Who Cares

Who Cares – Chapter 156

Chapter 156 Ashamed


When Emperor Sheng Yuan said this, it was equivalent to pointing at the nose of the women present, and sarcastically said: With your shallow knowledge, you can support a small family, but don’t think about being the empress and act as the mother of the country. However, even though they had all kinds of unwillingness and resentment in their hearts, they didn’t have the face to refute.

If they still not understand the significance of “women marry, widows remarry” for the continuation of Wei Kingdom’s existence, they could only be described in two words – impossibly stupid. They thought that Guan Suyi was the clown of today’s banquet, but it turned out that the ugliest and stupidest were themselves.

Too ashamed! Really want to turn into a puff of blue smoke and disappear immediately. This was the idea of ​​most women there, but the most awkward and embarrassing ones were Xu Yayan and Linxiang County Princess.

After this incident, Xu Yayan understood that her dream of entering the palace was in vain. Not only that, even the reputation as a talented woman had been destroyed. After going out of this door, it wouldn’t be long before she was dubbed as the number one stupid woman in Wei Kingdom. Let alone marrying into a high gate family, even if she wanted to find a poor family, it would not be easy.

Her father, mother and brother were still waiting for her good news at home. How can she have the face to go back? At this moment, Xu Yayan had the idea of ​​dying, but was secretly dragged by Linxiang County Princess, so she didn’t lose her face on the spot and flee.

Emperor Sheng Yuan glanced at the two of them and asked, “Yuxi, did you sent this “Lesson for Women” book to the grand princess and the eldest princess to read? What do they think?”

Linxiang County Princess turned pale, and said with a forced smile, “I never gave it to the two elders. Us Jiuli women are self-reliant, not inferior to any man.”

Emperor Sheng Yuan laughed, “Your see people speak people’s language, see ghost speak ghost’s language* skill is getting better and better. If you dare to send this book over, the two of them will definitely beat you. There is nothing wrong with women being virtues and graceful, dignified and demure, Zhen will not forbid you to read it and pass it on. Everything in the world has its own reason, and what is right and what is wrong is up to you to distinguish, and the growth of wisdom comes from the process of distinguishing right from wrong. Today’s affairs are over, don’t mention it again, just go and have fun.”

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief, and then they all knelt down to thank the emperor for his grace.

Guan Suyi quietly watched Hunnar talking to the crowd, her eyes shone with brilliant light. She knew that he valued feeling and righteousness, and also knew that he had distinct likes and dislikes, but she didn’t know that he would have such views on women. Most of men in the world despise women, even if they have wives, they just used them to produce children, and they rarely know how to write the word “respect”.

But Hunnar was different. He knew respect and was willing to give women a chance to stand on their feet. Even small animals could be viewed in the same way by him. His heart was far bigger than she imagined. Maybe marrying him is not so bad? Thinking like this, Guan Suyi couldn’t help but smile, making Emperor Sheng Yuan stunned on the spot when he looked at her.

County Prince Jun’s whole plan fell through, and he couldn’t help hating Xu Yayan and his daughter for being stupid and short-sighted, but he himself didn’t reflect on why he didn’t see the flaws in “Lesson for Women”. The plan to send Xu Yayan into the palace had failed, so he had no choice but to gather his energy and entertain all the guests. In order to alleviate the embarrassment, he ordered the servants to pass the dishes and open the feast before it was time for dinner.

Because Linxiang County Princess was the host, the dishes were all the characteristics of the Jiuli people, mostly whole roasted meat, few vegetarian dishes, and the seasonings were extremely spicy. A small table was placed in front of everyone, on which were placed sauces, dishes, drinks and other items, and there was a maid who cut the meat with a knife and put them on a plate for distribution.

During the banquet, Emperor Sheng Yuan pulled Mu Mu to his side, and Mu Mu pulled his sister to his side. The three naturally sat together and shared a roasted whole lamb.

“How can you eat it when it’s so big?” Mu Mu stretched out his hands and gestured, his face full of surprise.

“Naturally cut it first then eat it.” Emperor Sheng Yuan waved back the maid, took out his dagger, and cut off the loin of the lamb himself, placed it in two small plates, and pushed it in front of the sister and brother with a very gentle smile, “Here is sweet sauce, hot sauce, chutney, dip in whatever flavor you like. Eat it, Zhen will continue cutting it for you.”

“Thank you Your Majesty, you should eat yourself, there are maids here to serve.” Guan Suyi respectfully thanked him on the surface, but quietly pinched Hunnar in private. She was not worried about being seen by others because of the table. This person just said that a weak woman cannot become be the mother of the country, so he almost declared on the spot that he wanted to marry her. Look, Linxiang County Princess had realized it and threw several glances over here.

Emperor Sheng Yuan smiled without saying a word, and only held Madam’s soft and boneless hand and kneaded a few times. He came here specially for Madam. Just like the so-called a feast for the eyes, he was already full with Madam sitting next to him. Where would he need to eat?

Mu Mu thought it was interesting to cut the lamb, so he pulled out the dagger from his waist, and said in a milky voice, “I want to cut it myself.” He then plunged the knife into the leg of lamb, used the whole strength of a child to pulled it out, making several ministers smiled endlessly.

Guan Suyi was afraid that he would hurt himself, immediately grabbed the dagger and tried to lecture him. Emperor Sheng Yuan quickly helped to negotiated, took the dagger, put it into Mu Mu’s arms, and said in a low voice, “We Jiuli men can take a knife when we’re three years old, and there are many people who go to the battlefield at the age of ten. He only cuts a few pieces of meat, why do you make a fuss. Zhen will watch him, he will not get hurt.”

Mu Mu held the dagger and did not dare to move. He looked at his sister and brother-in-law for a while, his face was full of longing.

Guan Suyi remembered that he was an offspring of a general, it was inevitable the brave man nature was hidden in his blood, how could it be erased? After thinking for a moment, she compromised, “Forget it, you can cut it yourself. Don’t be greedy to chop the lamb’s leg, just slice the tender meat. If you chop it, can you eat it all? What if others want to eat too?”

“I see.” Mu Mu was taught and turned to look at his brother-in-law.

Emperor Sheng Yuan rubbed his head and said, “Cut it, the part your sister said not to cut… Zhen will cut it for you. When using a knife, the blade should always be the on opposite side of yourself to avoid hurting your hand.”

The three of them sat at the top, enjoying themselves very much. The people below all saw the clue and suddenly realized. Not to mention how gentle the emperor’s gaze on Miss Guan was, how careful and considerate he was when taking care of Mu Mu, but the degree of familiarity and intimacy between the three of them was like a family of three. To say that the emperor has no unreasonable thoughts about Miss Guan, who can believe it?

Linxiang County Princess only then remembered Bian Min’er’s plot against Guan Suyi, and she couldn’t help but secretly hate in her heart. What deals with Guan Suyi is dealing with the Emperor Teacher Mansion? It was clear that Bian Min’er wanted to eradicate her love rival, but didn’t tell the truth. So she chose Xu Yayan and rack her brain to make up a plan, but it was just a joke!

No wonder Guan Suyi was able to escape from death, she had the emperor backing her up. Now he intended to enact a law to order men and women to marry and encourage widows to remarry, so it was logical to marry Guan Suyi as the empress. It’s just that the other person did not have the blood of the Jiuli clan after all, and would definitely be obstructed by the princes. All the unmarried women present had no chance, especially those Han women who had studied “Lesson for Women” and were labelled “fool and weak” by the emperor.

Thinking like this, Linxiang County Princess sneered again, and even she had to admit that, looking around, only Guan Suyi had the aura and the courage to take on the empress’ position.

The meal was tasteless. After the banquet, County Prince Jun led everyone to send off His Majesty respectfully, and watched as he took the Guan’s brother and sister to go the imperial manor where the Emperor Teacher was temporary staying.

Baifu was ordered by His Majesty to personally send Ji Ting home. Master Ji had received the news secretly sent by County Prince Jun, and waited at the door early, with a look of humiliation and helplessness on his face, as well as trepidation. How could he have imagined that obstructing a marriage would be rendered a disaster that would shake the foundation of the country? After the revision of the law of nurturing the people was completed and announced to the whole country, the reputation of Ji Mansion would undoubtedly plummet.

Unavoidably he was regarded as a fool by the emperor, and would not be reuse in the future. Now he must marry his niece in a glorious way. While thinking about it, the carriage was slowly stopped on the side of the road. Ji Ting helped Madam Ji down, and when she saw her daughter standing at the door and waiting for her, she burst into tears.

“Yao’er, come to your mother!” She stretched out her arms and hugged her daughter who flew over, vented all the suffering and humiliation she had suffered in recent days in a sad cry. Second Madam Ji led a pair of children and hugged them too. The family of five finally survived the despair and finally found the ray of light.

Baifu didn’t disturb them, just stood aside and quietly wiped his tears with a handkerchief. Truly sinful! The family was fine, why do you want to separate their mother and daughter, ruin the marriage, and force people to become a nun? Could it be this Master Ji’s heart is made of stone? Today, if Miss Guan didn’t open her mouth to condemn, speak out for justice, it’s unknown how many women will be forced to death!

Xu Yayan hid not far away, quietly watching this scene, and then quietly walked away after a long time. She didn’t dare to go home, and wandered aimlessly like a wandering soul. When she saw a woman passing by with a child in her arms, she suddenly grabbed her and asked, “This sister-in-law, are you married?”

“I have children, what do you think?” The woman didn’t dare to offend her when she saw that she was dressed in rich clothes and wore delicate makeup, so she had to answer her inexplicable question patiently.

“Then if your husband dies, are you willing to observe the festival for him or remarry?”

“Bah! Your husband that dies!” These words made the woman furious, she broke away and walked away quickly, muttering in under her breath, as if she was cursing.

Xu Yayan stood silently for a while, and was about to turn around when she heard the aunt who sold nuts on the roadside say, “I see that you are a child of a wealthy family, and don’t know the suffering of the people. If the husband dies, how can the women in this world not remarry? If there are no son, the land will be reclaimed into the clan. A person can only starve to death if she lives alone, and the same will happen if she has daughter and no son. Even if she has a son to inherit the family property, if there’s no labor to cultivate, she will not be able to eat enough or wear clothes warm enough, and still be bullied by the neighbors. Of those women who have brought up their sons alone, which one was not suffering and feel grievances? Which one didn’t get sick from overwork and died early? Marry a man marry a man, can dress and eat*. To have enough food to eat, and don’t have to worry about the clothes, what else can I do but remarry?” As she said, she rolled up the nuts, shook her head and left, showing that she was very disdainful of this question.

Observe the festival? If you can’t live anymore, what festival do you still observe?

Xu Yayan leaned on the wall and slowly squatted down, suddenly buried her head in her arms, and choked silently. Is female virtue bad? It’s just a wrong sentence, why should I suffer such result?

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  1. She is so stupid. Like the king said those woman who are rich don’t suffer to the same lever as poor people. How can they relate. . . ? Talking about a subject that you don’t understand is called stupidity !

    1. Don’t blame her too much, blame her mother too. With how her mother brainwashed her continuously about women’s status, it’s no wonder she become like that.

    2. She’s a young sheltered kid, she still has a lot to learn and I hope she learns from this experience, it’s still not too late. Her Mom though, tsk, that one’s hopeless.
      But she’s also a product of her time, and her nurture.

      Who is to blame for this, I don’t know.

  2. Many thanks
    O__O virtue isn’t bad. But upholding virtue over all else makes no sense ein the scheme of life, especially when the virtue benefits no one. Not even the self

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