Who Cares

Who Cares – Chapter 187

Chapter 187 Extra (10)


Guan Suyi slept for more than an hour before waking up slowly, and when she found herself leaning on the emperor’s knee, she couldn’t help being startled, just stood up and fell back again, because she felt a tingling sensation like needle stuck on the soles of her feet.

“Please forgive, Your Majesty, this minister wife will get up.” She struggled several times, but always failed. Instead, she fell into the other person’s arms again and again, making it look to the outsiders like she was throwing herself at him. She was embarrassed and annoyed in her heart, but her legs were failing her, and she couldn’t stand up. Unconsciously, there were tears in the corners of her eyes, and she felt very ashamed.

Emperor Sheng Yuan let her fumbling for a long time before reaching out to help her, and said calmly, “Madam, is this leg numb? It’s alright to sit down first and then go.”

Guan Suyi wanted to go home immediately, but she couldn’t move for the time being, so she had to thank the emperor and sit down in the soft chair. Emperor Sheng Yuan glanced at her and asked, “Had a nightmare last night?”

Guan Suyi didn’t dare to hide it, and told the truth, “Back to the emperor, this minister wife spent the whole night tossing and turning in dream. After closing eyes for a while, it was already dawn, so had no choice but to get up and handle the Third Day banquet for the shu son.” Waking up then sleep, sleeping then wake up, it was more tired than not closing eyes all night. The blood in the dream was overwhelming, as if it wanted to drown her.

Emperor Sheng Yuan smiled and sighed, “Since you’re afraid like that, how can you still dare to fall asleep beside Zhen? You’re also really thoughtless.”

Guan Suyi lowered her eyes and replied, “Reporting to the emperor, the most terrible thing in the world is not death, but the unknown. After leaving the palace, this minister wife will inevitably think wildly and feel afraid, but in front of you, heart is actually become calm, everything is left for you to decide.”

Emperor Sheng Yuan laughed twice, waved his hand and said, “Rest assured, not only Zhen will not move you, but also will not let others move you. Zhen owe you a favor, whatever you want, just come.”

Guan Suyi immediately thought of her grandfather who had an unfulfilled aspiration, but quickly denied it. When she first married Zhao Luli, she had hoped that he could pull the Guan family, but she only thought about it in her heart and never opened her mouth. People should help you out of affection, not out of duty, so there was no need to blame. The silver taels she borrowed from the Zhao family, she would find a way to return it as soon as possible, and if she couldn’t get it for a while, she would double her favor for Zhao Chunxi and Zhao Wangshu. No matter how they treated her or how hurtful things they did, she could endure it, this was exactly the principle the mouth that eats other people’s food is softened, the hand that take other people’s things is shortened.

She understood gratitude, and naturally she also knew how to be satisfied with what one has. The previous rewards were enough for her, and she didn’t dare to ask for more, so she refused, “Report to the emperor, this minister wife do not want anything. Serving the monarch is the duty of this minister wife, only ask for you to release this minister wife safely.”

Zhen’s solemn promise, when will the words not count? The last time already let you go, and unlikely to hurt you in the future. Baifu, bring up the brocade box.”

Another brocade box? Guan Suyi’s hand tucked inside her sleeve couldn’t help but clenched into a fist.

Emperor Sheng Yuan smiled, personally handed the brocade box, and ordered, “Open it and take a look.”

Still has to open and take a look? Guan Suyi complained in her heart, but she didn’t dare to refuse, so she slowly lifted the lid of the box. To be honest, she had already developed a sense of fear for a brocade box. But the emperor was full of wickedness, the three brocade boxes given to her were all identical, and even the knots were twisted into the same shape, so that when she saw it, her fingers twitched and the hair on her body stood up.

She tried hard to keep herself calm, and when the lid of the box was lifted, she could not help but let out a sigh of relief when she looked inside. The box contained many neatly stacked small gold ingots, on which was placed a piece of paper, there was no blood or heads.

Emperor Sheng Yuan took out the paper and said slowly, “Last time scared you, Zhen will give you a compensation. There will be many more boxes like this in the future, you won’t be afraid if you get used to it.”

The amount of information in these words made Guan Suyi palpitated again. What do you mean there will be many more in the future? Does it mean that after she go out today, she will come back again in the future? Why does he, the dignified monarch of a country, always summon an outside woman? Even if borrowing Jieyu’s name, it’s still inappropriate!

“Your Majesty, this doesn’t make sense!” Her legs and feet had already regained consciousness, so she hurriedly knelt down, but was firmly grasped by a large hand and was lifted up forcefully.

“Nine, nine and eighty-one days of rebirth mantra, cannot miss one day, and also cannot add one day.” Emperor Sheng Yuan pressed her shoulder, and his tone was arbitrary, “It’s you who clear up mother empress’s injustice and this soul naturally needs you to help pass. Mother empress has waited in the underworld long enough. Zhen wants to send her into reincarnation quickly, it cannot be delay even for a moment. Zhen have sent someone to investigate the incident in that year. In order to avoid beating the grass and scare the snake, Zhen still need to conceal it from Empress Dowager over there, therefore also cannot ask the senior monk to recite the scripture. Madam, can Zhen believe in you?”

Guan Suyi had no other choice but to nod her head. She originally thought that after the truth was revealed then it was over, how could she know that she still had to paint, and after painting, she had to recite the scriptures, and it was still nine-nine-eighty-one days. How could these things be linked one after another, endlessly? However, she had already entered the pit, what else could she do except try her best to grab the rope thrown by this man to save herself?

“Isn’t it too eye-catching to enter the palace for two to three months in a row? Wouldn’t it be more sincere for Your Majesty to recite the scriptures yourself?” She strugglingly said.

“If Zhen can leave government affairs behind and sit in the Buddhist hall all day to recite scriptures, why should Zhen asked you? Can spare an hour is already reach the limit, but how can it be enough? You just need to say that you’re going to Jueyin Temple to worship Buddha for three months, pray for Marquis Zhenbei who went out to fight, and Zhen will naturally send someone to take you into the palace in secret. Don’t worry, Madam, Zhen will not harm your reputation.” Emperor Sheng Yuan stared at the blood jade ring on his hand, his eyes dimmed.

Guan Suyi opened her mouth, but she didn’t say anything after all, rather hung her head helplessly.

Seeing her like this, Emperor Sheng Yuan’s tone became extremely gentle, and he spread out the piece of paper and said, “This is a land deed. Zhen have chosen a small three-entry mansion for the Guan family in the south of the city to live in. Zhen heard Baifu said that at night few days ago the roof was knocked over by the wind, and caused your grandfather to be drenched by cold rain, nowadays he’s very sick. If you still have a little bit of filial piety, don’t turn down this gift, just think this as your reward for selling the painting. Including the one hundred taels of gold in this box, isn’t the price fair?”

No matter how proud Guan Suyi was, she would not disregard her grandfather’s life and death for this face. She could insist on not asking Zhao Luli to help her grandfather and father find jobs, but once it involved her grandfather’s illness, she could do anything. Just selling a painting, what does it matter? Didn’t father also paint on the street and sell it in public?

The previous embarrassment and struggle all turned into full gratitude. She quickly took the title deed and sincerely thanked him.

So easy to be coaxed and satisfied. Emperor Sheng Yuan laughed in his heart, but his face did not show anything. He handed over the box and reminded, “Tomorrow, go to Jueyin Temple to worship Buddha, Zhen will send someone to pick you up.”

“This minister wife obeyed, thanking Your Majesty for the reward.” To earn a place to live for her family, Guan Suyi didn’t resist at all. She was about to kowtow, but her shoulders were held by the emperor’s big palm, making her unable to move. Without other options, she just said lot of words of gratitude, and then left Ganquan Palace under the escort of Yong He and Yong Ju. She got into the carriage, took out the title deed, and looked at it again and again.

The taste of poverty was not so terrible, what terrible was the combination of poverty and illness mixed with conspiracy. Over the years, she had already fed up of being despised, but she did not dare to resist because of her grandfather’s illness and the Guan family’s reputation. Seeing her family struggling in despair, how could she not want to pull a hand, but sadly found that she had no energy to save them. Let alone completely cure her grandfather’s illness, she could not even find them a decent place to live.

Where was she the mistress of Marquis Mansion? More like a servant girl who took care of the children on other’s behalf. However, what the Marquis Mansion could not give her, the emperor would not be stingy at all. How about selling paintings? How about reciting scriptures? As long as she can make her family have a better life, she willing to do anything.

While thinking about it, she arrived at Guan’s house, and the carriage stopped at the door. When Zhong shi heard the noise, she said in surprise, “Why are you here again? Running to your maiden house every three days, the old madam won’t blame you, right?”

“No. I just came out of the palace, and stop by to see you.” Guan Suyi covered the box with a large coat and walked in quickly. Minglan followed behind, looking around with a wary expression.

“Mother, this house can’t be lived in anymore, let’s move as soon as possible. This is a mansion that Ye Jieyu gave to the Guan family. It’s not long since it was built, after cleaning it you can immediately move in. There are still one hundred taels of gold here. Take it to buy furniture and other stuffs.”

“How could Ye Jieyu be so kind? Didn’t she lift Ye yiniang everywhere, holding you down and not letting you move?” Zhong shi took the title deed to check, there was no surprise on her face, only trepidation. In her heart, the Ye family didn’t have a single good thing, one who offers unsolicited hospitality must be harboring evil intentions, and her daughter walked so close to her, afraid she might be tricked one day.

Guan Suyi took out the excuse she had thought up for a long time, “Today is different from the past. She was holding me down because she was afraid that I would be bad for the two children her sister left behind. But after all these years, what kind of person I am, I think she also knows. And Ye yiniang is very competitive, she had already wrapped Zhao Chunxi and Zhao Wangshu around her fingers, and now she has given birth to a shu son. The distinction between di and shu was the source of chaotic family, but Ye yiniang’s heart is big, she can harm the two children. So Ye Jieyu has to change her approach and hold me up. No matter who she subjugates or who she lifts, we can only accept it. Anyway, our family is poor and has nothing to be schemed of.”

Zhong shi thought about it too, and only then happily accepted the title deed and gold. The two went to the back hall to visit the old master, and found that he was still in good spirits, they quickly told him about the move, which made him laugh a lot.


In Marquis Zhenbei Mansion, Ye Fan was sitting on the bed wiping her tears, and Zhao Chunxi held a medicine bowl while persuading her, “The doctor said to let you have a good confinement, and don’t let you get caught by the wind. There are a lot of people in the front hall, and there’s no lack of the house master to entertain, why do you have to run there too? Didn’t you have to lie down now? Listen to my words, quickly raise your body, so as not to make daddy worry outside.”

“If he really worried about me, he wouldn’t have asked to seal Guan Suyi with a title right after I gave birth to Guang’er, and then ran to Tongcheng to pacify the chaos and will be gone for more than half a year. If you were me, don’t you want to go out too? When I got engage to Lord Marquis, niangniang gave me a generous reward, on the day we got married, there was another generous reward. I thought it would be the same this time, niangniang would definitely send someone to build momentum for me, so I forced my sick body to go entertain the guests. But she actually invited Guan Suyi, that little bitch, to the palace to talk. She and Lord Marquis are the same, all want to slap me in the face! Where did I do wrong, just tell me directly, why abuse people like this.”

The more she talked, the sadder she became, and she looked like she was about to faint.

Zhao Chunxi comforted on the surface, but was extremely disdainful on the inside. Why mom didn’t give Ye Fan face? Isn’t it because she’s afraid that her heart is getting big after giving birth to a shu son and want to put pressure on her? It’s time for Ye Fan to understand that without the support of her daddy, mom and herself, she is nothing, not even as good as Guan Suyi.

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