Who Cares

Who Cares – Chapter 85

Chapter 85 Dystocia


Since the first carrier pigeon came, Guan Suyi had been receiving Hunnar’s letter almost every day, sometimes even a few times a day, either love poems or confessions, and some trivial fragments of life. She rarely replied, and only wrote a sentence or two when she was entangled, and it was all clear refusal, but that person seemed to be unable to understand, slightly depressed for a day, and the next day the same as usual.

Qingqing Zijin, leisurely my heart. Even if I don’t go, Zining doesn’t follow the sound… looking back and forth, on this high tower. One day have not to see, it seems three months*… On this day, the courier pigeon sent another love letter, Guan Suyi recited it word by word, and sneered, “One day have not to see, it seems three months. It’s obvious that when Sister Li invited me out just now, you hid in the corner and watched for more than half an hour.”

“Madam, you found out?” Jinzi felt embarrassed for His Majesty. That thief-like action actually discovered by Madam, and when Madam found out his real identity, wouldn’t his reputation be swept to the floor?

“A nine-foot-tall man is peeking, unless it’s a blind person, how come you not see.” Guan Suyi shook the letter and sighed, “Forget it, as long as he doesn’t make thing difficult for me, just let him go. Look at his words, he actually made a great progress.”

“Yes, the writing is more and more like Madam’s handwriting. Master Hunnar is quite studious.” Jinzi nodded with a smile, stretched out her hand to receive the love letter, and hid it in the secret box. Unconsciously, a few months had passed, and the secret box had already been filled with notes of various sizes, afraid it would need to be replaced by a bigger box soon.

Minglan worriedly said, “Miss, you should burn these things, what if people find out, say you, say you…” She blushed and bowed her head, as if ashamed to say it.

Guan Suyi had experienced being framed in her past life, she naturally understood how powerful it was, but as long as she thought of Hunnar’s eyes that was full of deep love, and the sentence “In this life I will not marry unless with you”, she could not harden her heart no matter what. After living for two lifetimes, this was the first confession she got, the first reluctance to let go, and the first time to guard. If possible, she really wanted to treasure it carefully and properly, rather than burn it to ashes.

No matter how strong she was, she was still a person made of flesh and blood, was she not allowed to have a soft and warm place in her heart? Was she not allowed to have a beautiful memory that would bring smile to her face when she was tired?

The previous life was too bitter, in this life she wanted to taste a little sweetness, that’s all.

Seeing that her miss suddenly seemed to be at loss, and there were tears flashing in the corners of her eyes, Minglan immediately panicked and waved her hands, “Oh, it’s this servant who talks too much, the secret box is well hidden, where will people find out. Sister Jinzi don’t be in daze, put it away quickly, we must take good care of this study in the future, and don’t let other people come in at will.”

Jinzi hurriedly put away the box. Seeing that Madam was still in a bad mood, she changed the subject and said, “Madam, have you heard? Except for Ye Fan and Ye Cainu* in the palace, the rest of the Ye family are dead!” Ye Zhen, who was once high and invincible, had been demoted again and again, and had become the lowest cainu, not even had a little face with palace maid and eunuch.

“Huh? What’s the matter?” Guan Suyi really recovered, and asked with furrowed brow.

“I don’t know who this family offended before, but they let poisonous snakes kill all the survivors!”

“They were all bitten to death by poisonous snakes? As far as I know, although the rest of the Ye family were sentenced to exile, they were not in one place. They were all over the border, three or two here, three or two there. It’s not easy to find all the people and kill them one by one.”

“Yes, so it took almost five to six months. When the first Ye family was bitten to death, the local yamen thought it was an accident and just wrapped it in straw mats and buried it, then the second, the third, the fourth, it was not until all of them were dead that the officials realized that something was wrong and sent someone to investigate, and now it have been reported to the court, afraid that they will be vigorously searched and investigated.”

“Five to six months are all spent on finding people and killing them, this cycle goes on and on. If there is no deep hatred, who would be willing to spend so much effort? How the Ye family offended this person is not a simple matter!” Guan Suyi pondered.

Exactly! Judging from the method, it was the man who chased and assassinated His Majesty back then! Jinzi’s eyes flickered, and she gritted her teeth secretly.

While thinking about it, there was a heart-wrenching cry from outside, followed by a burst of commotion. Minglan went outside to inquire, and came back after a while, and said disdainfully, “It was Concubine Ye who was distraught when she heard the news of her family’s death, she said she have to go to the border to pay homage no matter what, and now she is kneeling in the main courtyard to beg the old madam to be gracious and let her go.”

Jinzi said with a sneer, “When the Ye family was exiled from the capital, why didn’t see her distraught, and now she’s howling, probably want the master to go with her, or if can’t make him go, at least she has to let the master see her filial piety and comfort her.”

“Comforting just comforting, you can roll to one place.” Speaking of others, Minglan didn’t feel ashamed at all, she raised two thumbs and touched each it together and smiled obscenely.

Guan Suyi pinched her cheek and sighed, “My sister-in-law has been more than seven months, and her body is getting heavier and heavier. It’s not good for her to be noisy like this. Go and have a look.”

Before the group reached the main courtyard, the crying ceased. Guan Suyi entered the inner hall, only to see Zhao Chunxi and Mu Mu accompanying Ruan shi. The old lady had a headache and had already returned to her room to rest.

Ruan shi seemed very happy and waved her hand, “Xi’er has become more and more capable, she drove away concubine Ye in just a few words, giving me and mother-in-law some peace. She also brought me Fu Ji’s sour jujube cake, sister-in-law come and try it.”

Ruan shi previous morning sickness was so terrible that she couldn’t eat anything, just Fu Ji’s sour jujube cake, so how could Guan Suyi share this bite with her? She hurriedly smiled and pushed it away, then picked up Mu Mu and pinched the tip of his nose. A few people sat down and chatted slowly. About a quarter of an hour later, Ruan shi suddenly groaned while hugging her stomach, and her dress quickly got wet, but it was not stained with amniotic fluid, but blood.

“Go and call the midwife and imperial physician! If the imperial physician arrives slowly, go to the street to find a few doctors. Hurry, hurry, hurry!” The others were still in shock, Guan Suyi quickly recovered, assigning her servants to work everywhere, while asking Zhao Chunxi to take Mu Mu out, then turned to order, “Jinzi, you are proficient in medicine, take a look at sister-in-law first.”

Jinzi didn’t dare to delay, she picked up the pregnant woman who weighed 100 pounds, and stably sent her into the inner room. In just a short while, the whole house was moved by the wind, and it was not chaotic at all. Soon the midwife and the doctor came one after another, and the imperial physician really had something to do, so he was a step slower, in the end they tossed from morning to midnight, but still could not do anything.

In the delivery room, Ruan shi’s screams and cries slowly subsided, and the imperial physician asked through the window, “It’s dying, keep the old or the young?”

Before waiting for Zhao Luli and the old madam to react, Guan Suyi said firmly, “Keep the old!” No one could see that her nails had been digging into her palms, gushing blood.

Ruan shi, whose life was on the line, suddenly burst into tears. As the person involved, her perception was clearer than the imperial physician, and keeping the old was already impossible, so it’s better to exchange her life for the child’s life. She took her last breath and shouted loudly, “Sister-in-law, to have you say ‘keep the old’ today, even if I enter the underworld and be reincarnated, I will never forget your kindness. But I know my own body, the amniotic fluid has not broken, the blood has been drained, and it’s absolutely impossible to save it! I beg you one last time, save my child, you must save my child! In the next life, I am willing to be a cow and a horse for you!”

Guan Suyi burst into tears, her voice was fierce, “Don’t say such nonsense! Save yourself, how many children do you want to have in the future? Imperial physician, don’t listen to her, hurry up and save people!”

“Oh oh oh, this official is going to give the needle!” The imperial physician quickly recovered, and drew out the silver needle and make Jinzi pierce the acupuncture point.

Ruan shi still didn’t give up, and shouted in a hoarse voice, “I really can’t do it, sister-in-law, please promise me! As long as you promise, there is absolutely nothing that cannot be done. Sister-in-law, I don’t believe anyone now, not even myself, I only believe in you…”

However, before the words were finished, a gust of blood gushed out, finally exhausting the last shred of her life. Her eyes were bulging, and her expression was unwilling, as if she still couldn’t let go.

Sensing that suddenly there were no movement in the room, Guan Suyi felt cold and full of trepidation. Is fate really irresistible? She tried her best to protect Ruan shi, but she still couldn’t save her?

The door of the room opened silently, and Jinzi who was covered with blood, the imperial physician, and the midwife came out, and said sadly, “The second madam is gone, the child, the child cannot be saved.”

The old madam fell down instantly, Zhao Luli quickly helped her, tears rolled down her cheeks. Several children were confined in the main house, they did not get news, so they did not know how to be afraid and anxious. Guan Suyi was just stunned, and then stepped into the delivery room without hesitation.

The strong smell of blood almost stunned people, and Ruan shi was lying on the blood-soaked mattress, her eyes fixed on the door.

“Save my child, you must save my child!” The last cry of her death constantly rang in Guan Suyi’s ear, which made her heart felt like it was stabbed with a knife, the pain was excruciating. She knelt beside the bed and wanted to close Ruan shi’s eyelids with trembling hands, but she failed three times in a row, so she had no choice but sort out the remains and scrub the body first, so that Ruan shi could go cleanly and decently.

“Madam, leave these tasks to this servant. There is too much blood in here, I’m afraid it will provoke you. Please go back to wash, take a rest, wait until it’s all done here, and this servant will call you. There is a funeral to be done, you must replenish your energy so as not to be unable to sustain it.” Although she knew that Madam was very courageous, attached great importance on righteousness, and would never care about the blood and death in the delivery room, Jinzi still had to persuade her.

If Madam fell ill because of this, His Majesty would suffer more than she herself.

Guan Suyi put her palm on Ruan shi’s swollen belly, and felt something underneath kicked her. Her expression was first surprise, then thoughtful, and finally turned into determination. She looked straight at Jinzi, her eyes were like two fires burning, which could burn people.

“You know martial arts and are good at medicine, right?” Hidden in her hoarse voice was a wave higher than a raging storm.

“Yes, madam, what do you want to do?” Jinzi’s heart beat wildly for a moment.

“Find a knife, I’m going to cut open the abdomen and take the child out!” She said slowly, word by word, her eyes that were as bright as cold stars told others that she was not crazy, but more sober like never before.

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    1. Yes. Now that I think about it.. ancient or should I say previous generation before, they had belief that body is sacred and must never be disected or cut after death… how many babies that still alive but buried with the dead mother before the discovery of c section/cutting open the belly. Really made you wonder. I never had thought about this even though some relatives of mine themselves anti-postmortum because of this belief (body is sacred thing).

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