Who Cares

Who Cares – Chapter 159

Chapter 159 Beating


The list of scholars who passed the imperial examination had been released. The ones who became Zhuangyuan, Bangyan , and Tanhua  were actually three poor students who had never reveal their talents before. Qi Yu and Ji Chengyue, who were the most famous, one was implicated because his wife was committing crime and had to give up the exam halfway; The other one, because his father persecuted his niece and nephew, and breaking off people’s marriage, although he was supposed to be the number one, he was brushed off in the virtue assessment and only got the top Erjia.

Guan Suyi flipped through the list that Jinzi got for her for a long time, and finally let out a long sigh of relief. Reborn again, it was indeed very different from her previous life. The original Zhuangyuan should be Qi Yu, Xu Guangzhi’s eldest son as Bangyan, and Ji Chengyue as Tanhua. However, she didn’t know the three highest rank who passed the exam now.

It was precisely because Qi Yu was a disciple of Guan family that Xu Guangzhi worried that her grandfather and father would use this pretext to enter the officialdom, so he went to a great length to ruin her and Qi Yu’s reputation, which completely destroy the last glimmer of hope to make the Guan family rise up again. She had always known that it was absolutely impossible to implicate the new Zhangyuan just relying on the back house struggle alone, and there must be a power struggle behind it. But in this life, all the disasters were gone, and she was no longer the powerless Madam Zhao, someone who was full of proud bones but was hit by people over and over again until she broke apart.

After thinking about it, she put down the list, felt completely relieved.

Jinzi took out several sets of dresses and laid them flat on the bed, and said with a smile, “Miss, which dress do you want to wear? If you don’t pick now, Madam will come to urge you later.”

“Wear that red smoke cloud butterfly skirt with this set of gold-encrusted and jade inlaid head ornaments.” Guan Suyi looked in the mirror and said casually, “There is no hurry, people from the clan are coming to beat the autumn wind today, and they must be kneeling again, kowtowing again, and wailing again, anyway I can’t get out within half an hour. It’s also strange, back then, our family provided so much for the clan but never saw them showed any gratitude. But now we asked to be removed from the clan, they come to the door to reminisce about our family’s goodwill every day. It turns out it’s not that they don’t understand good and evil, but they just pretended to be stupid.”

“That is even more hateful! Getting other people’s goodwill but also not remember other people’s kindness, it’s typical white-eyed wolf. It’s also them who do not accumulate virtue. The six thousand hectares of fertile land that they just got were occupied by the stingy army in just two months. There are hundreds of people in the clan who don’t know how to live in the future, and if they don’t ask the Emperor Teacher Mansion, who else can they ask for?” Jinzi took delight in other people’s calamity.

Minglan said sarcastically while applying makeup to her miss, “It’s useless to beg. Madam’s heart has completely gone cold, so it’s out of the question to deal with them. Don’t you think they are so shameless? Before, they refused to put the young master into the family tree no matter what, but now the Emperor Teacher Mansion asked to be removed from the clan, they instead anxiously wrote the young master’s name, and took out the family tree to flatter him. It’s really disgusting.”

Guan Suyi dipped a little bit of lip rouge with her little finger and smeared it on her lips, then said, “Why are you talking about these things on such a good day? Not afraid of getting bad luck?”

Jinzi and Minglan kept their mouths shut, waited for their miss to get dressed, and then together went to the front hall. The people of the Guan clan were still shamelessly sat in the hall, and when they saw the magnificently brilliant and beautiful beyond words Guan Suyi, they were all stunned for a while, and then tried to flatter her.

“Well, the Qionglin banquet is about to start. As the chief examiner’s family, we can’t be late, still expect everyone to be gracious enough to forgive. When the sacrificial land was taken away, our Emperor Teacher Mansion is also powerless. The civilian court officials and military generals are already like water and fire, if can avoid then should avoid. Everyone please finds somebody else to solve it.” While speaking Zhong shi waving her hands to send off the guests, her attitude was cold and firm.

The clansmen cried and begged all the way, but they were finally kicked out by the guards. Recalling the Emperor Teacher Mansion who always granted their requests, they realized what they had lost. Good people were indeed easily bullied, but once they were completely chilled, there was no room for turning around. If they could stand up to condemn Guan Wenhai when he was arrested, or took the initiative to expel him from the clan, they would not get into troubles to this point.

The family boarded the carriage and headed towards the palace. Guan Suyi and Mu Mu were sit by the window, looking out through the bamboo curtain. The street was full of lanterns, gongs and drums, and it was very lively. They just passed one red silk sedan chair, another one came again, as if rushing to the market.

Zhong shi smiled and sighed, “Today, the emperor held a banquet to celebrate the new Jinshi, and the people thought it was a good day, so they all got married today. I just counted them, we actually passed four sedan chairs along the way. It’s really full of joy.”

“It’s strange that I’m especially energetic today, turns out it’s because of people’s happy events.” Guan Suyi smiled softly.

“Exactly. The Central Plains has just experienced a century of catastrophe. The people are withered and the ground is bare for thousands of miles. We should to take advantage of the wedding rush to improve the country’s fortune. The emperor really cares about the country and the people, his heart is concerned about the world, Wei Kingdom surely will get better. A peaceful and prosperous world is just around the corner.” Zhong shi sighed as she stared at the crowd with happy faces.

And Guan Suyi’s feelings were certainly deeper than hers. In the previous life, where did Wei Kingdom have such a thriving atmosphere? Where there ever been such a joyous scene? Everything changed, but it got better and better. While thinking about it, the carriage arrived at the gate of the palace. One palace attendant handed a sign to enter, and then they were taken by another internal attendant to the Qionglin Garden to be seated. The garden was full of splendid flowers, the spring was warm and the scenery was bright. After passing through the main gate, everywhere there were ancient pines and strange cypresses, bright stone winding roads, treasure ponds, and willow bridge, which were very beautiful. Holding a banquet here showed that the emperor attached great importance to the newly appointed Jinshi.

The banquet had strong Jiuli clan characteristics. Men and women didn’t need to avoid each other. Instead, they sat together according to their seniority and kinship, which seemed to be more harmonious and friendly. The new scholars and the emperor sat together, greatly shortening the distance between them, so that the emperor could ask questions about the exam at any time, drinking and talking together.

Guan Suyi just sat down with Mu Mu and was about to greet Li shi and the grand princess, when a palace maid stopped her, “Dare to ask if you are Miss Guan?”

“It is I.”

“The Empress Dowager has summons, please Miss Guan, go with this servant.” The palace maid was humble on the surface, but her eyes were full of scrutiny and arrogance.

Guan Suyi was hesitating, but saw the grand princess nodding slightly, implying that she was indeed a female official of Changle Palace, so it was alright to go. Only then she smiled and nodded, handed over Mu Mu to Zhong shi’s care, and brought Jinzi and Minglan with her.

The once splendid Changle Palace had now become cold ashes after the fire exhausted, and the big momentum was gone. The main hall was empty, with only a Buddhist shrine placed in the inner hall. There were strong sandalwood incense and flickering candles everywhere. It was not like the residence of the Empress Dowager, but more like a nunnery. The Empress Dowager was kneeling in front of the shrine reciting scriptures, her demeanor was quiet and peaceful, but it’s unknown how much resentment she suppressed inside.

Inside the palace hall, in addition to a few palace maids and internal attendants, there was also a girl dressed in luxurious clothes. Hearing the sound, she turned her face to the side, no doubt it was Bian Min’er.

“This minister daughter has seen the Empress Dowager, niangniang jin’an.” Guan Suyi respectfully bowed down to salute.

Bian Min’er stood in front of the hall without evading, and was directly bowed by her, her eyes were like quenched with poison, as if she wanted to tear her corpse into ten thousand pieces. Empress Dowager didn’t seem to hear her, and it took about a quarter of an hour before she put down the beads, and said slowly, “Get up and sit down.” She only dared to make this little trouble for the other person, if she tried to suppress like last time, she didn’t dare.

It must be known that this shrine was not dedicated to a bodhisattva, but to a piece of white bone of Husu Liya. Emperor Sheng Yuan ordered her to kneel four hours a day and recite the Sutra repeatedly, otherwise he would send her along with several little imperial grandsons to hell. Her lifeblood was completely in the other person’s hands, and she could only struggle in vain, afraid that either the fish dies or the net splits.

“I heard that Hunnar likes you very much and wants to admit you to the palace?” She said straight to the point.

Guan Suyi smiled but said nothing. He clearly wanted to marry her, so how could it become ‘admit’ in the Empress Dowager’s mouth? Could it be that she was sure that Bian Min’er would become the mother of the country?

The Empress Dowager didn’t need her to answer, she continued, “Hunnar is a member of the Jiuli clan after all, and he can’t mess with the blood of the imperial family. His di wife can only from the same clan. This is the consensus of all Jiuli people. You are Emperor Teacher’s offspring after all, your identity is sufficient. Although you married someone before, but us Jiuli people don’t pay attention to that kind of thing, so it doesn’t matter. At today’s Qionglin banquet, several princes will recommend Min’er as the empress, recommend you as Jieyu, and hope you two will work together with one heart and one mind, serve the emperor well.”

“The princes want to recommend me as Jieyu?” Guan Suyi’s eyes widened with a “flattered” expression.

“If the emperor likes it, Aijia will do as he wishes.” The Empress Dowager’s expression was still indifferent, but there was contempt in her eyes. After all, she was a Han woman, definitely small-minded. Instead of letting the emperor forcibly admit her into the palace, it was better to sell her a favor first, in the future it would be easy to blackmail her. She knew that Hunnar wanted to make this person the empress, but now that he was facing enemies on three sides and was worried about internal and external troubles, how could he dare to disobey the wishes of the entire clan?

“Many thanks to the Empress Dowager.” Guan Suyi instantly put away all her expressions and her voice was cold.

“What’s with your ambiguous talking? Could it be that the position of Jieyu can’t satisfy you?” Bian Min’er mocked, “You want to be the empress? Just ask whether my Jiuli clan’s hundreds of thousands of troops will agree or not.”

You speak so confidently, as if those hundreds of thousands of troops all obeyed your orders and fought for you alone? There should be a limit to being arrogance, ah! Guan Suyi slandered in her heart, but she didn’t refute on the surface, just lowered her eyes slightly and waited in silence.

When the Empress Dowager saw this, she thought she was softened, then took out two boxes and said, “This is a meeting gift from Aijia, take it and wear it.”

The two thanked her, opened the box and saw that there were two turquoise necklaces, but Bian Min’er’s one was extremely gorgeous, with a palm-sized blood jade engraved with fire and coiled dragons. It was the totem of the Jiuli clan, which at first glance had a sense of heaviness that had gone through the vicissitudes of life and travelled through ancient times. And Guan Suyi’s color was dull, with no extra decoration on the pendant, which made it even more ordinary.

Bian Min’er was stunned for a while, and said in surprise, “Aunt, are you giving me the Zhenzu treasure?”

“This is the Zhenzu treasure, and it can only be worn by the tribe leader or his wife. The late emperor passed it to Aijia, then Aijia passed it to your eldest cousin. But your eldest cousin is gone, and you’re the only one who’s best suited to wear it.” She picked up the necklace, carefully put it on her niece, and said with relief, “Min’er, you have grown up. You should serve the emperor well in the future, spread branches and leaves for the imperial family, and continue the bloodline.”

Bian Min’er nodded obediently, threw herself into the empress dowager’s arms and choked back her tears.

How could Guan Suyi not know that this scene was specially performed for her? Immediately asked the maid to pour the tea and serve the cakes, and drank while eating, calmly watched to her heart’s content.

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