Reborn After Widowhood

Reborn After Widowhood – Chapter 147

Chapter 147


Since ancient times, once there were exemplary stories of monarchs and ministers, they would be widely known and spread throughout history. For example, Jie Zitui’s act of cutting his own flesh to serve his lord, or Emperor Taizong of Tang treating Wei Zheng as his mirror.

Emperor Yuanyou braved the severe cold to personally send Chen Tingjian out of the palace and gave him his cloak. All the officials in the capital knew about it the very next day. Some people felt envious and longed for when they would be favored by the emperor. Some people learned that the emperor treated Chen Tingjian so favorably, which made them more and more afraid of this chief minister.

Chen Jingzong would never tell Hua Yang about his old man’s good fortune, and Hua Yang had not gone out recently until Grand Princess Nan Kang brought her daughter here as a guest.

The last time Hua Yang saw Nan Kang was at the end of Fifth Month when they went to the imperial mausoleum to pay tribute to their father. At that time, Nan Kang kept crying, and neither of them spoke.

Later, her aunt often brought news about Nan Kang, which was nothing more than the fact that Nan Kang was living in seclusion and becoming increasingly haggard.

Having a rebellious brother, Hua Yang understood Nan Kang’s difficulties, but Nan Kang never treated her well, and Hua Yang would not rush to show concern like her aunt.

But Hua Yang was not a narrow-minded person. Today, Nan Kang came to visit for the first time, and Hua Yang also received her politely.

In Xinuan Pavilion, the sun shone through the glazed windows and illuminated most of the room. Various potted of famous flowers and plants bloom quietly, competing for beauty as if in spring.

In such a season, only Hua Yang with such a noble status could afford to raise these flowers that were more delicate than humans.

Nan Kang, after all, was also one of the only two daughters of the late emperor. Her life was equally full of flowers in the past, but it was only last year that she learned to behave with her tail between her legs.

Nan Kang envied the magnificence of Hua Yang, but she won’t be astonished, having broadened her horizons.

However, her five-year-old daughter He Jing was different. She was born in the Jing’an Marquis Mansion and the child’s treatment was not as good as her mother. Last year, the entire Marquis Mansion was shrouded in dark clouds, and everyone lived with their heads down, wishing they could dig out their heart and dedicated it to the Empress Dowager and young emperor in the palace. How could they dare to be extravagant and wasteful on food and clothing, much less take care of the flowers and grass carefully.

At this time, stepping into the warm pavilion of her aunt’s house and comparing it with the bleak winter outside, He Jing seemed to have stepped into a fairyland on earth.

She couldn’t hide her love.

Hua Yang:……

She felt that the little girl’s expression was a little pitiful.

He Jing was her father emperor’s first grandchild. She was given the title “Princess He Jing” by her father just after she turned one year old. He (calm) Jing (gentle), father emperor must be looking forward to the child becoming a gentle and graceful girl when she grew up, and not imitating Nan Kang’s unruly wilfulness, competitiveness and jealousy.

Amazed by the scenery inside the warm pavilion, He Jing stood beside her mother, looking timidly at the noble and unparalleled beauty of her aunt.

Most of children’s eyes were clear and simple, and He Jing was also beautiful. Looking at her with such restraint, it was hard for Hua Yang not to feel soft.

She smiled at the little girl and stretched out her hand: “I haven’t seen He Jing for a while. Come and sit on the couch.”

He Jing looked at her mother.

Nan Kang turned her face away, pushing her daughter with one hand and secretly wiping her tears with the other.

Hua Yang just pretended not to see it, and waited for the nanny brought by Nan Kang to help He Jing take off her shoes. Hua Yang touched the little girl’s face and then her soft little hands, which were all warm. So she put her heart at ease, and softly coaxed He Jing to eat the cakes.

Nan Kang gathered her emotions and sat down across from her.

Hua Yang asked: “Why didn’t you bring Brother Dun here?”

Nan Kang did not dare to look directly at her, and said with lowered eyes: “He caught a cold. He’s almost fine, but still have a little cough, so I didn’t take him out.”

Hua Yang nodded, her eyes swept over Nan Kang: “You have lost so much weight. Is it because Father Emperor passed away that don’t have any appetite?”

Nan Kang clutched the handkerchief awkwardly.

Hua Yang: “Or are you afraid that His Majesty will be angry with you because of Prince Yu’s affairs?”

Nan Kang’s chin almost touched her chest.

Hua Yang: “Don’t worry. As long as you do your duty as the Grand Princess and not thinking the thing you shouldn’t be thinking, it’s not that His Majesty won’t be able to tolerate you.”

Nan Kang wanted to cry again.

The nanny knew that her master wanted to talk, so she smiled and took the little princess to the south window to enjoy the flowers.

Hua Yang watched He Jing walk away, and then continued to look at Nan Kang.

Nan Kang cried softly: “I know that His Majesty is merciful and will not be angry at me, but people outside are bullying me. Their cold sarcasm I can endure, but even those five- or six-year-old children have learned to follow the adults’ lead and dare to mock He Jing. I can bear it myself, but I can’t stand seeing the children suffer. That’s why I shamelessly came to you, hoping you could forgive my past mistakes and grant us some face. Please don’t let the others trample on us too harshly.”

Hua Yang: “I am the Grand Princess, and so are you. The dignity I have, you can have too. If anyone dares to be disrespect you, show them the domineering side you had before.”

Nan Kang felt aggrieved: “How can I still have the confidence, I used to have Father Emperor to support me…”

Hua Yang: “My Mother Empress is also your Mother Empress, and my brother is also your brother. If you’re really bullied, they will not stand and do nothing. Don’t just cause trouble yourself.”

Nan Kang’s tears stopped as she looked at Hua Yang in disbelief.

Hua Yang: “You’re just foolish and unwilling to admit it. We’re both Grand Princesses. When something happens, we both need to go to the palace to ask Mother Empress and brother for support. Coming to me is pointless; you’d better off go to the palace more often to honor Mother Empress and please our brother?”

Nan Kang said: “His Majesty has always disliked me. Mother Empress, I am afraid of her.”

Even Hua Yang would change from a proud little phoenix to a well-behaved little rabbit in front of Empress Dowager Qi. Nan Kang was a shu princess, it would be strange if she’s not afraid of Empress Dowager Qi.

Hua Yang: “I’ve already pointed the way for you, it’s up to you whether you listen or not. But let me make one thing clear: I’m the person who hates trouble the most. Don’t expect that in the future, if something happens and you come crying to me, I’ll go to the palace to plead for you.”

Nan Kang was deflated and helpless.

However, Hua Yang was willing to see her and say these words to her, and did not take this opportunity to add insult to injury, Nan Kang was also very satisfied.

She knew very well that if her identities were exchanged with Hua Yang, she would definitely have a different face.

So Nan Kang was finally convinced why father emperor favored Hua Yang more.

She used to be carefree and fearless, but now that father emperor was gone, so was that kind of Princess Nan Kang. From now on, she was just Grand Princess Nan Kang, the mother of two children.

When you come over as a guest, you can’t just ask someone to do something. The most important thing was to build up relationship.

Nan Kang started to talk some gossip, including things in the Marquis Jing’an Mansion. For example, the old Marquis was still polite to her. Meng Yanqing tried to steal people several times, but he was scolded and beaten by the Marquis. For example, her eldest sister-in-law was really virtuous, but her second sister-in-law mocked her openly and secretly, including why He Jing was angry with her cousins. Brother Dun was only two years old and didn’t understand anything, so he was fine for the time being.

Hua Yang quite liked hearing these trivial things, which wouldn’t affect her moods, and also felt fresh and interesting.

And she believed that when Nan Kang turned the corner and recovered her spirits, neither Meng Yanqing nor her second sister-in-law would be able to defeat Nan Kang.

After talking about her family’s troubles, Nan Kang flattered Hua Yang again, envying Hua Yang’s noble status as the di grand princess and envying Hua Yang for marrying well.

Nan Kang finally became smarter and did not dare to praise Chen Jingzong, for fear that Hua Yang would settle old scores. She only focused on praising Chen Tingjian, Hua Yang’s father-in-law.

As a result, Hua Yang learned about the story of how her brother sending her father-in-law out of the palace.

Nan Kang used to always be at odds with Hua Yang, but now she was very eloquent when trying to please Hua Yang, making Hua Yang smile from time to time.

Hua Yang was in a good mood and invite Nan Kang’s mother and daughter to have lunch in the mansion at noon.

She also gave He Jing a jade bracelet.

After the two left, Hua Yang tidied up and lay down on the bed to rest.

Not feeling sleepy for now, Hua Yang thought of her previous life.

In her previous life, Nan Kang never came to see her. But around the First Month of second year of Yuanyou, Nan Kang suddenly became active and often went to the palace to serve mother empress. Hua Yang was wondering why Nan Kang had changed her temper, and her aunt came to solve her confusion. It turned out that her aunt couldn’t stand Nan Kang’s aggrieved look and pointed out a clear way for her.

Hua Yang asked purely out of curiosity: “She knows how to please Mother Empress, why doesn’t she come to please me?”

Even if it was just a formality, Nan Kang should not ignore her.

Her aunt was overjoyed: “She is stupid. I also reminded her to please you. Guess she said? She said that as a lonely widow, seeing her with her children must make you either jealous or sad. Her coming over would only upset you more, and when you’re upset, you’ll dislike her even more!”

Thinking of this, Hua Yang was amused by Nan Kang’s cleverness again.

In her previous life, Nan Kang was afraid that she would be jealous. In this life, Chen Jingzong was fine, and Nan Kang was not afraid that she would be jealous.

In the evening, Chen Jingzong came back.

Because now he could return home half an hour earlier, Hua Yang was also willing to wait for him to have dinner together.

“Nan Kang came to see me today.” After eating for a while, Hua Yang mentioned it casually.

Chen Jingzong looked up at her with confusion on his face: “Who is Nan Kang?”

Hua Yang raised her eyebrows: “Why are you pretending to be stupid? Father Emperor has two daughters. How can you not know it?”

Chen Jingzong: “Oh her. No one around me talks about her, how can I always remember her title.”

Hua Yang: “You should be able to match her face, right?”

Chen Jingzong: “I’m sorry, I have long forgotten what she looks like.”

Hua Yang: “She’s quite fair.”

Chen Jingzong:……

He moved his gaze downwards and stared hard at the front of her clothes: “I only care about your fairness. No matter how fair others are, I don’t bother to look at them.”

Hua Yang glared at him.

Chen Jingzong picked up a piece of meat and continued to stare at her while chewing it.

Hua Yang made a stern face: “If you keep doing that, I will eat by myself from now on, and won’t wait for you again.”

Only then did Chen Jingzong look away.

Hua Yang: “She talked to me about many things, and also mentioned that His Majesty gave Father his cloak. Why didn’t you tell me this kind of beautiful story between monarch and ministers?”

Chen Jingzong: “Others say it’s normal, but let me tell you, isn’t it shameless to praise one’s own family?”

Hua Yang: “You and I are husband and wife, and your father is also my father. Why make distinction between family.”

Chen Jingzong: “Then your brother is also my brother. Is it worth mentioning that your own family is sending another family members out?”

Hua Yang: “You should be ashamed.”

Chen Jingzong glared at her: “Why should I be ashamed?”

Hua Yang: “Even my brother knows how to be considerate and tell Father not to stay late at court, lest he miss dinner and harm his health. But you never advised him.”

Chen Jingzong: “I come back so late every day, not much earlier than him. Why don’t I see anyone feeling considerate for me?”

Hua Yang: “How old are you and how old is your father?”

Chen Jingzong: “Fine, just wait. I’ll make sure to create a touching father-and-son’s story for you.”


On the morning of 23rd of Tenth Month, the sky was still dark, but all the civil and military officials were standing in front of the Huangji Palace.

The atmosphere was solemn until the Prince Consort strode forward wearing a black leather cloak, majestically passed through the civil and military officials, walked to the front, and then untied his cloak in front of everyone. Facing the old man’s incomprehensible eyes, he rather rudely put the big cloak on the old man.

Chen Tingjian dodged while scolding, the official hat on his head tilted: “Stop messing around! Back off!”

Instead Chen Jingzong chased the old man to tie the strap: “You are old and can’t stand the cold, so put it on quickly.”

Chen Tingjian just wanted to kick his son hard. Like other senior ministers, he came here wearing a cloak. But because he was about to enter the palace, he took off his cloak in advance and gave it to the eunuchs on the side. Now his son wanted to put one on him, wasn’t he just messing around?

Chen Bozong and Chen Xiaozong finally rushed over, each pulling their brother away by one arm.

Not long after, the door of Huangji Palace opened, and a eunuch came over, announcing the officials to enter the palace.

After all the officials entered the hall and stood up, Emperor Yuanyou entered the hall from the front side door and sat on the dragon chair. Emperor Yuanyou looked down and found that Cabinet Elder Chen had an angry face and was still quietly arranging his clothes, while some officials were laughing, the kind that can’t be suppressed.

Emperor Yuanyou asked: “Zhen just heard a commotion outside the palace. What happened?”

Everyone looked at Chen Tingjian and Chen Jingzong, this father and son.

Chen Tingjian pursed his lips and was just about to explain when Chen Jingzong came out first and complained: “Your Majesty, yesterday Grand Princess heard the good story about you sending the Chief Minister out of the palace. During dinner she complained to this minister, saying that this minister was unworthy son, not as good as Your Majesty who understand Chief Minister’s hard work. So, this minister followed Your Majesty’s example and lent his cloak to Chief Minister, but he did not appreciate it and scolded this minister instead. ”

Chen Tingjian bowed to the dragon chair and said: “This minister was about to enter the palace, what’s the need for his cloak? The son is naughty. Your Majesty doesn’t have to pay attention to him. Let’s discuss the official matter.”

Emperor Yuanyou:…

Chen Tingjian and Chen Jingzong, this father and son, were like water and fire, and everyone in the capital knew it. Emperor Yuanyou even heard with his own ears Chen Jingzong’s complaints and criticisms against the old man.

His sister accused Chen Jingzong of being unfilial, how can Chen Jingzong accept it? Forcibly lending the old man his cloak was more like deliberately making the old man angry.

His sister was also. One moment she treated prince consort well, like giving him horse and celebrating his birthday, then another moment she found fault with prince consort…

Well, it must have been prince consort who made his sister angry again recently, so she treated him like this!

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