Who Cares

Who Cares – Chapter 86

Chapter 86 Demon


Minglan, who just came in with a pot of hot water and was about to help scrub the blood stains, was so scared that her legs went weak. She barely able to stabilized her body, and said to several maids who were not far behind her, “Madam wants to sort out the remains of the second madam in person, you all go down. By the way, call the embroidery lady and let her rush to make burial clothes overnight, the second madam is still waiting to wear it.”

The few servants were afraid of getting bad luck, so they agreed without second thought. Zhao Luli had already helped the old madam back to the main courtyard, and had left the imperial physician to diagnose her pulse, afraid she could not bear the stimulation.

After Minglan made sure that there were no outsiders in the courtyard, she lowered her voice and persuaded, “Miss, do you know what you are talking about? People died is a big matter, you should let the second madam sleep peacefully. If this matter spreads, others will not understand that you are trying to save the child, but you will be blamed for offending ghosts and gods. What’s more, they will take this opportunity to impeach the old master and master, and ruin the thousands of years reputation of the Guan family. People are already dead, and they must go to the ground as soon as possible, at this time, you must not be confused. Fortunately you are a noble daughter of the official family, if such behavior that offend the gods are placed on commoner women, she would be burned to death!”

“Do you think I’m being confused?” Guan Suyi stared at her, “Everything that I, Guan Suyi, have done in this life is very clear in my heart! It’s true that people’s death is a big matter. However, there is another saying, human life is beyond value. Today, I cut open my sister-in-law, and although I desecrate a remain, I conform to the way of heaven and my conscience, and I have a clear conscience! Not only will my grandfather and father not blame me, but they will support me.”

She had also been a mother, and although it only for a few months, and she had not been able to give birth to the child as she wished, but she knew all the things she should know. She put her palm on Ruan shi‘s belly, feeling the pulses underneath, and said in a hoarse voice, “The amniotic fluid is not broken, the child is still alive, if I bury him and Ruan shi together, it will be a murder. Jinzi, what are you doing, hurry take the knife!”

Only then did Jinzi recover from the shock, hurriedly ran to her room and took a saber that could broke a hair if it blew to it. She didn’t dare to ask why Madam knew that she knew martial arts, but then she thought that madam was so smart, how could she hide it, then quickly let go.

“Madam, do you, do you really want to do it?” For the first time in her life, she picked up a knife not to kill, but to save people, Jinzi was so nervous that she unconsciously trembled.

Guan Suyi grabbed her wrist tightly, her voice full of warnings, “Hold on tight, don’t wiggle around, you can’t see the fetus if you cut it too shallow, and you will hurt him if you cut it too deeply, you have to measure it carefully. You have killed people before, haven’t you? Do you understand the structure of the human body?”

Jinzi had no choice but to nod when she met Madam’s piercing eyes, and her dry throat could not swallow even a bit of saliva. Minglan let out a low “ah”, then she showed timidity.

Guan Suyi’s expressionless face finally burst into a smile, and only then did she let go of her wrist and comforted her softly, “Very good, it’s easy to deal with if you have kill someone. Cut it open, rely on your past experience and cut it down, don’t hesitate, the child can’t wait.”

Jinzi was about to cry, and her heart scolded His Majesty a hundred and eighty times, he said that the task of protecting Madam and blocking Marquis Zhao was very simple. Where is it simple? She couldn’t even figure out when she was seen through by Madam. Relying on the experience of killing people to save people, she really didn’t know how to save them. With such a thin layer of belly skin, a knife might cut the child in half, or cut off his hands and feet. It would be better to let him follow his mother to be buried together!

Her brain had become a pot of porridge, she could only draw little by little according to the touch of the blade, and after a few quarters of work, she finally cut the child out safely, wiped off the mucus from his body quickly with a cotton cloth, and patted his butt lightly.

Loud cries resounded across the sky, and Jinzi busily wrapped him in a swaddling clothes, held him helplessly, full of ecstasy after fear and anxiety. Heaven, she rescued him, she rescued him from his mother’s womb with her own hands! This is better than winning ten battles and killing tens of thousands of enemy troops!

Minglan also forgot her fear and walked over to watch.

“Madam, you hug him, he’s a boy, he’s very healthy, he’s full of energy, he’ll be a fierce general in the future!” Jinzi said excitedly.

Guan Suyi was already in daze when she heard the first cry. In a trance she took the child, and slowly adjusted her posture like she had practiced thousands of times in the previous life, so that he could lie down more comfortably. His little mouth opened and closed, still making a crying sound, and as soon as his little hand touched the front of her dress, he held it firmly, as if he had sensed it.

At this moment, her tears finally burst out of the embankment and rolled down. It turns out that the child is not a sin. For a mother, whether they were expected by the father or not, they were the most precious gift and the most generous favor from Heaven. She couldn’t keep him in her last life, so she made up such remarks to deceive herself, but it turned out that deep down in her heart, she had always longed, repented, and hoped to go back in time and hold him firmly.

“Child, you are not a sin, you are a hope, a gift, and a continuation of your mother’s life. You must grow up safely.” She buried her face on the side of the child’s neck, and finally cried out her pain.

Jinzi and Minglan had never seen their master losing control like this, and they were a bit at a loss for a while, then their eyes slowly reddened and sobbed.

In order not to frighten the child, Guan Suyi didn’t dare to cry for too long, so she quickly calmed down and carried him to the bedside, facing Ruan shi’s face, and said hoarsely, “Sister-in-law, this is your child, look at him.” He stroked the baby’s fetal hair again, “Child, this is your mother, she tried her best to give birth to you, so you should give her one last look.”

Miraculously, Ruan shi’s grim and unwilling face gradually turned calm, and the eyelids were closed without being covered by hands. Her spirit was in heaven, and she finally got her wish.

Guan Suyi cried silently again, afraid that the child would get sick with too much death energy, so she took him away and placed him in the cradle, guarded by Minglan. Jinzi had never cried before, until today she understood that tears were salty, bitter, and astringent. But she didn’t regret it at all, and she wasn’t ashamed at all, instead there were surging waves in her heart. To be valued by His Majesty, to be dispatched to Madam’s side, and to appreciate so much of magnificent righteousness and true feelings of the world, she truly had the blessing of three lifetimes!

If the mission end in the future, she didn’t want to go back to Dark Guard division, and would follow Madam in this life.

Seeing Madam pick up the handkerchief to wipe off the blood on her body, she came to her sense and said earnestly, “Madam, go back and rest, leave it to me here.”

“You cut open the stomach, and I will sew it up, so that sister-in-law can go with dignity.” She took a box of needles and thread from the Bogu shelf, and slowly twisted the end of the thread, fearing that one thread was not strong enough, she added another thread and quickly rolled it into one.

“You, you’re going to sew?” Jinzi suspected that she was hallucinating.

“Yes, I’ll sew. Sister-in-law would definitely like me to personally sort out her remain and dress her. I couldn’t protect her, I can only do this trivial thing.” Her desolate tone suddenly turned cold, “Go to the main courtyard and check the box of sour jujube cake she ate before. I just asked the imperial physician to diagnose her pulse yesterday, he said that the fetal position is very correct, the fetal appearance is good, and sister-in-law is healthy and fit, so she should not bleed heavily the next day. Check, be sure to check till the end!”

Jinzi looked stern, and immediately rushed to the main courtyard, but happened to meet the old madam who hurried over. It turned out that there was a granny passing by outside the wall, and when she heard the baby crying, she felt something was wrong and reported it and asked the old madam to come see. They slammed the door open and found that the child had been taken out, alive, it was a big fat boy, and they were ecstatic. They also saw that Ruan shi’s belly had been cut open, and Guan Suyi was slowly sewing it with a needle and thread. She staggered and almost fainted.

The old madam retreated while reciting Amitabha Buddha, but Zhao Luli didn’t move for a long time, as if he become stupid.

“Don’t disturb sister-in-law’s peace, go out quickly.” While speaking Guan Suyi didn’t even turn around.

Zhao Luli returned to his sense, and immediately retreated, shut the door tightly, and turned around to find that Mingfang and Ye Fan had also followed. Mingfang wanted to curry favor with the eldest miss, the second madam and the old madam. Naturally, she had to come to the delivery room to take guard. Ye Fan didn’t want her monopolize the limelight, so she came too.. When the person died, the old madam was stimulated, so they competed to serve her, refusing to leave, dragging and dragging, and they saw the scene in the room vividly.

“Ah! The stomach, the stomach is cut open! Madam is sewing!” Mingfang screamed. Ye Fan was so frightened that she lost her mind, dumb like a wooden chicken.

Zhao Luli strode over and slapped her fiercely, his eyes full of killing intent, “If today’s incident spreads outside, I will rip your skin off! Second madam gave her life to give birth to second young master, remember?”

Mingfang covered her cheek and nodded, Ye Fan hid behind her and wept. Both of them regretted coming here.

Zhao Luli looked at them gloomily for a while, then walked to the window, his tone became gentle, “Don’t worry, madam, your husband will take care of the aftermath. You saved the second brother’s child and left a bloodline for him. I’m here to thank you on his behalf!” After he finished the words he bowed deeply, with uncontrollable gratitude and admiration surging in his chest.

The old madam also came out, holding the child in her arms, also burst into tears and bowed deeply.

On the other end, Jinzi rushed to check the sour jujube cake, and it was indeed poisonous. She also found many poisonous snakes in the flowerbeds everywhere, but it was too late to deal with it, and she smelled a strange smell in the dining room, and only after a taste did she realize that the food in the East and West Mansion had been poisoned! If it weren’t for the hectic events today, neither the master nor the servants had the heart to eat, then many people would have died.

The murderer really rushed from the border to Yanjing to take revenge, and he hated the Zhao family very much. Instead of finding and killing each one with the surname Ye, he would rather kill a thousand by mistake than let one go. Who the hell is this person, how did he get in here, even Madam almost got killed, really hateful!

Due to the seriousness of the situation, Jinzi did not dare to be arrogate herself, and quickly asked Madam for instructions. After discussing with the master and the old madam, she decided to report to the official. While dealing with the officials who came to investigate the case, she also carried out the funeral for Ruan shi, and also wrote a letter to send to the border pass, asking Zhao Jinyu to rush back to observe the filial piety and take a look at the child.

Ruan shi‘s family arrived in the capital three days later, but did not come to the mourning hall to serve the funeral, but rented a courtyard outside to live in temporarily, and then spread rumors that the Madam of the Zhao family had cut open their daughter’s belly, desecrated the body, and angered the gods. She practiced the way of demons, and it’s necessary to dragged her to the market and burned her to death, as a warning for others.

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