Who Cares

Who Cares – Chapter 160

Chapter 160 In Love


The play had been performed, initial show off strength was also done, but Guan Suyi did not eat this set, making the Empress Dowager and Bian Min’er secretly hated. But they were sure the empress seat was secure, and they already beat this future “favored concubine”. So they also said some intimate words, such as manage the harem well and giving birth to a son early, and only stopped after seeing the Qionglin banquet was about to begin.

“The northwest border is in chaos, you know?” Bian Min’er suddenly spoke when the two walked on an empty corner.

“So what?” Guan Suyi asked with raised eyebrows.

Bian Min’er sneered at the ignorance of Han women and said with a sneer, “The northwest has mostly the Jiuli soldiers, because only the iron cavalry of the Jiuli tribe can withstand the ruthless Hu people. If at this time, the princes who led the troops suddenly quit, in an instant the Hu people will be able to march straight inside. You say, at this time they want to elect me as the empress, will the emperor agree or not? He wants to admit you to the palace, but if the princes firmly opposed, will he dare to act wilfully?”

“So, if I can enter the palace as a concubine, I have to thank you for your charity?” Guan Suyi laughed softly.

“What are you laughing at?” Bian Min’er said coldly, “Do you think because the emperor standing behind you, you can do whatever you want? Then let’s see who has the last laugh.”

“If that’s the case, then let’s wait and see.” Guan Suyi cupped her hands slightly, then left abruptly. She then stopped for a while at the fork in the road, and went in the direction of the inner palace. Bian Min’er originally wanted to go back to Qionglin Garden, but when she saw that Guan Suyi acted suspicious, she followed behind quietly, until she arrived at a waterside pavilion in the back of Weiyang Palace.

What a pair of dogs, how dare they have a private meeting in the palace! Thinking like this, Bian Min’er saw the emperor walking slowly towards Guan Suyi who was sitting in the water pavilion. He was highly skilled in martial arts, and when he deliberately concealed his breath like now, it was difficult for ordinary people to find him even if he was close at hand, not to mention Guan Suyi sitting with her back to him, her posture was relaxed, looking even more unaware.

He bent down, as if calling out “Madam”, and as if he blew a breath in Guan Suyi’s ear, which frightened Guan Suyi to turn her head immediately, and her lips almost brushed his lips. Both of them were stunned for a moment, then one stroked his lips and chuckled, the other raised her fists to beat. The intimate and sweet atmosphere showed that the two had already been in love with each other, two hearts beat as one.

Bian Min’er quickly hid behind the rockery, digging her fingertips into the cracks of the stone, breaking several nails. “Whore!” She gritted her teeth and cursed, then stared more intently at the two.

“Go away.” Guan Suyi raised her elbow and pushed Hunnar, who was trying to hug her.

“Didn’t you want to let me provoke Bian Min’er? How can you make her mad without showing our love?” Emperor Sheng Yuan put a hand around Madam’s shoulder and took her into his arms.

“Provoking Bian Min’er seems to be secondary. Your main goal is just to take advantage of me.” Guan Suyi quietly twisted the back of his hand.

“It’s Madam who knows me the best.” Emperor Sheng Yuan laughed softly, raised his hand to stroked Madam’s delicate cheeks, and pinned her hair that mess by the wind behind her ears one by one. He only showed half of his side face, but the tenderness and affection flowing from his eyes could be clearly seen.

After breaking her nails, Bian Min’er almost crushed her teeth, but she had to hold back.

Guan Suyi was totally helpless with this shameless person, had no choice but to change the subject, “The Empress Dowager said that the princes will recommend me to enter the palace as a concubine. Look, she gave me a meeting gift.” She took off the necklace and put it in the other person’s hand.

Emperor Sheng Yuan picked it up and looked at it, then sneered, “This thing is extremely poor quality, even a palace maid with a little bit of face will disdain to wear it. If you wear it to the banquet, it will only make the Jiuli noble girls look down on you even more.”

“Really? She also gave one to Bian Min’er, which is said to be your Zhenzu Treasure. It’s a palm-sized blood jade pendant, carved with fire and coiled dragon totems. It looks extremely gorgeous.” Guan Suyi pondered, “She’s wearing a precious treasure, and I’m wearing inferior goods. If we walk back together, it will be tantamount to throwing my face to the ground for people to trampled on. The Empress Dowager is worthy of being Bian Miner’s aunt, the scheme to humiliate people is equally sinister and treacherous.”

“Good scolding.” Emperor Sheng Yuan threw the necklace into the water and ordered, “Baifu, bring the brocade box here.”

Baifu immediately offered a brocade box with both hands, opened it, and inside there was a nine-tailed phoenix crown, with a green opening ring at the bottom of the crown, on top inlaid with gemstones and bead flowers, hanging on the lower part of the crown were six wings at the back, three flamboyant and gorgeous phoenix tail at the front, and three phoenix tails on the left and right sides. It was dotted with emeralds, inlaid with golden dragons and pearl flowers, decorated with hundreds of rubies and sapphires, and thousands of pearls. The whole phoenix crown was full of dragons and phoenixes dance in the breeze, pearl and jade wind around, truly dazzling.

Guan Suyi, who was usually not interested in worldly things, was stunned, let alone Jinzi and Minglan?

“You want me to wear it to Qionglin Banquet?” Guan Suyi murmured, “It’s all women’s dream, and I will definitely be torn to pieces by those jealous women.”

Emperor Sheng Yuan laughed and said softly, “I have conquered the Nine Continent and annihilated many countries. How many phoenix crowns have I collected? Madam can just treat it like a toy, take it back to enjoy it or store it, it’s up to you. On the day you and I get married, only the most precious and gorgeous phoenix crown can set off your beauty, and only you are worthy of being my empress.”

He deliberately infused the last few words with his inner strength, so that Bian Min’er could hear it clearly. Her eyes were already red, she looked down at the so-called Zhenzu Treasure, eager to tear it off at once, throwing it on the ground and smashed it to pieces. What turquoise, what blood jade, it can’t match even a little bit of style of the phoenix crown.

Guan Suyi touched the twinkling phoenix wings, then rarely plead, “Then you put it on for me first?” No matter how indifferent she was, she was still a woman. How could a woman not love jewelry?

Emperor Sheng Yuan smiled, raised the phoenix crown and slowly put it on for her, then held her cheek, and said hoarsely, “Don’t move, it seems a little bit crooked, I will help you straighten it.”

Guan Suyi obeyed obediently, looked up at him, but saw that he suddenly approached and dropped a butterfly-like kiss on her nose and forehead, then stepped back a little, proudly said, “The phoenix crown is not crooked, I just want to taste Madam’s fragrance taste.”

Guan Suyi wasn’t even angry, she pursed her lips and chuckled, “I know it’s not crooked, and I know what you want to do. Just indulging a little bit.”

“Madam seems to let go a lot?” Emperor Sheng Yuan was greatly surprised.

“Hands are held, what else can I do? Wouldn’t it be pretentious to hide again?”

“Then I have hugged Madam before, and even took off my clothes in front of you, why didn’t see Madam give up resistance and submit to me?”

“How can hugging and holding hands be the same?” Guan Suyi tilted her head and said eloquently, “Hugging can only stay in one place, but holding hands can walk together. This is the most essential difference between the two.”

Emperor Sheng Yuan was stunned for a while, before he laughed heartily, “Madam, Madam, you always have so many crooked reasoning. But I like this preposterous theory. Hugs can only stay in one place, but holding hands can walk together. No wonder after holding your hand while walking through the mud that day, you no longer rejected me. Madam, you are so cute.”

As he spoke, he cupped Madam’s cheek again, trying to kiss her bright red lips, but unexpectedly kissed the back of her white hand.

“Didn’t you mean you will no longer resist?” He raised his eyebrows.

“The joy of the boudoir, let’s talk about it after entering the boudoir.” Guan Suyi glanced sideways, suggesting that Bian Min’er was still hiding and watching.

Emperor Sheng Yuan had long forgotten about this creature, but at this time, he didn’t feel disappointed when he thought about it. He kissed the back of Madam’s hand before letting her go. The two of them whispered next to each other, sometimes laughing, sometimes looking at each other, the atmosphere was indescribably gentle, and they reluctantly separated after Baifu urged them three times.

Before leaving, Emperor Sheng Yuan helped Guan Suyi remove the phoenix crown, put it back in the brocade box, and ordered Jinzi to keep it safe. Then, he took out a simple nine-tailed phoenix hairpin from his sleeve pocket and gently inserted it into her bun. After repeatedly adjusting the angle, only then he felt that it was perfect before he squeezed her fingertips and left silently.

Under the escort of the guards, Guan Suyi also left quickly, leaving a blend of ambergris and cinnamon scents at that place, lingering for a long time.

Bian Min’er smashed her fist on the rockery, and when she heard the maid calling for her not far away, she walked out, her face extremely gloomy and terrifying. “Go to the banquet! After today, I will be the Empress of Wei!” She said word by word.

The two came back one after another and each sat at their place. The noble girls of the Jiuli clan all stared at Bian Min’er’s necklace, only because it was the treasure of the Jiuli clan; the Han noble girls all stared at Guan Suyi’s phoenix hairpin, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, yes, yes nine tails. Nine is the greatest number, its nobleness was incomparable, only the empress could wear it.

It seems that the empress’ seat has already reserved. The two factions pondered on their own, but the candidates were completely different.

“Where did you get this phoenix hairpin?” Zhong shi gently tugged at her daughter’s sleeve.

“The emperor sent it just now.” Guan Suyi said naturally.

“That empress seat not necessarily will fall into your hand, hurry up and put it away, so as not to attract people’s jealousy and increase the gossip fodder!” Zhong shi lowered her voice and said urgently, “The war on the northwest border has started again, and the emperor is now relying on a few princes to quell the chaos, he will never dare to refute the empress candidate they proposed!”

“Mother, don’t panic, if daughter dares to wear it, naturally daughter will be able to undertake it.” Guan Suyi pressed Zhong shi‘s shoulders and said firmly, “After today, the princes will never mention the matter of the empress again. Just sit back and wait for Hunnar to come to the door to propose marriage.”

“What are you going to do?” Zhong shi asked while frowning.

Guan Suyi smiled without saying a word, just raised the wine cup to salute Bian Min’er from afar. Bian Min’er’s eyes were red, her complexion was black, and she looked as ferocious as a ghost. Seeing Guan Suyi’s “provocation”, she would not admit defeat, and immediately took a drink from her cup. After the two drank three cups in a row, Guan Suyi stopped to take care of her younger brother, but Bian Min’er continued cup by cup in order to vent her hatred.

Although most of the children of the Jiuli clan have a very high alcohol tolerance, not get drunk after a thousand cups, but after drinking so much their cheeks were inevitably redden, in the end still a bit unsightly. Madam Bian snatched the wine cup from her daughter’s hand and scolded, “Stop drinking, go down and wash your face. If you let the princes see your ghostly appearance, where still have the face to bring up the empress’ matter?”

Bian Min’er sighed in her heart, immediately apologize to her mother, and then hurried to the back palace to wash and change her clothes, but she didn’t expect to be knocked out by a knife-hand strike as soon as she stepped into the palace hall door, and fell heavily to the ground.

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