time, she picked out the important memorials and arranged them according to the categories of agriculture, government affairs, official management, and people’s livelihood. She then divided the rest of the memorials into two stacks and pasted small notes on top, one said “Paying respect memorials”; the other one said “Good news memorials”.

Most of these two types of memorials were sent by local officials, who from time to time sent greetings to the emperor to strengthen their sense of presence, or they dug up some auspicious things such as dragon-shaped stones and sent them to Yanjing to gain political achievements. Because both Xu Guangzhi and Prime Minister Wang were the kind of people who rejoiced in grandiose deeds, very fond of this type of false reputation, so this trend was encouraged. After a pile of memorials were turned over, very few were genuine reports, eight out of ten were empty nonsense.

Guan Suyi couldn’t control her mouth, after finally reading it, she frowned and sighed, “It’s a bunch of nonsense! After passing it on then what? Just use it as firewood and burn it!”

Hearing this, Emperor Sheng Yuan actually burst out laughing, hugged Madam, kissed her fiercely, and praised, “Madam is really insightful! Then Zhen will follow your instructions and dispose these memorials.” After that he took the two stacks of memorials, open them one by one, wrote Madam’s words below, and returned them to the place at the end.

The officials who received the approval were genuinely frightened and remorseful. After that, they did not dare to bother the emperor by making memorials for no reason, thus the prevailing pompous style was effectively curbed, and a large number of practical officials were also born. But this is a tale for another tell, let’s not mention it for the time being.

Guan Suyi leaned over and saw that he really wrote her opinion word for word on the memorial, her heart was a little nervous and yet happy. She had read many books and full of talents, but because of the suppression of women, she was unable to show it, and her heart inevitably got depressed. Finally, she met a man who did not despise women, so a favorable impression inevitably arose.

Staring at the emperor’s serious profile for a while, she suppressed her turbulent heartbeat and the corners of her lips that wanted to turn up, and then continued to review the remaining piles of memorials for him. Turning to the last scroll of silk script, she glanced carelessly, and unexpectedly cried out, “Your Majesty, this is…”

Emperor Sheng Yuan turned to look at her and said with a smile, “Zhen was just thinking when you will see this letter of appointment. Tongguan has been an important place in the military since ancient times. If you want to guard the country gate, you must guard Tongguan. Zhen will send father-in-law here. There are risks and there are opportunities, but with father-in-law’s talent, he should be able to deal with it calmly. If you are reluctant to part with your family, Zhen naturally can let him stay in Yanjing. But you must also know that unlike the border pass, the competition of various forces in Yanjing is more complicated, and the room to display his usefulness is limited. If he’s not careful, he can be dragged into party disputes and become a pawn or stepping stone for others…”

Guan Suyi interrupted with tears before he could finish speaking, “Your Majesty, you don’t need to explain, this concubine understands your painstaking efforts. You are not stingy with the official post, rather sincerely considerate to my father. Your grace of knowing*, this concubine actually doesn’t even know how to repay.”

Why there’s the term “grace of knowing”? To have someone understood, appreciated, and then supported and put into an important position, such kindness was equivalent to be given a new lease of live, how could she not feel grateful? If she was still a little unwilling before entering the palace, at this time she no longer had complaints. She could imagine how high-spirited and worried her father would be when he received this appointment, and how her grandfather would be so relieved. They had endured a lot of humiliation and torture, but in the end they were not defeated by the cruel world.

And if she didn’t enter the palace, the ending might be completely opposite. Thinking like this, Guan Suyi’s gratitude to the emperor couldn’t help but increase a few points.

Emperor Sheng Yuan wiped away the tears from the corners of her eyes with his fingertips, and said softly, “You staying honestly by Zhen’s side is the best repayment. When the old master is in good health, Zhen will also arrange an official position for him. Zhen did not promote the Guan family because of you, the talents of father-in-law and the old master are worthy of being put in important position.”

This was undoubtedly the best affirmation. Guan Suyi was even more moved, she didn’t care about her manners, quietly hugged the emperor’s thin waist, rubbed in his embrace, and promised in a low voice, “This concubine will never leave Your Majesty in this whole life.”

Emperor Sheng Yuan was overjoyed, pinched her chin, and demanded a lingering and passionate kiss.


After receiving the letter of appointment, Guan Father was both happy and worried. He thought that this was the official position that his daughter had asked for him, and he couldn’t help thinking more. If the emperor thought that his daughter was greedy, would he then treat her coldly? But the person was in the deep palace, and he couldn’t see her, so he could only pack his luggage and get on the road as soon as possible. If he performed well in this post and got the emperor’s attention, he might be able to add some weight for his daughter.

With this idea in mind, the Guan family took a carriage out of the city gate, but unexpectedly they met Guan Suyi outside Shili Pavilion (generally refers to a pavilion on ancient country road for pedestrians to take rest and shelter from wind and rain). She and the emperor stood hand in hand on a slanted field. A horse was tied under a tree not far away, and was leisurely nibbling on grass. Judging from the bald plot, they should have been waiting for a long time.

Seeing the carriage coming, she happily ran down the slope, but was pulled by the emperor and he seemed to whispered “be careful”. His brows furrowed and his expression was tense, seemed very concerned about the safety of the person beside him.

As early as half a mile away, Guan Father had recognized his daughter. Seeing this heartfelt scene, his hanging heart finally settle down. The emperor’s attentive gaze and gentle demeanor were by no means a disguise. Besides, he was rich in the world, so what kind of beautiful woman he could not get? Why need to show those false feelings to a woman from humble origin? What he was planning?

Being able to accompany her daughter out of the palace in plain clothing and personally came to send off her family, his daughter seemed to have some weight in the emperor’s heart. Guan Father let out a long sigh, finally dispelling the last trace of concern. The old master was a keen person, and his evaluation of the emperor was much higher.

When the two approached, the Guan family had jumped out of the carriage and waited.

The old master and Guan Father were about to salute, but they were pulled up by Emperor Sheng Yuan and he said warmly, “This journey is long, and there will be many steep mountain roads, if there are no guard to escort, afraid it will be difficult to arrive safely. This is Zhen’s token, grandfather-in-law and father-in-law just go to the Gyeonggi camp in the western suburbs and asks General Zhao Haizhao to dispatch a hundred elite cavalry to send you off.”

Grandfather-in-law, father-in-law? Only the elders of the empress can afford such a title, right? Both the old master and Guan father were shocked, but they didn’t show it on their faces. They quickly took the jade talisman and knelt down to thank him. Guan Suyi originally still worried about the safety of her family. After hearing this, her eyes turned slightly red. She was already very grateful to the emperor, and now the gratitude had increased a hundredfold.

Not to mention that she was only a fifth-rank Ronghua, who could be regarded as an ordinary concubine in an ordinary household, even when she was still the mistress of Marquis Zhenbei Mansion, she had never been treated with such care. She could feel that the emperor cherished and loved her, and in order to be worthy of this feeling, she was willing to give everything.

After sending her family away, she lost her reservedness and self-discipline, threw herself into the emperor’s arms, and hugged him tightly, “Thank you,” her voice was hoarse and fervent.

“What’s the use of just talking?” Emperor Sheng Yuan kissed her red and hot ears, “Give birth to a child for Zhen, a child with half the bloodline of you and I.”

“But you are planning to divide the major forces. Is it appropriate to have a child at this time?” Being pregnant right now would undoubtedly bring all the disputes to herself, and Guan Suyi was afraid that she would not be able to keep the child.

“Slow has a slow method, fast has a fast strategy, it depends on whether there is news from your belly.” He picked up Madam, threw her upwards, and said with a low smile, “Don’t worry, Zhen will protect you and the child. You both are Zhen’s treasure.” The last word disappeared between the two people’s lips.

Guan Suyi forgot all her distracting thoughts, the sorrow of parting, and concentrated on responding to the other person’s hot kiss. Gave birth to a child that have her and the emperor’s bloodline, this seems like a good idea.

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