Who Cares

Who Cares – Chapter 158

Chapter 158 Husband and Wife


Guan Suyi suddenly was picked up, inevitably startled, she reflexively wrapped her arms around Hunnar’s neck and glared at him. Emperor Sheng Yuan stared down, smiled back, and weighed people playfully, then continued to move forward amid her protest.

The guards guarding the emperor’s side hurriedly bowed their heads, not dare to disturb the flirtatious atmosphere between the two, but they were all amazed at how favored Madam Guan was. This really fits the saying – putting it in the mouth afraid it will melt, holding it in the hands afraid it will break, love is at a loss.

Being held in the arms of a man in broad daylight, how could Guan Suyi endure? But if she struggled too much, she was afraid of hurting the other person’s face, so she had no choice but to bury her face in his chest, pretending to be an invisible person. Hearing the man’s cheerful laughter coming from his chest, her unwillingness to admit defeat came up again. She rolled her eyes and said softly, “Hunnar, you still did something wrong this time.”

“Oh? Where did I go wrong?” Emperor Sheng Yuan met her cunning black eyes, knowing that there was a trap, but he couldn’t help but ask.

“You are afraid that you will not be able to rush to my rescue, so you will block all dangers for me. If you carry me, then you fall, it means that I will fall too. You alone bear the weight of two people, so it will be more difficult to walk. We have a saying called ‘husband and wife is one body’. If the husband and wife are united, it should have me in you, and you in me, everything should be shared together. You can’t bear to let me stuck in the mud, but how can I bear to see you trudging so hard? I would rather walk hand in hand with you than be a burden on your shoulders. The road ahead is bumpy, you may fall if you walk alone. But if two people walk with four feet, if you fall I will support you, if I fall you will hold me, then we will pass this steadily.”

At first, Guan Suyi just made a random excuse to let him put herself down, but the more she talked the more it touched her heart and her thoughts were surging. Unexpectedly, in the previous life she never understood what husband and wife should be like even until death, but in this life, she explained it like a joke. It turned out that this was the true meaning of ‘husband and wife is one body’, supporting each other, standing together through thick and thin, and sharing blessings and misfortunes.

While she was stunned, Emperor Sheng Yuan’s heart was like being scorched by the fire, and all kinds of emotion and joy were intersected repeatedly, making tears almost fall. They all said gentle town, hero’s tomb* if these words come from Madam’s sincerity, why don’t just let him die for her immediately?

“Madam is right, and indeed it’s me who is wrong.” His voice was unusually hoarse. “Then I’ll let Madam down, how about we walk hand in hand?”

Guan Suyi quickly returned to her senses, and slowly slipped down from his arms. When she stepped into the mud, she didn’t care who won or lost, took the man’s thick and warm palm, and shook it, “Let’s go, I will support you, and you must also support me. If we’re to fall, how can you get all muddy, but I am clean? It said that husband and wife were originally birds of the same forest, and when disaster strikes, they fly separately. Others believe this, but I don’t.”

Emperor Sheng Yuan squeezed her fingertips and laughed loudly, “I don’t believe that either. Let’s go?”

Guan Suyi had never walked such a difficult road. The yellow mud was half a foot deep, stepped one foot would immediately be eaten, and she couldn’t pull it out for a long time. What’s worse was that the hem her long skirt had already covered with muddy water, becoming thick and heavy, and became more and more a drag. Her body felt sticky everywhere, she could not wait to jump into the hot water and wash herself from head to toe a hundred times.

Jinzi and Ming Lan jumped out of the carriage, followed quickly, and helped her pick up the skirt.

Emperor Sheng Yuan didn’t dare to relax at all. He held her arm firmly with one hand, and wrapped his arm around her waist tightly with the other. He asked in a low voice, “Do you want to continue walking? I can carry you anytime if you can’t walk.”

“Walk, why can’t I walk?” Guan Suyi pulled her foot out with force and sang bitterly, “You are like me, you have a lot of love, a lot of love, and it’s hot like fire. Take a piece of mud, twist a you, shape a me, break the two of us together, mix with water, twist another you, shape another me, I have you in the mud, and you have me in the mud. Born in the same quilt and die in the same coffin (!!!).”

Emperor Sheng Yuan’s face turned red when he heard it, and he asked in a hoarse voice, “What is this singing? It’s pleasant to hear.”

“I don’t know where I heard this folk tune. Shaping, breaking, blending, and reshaping, real husband and wife should be like this. You have me, and I have you, we shared everything together, and never give up on each other.” Guan Su Yi suppressed her voice to a very low level, and said astringently, “I only hope that you and I don’t go to the point where we get broken after being reshaped. You and I are not ordinary husband and wife to begin with, we should support each other even more.”

Emperor Sheng Yuan’s eyes darkened, and he retorted, “In my heart, we are just ordinary husband and wife, in the end you still don’t want to believe me.” He felt both touched and distressed, and he didn’t know how to face Madam. This mouth of hers could really make people both love and hate. One moment, she said something that made him ecstatic, but the next moment, she poured a scoop of cold water, which made his heart and lungs cold.

“If I don’t believe you, why should I go through this with you?” Guan Suyi tugged on Hunnar’s arm and showed him her bare feet, her shoes and socks had been stuck in the mud, “Which girl do you think is willing to accompany you to receive this kind of suffering?”

Emperor Sheng Yuan, who was still in agony just now, was filled with joy in an instant. He immediately took off his coat, put it on her, and then dipped into the mud, dug out her shoes and socks and put them back carefully. He endured and endured before kissing the muddy instep of Madam’s feet, and said emotionally, “Madam treats me with sincerity, so I naturally dare not let Madam down. It’s the same old saying, if I let Madam down in this life, I will be struck by lightning and not have a good death.”

Guan Suyi didn’t pretentiously cover his mouth, instead shook off the mud on the soles of her shoes and warned, “Don’t forget this oath.”

Emperor Sheng Yuan walked slowly as he supported her, and said with a small smile, “What Madam said just now seems to be a bit biased. We are here to visit grandfather-in-law. It’s not you who accompany me in this, it’s me who accompany you.”

“Well, that’s my grandfather and your grandfather-in-law. You sent him the imperial physician and medicine, I’ll chat and drink tea with him, and we do filial piety together, this is the best interpretation of husband and wife is one body. No one is allowed to say those outlandish words again, otherwise the wedding date will continue to be pushed back.” Guan Suyi smiled slyly.

Emperor Sheng Yuan was dumbfounded and did not dare to refute anymore. After a moment of silence, he asked nervously, “If you don’t push back, when will the wedding date be?”

“No hurry, deal with Bian Min’er first. Are you investigating Bian Zhaoxiong recently? Is there any incriminating evidence?”

“Only caught some vague clues, there is no actual evidence. If we want to deal with the Bian family, we have to do it slowly.” Emperor Sheng Yuan hated himself why he wanted to be a benevolent monarch, otherwise he could just find a random excuse to destroy the Bian family.

“Then give me those vague clues, and I will help you pierce the roof of Bian’s house.”

“How to pierce it?” Emperor Sheng Yuan looked at her with a smile.

“You’ll know by then. After we dealt with her, you can come to the Emperor Teacher Mansion to propose marriage.” After saying this, the two finally walked out of the mud, set foot on the path paved with blue bricks, and looked at each other legs that were covered in yellow paste. They both laughed in unison, laughing while holding each other, leisurely swaying towards the imperial manor hidden behind the lush green shrubbery.

Because this journey there’s you by my side, no matter how bumpy it is, we’re able to walk steadily.


Two months later, carrying along the imperial dowry Ji Ting got married. Her husband was a kind man who took his mother-in-law, brother-in-law, and sister-in-law and support them. After leaving Ji Mansion, life was more beautiful.

On this day, the result of the imperial examinations was released, and many students were waiting for news in front of the public list. Li shi finally passed through the crowded streets and arrived at the Emperor Teacher Mansion to meet Guan Suyi.

“If want to come then just come, why are you giving so many valuable gifts?” Guan Suyi held the gift list and rebuked.

Li shi looked around and said in a low voice, “How can we not thank you for your life-saving grace? This is also Ling Yun’s intention. If you don’t accept it, we won’t feel at peace for the rest of our lives.”

“Life-saving grace? What do you mean?” Guan Suyi asked, even though she knew.

“Fortunately, thanks to your reminder, Ling Yun put some people around the clan leader, otherwise I would have been killed. Don’t you know? He actually wanted to secretly trick me to come back and sink me in the pond, then marry his granddaughter to Ling Yun. There is no one more vicious and shameless than him in Yanjing! Now that the law of nurturing the people has been promulgated, only then he stopped, but he has the cheek to let Ling Yun take a concubine. Ling Yun couldn’t bear it anymore, so he arbitrarily placed a charge on him and sent him to prison, and it’s unknown when he will be released. Now the whole Li clan has to look at my face, and my days is peaceful. By the way, I am going to remarry, and the wedding date is set for the ninth day of September. You must come.”

“Of course. I wish you a good life for a hundred years, and give birth to your son early.” Guan Suyi covered her lips and chuckled.

Li shi‘s cheeks flushed red, and she changed the subject, “Have you heard? Xu Yayan is now known as the number one stupid woman in Yanjing. She met the eldest princess on the road and was stripped of her coat and pushed into the crowd. Then the eldest princess said that she had been seen by outside men, so she lost her chastity, and she should be sent to the temple to cultivate. If Linxiang County Princess had not arrived in time to intercede for her, her black hair would have been shaved. The eldest princess raising so many handsome men, and seeing this ‘Lesson for Women’ which targeted her everywhere, how can she not get angry? Xu Yayan is really stupid, she doesn’t care whether her remarks are in line with the world.”

Guan Suyi shook her head and smiled, “What she lacks is not vision, but a powerful backer. If no one above refutes her, this booklet will be spread for a long time.”

Li shi trembled and said in fear, “Fortunately, you refuted her, and the emperor also refuted her, otherwise Lingyun and I would have no hope in this life. After Xu Yayan was humiliated, Xu Guangzhi finally couldn’t stand it anymore. He sold his house to raise money, and prepared to return to his hometown. In fact, to be fair he can also be regarded as an extraordinary person. He is very eloquent, knowledgeable, and has remarkable literary talent. He is just unlucky. When he met you who opposed him everywhere, and you just happened to have the emperor’s protection, his official career path gradually gone. This is his destiny, no matter how much he calculates, it’s all in vain.”

Guan Suyi was silent for a long time before she nodded and chuckled, “Sister is right, this is destiny.” Perhaps her greatest luck was not to be reborn, but to meet a loved one.

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