Who Cares

Who Cares – Chapter 157

Chapter 157 Intimate

Not long after the banquet was dispersed, a few dark clouds suddenly floated from the sky, in a short while the lightning flashed and the thunder rumbled, and it rained heavily. Fortunately, Guan Suyi had already carried Mu Mu into the carriage, so she was not drenched like a drowned rat.

“It’s raining too much, then we can’t go hunting!” Mu Mu sighed while lying beside the carriage window.

“It’s alright, next time the weather is fine, brother-in-law will take you out again.” Emperor Sheng Yuan rubbed the little guy’s head and ordered in a deep voice, “It’s raining and the road is slippery, let the horse run slowly.”

The guards who were driving the carriage outside did slow down, passing through the rain curtain and slowly driving towards the imperial manor. The breeze lifted the curtain of the carriage and sent in a few cool raindrops. It didn’t feel uncomfortable on the skin, but rather quite fun.

Emperor Sheng Yuan saw Madam staring out of the carriage, her hair fluttering in the wind, covering her cheeks for a while, touching her lips for a while, and floating on his face for a while, bringing a tingling sensation and a few wisps of fragrance. Somehow, it made his mouth very dry. He picked up Mu Mu, moved closer little by little, and said with a hoarse laugh, “It’s raining a lot. Thanks to this storm, Madam and I can stay on the road for a few more hours. It’s only six days, but it feels like many years have passed, Madam, when will discuss our marriage? If you don’t agree for a day, I will feel uneasy for a day.”

Guan Suyi suddenly returned to her senses, and only then did she realize that Hunnar had sat down against her shoulders at some point, and the strong pure male breath was close at hand, which was very intoxicating. She tilted her head uncomfortably, and asked, “Do you really want to promulgate the law of nurturing the people? “Lesson for Women” is just a self-amusement of the powerful, if let the common people take a look at it, it will only be scorned.”

In the previous life, apart from a very few Confucian students with bad minds in reading, there were not many commoners who really accepted “Lesson for Women”. Most of the victimized women were from the upper classes. However, as long as “Lesson for Women” existed, when the peace come, the prosperity continued, and as Confucianism continued to spread, its influence would only become wider and wider. Maybe hundreds of years from now, all women in the Central Plains would be as written in the book, weak and bullied all their lives, and could not get free until they die.

Even as sharp-tongued as Guan Suyi was, she only dared to talk the matter of “faithful unto death”, as the rest of the ideology have long been ingrained in people’s bones and blood. Women have been the most humble existence since ancient times. This was a reality that could not be changed or overturned. Therefore, even if Xu Yayan was completely refuted, she didn’t feel much joy, but even more depressed. If she could choose, she would never be born as a woman in the next life.

Sensing that she was in a depressed mood, Emperor Sheng Yuan gently squeezed her fingertips and then restrainedly let it go, while soothingly said, “You don’t need to care about people’s opinions, just live your life as you like. If Madam is really like Xu Yayan, on one hand humbling herself, on the other hand tried everything in her power to climb up, then Madam would not make me head over heels over you. What I adore, admire, and appreciate is Madam’s strength and tenacity.”

Seeing red blush slowly creeping up Madam’s pale cheeks, he smiled gently, “The law of nurturing the people has already been drafted and revised, it’s not particularly targeting the “Lesson for Women”. You may not be able to imagine, in just a hundred years, this land has buried seventy to eighty percent of its population, then how many orphans and widows have been left behind. If there are no national laws to force men and women to marry and encourage widows to remarry, the population will continue to decrease. Today, I personally prepare a dowry for Ji Ting and sent her to marry. In the future, more orphans and widows will find their way out.”

Guan Suyi realized, pondered for a moment and then shook her head, “Have you thought of another question? If all the widows remarried, how can the children of their former husband be left unattended?”

“Then encourage them to remarry with their children, women and orphans can all have fields to divide. Those who remarry with children can divide their fields after they settle down; those who help raise young orphans can be exempted from corvée tax. The government can establish a nursery hall or shelter to rescue relevant people, and so on. As long as you have the will, you can think of many ways. Although the problem cannot be completely solved, it can save the vast majority of people’s lives. Not every decree issued by the administrator is perfect, and in the process of implementation, it will always encounter all kind of problem. I can only fumble along, learn, and correct it along the way, only hoping to be worthy of the common people.”

Guan Suyi gave him a fixed look and said with sincere admiration, “Hunnar, you are a good emperor.”

Emperor Sheng Yuan’s ears were slightly red, and his words were joyful, “That’s because I have a good wife.”

“Don’t talk nonsense.” Guan Suyi glared at him, but after a few breaths, she couldn’t help but laugh. Emperor Sheng Yuan also laughed, and unexpectedly leaning over, pecked her on the side of her face, and then backed away a little, his expression was both savoring the taste and depressed, “Madam quickly marry me, I can’t wait anymore.”

Guan Suyi hurriedly snatched Mu Mu from his arms and make him the barrier between the two. Mu Mu looked at his sister then looked at his brother-in-law, stood up with his short legs, and kissed each of them. The awkward atmosphere dissipated instantly, and the three looked at each other and smiled.

The rainstorm soon stopped, and a mudslide caused by the rain washed down the official road. The carriage was blocked in the middle of the road, not knowing whether to go forward or retreat.

Emperor Sheng Yuan originally planned to lead several ministers to find the old master to revise the method of nurturing the people. But when he saw this situation, he had to let them go back first, while he stayed to dig mud and rocks.

“Why don’t we go back too? If the mountain here collapses, the gravel can fall at any time. It’s extremely unsafe.” Guan Suyi tried to dissuade him.

“Although there is no shortage of food in the imperial manor, grandfather-in-law’s joints will be swollen and painful every time it rains, and it must be extremely difficult now. Looking at the weather, I am afraid it will rain for five to six days. If there’s no imperial physician guarding by his side, and the medicinal materials cannot be transported over there, how much he will suffer then?” Emperor Sheng Yuan ordered the guards to dig the way, while sending people back to summon the imperial physician.

Guan Suyi’s cheeks slightly flushed, and said guiltily, “I didn’t even think of my grandfather’s illness, and I have to rely on you to remind me. It’s really unfilial.”

Emperor Sheng Yuan waved his hand indifferently, “You are my madam, and my filial piety is also your filial piety, so why do you have to divide it so clearly?”

Guan Suyi’s heart warmed, and her gaze toward the other person became gentler. Husband and wife are one body, this sounds pleasant to say, but how many could actually do it? What’s more, Hunnar was the emperor who was high above, always have others trying to please him. Where can have reason for him to go to great lengths to please others?

Originally, she thought: As long as this person gives one point of sincerity to herself, it was enough, but she didn’t expect to get ten points. Looking all over Wei Kingdom, how many women have devoted their lives to their husbands but never received the slightest respect? And she didn’t seem to do anything, but this man offered his true heart with both hands. Even in the years to come, this heart may be dry out and rotten, it was still the greatest luck that it was once had been sincere.

“You’re right, you and I shouldn’t have divided with each other.” She turned her head and gave Hunnar a charming smile.

“Madam, don’t smile at me so seductively, I can’t help but want to kiss your lips.” Emperor Sheng Yuan said in a hoarse voice after a few breaths.

“Shut up!” Guan Suyi was extremely helpless. While covering her brother’s ears, she warned, “Don’t talk nonsense in front of children, they understand everything.”

Emperor Sheng Yuan hurriedly surrendered his hands to beg for mercy, and asked after a moment of silence, “How exactly did grandfather-in-law’s wrist get hurt? This time I will let the imperial physician thoroughly examine it. If he can treat it then treat it, if he can’t then let him carefully raise it. Always dislocated then put it back again is not a good method.”

“It’s because he was not careful, he always felt that his handwriting was not vigorous enough, and he said that Shu Sheng’s calligraphy was three points into the wood, and he had to practice until three points into the stone. So he tied a few more pieces of lead to his wrist, and hurt his bone because he couldn’t withstand the constant pulling force, this then leave the chronic problem. He felt ashamed about it, and never said it to anyone, so you should not know this.”

“…So that’s the case.” Emperor Sheng Yuan laughed loudly, “I finally know where Madam get her stubborn temperament. It turned out to be inherited from Emperor Teacher. You two grandparent-grandchild are really…” He couldn’t find the exact words to describe, he could only shake his head and smile, the more he thought about it, the more interesting it became.

Guan Suyi’s cheeks were flushed with embarrassment, she raised her eyebrows and scolded, “Stop laughing. Laugh again and I will ignore you!”

“Okay, I won’t laugh.” Emperor Sheng Yuan quickly pressed his fist to his lips, and his black-blue eyes were full of starry brilliance.

The guards who were digging the road outside looked at each other, they wanted to prostrate themselves towards this Madam Guan. Such a bright master, they have almost never seen it before. He looked like this in front of Madam, who could have imagined when he turned his back to Madam, how cold and gloomy and moody he was.

While their imagination running wild, the road was finally dug, but because there were too many ditches and the width was too narrow, it could not accommodate the carriage. Fortunately, it was only half a mile away from the imperial manor, and the rain has already stopped, so they could still walk there.

“Your Majesty, how about this subordinate carry you over here? The muddy ground does not allow anyone to step on. Afraid even the boots will be eaten.” Said the head of the guard while bowing his head.

Zhen will walk by oneself, you take good care of Mu Mu.” Emperor Sheng Yuan picked up the little guy, put it on the guard’s back, and instructed, “You guys protect him, don’t let the country’s uncle fall.”

How could the uncle of the country, who was confer by the emperor’s mouth, be comparable to those undeserve imperial family? The guards hurriedly and carefully surrounded him, lest the soles of his feet slip and injured the country’ uncle’s precious body. Even though embarrassed, Guan Suyi was used to this man’s thick skin, just stood at the carriage’s shaft and stared at him with a half-smile.

Emperor Sheng Yuan said cautiously, “Madam, last time I used a dragon robe to pave the way for you, but you didn’t step on it. If I lay it for you again this time, would you step on it?”

“No, never.” Guan Suyi firmly refused, just because imperial power could not be blasphemed.

Emperor Sheng Yuan laughed softly, “After that day, I thought about it for a long time and finally understood where I was wrong. I shouldn’t have paved the way for you, then stood behind you and watched you walk by. If on your way forward you fell down, no matter how strong my martial arts are, there is no guarantee that I will be able to arrive in time to prevent you from getting hurt, which is why you and Mu Mu were kidnapped. If you give me another chance, I will only carry you while walking forward, not letting you leave me even for half a step.” After the words finish, he suddenly picked up the person and walked straight into the mud.

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