Who Cares

Who Cares – Chapter 186

Chapter 186 Extra (9)


When Guan Suyi arrived at Ganquan Palace, she saw Emperor Sheng Yuan grandly sat on the main seat. Ye Jieyu knelt down at his feet, not even sitting on a futon, could only put her whole weight on her heels, waist and back was bending, head hung low, humble like a servant girl.

Before Guan Suyi could perform salute, she saw the other person’s big hand make gesture and called, “Come and sit.”

The maid named Yong Zhu immediately brought a stool and placed it beside the emperor. Guan Suyi walked over and glanced at Ye Zhen embarrassedly. After all, the other person was Jieyu niangniang, and she was only an outside woman, how could there be a reason for the niangniang to kneel while the outside woman was sitting upright?

When Emperor Sheng Yuan saw that she was standing still, he realized something, and then flung his sleeves at Ye Zhen, “Withdraw.” The shouting tone was like chasing away a dog.

Ye Zhen complied with a low voice, and glanced at Guan Suyi quickly when she raised her head, there was resentment and hatred in her bloodshot eyes, although only a trace of it leaked out, it was enough to chilled people. Guan Suyi wondered what was going on between these two people, even if the emperor’s love was short-lived, there was no need to despise people to such a degree. Even she, an outsider, could feel Emperor Sheng Yuan’s attitude towards Ye Zhen, he didn’t treat her like a human at all. When he called immediately came, when he wove away immediately went, and finally abandoned her like a worn-out shoe.

It turned out that Jieyu niangniang, the one Zhao Chunxi long and wishful for, was so unbearable behind the back. Guan Suyi sighed in her heart, but she did not sympathize with the other person because of this. Since the time Ye Jieyu inexplicably tried to kill her, they had already become enemies, and being kind to the enemy was cruel to oneself.

“Sit down.” Emperor Sheng Yuan tapped the table.

Only then did Guan Suyi saluted and take a seat, her eyes fixed on the teacup in front of her, as if fascinated. She was afraid that she would say the wrong thing and accidentally offend the dragon’s face, so she simply closed her mouth and restrained herself. Emperor Sheng Yuan seemed to have long expected her to do this. A pair of eagle eyes just looked at her up and down, and when she couldn’t hold back and blush creeping up on half of her face, he laughed softly, “Accompany Zhen to eat.”

It’s good to eat, since they could do something without talking. Guan Suyi breathed a sigh of relief, and while the other person was not paying attention, she quickly covered her hot cheeks. Being watched so intently by a man, it was inevitable she still couldn’t stand it no matter how good she was at cultivating her qi.

The imperial meal was quickly prepared, and they used two separate food table. Emperor Sheng Yuan only said “please,” and took up his bowl to eat. His movement was not rude, but the speed was extremely fast, in a moment he was already finish, put down the bowl, rinsed his mouth and washed his hands, then stare at his side. Guan Suyi felt her scalp went numb by his gaze, and was about to put down the bowl, saying that she was full, but then heard his solemn command, “The food on the table must be finished, Zhen doesn’t like to waste food.”

His meal was very simple, only two meat, one vegetable and one soup, and now he had eaten all cleanly. Guan Suyi also had two meat, one vegetable and one soup, but the portion was only one-third of his. Eating it all would at most be eight points full, by all means had no reason not to finish it. Everyone said that the emperor was extravagant, but now it seemed that was not the case.

Guan Suyi complied and slowly ate the dishes and rice clean, constantly thinking about the purpose of this man calling her into the palace. Did he regret letting her go last time? Thinking like this, her heart rose high, and her brows furrowed tightly.

Emperor Sheng Yuan tapped on the table, “Since Zhen has spared you last time, it’s unlikely to touch you again in the future. The world is boundless, and eating food is the greatest. Eat it quickly, don’t let your imagination run wild.”

Guan Suyi’s cheeks flushed, and she quickly picked up the rice bowl.

The two quietly finished their meal and each drank a cup of hot tea. Although they didn’t say a word during this time, the atmosphere was very harmonious.

Seeing that the other person’s complexion had improved a lot and her emotions had eased, Emperor Sheng Yuan said slowly, “Since you said that the painting is fake, what about the real scene? Your Guan family has been a literary giant for generation, for you, the Four Arts is not difficult, isn’t it? Can you repaint the painting for Zhen to keep as a memorial?”

If this is not difficult, then what is difficult? Guan Suyi’s barely relaxed nerves instantly tensed again. Restoring the real scene could become another blow to the emperor, as long as she painted it too tragically, she would stab him in the heart. If his heart demon flared out because of this, she might meet her bad end in Ganquan Palace today. As the so-called “accompanying the monarch is like accompanying the tiger”, this was not an exaggeration at all.

There was a thin layer of sweat on her palm, but she couldn’t refuse. Take a step forward she might die, take a step back she would be doomed, so she could only go forward with her head down, maybe then could win a glimmer of life. If the real scene was too tragic, then dig a trace of warmth from the tragic, and also poke at the softest part of this person’s heart, so that he would not completely lose his conscience.

Between the lights and flint, she already had an idea, stood up and saluted, “This minister wife is willing to give it a try.”

“Very good, bring a brush, ink, paper and inkstone.” Emperor Sheng Yuan shouted loudly.

Baifu hurriedly put the four treasures of the study, and was about to pour water into the inkstone, but saw that the emperor had already picked up the ink stick and was about to do it himself. He immediately stepped aside, watched as one of them paint and the other mixing ink and paint. They seemed to match each other very well, and he couldn’t help but lower his head and secretly warned himself not to think too much

Guan Suyi did not intend to paint the whole process, but fixed the picture at the moment when the mother and son parted. The mother hugged the child tightly, and brought her cut wrist to his mouth so that he could suck it. In her eyes, there was despair of dying, resentment of being harmed, but more, reluctance and love for the child. Tears came out of her eyes, but there was a smile on her lips, as if she was encouraging the child to live well.

Guan Suyi didn’t know what the emperor’s biological mother looked like, but it would not be wrong to portrayed her more beautifully than the original painting. She thought for a while, then added a lot of blood stain to her cheeks and fingertips, making her pale face showed a bit heroic beauty. The little child was snuggled in her arms, and in her brows and eyes could vaguely see the similarity with Emperor Sheng Yuan, her lips were stained with blood, but her expression was content and calm.

In reality, how could a new-born child be so full and round? Most of them were shrivelled and thin, with red and blue faces, and it would take ten days to half a month to make out their appearance. The Dongyang painter defiled the painting, but she beautified it. In the end, she was also acting on orders, absolutely helpless.

The details were changed again and again, until the tragic and tender feelings of the mother and son’s separation were vividly reflected on the paper, before Guan Suyi put down the brush and bowed, “Does Your Majesty satisfied?” After not hearing the other person answer for a long time, she looked up, only to see that he had already in tears and cried silently.

Guan Suyi hurriedly lowered her head and took a few steps back, did the “eyes looking at the nose, nose looking at the heart” gesture.

Emperor Sheng Yuan felt that his cheeks were cold, and when he touched it with his hand, he realized that he was actually crying. He wiped it carelessly then wiped his fingertips clean before picking up the painting to examine it. After a long time, he handed it over to Baifu, and said in a hoarse voice, “Frame it and hang it in the Buddhist hall.”

Baifu took the painting carefully and hurriedly left. Another Jinyiwei came in and whispered, “Master, the brazier has been burned.”

Emperor Sheng Yuan nodded, strode out, and when he crossed the threshold, he noticed that Guan Suyi was still standing in the same place, and he couldn’t help calling, “What are you doing, come quickly.”

“Yes.” Guan Suyi complied obediently, and then followed suits. When she walked out of the hall, she saw a large brazier placed in the open space. The charcoal fire inside was burning brightly, exuding warm heat. There were many things scattered around the brazier, the offering tables, Buddhist altars, wooden fish, and even the painting that was once worshipped was pressed down at the bottom, only a bright red corner was exposed.

Emperor Sheng Yuan put the things into the brazier one by one, as if he was burning the past, and destroying the demon. The billowing smoke rushed to the sky, then spread out layer by layer, and finally disappeared. He picked up the blood-red painting, glanced at it indifferently, and threw it into the flames without hesitation. There was a crackling sound, and the painting was first turned into char, and finally only a handful of ashes remained.

Emperor Sheng Yuan then picked up a soft chair and sat down, pointed to the futon beside his feet, and said, “Recite the scripture.”

Guan Suyi stepped forward and whispered, “Is it possible to have a pot of hot tea?”

Emperor Sheng Yuan gave a short laugh, and the haze that spread over his eyebrows slowly dissipated, leaving nothing but interest. He raised his hand and jokingly said, “Bring the big urn from the pantry and boil the tea on the spot. Madam Guan, you can drink as much as you likes, take it until you’re satisfied.”

Guan Suyi’s cheeks flushed, and she felt embarrassed and exasperated. In the end, she could only bow down and salute, “Thanking Your Majesty for the reward.”

The guards never expected that the emperor could also joke, but they didn’t dare to not take his words seriously, and sure enough, they brought a large urn and set it on the brazier to boil tea. Guan Suyi thanked him again, and at the end she recited the rebirth mantra seriously, thinking that today she would recite until smoke came out of her throat and her tongue went numb, but then heard a gentle voice from above, “If you are tired then stop, no need to push hard.”

Guan Suyi’s heartstrings loosened a little, and she continued to recite, but within a quarter of an hour she heard a slight snoring sound from her side, and when she looked up, she found that Emperor Sheng Yuan was asleep again like last time, but his expression was calmer, and the corners of his mouth were slightly curved, as if he had a good dream. In all directions, the heat radiated from the brazier baked the harsh winter into a warm spring. Before she knew it, her voice was getting lower and lower, and sleepiness surged up, her head was tilted then rushed towards the person beside her. She had a nightmare last night, and this morning had to wake up early to handle the Third Day banquet, so she actually had already exhausted since earlier time. Seeing the tiger dozed off, she also couldn’t hold it any longer.

A Jinyiwei secretly said that it was not good, and was about to rush to help her, but saw the emperor quickly open his eyes, and a strong murderous aura filled the air in an instant, his sleeves trembled slightly, a dagger was already in his palm and unsheathed. However, instead of cutting the neck of the person close to him like he had done in the past, he sniffed with the end of his nose, identified the person, and then his expression softened. One hand gently adjusted Madam Guan’s posture to make her lean more comfortably, while the other stroked her face a few times.

He looked at Yong Zhu and pointed to the inner hall. Yong Zhu understood and brought two coats, one to drape over Madam Guan’s shoulders and the other to put on her master. However, he refused with a wave of his hand, but instead pulled the corner of Madam Guan’s coat, and covered his legs with it. The two of them were covered with the same coat, one sat, and one leaned on the other’s knees, falling into a deep sleep. The palace servants were afraid that they would be blown by the cold wind, so quickly burned a few braziers and placed them around.

Ye Zhen stood under the porch, watching this scene from a distance, her face was pale and her expression was vicious.

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  1. This madness…. It’s not a surprise. without someone helping him overcoming this trauma he become like a beast in a Cage
    She did nothing but helping him. She did not try to attract him or anything. She just tried to save her life all because of Ye zhen scheme. So I don’t understand Ye zhen madness.

    1. Doesn’t that make it worse from YZ’s point of view? GS stumbled into the prize that YZ has been chasing for so many years, forsaking all else…and it’s even more mortifying that GS didn’t seek it in the first place…

      1. Plus she got it in like 2 visits that’s fuckin amazing. Guess it shows the chemistry between GS and ML.

    2. It’s jelaousy. Ye Zhen always pampered by the Emperor before he knew about the Truth. And now that his treatment towards her is even lower to that of a slave, and then she saw him treat Guan Suyi, a woman she always trampled on, so softly like she’s his beloved, of course Ye Zhen’s hatred towards Guan Suyi increase.

  2. Please pursue her after she get divorce…
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  3. Personally i love this plot more than the rebirth but the only problem is that this completely rectons the rebirth story where author never hinted abt these incidents. From the beginning we got to know guyi remembers everything from her previous life after rebirth. But only emperor part she never mentions? If guyi already seen the present state of ye zhen she wouldn’t doubt that she was emperors favored in rebirth. She already knows major imperial secret so wen she sees the painting she acted like it was first time shes seeing in her rebirth life.. why author wrote it like that?

    1. Because in the main story she didn’t hit the marquis on the head. She was raped, fell prégnant, miscarried due to Zhao Luli, and then framed. She never met thé emperor

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