Who Cares

Who Cares – Chapter 184

Chapter 184 (Extra 7)


Guan Suyi sat stiffly in place, while Ye Zhen had already scrambled to the back of the pillar, wrapping herself tightly with a gauze curtain, screamed shrilly, while tears and snot dripped down, looking rather wretched. These days, she had already tortured by shame and despair to the point of collapse, and when her hatred was deep, she really wanted to bring everyone to be buried with her, including the Ye family, the Zhao family, and even the pair of children. But now, after seeing this severed head, she suddenly realized that death was so terrifying.

She wanted to live, no matter how humiliated, humble, and desperate, she still wanted to live.

Guan Suyi turned to look at her, her thoughts surging. At first, she thought that Ye Jieyu was the culprit who wanted to harm her, but later she thought, with so many concubines in the palace, what if there were other who wanted to deliberately frame her? She didn’t know anything about those niangniang, and couldn’t guess the inside story for a while, so she walked into the palace hall to test with a few words, and actually learned the truth.

She said that she had entered the forbidden area by mistake, and Ye Jieyu did not show any expression of surprise or concern, only surprised that she was intact. It wasn’t until the lid of the box was opened and Ye Jieyu saw the head that she dared to be sure of her guess. The culprit was indeed Ye Jieyu, otherwise Emperor Sheng Yuan would never let her send the “gift”.

This was a deterrent and a warning. The Jinyiwei could go up to the sky and down to the ground, it was impossible for them to not know this much of truth.

But why? Guan Suyi asked herself. She and Ye Jieyu had no grievances in the past and no enmity in recent time. What would she gain by killing her? Or, who did she want to frame with her own death? Only this reason could explain her actions. But now, Guan Suyi was not so sure, because Ye Jieyu was crying and laughing, showing a bit of madness, as if she had a mental problem.

What can’t a madman do? But she was the dignified Jieyu, pampered in the six palaces, who could force her to such a situation?

Guan Suyi remembered the bloody Buddhist hall, and looked at the head on the table, then her shaking hand picked up the lid of the box and covered it. No wonder Ye Jieyu was going crazy. Facing such a brutal monarch every day, it’d be a weird if she was not scared. Guan Suyi only entered the palace once, but when she went back, she would have nightmares for a long time.

In a trance, a palace maid stepped forward and said respectfully, “Madam Guan, this servant will take you to the back to wash up, change into clean clothes, and then go to face His Majesty.”

“Still have to face His Majesty?” Guan Suyi’s voice was raised.

Yong He, who was trying to control Ye Jieyu’s frantic state, shouted loudly, “Yong Mei, Yong Zhu, come and help! Why are you taking Madam Guan?”

Yong Mei and Yong Zhu didn’t listen, they directly helped Guan Suyi to walk towards the back, and a group of palace servants standing in the corner also followed, apparently following their lead. It turned out that since a long time ago, the two senior maids who were in charge of Ganquan Palace, was serving Ye Zhen but at the same time reported her every move to the emperor. On the outside Ye Jieyu was gentle and supple, kind and weak, but inside she was vicious and malicious, with the heart of a snake, so how could the emperor not know?

Seeing this scene, Ye Zhen instantly became quiet, slowly slumped on the ground, and murmured, “It turns out that I am purely amusing the emperor, what flies up the branches to become a phoenix, it’s ​​all delusional, fake!”

Yong He and Yong Ju took a few steps back, their faces turned blue, and the fear of the impending disaster made them unable to breathe.


In the imperial study, Zhao Luli waited for a long time but still did not see the emperor, he couldn’t help but feel anxious. If possible, he would never bring Suyi into the palace, for fear that she would be caught and snatched by the emperor. But Suyi was struggling in the Zhao Mansion, and if he didn’t ask to seal her the title, those concubines would never stop. In the previous life, her official title was requested for her by the old master. In this life, as a husband, he should plan for her everywhere.

One moment Zhao Luli felt remorseful, one moment felt worried. Seeing that the emperor had not come, he cupped his hands towards Baifu, “Chief Bai, His Majesty he…”

“Lord Marquis, don’t be impatient, His Majesty is chanting sutras in the Buddhist hall, he will be here soon.” Baifu said before him.

Chanting sutras in the Buddhist hall? Zhao Luli searched his memory and found that in this life Huo Shengzhe did not believe in Buddhism, but he had the habit of chanting sutras every day, didn’t know if he would blaspheme the Buddha when he opened the sutra with his blood-stained hands. From a benevolent monarch to a tyrant, the only difference was just the trusted aide ministers and right-hand men, why there was such a big deviation?

Thinking of Old Master Guan’s great virtues, and looking at Xu Guangzhi’s seeking instant success, he shook his head and sighed. When the clear water made waves, the atmosphere was positive; when the turbid current was surging on, the atmosphere was inclined. This was common sense. Really could not complain that Wei Kingdom was now in chaos and unstable, Huo Shengzhe in this life was also blind.

While thinking about it, Emperor Sheng Yuan entered the hall, wearing a heavy deep black coat, which seemed to be fine, but brought a strong and pungent smell. Zhao Luli hurriedly knelt and saluted, and when he saw a string of bloodstains falling on the ground, he suddenly wondered: Where is it the emperor chanting sutras, he clearly killing people!

Before he could recover from the shock, he saw a military order fall in front of him. Emperor Sheng Yuan said solemnly, “The civil unrest broke out in Tongcheng, and the rebel army has captured the local government. You hurry up and send fifty thousand troops to the rescue.”

“Now?” Zhao Luli asked in surprise.

“Do you still want to eat a meal, drink two jars of wine, and then go to sleep for three days and three nights while having a hangover?” Emperor Sheng Yuan’s tone was cold.

“This minister dare not! This minister will leave immediately!” Thinking of the past, Zhao Luli’s face turned pale, while clutching the military order he said, “This minister’s wife is still in Ganquan Palace…”

“Could it be that Zhen has to care even this trivial matter? Let Ye Jieyu send someone to take her back.” Emperor Sheng Yuan knocked his knuckles on the table with a very impatient expression.

Zhao Luli was relieved then, bowed and walked away after he saluted. Emperor Sheng Yuan stared at his hurried back with an unpredictable expression, then a black-clothed guard quietly entered and whispered, “The gift has been sent, Ye Jieyu was so frightened that her soul seems to leave her body, Madam Guan remained motionless, and still picked up the box lid and covered the severed head.”

“Oh? Not even a single scream?” Emperor Sheng Yuan raised his eyebrows with interest.

“No.” The guard really admired Madam Guan. After so many years, she was the first person who broke into the Buddhist hall but escaped unscathed. If it were other people, they would have been chopped into meat paste long ago. Not only that, she also made the emperor remove the evil object, tore down the Buddhist hall, and helped him sleep peacefully.

Since the emperor fell into his obsession, he had not been able to sleep peacefully for many years, either waking up in a nightmare or tossing and turning all night, anyone who approached rashly would either die or injured. And when he was about to be tortured into madness by his inner demon, Madam Guan suddenly appeared. Although didn’t know what she said or did, as long as the emperor could regain his senses, Jinyiwei would naturally take more care of her. Presumably in the emperor’s heart, she was also particularly different.

“Interesting.” Emperor Sheng Yuan recalled the scene just now, and a chuckle came out of his nose.

The black-clothed guard and Baifu looked at him in amazement, but saw that he had already picked up a memorial to review it, as if the light-hearted laughter just now was just an illusion.

After a while, Yong Mei and Yong Zhu led the newly-dressed Guan Suyi to come see the emperor. Thinking that the murderous tyrant was inside, Guan Suyi’s hands were cold and her heart was beating like a drum. She didn’t dare to recall how she brushed past death, and how she had carried a human head to Ganquan Palace. When she scared witless, maybe the other person still thought it was very funny.

The resentment and fear that had been suppressed for a long time were churning in her chest, and she finally regained some strength in her weak legs. Hearing the call, she walked in steadily step by step, knelt down and saluted.

“Get up.” Emperor Sheng Yuan put down the memorial, looked at her from head to toe, and said, “Marquis Zhenbei is rushing to Tongcheng to quell the chaos. Zhen will let Baifu send you home.”

Can go home just like that! Guan Suyi’s stiff fingertips moved slightly, and was about to thank him, when she saw him take out a brocade box, “This is a reward for you, come and take it.”

Guan Suyi’s pupils shrank, and she almost yank the door and fled, just because this brocade box was exactly the same as the previous one, and it’s unknown what was inside. Was it destroyed limbs or broken arms? She stepped forward with a calm face and took the brocade box, but her fingertips were numb.

“Open it and take a look.” Emperor Sheng Yuan ordered with great interest.

Guan Suyi took a deep breath and lifted the lid of the box. After the last lesson, she moved very slowly, and when the lid was completely opened, she couldn’t help holding her breath and closed her eyes. It seemed that a long time had passed, and it seemed that it was just a moment. She opened one eye and glanced into the box, then breathed a sigh of relief. There were not destroyed limbs or broken arms inside, but many precious medicinal materials, and the scent of the medicine diluted the bloody aura on Emperor Sheng Yuan a lot.

Thank Heavens, thank you Bodhisattva! Guan Suyi showed the expression of someone who just survived a calamity, then she heard a burst of laughter from the seat above.

“It turns out you can be afraid too!” Emperor Sheng Yuan jokingly said, “Zhen thought you don’t know fear!”

“Report to Your Majesty, this minister wife is human, so how can not be afraid?” After only one brief encounter, Guan Suyi had already noticed the other person’s temperament. He had an extremely strong desire to control, people couldn’t hide and tuck when talking to him, they could say whatever they thought, even if it annoyed him, it was countless times better than deceiving him.

“This minister wife was simply frightened, but the reaction was half a beat slower than others. Appeared calm, but in fact heart was about to burst. This minister wife thanking Your Majesty for your reward, thanking Your Majesty for your kindness.” She held the box and bowed down to salute.

Emperor Sheng Yuan laughed more and more happily, and the thick and happy laughter echoed in the hall, which shocked the palace people. How long has it been since the emperor laughed? In recent years, he seemed to be on the verge of madness every day, especially when he came out of the Buddhist hall, his eyes were always covered in blood, like a beast that picking up people and devoured them.

Now he finally had a little bit of human air, and seemed to be full of sunshine. This Madam Guan was bound to have many good fortunes after surviving the disaster!

“Don’t kneel,” Emperor Sheng Yuan smiled and waved his hand, “Baifu, send Madam Guan back.”

Baifu didn’t dare to underestimate this Marquis Zhenbei Madam whose family status was not high. He personally prepared a carriage to send her away, and pointed to the carriages that followed behind, “Madam, that is His Majesty’s reward, most of them are some precious medicinal materials. This servant will help you send them to the Guan’s house, these are all things that the old master can use. There is also an imperial physician who will take the old master’s pulse and condition his body. In the future, if the old master has any discomfort, you can just call him, he will not dare to be sloppy.”

This reward was really sent to the heart. Guan Suyi was overjoyed and thanked him again and again. The resentment and fear that accumulated in her heart vanished in an instant, leaving only deep gratitude. If she could help her family, not to mention scaring her, even if she were to die immediately, she would be willing.

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  1. Oh my God i thought my addiction to the story would end now that the main part ended but it has come back even stronger, I really am just sitting waiting for more parts.

  2. Someone said they like this alternate timeline better and I agree! This is great but best is showing how even in this timeline, only GS can tame the emperor.

  3. ……………..Zhao Luli would still have a field of grassland on his head despite he was reborn, wouldn’t he? Wow. On one hand, I think it’s unfair because after everything he still have to pay the idiocy of his past self, but I also think it’s unfair for Guan Suyi to maintain the husband and wife relationship because honestly, the (before reborn) Zhao Luli (and the Zhao Family) in this side story is much more ruthless than the Zhao Luli of the main story. Eventhough Zhao Luli was reborn from the main story, it’s still cannot erase the suffering Guan Suyi has through because the side story Zhao Luli.

    1. Not only that, but even in this rebirth, he actually created an opportunity for the emperor and Suyi to meet again. If he did not break it off with Ye Zhen and asked the emperor for a first rank title, Ye Zhen would not have targeted her. Even with foresight, he is still making mistakes, almost harming Suyi again.

  4. This completely rectons the rebirth story. In rebirth it was clearly showed suyi didn’t have much knowledge abt the emperor and barely met him. But here she already knows his most deepest secret. But in her rebirth she forgot abt it or author did? She didnt remember the emperors face or his past?

    1. Huh??? It’s not retconning, because it’s completely separate. This is an entirely different alternate timeline. None of this happened in her original lifetime pre-death/rebirth. This is basically the first lifetime, only difference is she bashed ZL head this time around and when ZL woke up he was reborn. Thus she meets the emperor for the first time.

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