Who Cares

Who Cares – Chapter 84

Chapter 84 Love Letter


Old Master Guan looked at his granddaughter with new eyes. The child had been growing up by his side, and no one knew better than him what her temperament was like. She was indeed proud, unyielding, and stubborn, but she had no such spirit.

Give up kindness to be courageous; give up frugality to be extensive; give up behind to be the first; to die? No regrets! This sentence seemed simple, but it hid a willingness to die. She was a pampered little girl, and her biggest worry was probably the chaos and jealousy in the back house. How could she be so reckless and brave? After marrying into the Zhao mansion, did she still experience unknown hardships?

The old man’s face changed suddenly, and asked, “Yiyi, tell me honestly, how does the Zhao family treat you?”

Guan Father also walked in with dark eyes. He picked up his daughter’s calligraphy to take a look, while holding back his heart palpitations, “Did Zhao Luli bully you?”

The family had been worrying about her all their lives. In this life, Guan Suyi only wish them peace and security, so how could she complain? She quickly took her grandfather’s arm and smiled, “Even when he was still Marquis Zhenbei, he couldn’t get a bargain from me, and now he’s a commoner, what can he do with me? Grandfather, father, don’t worry, I have a good life in the Zhao family, the servants fear me, the children respect me, the mother-in-law and sister-in-law protect me, the two concubines are locked in the East Mansion, and I don’t need to see them at all. There is no mistress in Wei Kingdom who lived more comfortably than me.”

“That’s good.” Old Master Guan gave his granddaughter a deep look, and he when he was sure she was not lying he felt relief.

But Guan Father didn’t quite believe it. He was about to question her carefully when a servant girl suddenly came out and said out of breath, “Old Master, someone from the palace has brought something. You should go to the front yard to greet him.”

When the three walked to the front yard, they saw a eunuch, who had brought things to the house last time, saluting with a smile on his face, “Greeting the two masters, greeting Madam, this servant has been ordered to send a reward.” After the words finished he gathered his sleeves to let them look behind.

This time, it was six big box, with a red seal attached. Zhong shi said clearly, “Did you send it by mistake last time, and the emperor asked you to change it?”

“Answering Madam, there’s no mistake last time, rather missed a few boxes. This servant has a gift list here. Can you please check it?”

The reward this time was really delivered to the heart, a box of extremely precious stones such as Shoushan stone, Qingtian stone, Changshi stone, Balin stone, etc., the quality and color were more extraordinary than the other, and for the old man who loved to carve seals, this was a precious treasure; A box of antique calligraphy and paintings, all genuine works of famous masters, any of them was enough to make those elegant scholars outside to fight until they break their heads. Guan Father was breathing heavily, his heart was beating wildly, and he had already rushed to the box; The remaining four boxes were all rare and unique books in the world, with a wide variety of subjects.

No matter how hard it was for Guan Suyi to maintain an elegant and indifferent demeanor, she took a deep breath before walking over, and said with a shameless face, “Mother, did your word of making up for my a dowry last time still count?”

Zhong shi, “…”


After dinner and dragging four large boxes back to the Zhao Mansion, Guan Suyi sighed contentedly, “I finally understand why my grandfather and father love the emperor so much, his benefit really lies in the word ‘local tyrant’. I have been to so many places, and I have seen all kinds of people, but I have never seen anyone more generous than the emperor. I am afraid there are thousands of books, enough for me to build a bed, and then lie down and read it for eight to ten years. If his rewards are all like this in the future, then I have to go back to get bask in the light.”

Seeing Madam’s hilarious expression, Jinzi secretly said: Madam, you are wrong, it was the Emperor Teacher and Chief of Ceremonies who got to bask in your light. These objects are all given to you by His Majesty, he bears, and dare not, so he can only act in a roundabout way.

The master and servant were happily counting the books, then there was a crisp knock on the door outside, when they looked back, it was Zhao Luli. With a gentle smile on his face, he asked, “I heard that you went back to the Emperor Teacher Mansion today? Are the two Mount Tai still healthy?”

Guan Suyi led him into the inner room and said lukewarmly, “It’s still as healthy as before, thank you for your concern. Did you come from the old madam’s? You should you have dinner, right? I brought a few boxes of stuff back, so the house is messy, it’s really rude.”

Zhao Luli could clearly hear that she tried to chase him out, but his feet seemed to take root, and he refused to move half a step. He pressed his chest full of tart feeling and sighed, “Suyi, I’m really sorry, I accidentally lost your original manuscript today.” Seeing her waving her hand, as if to say it didn’t matter, he hurriedly continued, “I tried to make up for it, but I found that I always made mistakes. Today I was hidden in the crowd, watching them praise you, commend you, support you, my heart is sweet and bitter. Sweet because such an excellent woman is my wife, bitter because I didn’t know how to cherish it, and I almost lost you. Suyi, after dividing the mansion, do you plan to live like this with me forever? Don’t you want to round the house* with me, be a real couple, and then raise a child together? If he can inherit your intelligence, he will be very promising in the future, he…”

For Zhao Luli, these were his desires for a better life; for Guan Suyi, it was nothing more that a soul-crushing nightmare, which made her to be in so much pain that she wanted to die. Her forehead was covered in sweat, and she was trying to tell him to shut up quickly, but Jinzi came in with a tea tray, and it’s unknown what tripped her feet that it all fell on his head.

She kept apologizing and wiped away with sincerity, her eyes were full of tears, as if she was about to cry. Zhao Luli couldn’t care to argue with his wife’s close maid, so he had to reluctantly return to East Mansion for a change.

“Lock the door between the two mansion, and no one is allowed to open even if they knock.” Guan Suyi let out a sigh of relief, and then took out a gold bead the size of a broad bean from her purse and threw it at Jinzi, “Well done, take this to play with.”

Jinzi was flattered and hurriedly knelt down to thank her. Suddenly, she saw a pigeon flying diagonally outside the window. It first landed on the window sill, and then jumped into the study without fear. It stood on the brush holder, tilted its head to look at Guan Suyi, and grunted as if it had something to say.

Guan Suyi thought it was very smart and cute, so she didn’t chase it away. After the gloomy mood subsided, she took a serious look, and then saw that it was a pigeon with a thin bamboo tube tied to its ankle. She already had a guess in her mind, and she took out the note from the bamboo tube and slowly unfolded it, first sighing, and then secretly said ‘sure enough’.

Guan Guan Jujiu, in the river continent. A fair lady, a gentleman is good. The staggered water chestnuts flow from left to right. A fair lady, I have longed for it*… The handwriting that was slightly jerky but still penetrated the back of the paper slowly wrote the world’s first love poem.

The man’s sad expression, eyes full of struggling, and the figure who wanted to chase but couldn’t, seemed to be close at hand, making Guan Suyi even more upset. She originally planned not to reply a word, but after thinking and thinking, she finally picked up the brush and wrote – A tall bird can choose a tree, and a free sheep can collide the fence. Things have been seen now, and I would like to forget about them from now on*.

Watching the bird flutter and fly away, and suddenly drop a few snow-white feathers, she suppressed the loneliness and desolateness in her eyes, and slowly hid herself in the shadow of the blood-red sunset.


Emperor Sheng Yuan raised his arm to catch the carrier pigeon and fed it a few grains of corn. Then he took off the bamboo tube and carefully pulled out the paper roll.

A tall bird can choose a tree, and a sheep can collide the fence.…” He chewed word by word, felt a stab in his heart, and said with a wry smile, “Madam is so cruel, is she actually trying to persuade Zhen to forget and change the feeling? She doesn’t moved by Zhen at all?” Just as he felt an unbearable pain, another carrier pigeon flew in from the window and jumped onto the imperial table.

Seeing that the emperor had not responded for a long time, Baifu stepped forward to get the letter, recognized the mark on the bamboo pipe, and said in a low voice, “Your Majesty, it was sent by Lord Shen.”

Lord Shen was Jinzi, the number two figure in the Dark Guard. Emperor Sheng Yuan was busy reading, and the painful expression was slowly replaced by joy. After a while, his cheeks were red and his heart throbbing. It turned out that his understanding was correct, the Innkeeper really meant that.

Ever since he met Madam, when encountering difficulties, he could not help but imagine—what would Madam do if she was here? Gradually, his thinking became more and more like Madam, and his love became stronger and stronger, until this point where his heart have tacit understanding, and he could see through her. He seldom read Taoist classics, and he was not familiar with Laozi’s views, but suddenly he was blessed with this thought and blurted it out. Madam wanted to take him as a confidant, but she didn’t know that she was already his confidant.

After bursts of uncontrollable joy, his face turned from red to black, and he sneered, “Already hurt Madam’s heart, now will make up for it with a child, Zhao Luli thinks so beautifully!” Remembering his filthy origins, his originally pitiful sense of superiority disappeared.

How could Zhao Luli be disgraceful, at least he could give Madam a child, but what about him? What could he give Madam. But if he was asked to give up, his heart would feel as painful as being cut by a knife, just like a traveler who fell off a cliff, even if his two arms dig into the rock, there would be death after the exhaustion.

He covered his face, his facial features were severely twisted, he wanted to cry but there were no tears, he wanted to roar but couldn’t, there was no way out except to suffer in secret. After being silent for nearly a quarter of an hour, he said hoarsely, “Serve the brush and ink.”

Baifu didn’t dare to breathe, lightly spread the rice paper, polished the thick ink, and handed over the imperial brush.

“Madam compares me to a tall bird and a sheep, and compares herself to a common tree and a fence, which is really humble and self-deprecating, which cause one to grieved. Although I am not talented, I am proud of my deep feelings, and willing to be a phoenix that does not drink unless it’s morning dew, does not eat unless it’s tender bamboo, and does not live unless it’s on a thousand years sycamore tree, that’s why in this life does not marry unless with Madam. Madam can blame me, hate me, but please don’t keep me far away. Sincerely Hunnar. Warm regards.”

After Emperor Sheng Yuan finished writing, he hid it in the bamboo tube, and then released the carrier pigeon. He stood by the window for most of the night, after he was that Madam had not replied to the letter, he lay down gloomily.

On the other side, Guan Suyi looked at the love letter that stated ‘won’t marry unless with you’. She was angry and funny, but also moved for no reason. She planned to burn it quickly, so as not to get caught, but somehow she couldn’t do it, so she had to find a safe place to hide it. After thinking about it for a while, she didn’t write a reply, but it was rare to have a good night’s sleep.

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T/N: the next several chapters will be unpleasant that I’m dreading translating it.

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