Who Cares

Who Cares – Chapter 183

Chapter 183 Extra (6)


Guan Suyi fell to the ground and gasped for breath. Emperor Sheng Yuan, who was holding her, stepped forward quickly and took off the painting on the wall to examine it. His deeply contoured face was hidden in the darkness, his expression could not be seen, but the hand holding the frame trembled slightly, obviously suppressing intense emotions.

It seemed that he wanted to see more clearly, but was troubled by the dim light. He walked back and forth in the hall, looking for the light source. His rapid and messy steps indicated the turmoil in his heart. In the end, he couldn’t bear the narrowness and darkness in the Buddhist hall, wanted to put the painting down, but he couldn’t find a clean place.

“Hold it for Zhen.” His voice was hoarse.

Guan Suyi hurriedly knelt up, took the painting with both hands, and placed it smoothly on her knees.

Emperor Sheng Yuan walked to a wall and ripped off the wall surface. It turned out that this Buddhist hall was not without doors and windows, but it was all completely covered by wood planks. When they were removed, countless golden rays of light rushed in, and the strong sandalwood and fishy smell all rush out of the window, replaced by cold but fresh air.

From hell to earth, it was only a moment. Guan Suyi narrowed her eyes slightly, and even had the urge to cry. A tall figure walked towards her under the cover of the radiant light, shrouding her in shadows again. She immediately restrained her emotions, presented the painting respectfully, and quickly glanced around.

Without the cover of darkness, the scene in the hall was countless times more terrifying than what she had seen before. The ground was almost covered with blood, which had already wet her embroidered shoes and skirt, the red color slowly smudged on the pale blue fabric, which looked shocking. She was startled by her appearance, looked up, but was even more horrified.

Compared to her sorry figure, Emperor Sheng Yuan dressed in a dark robe seemed very normal, but every time he took a step, he would leave a wet, blood-soaked footprint on the ground, and the heavy hems flowing with some kind of thick and glaring liquid.

Where is this Buddhist hall, this is clearly the blood pool in hell. The person in front of her was clearly an Asura who climbed up from hell! Guan Suyi tried her best to suppress her inner fear, she also knew better that her life and death catastrophe was not over yet. She lowered her eyelids, not daring to look around, and even became cautious in her breathing.

“How can you be sure,” Emperor Sheng Yuan stared at the painting and asked in a deep voice, “that this person cut open her belly to take the child out?”

Guan Suyi answered truthfully, “The woman in the painting is already covered in cuts and bruises, she’s already on the verge of death, and has no spare energy to give birth to a child. She has no other way but to open her belly and take the child out. This may seem unbelievable to you men, but as a woman, I can understand her feelings. If it were me, I would have made the same choice in the face of the same danger. The greatness of a mother’s love is far beyond people’s imagination, they are willing to give everything for their child.” If the woman in the painting was the emperor’s biological mother, it would not be wrong to say a few good things about the her.

Her guess was obviously correct. The man’s hostile face was slowly softening, and his red eyes were soaking with tears, as if he was holding back his grief.

“How do you know that the wound on her wrist was cut by herself and not caused by the demon’s bite?” he asked again.

“Judging from the painting, one of the child’s feet is still stuck in the mother’s belly and has not been completely taken out, but the wound on the woman’s wrist was already existed, wouldn’t it mean it was cut by herself? She is about to die, if others fail to help as soon as possible, she has to find a way to keep her child alive for a few more days. Apart from her own blood, she may not be able to find a better food. Again, a mother is always willing to sacrifice everything for her child.”

“Children are the flesh and blood of their mothers, and the continuation of their lives.” Speaking of the last sentence, Guan Suyi looked up at Emperor Sheng Yuan, and was stunned. She saw the other person holding the painting and staring silently, two lines of hot tears flowed from his dark blue eyes. His lips opened and closed, as if he wanted to speak, but because his throat was blocked with so much grief, it was difficult to say anything.

Judging from the shape of his mouth, he should be calling “mother” one time, two times, three times… However, that person had long gone, and he didn’t know who to tell his longing and love.

Guan Suyi’s eyes were hot and she almost burst into tears, then she buried her head and waited for the final verdict. As the so-called “do your best to obey the destiny”, everything that should be said had been said, whether or not she could go back alive depend on the mood of this person.

Emperor Sheng Yuan was silent for nearly two quarters of hours before asking in a hoarse voice, “Can you recite the Rebirth Mantra?”

“Yes.” Guan Suyi replied quickly.

“Then recite it.” He pulled over the futon and sat down cross-legged, holding the painting in both hands, as if concentratedly look, and it seemed that his soul had left his body, unknown where it had gone.

Guan Suyi licked her dry lips and chanted the rebirth mantra in a slow and soft voice, repeating it over and over again, twenty-one times before she stopped. It was said that reciting the rebirth mantra twenty-one times each day and night, the four heavy sins, five sins of disobedience, and ten evil karmas could be eliminated, and all desires in this world could be obtained. The mother in the painting had endured such great pain for her child, and may her next life be safe and carefree.

The Emperor Sheng Yuan who let go of his burdens and got rid of his inner demons had never been so relaxed. He sat in the palace hall full of blood and sunshine, his soul was exhausted to the extreme, but there was still a sense of calm. Gentle incantations with a unique charm kept coming to his ears, causing him to uncontrollably close his eyes and slowly fell asleep.

Finding that Emperor Sheng Yuan was sitting and falling asleep, Guan Suyi stopped reciting with a dazed expression. Without permission, she naturally did not dare to leave, but after kneeling for a long time, her legs and feet were inevitably a little numb, so she wanted to stand up and stretch. As soon as she straightened up, she saw a man in black appeared out of nowhere and gave a silent command, “Continue reciting.”

Guan Suyi couldn’t resist, so she lowered her volume and continued to recite the rebirth mantra. She caught a glimpse of Emperor Sheng Yuan who was sleeping very deeply, and thought bitterly to herself: I just help this tyrant to transcend.

After half an hour, Emperor Sheng Yuan woke up slowly, and there was no trace of malice in his blue eyes, it was just full of energy and high spirits. A man in black immediately presented a secret letter and whispered a few words in his ear. Guan Suyi had no intention of inquiring, but after enduring and enduring, she finally asked without fear of death, “Dare to ask Your Majesty if you can give this minister wife a pot of tea? Want to cool it down, this minister wife’s throat is about to smoke.”

The corners of Emperor Sheng Yuan’s lips seemed to be move upward, he waved his hand and said, “Bring tea for Madam Guan.”

Changed her name to Madam Guan, the secret letter should contain the information of the eighteenth generation of the Guan family’s ancestors. Guan Suyi knew it, but she didn’t feel angry. He was willing to spend energy on herself, it showed that he had given up the idea of ​​killing her. She breathed a sigh of relief, and impatiently pour three cups of herbal tea, which made her feel better, then poured three more cups and sipped it.

Emperor Sheng Yuan sat opposite and looked at her from head to toe several times, his eyes full of interest.

After drinking a pot of tea, Guan Suyi respectfully said, “Your Majesty, this minister wife entered the forbidden area by mistake, still ask for forgiveness. Ye Jieyu is still waiting for this minister wife in Ganquan Palace, can you please allow this minister wife to retire first?” A thin layer of sweat appeared on her palms, she knew whether she was alive or dead, it was all depends on the other person’s words.

Emperor Sheng Yuan stared at her for a moment, and when her scalp went numb and almost unable to hold back, he flicked his sleeves, “Go.”

Guan Suyi’s heart was beating violently, but she was very calm on the surface. She was going to kowtow to thank him, but when she saw the half-coagulated blood on the ground, she had to stop and bowed deeply instead. Out of the palace door, she let out a long sigh of relief and was about to leave, when she saw a man in black come out holding an exquisite box, “This is a gift from His Majesty to Ye Jieyu, she must check it herself on the spot. Troubling Madam Guan to help deliver it.”

Guan Suyi took it with both hands and bowed again to the gate of the palace before heading to Ganquan Palace under the guidance of another inner attendant. She pondered about it all the way, but she really couldn’t understand why Ye Jieyu wanted to put herself to death. Ye Jieyu was Ye Zhen’s sister, but Ye Zhen drowned long before she married over, and the other person shouldn’t have enmity or hatred with her at all. Even if it was to support Ye Fan, at most it was enough to scold a few words. Why use other’s knife to kill? Where such a big hatred between them came from?

This question could only be answered by Ye Zhen herself. That day she was exposed by Emperor Sheng Yuan and was forced to drink that Soul Releasing wine. She then like a prostitute stripped off all her clothes and went mad in the palace. The eunuchs, palace maids, and guards couldn’t stand her harassment, and ran away. In the end, she could only rub against the bedpost all night.

When she woke up the next day, she finally understood what it meant to be too ashamed to death. When the shame was extreme, she really didn’t have the courage to live. She was just a clown bouncing around for people’s amusement, thinking she was glamorous, but in fact she had long been demoted to nothing.

What even more terrifying was that after that, Emperor Sheng Yuan would still come to Ganquan Palace, seeing her embarrassed and silent, and let her continue to cherish Zhao Luli. He said that he liked her performance very much, it was lively and entertaining. But this couldn’t save Ye Zhen in the slightest, instead it made her fall into deeper despair and shame.

She couldn’t stand Emperor Sheng Yuan’s teasing and humiliation, and was even more afraid of being slashed by a thousand swords in the future. In desperation, she could only write to her father and Zhao Luli for help. Ye Quanyong couldn’t even protect himself, how could he take care of her? Zhao Luli was even more ruthless, and he broke up with her directly.

Ye Zhen, who was already on the verge of collapse, couldn’t stand the stimulation, and went crazy on the spot. Zhao Luli wants to throw her away and start a new life? Very good, then she will destroy everything he cares about! Asking to confer the title? Conferring a posthumous title is almost the same.

After waiting for half an hour and not seeing Marquis Zhenbei Madam’s arrival at Ganquan Palace, Ye Zhen waved her hand and said, “Remove the refreshment, and go to imperial study to inform lord marquis Zhao. Just say that Madam Guan is missing, let him find it by himself.”

Yong He bent down to take orders, and as soon as she walked out of the palace gate, she saw a woman with a very beautiful appearance and an elegant temperament slowly approaching, stating that she was Marquis Zhenbei Madam. Although the embroidered shoes and skirt were stained with blood, she didn’t look like a sorry figure. Yong He was greatly surprised, but her face didn’t show anything, she brought the person inside to meet niangniang.

After saluting, Guan Suyi put the heavy box on the table, and said warmly, “Just now mistakenly entered the forbidden area and bumped into the emperor, so came a little late, still ask niangniang to please forgive. This is a gift from the emperor for niangniang, saying to let niangniang to open it personally.”

Ye Zhen knew that this thing was not good, but she couldn’t evade. She opened the lid of the box and looked inside, and she was so frightened that she lost her soul. Guan Suyi was also stunned, but because of too much stimulation, her brain had long been numb, so she just sat firmly in place.

There was no gift in the box, but the head of the inner attendant who brought her to the Buddhist hall. A pair of eyes were wide open, obviously dead.

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