Who Cares

Who Cares – Chapter 151

Chapter 151 Screwup


In the second floor of the teahouse, hearing Song shi cries, several noble girls turned from dubious to surprise. They had always known that Bian Min’er was ruthless, but they didn’t expect that she would even dare to harm the granddaughter of Emperor Teacher, and in broad daylight, she threw her naked body in the city center, let her suffered while people surrounded her and watch.

Linxiang County Princess sighed, “You’ve made such a big fuss, are you not afraid of the aftermath? I heard that Emperor Teacher and Chief of Ceremonies love Miss Guan so much.”

“If they don’t love her, I wouldn’t have done this.” Bian Min’er sneered, “If everything goes well, they should suffer together with that little bitch. After the death of the great-grandson and the granddaughter, and the mastermind behind the scenes is still a junior of the same clan, that old bastard Emperor Teacher may be greatly stimulated. The day before yesterday, Guan Wenhai’s family went to the Emperor Teacher Mansion to make trouble, didn’t they make him sick? I heard that he couldn’t even get out of bed, and now Guan Suyi has this incident too, what do you think he feels in his heart? Afraid this one breath will become his last! Even if he doesn’t die immediately, his broken body will not last long, and Chief of Ceremonies in order to abide by filial piety, he must stay at home and take care of the sick. From taking care of the sick, afterwards mourning one’s parent, he will not able to take official post for three to five years. With both of them out of the court, how many people can your father put in the civilian court? When the filial piety period is over, who will remember this green onion* Guan Yunqi is?”

Bian Min’er poured a cup of hot tea for Linxiang County Princess, and continued, “You, like your father, advocate the Han learning, and like to detour in everything. As a result, the layout of several years is completely ruined by the old bastard Emperor Teacher with just a few words. He also repeatedly impeached my father for corrupting the army’s pay and doing treacherous schemes, so that my father was demoted from Wei General to the general of the Central Army, and completely lost the right to command the various armies in the capital. That Guan Suyi is even more hateful! What is cutting open a stomach, what is taking a child out? Making my aunt…”

The next few sentences involved the secrets of the imperial family, so Bian Min’er didn’t say any more, only said murderously, “In short, I don’t do things like you, and I don’t like to dillydally. How many people want to eat the Emperor Teacher Mansion alive? But how many people actually dare to do it? I indeed can’t do anything to Emperor Teacher and Chief of Ceremonies, but I can easily crush their life roots. I want to see how much energy is left in the Emperor Teacher Mansion this time.”

Linxiang County Princess said worriedly, “Aren’t you afraid that the emperor will thoroughly investigate this matter?”

“What to be afraid of?” Bian Min’er laughed extremely disdainfully, “With my father and the princes jointly protecting me, how could he dare to oppose the whole clan? Although he has a million soldiers in his hands, he is also facing the attack of Hu people and Xue the Thief. If Wei Kingdom to be in turmoil first, inside and outside riddled with difficulties, how many days will he be able to sit on the throne? Rest assured, he will never dare to turn against his clan at this time. Not to mention that he has no evidence pointing towards me, even if he has, what can he do to me?”

Linxiang County Princess thought for a while, and couldn’t help but nodded, “You can say like that, but don’t be too ostentatious, if one day he destroys Xue the Thief and Hu people, and then want settles the accounts with you, it will be troublesome. After all he and Emperor Teacher have master and disciple’s relationship, and the feelings are quite deep.”

“Destroy the Hu people and Xue the Thief?” Bian Min’er waved her hands disapprovingly, “Wait for the next life. In order to have check and balance with him, several princes will never agree to the Western Expedition. If he defies the public opinion, he must draw his own army and when his strength is weakened, then several princes can easily suppress him. Therefore, he will never dare to act rashly, so he can only waste the time with us.”

“Other people say that you are impulsive and doing things mindlessly, but in private you think more than me.” Linxiang County Princess sighed, “If you with this kind of temperament enters the palace, Pan Duolan will definitely suffer.”

Bian Min’er laughed cheerfully, “What kind of green onion is she? I can destroy her with just raising my hand! So what if the emperor doesn’t want to establish the empress? As long as I want to go in, he will have to nod his head sooner or later.”

Linxiang County Princess shook her head and smiled, already used to her arrogance. The rest of the noble girls hurriedly gathered around to say a few good things, and the words were extremely flattering. Xu Yayan didn’t dare to join in the fun, she just stood quietly by the window and looked down, but her heart was churning with turbulent waves. It turned out that the real Jiuli noble girl was like this, they didn’t even put the emperor in their eyes, and could even reduce him into the mud with just one word.

But is the emperor really that weak and incompetent? Is there really no way to went against these imperial relatives? not necessarily!

Several princes joined hands would only gather a few hundred thousand of troop. If they really angered the emperor, in fact, he could divide these troops without using any swords. Why do they despise the emperor so much? Why they still maintain their inner arrogance when his imperial power has been solidified? This was a secret to Xu Yayan.

But she was really unwilling! Whether it was being suppressed by Guan Suyi or being despised by a noble girl from the Jiuli clan, it all motivated her ambition to climb higher. Fortunately, one of the formidable enemies had been destroyed, and were these noble girls of the Jiuli clan could become a target that she could use?

Thinking like this, a smile finally bloomed on the corner of her lips, but in the next moment it solidified into frost. She saw Guan Suyi standing intact on the street, with picturesque features and outstanding temperament.

“She, nothing happened to her. That person is not her!” Xu Yayan cried out in fear.

“What did you say?” Bian Min’er immediately walked to the window and looked below, just in time to look at Guan Suyi who was also looking up. One had a charming smile, the other with widen eyes.

In the middle of the street, Song shi was already stunned. She looked at the real person and the woman lying on the ground, her body was trembling, unable to say anything.

Guan Suyi squatted down and checked the situation of the female kidnapper. Looking at this tragic situation, her eyes felt like it were ruthlessly pierced, but not out of pity or fear, but out of anger. If she hadn’t escaped by chance, she would be the one who was lying half-dead here now. How heartbroken her family would be? Would her grandfather be completely sick like in her previous life, and difficult to recover? The famous Guan family might fall into purgatory overnight.

The person behind the scenes was not only arrogant and sinister, but also have a heart that can be punished*!

She let go of female kidnapper’s bloodied wrist, wiped her fingertips with a handkerchief and sighed, “There is still a breath left, she needed to be sent to the hospital quickly. However, it’s unknown how many bones were broken, so it’s best for people not to move her casually and wait until the doctor came.”

After hearing this, several passers-by who were going to step forward to help quickly retreated, so as not to do bad things with good intentions.

Guan Suyi then looked at Song shi and said coldly, “Sister-in-law, don’t cry, I can’t stand your fake tears. Although I didn’t immediately come to check just now, I sat in the carriage and listened for a while. You keep saying that I am like a sister to you, but what you do is completely the opposite of what you say.”

Ignoring Song shi‘s struggle, she firmly grasped the other person’s wrist and said slowly, “If you really have a strong relationship with me, how can you be mistaken me? This woman’s eyes, ears, and nose have been gouged out, and her facial features are blurred and difficult to distinguish. There is no clothing on her body to show her identity, why do you insist that it is me? Then let’s take a step back and say that you indeed recognize correctly, then I will ask sister-in-law, if the woman lying on the ground is like a sister to you, how can you bear to not check her injuries? Why didn’t you get her a cloth to cover her body? How could you let her miserable state be pointed out and talked about by the passers-by? Look at you, kneeling for a long time, howling for a long time, hands are clean with no trace of blood, it can be seen that you have never touched the woman before. What are you afraid of? Minglan doesn’t know this woman, but dared to check her injuries and take off her own cloak to cover her body. As her sister but you are indifferent, are you feeling disgusted?”

“I, I’m not disgusted, I just didn’t think about it for a while!” Song shi shouted incoherently.

Guan Suyi shook her off and said word by word, “I’m obviously fine, but you want to identify this woman as me, do you want to harm me or something? This woman ended up in such a tragic situation, could it be related to you? Sister-in-law, now the most suspicious person is you, and I hope you will follow me to the yamen to explain it clearly.”

Seeing that the doctor came in a hurry and instructed several medicine boys to carefully carry the female kidnapper, Guan Suyi then grabbed the stunned Song shi, intending to bring her to see the official.

“Sister let me go, please! I have nothing to do with this matter at all, really! This morning, a woman wearing a veil hat gave me a hundred taels of silver and told me to wait here, if I find a half-dead person thrown on the street, I should run here and scream your identity. I only see the money and got possessed, I should be damned! Please look at Qi Yu’s face and spare me this time!” Song shi struggled desperately, but even struggling to death she couldn’t open Suyi’s iron tongs hand.

The passers-by were in uproar, never expecting that there were such wolf-hearted people in the world, knowing that someone was about to die but not reporting it to the officials, but instead ran over to invert black and white for one hundred taels. If Miss Guan didn’t show up today, the news that she was mutilated and discarded naked in the city center by some villain would spread all over the capital in an instant. How much damage would this do to her reputation?

The culprit behind the scenes was so vicious! Song shi kept saying that she and Miss Guan were like sisters, so what she did was also maddening! Neither of these two should be spared lightly!

Thinking like this, the passers-by stepped forward one after another, wanted to help sending Song shi to the authorities, and insisting on giving testimony for Miss Guan. Guan Suyi thanked them one by one, and before leaving she cupped her hands towards Bian Min’er, who was standing across the street, with a hint of mockery on her face.

Bian Min’er really couldn’t understand, Emperor Sheng Yuan obviously sent people to Wuzhou, which was thousands of miles away from Yanghua Mountain, but how did Guan Suyi come back safely? Who was the person lying on the ground? She remembered Bian Wu (old five) and Bian Liu (the woman), and then suddenly realized: It turns out that those two people’s delay in returning is not to avoid the limelight, but because they met an accident!

“Damn it!” She slapped the window sill with her horsewhip, and roared angrily, “Damn, damn, damn!” At the end, she smashed the furnishings in the room, then ran out like the wind, got on her horse, and galloped across the street. She didn’t care whether she would trample passers-by to death, in the blink of an eye she had gone far away.

“I thought Miss Bian was very capable, but she just showed us a massive screwup.” A noble girl said quietly.

“If it’s just a screwup, that’s fine. I’m afraid that the head and tail if this one hasn’t been dealt cleanly, and that Guan Suyi will take revenge.” Linxiang County Princess frowned.

“How can she get revenge? Apart from glib talk and brandishing a writing brush, what else can she do? Could it be she’s going to write an article scolding Bian Min’er like her crusade against Xu Guangzhi? Hahaha, that’s really interesting! Hurry up and ask her to write it!”

As soon as this sentence came out, it immediately attracted laughter in the whole room. They all didn’t look at Xu Yayan’s face, which had turned from white to red, and from red to purple. She now hated Guan Suyi, hated her for blocking her way, hates her for not dying.

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