Who Cares

Who Cares – Chapter 185

Chapter 185 Extra (8)


Guan Suyi hurriedly went to Guan’s house, just in time to see Zhong shi coming back from outside with a gaping empty bowl. “Mother, did you go to borrow food?” Her eyes were red, she didn’t expect that her family was already poor to this point.

Zhong shi seemed to want to hide the bowl behind her, but in the end stopped with a bitter smile. Who didn’t know the current situation of the Guan family? “There was a strong wind a few days ago, which blew the roof of our house. Your father and I quickly moved the old master to another place, but he still got drenched with some cold rain. Now the fever is high, the person is almost confused. For the medicine and to repair the house, all the money has already been spent. Your father and I can endure it, but the old master cannot lack anything. I just want to ask for some coarse flour and eggs, and make a bowl of noodles for him. But I didn’t expect the hypocrisy of the world, people who once received our family’s favor, now they don’t recognize it, indeed truly helpless…”

Her daughter had come to the door, and keeping it a secret would only make her more worried, Zhong shi might as well confess. When she finally took two steps forward to open the courtyard door, she saw several palace carriages parked at the corner, and there was also a eunuch with white hair and ruddy complexion cupped his hands and smiling at her.

“Yiyi, where are you from?”

“Mother, this is Chief Bai.” Guan Suyi explained, “Lord Marquis asked to seal the title for me. Today, after receiving the letter of approval we went to the palace to thank the emperor. But because there’s chaos in Tongcheng, he led his troops to rush to help, and the emperor let Chief Bai sent daughter back home and conveniently presented the reward. Let’s go in and talk, it’s cold outside.”

Zhong shi was overjoyed, and hurriedly greeted Baifu and waved, “Please come in, please come in quickly. The house is still being repaired, it’s very messy, all sirs please don’t dislike. Anyway, please sit down and have a cup of hot tea!”

Baifu cupped his hands and said “Don’t dare”, then went in with a smile. He looked around, and sure enough they were destitute.

Zhong shi took the people to the main hall, served hot tea one by one, and then handed out dozens purses she had prepared. She had heard a little about the rules in the palace. These errand people had to be given ample trouble fee before they were willing to help you, especially the chief, who had seen it all, absolutely could not be too shabby. But what happened to the Guan family, they must have seen it with their own eyes, and it was really not easy to save this money. It must be known that the old master still depended on these money to save his life. Even if the couple were starving to death, they didn’t dare to use the slightest bit, but today they took it all out.

Baifu squeezed his purse and couldn’t help but laugh in his heart. If it was in the past, he would have to spit on anyone who gave him, this great Chief Bai, one hundred taels of silver, but when facing Madam Guan’s mother, he really didn’t have the guts. Madam Guan was able to struggle free out of His Majesty’s clutches, and coaxed him to sleep, and still made him laugh, she was bound to have a lot of good blessings in the future.

Before the emperor said anything, he had to respect this person. After thinking about it, Baifu returned the purse and said a lot of flattery. How could the rest of the people went over Eunuch Bai? They also quickly returned the purses. Guan Suyi was an impetuous person, too impatient to deal with this kind of scenes, and had already led the imperial physician to see the old master.

“Excessive worry and mental-knot in the heart has hurt the internal organs, and it must be carefully nurtured.” Imperial Physician Cao was the physician who looked after the emperor, his medical skills naturally outstanding. He immediately prescribed a few doses of medicine and instructed, “Simmer three bowls of water until it become a bowl of water then drink, two doses a day, and in seven days, I will come again to check the pulse and see how he recuperate.”

“Does it affect the life longevity?” Guan Suyi asked nervously.

“Naturally it has some influence, but not necessarily much. It was said laughing will gain you ten more years of life. The old master is suffering from a heart sickness, still need to be treated with medicine for the heart. If he can get over this stumble, entirely free from worry, his life span will surely be longer. If you have some free time then cheer him up, then he will get better soon.” Imperial Physician Cao had already received the emperor’s orders, and did not dare to treat the Guan family as an ordinary family. He explained everything clearly, and prescribed the most suitable medicines.

How could it be easy to cheer him up? Guan Suyi felt weighed down with anxiety, tears started flickering in her eyes. When grandfather came to the capital with great ambitions, he clearly had a lot of splendor in his chest, but because of his clumsiness since he was a child, he was not able to show his talents. Instead, Xu Guangzhi took the opportunity to step on him. If that was all, then afterward he could figure it out after some self-introspection, but unexpectedly the other person’s means were too despicable, and he actually began to win over the disciples under the Guan family. Those who were willing to join him left one after another, and those who didn’t were vigorously suppressed, causing many rumors to slander Guan family’s style and ruining the Guan family’s knowledge inheritance.

Breaking people’s knowledge inheritance was like killing one’s parents, how could grandfather not hate it? With more similar tactics, he felt sorry for his disciples and sorry for his students, and actually fell gravely ill from then on. If she wanted to cure his disease, she had to help him achieve his ambition.

Guan Suyi originally thought with marrying Zhao Luli, she would be able to take advantage of the marquis mansion’s influence and find a way out for her grandfather and father, whether it was good or bad in the future depend on the ability of the two. Unexpectedly, Zhao Luli didn’t take her as his wife at all, and only thought of currying favor for the Ye family.

At first, he was rather depressed and drunk all day. Later, when the second daughter of the Xu family entered the palace, which hindered Ye Jieyu‘s position, he pulled himself up and returned to the court to open the way for Ye Jieyu. As for the Guan family, as for his grandfather-in-law and father-in-law, which one within his scope of consideration?

Don’t mention the others, just at this time when she entered the palace, even a tyrant like Emperor Sheng Yuan could see her difficulties at a glance and helped her, but he as a husband, turned a blind eye. Is first-rank title that great? If possible, she would rather exchange this dispensable honor with the safety and well-being of her family.

A wave of resentment barely rose in her heart, she then remembered the money that the old madam lent to the Guan family. Guan Suyi then felt helpless again, and forced a smile to thank Imperial Physician Cao. Imperial Physician Cao also had to return to the palace to resume his duty, hand over the prescription to the medicine boy, and gave some detailed instruction, before he took his leave and left.

Zhong shi set up a table of banquets for Chief Bai and the others to enjoy, and then asked Guan Father to come back to accompany them, she then ran to visit the old master.

“What did the imperial physician say?” Seeing that the old master was still asleep, Zhong shi lowered her voice and asked.

“It’s said to be a heart sickness, it has to be taken care of slowly.” Guan Suyi squeezed the prescription with a sad face. The prescription prescribed by the imperial physician was naturally suitable, but the cost was hundreds of times more than usual, every medicinal herb that were precious, it needed to be used. This thin piece of paper weighs a thousand jins.

When Zhong shi leaned over to take a look, she couldn’t help but cry out “Aiya”. Ginseng, deer antler, Lingzhi mushroom… all were rare things all year round, how could they afford it? However, the old master’s illness had to be treated, this could indeed worry people to death!

“The emperor has given a lot of medicinal herbs, we will use those first. If after drinking this medicine grandfather sees an improvement, even if we have to cut our own flesh and sell it, we must treat him! I will find a solution for the money.” Guan Suyi said firmly.

“Those things were all given to our family by the emperor? Don’t you have to take them to marquis mansion?” Zhong shi was very surprised. her daughter was the mistress of Marquis Mansion, how could there be a reason for taking all the rewards back to her maiden home?

Baifu didn’t know since when stood at the door, he said with a smile, “Please rest assured, His Majesty sent a message when this one left the palace, these rewards are solely for the Guan family, and have nothing to do with marquis mansion. It’s getting late, this one will visit the old master, and then send Madam back to the mansion.”

Zhong shi was not a greedy person, only valued those precious medicinal materials, she was overjoyed when she heard this, and thanked him again and again. Guan Father never looked down on a eunuch, and had a good talk with Baifu. After visiting the old master together, he sent him and his daughter away. The group returned to Marquis Zhenbei Mansion, issued the imperial decree to seal the title, and received a generous thank-you gift before returning to the palace to resume their duties.

Guan Suyi stood up holding the imperial decree, and saw the servants who were originally respectful to her on the outside, but contemptuous on the inside, all showed a look of awe; Several concubines were envious and jealous, and their faces were very ugly; Zhao Chunxi smiled very falsely, while Zhao Wangshu couldn’t figure out the situation; Ye Fan was still in confinement and couldn’t get out of bed. In the whole house, only the old madam was genuinely happy for her.

She sneered, reluctantly said a few words and then returned to the main house. From the initial anticipation to the now numbness, this house made her suffocated.

Mingfang, who had been transferred to the front yard, blocked the road and kept saying flattery, but she was squeezed away by Minglan. The two master and servant closed the door and whispered.

“Miss, is this dress given to you by Jieyu niangniang? The material is really slippery.”

Afraid that Minglan didn’t understand the rules and offend the nobles, Guan Suyi asked her to wait at the gate of the palace and went to see Ye Jieyu alone. Now she didn’t want to tell anyone about that life-and-death disaster, so she pretended to casually say “um”.

“They said that Ye Jieyu is the most beautiful woman in the Central Plains, what do you think? Have you seen the emperor? Did he really have three heads and six arms?”

He didn’t have three heads and six arms, but it was close enough, Guan Suyi thought to herself in fear.

Just at this moment, Zhao Chunxi knocked on the door and came in, and said with a smile, “Mother, today I was going to hold Third Day banquet for second brother, but daddy took you to the palace to thank the emperor, so I had to change the post and invite the guests to come back tomorrow. What do you think?”

Since Zhao Chunxi slowly took charge of the housework, for fear that other would criticize her to be reluctant to give up power and treated her stepchildren harshly, Guan Suyi entrusted the management of the central-feed to her, and devoted herself to teaching Zhao Wangshu. Regardless of the big banquets or small banquets, Zhao Chunxi would arrange it herself and only came to the main house to inform it, which was not like now, came to the door to discuss it seriously.

With this title, the waist is indeed straighter. Thinking like this, Guan Suyi was not proud, but rather felt unpleasant.

“What the shu sons of other families do, that’s what our family should do, you can prepare according to the usual practice.” She said lightly.

Zhao Chunxi seemed to want to argue, but held back. As soon as the mistress was granted title, the marquis mansion lavishly arranged a Third Day banquet for the shu son, which was not taking the imperial edict seriously. She could distinguish the appropriateness of the matter, but she was still very angry at Guan Suyi’s attitude. Only getting the official title already so frivolous, will you go against the sky in the future?

She gritted her teeth and complied, then ordered her servants to make things a little simpler. But she didn’t expect that at noon the next day, when the house full of guests, they actually welcomed Yong Mei and Yong Zhu, the senior maids of Ganquan Palace. The two came to the door with a valuable gift, Ye Fan was very surprised, and was about to take the gift list to thank niangniang, but heard them coldly said, “This is a gift from niangniang to Madam, who are you, dare to come and get it?” At the end they respectfully saluted toward Guan Suyi, “Niangniang invites Madam to enter the palace to reminisce, still asks Madam to follow this servant.”

The hairs on Guan Suyi’s body stood up, while Ye Fan was dumbfounded and lost her face. Originally thought that the two were sent by Ye Jieyu to support her, but it turned out that they were summoning Guan Suyi to the palace to reminisce. Since when the two of them have such a good relationship, actually joined hands to step her into the mud. The mistress was gone, then who would preside over the banquet?

After an embarrassing silence, Zhao Chunxi stood up to deal with the guests. The old madam said that she doesn’t feel well and left with the child in her arms. The Third Day banquet could only be hastily concluded, leading to the whole city ridiculed them.

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