Who Cares

Who Cares – Chapter 152

Chapter 152 Retaliation


Guan Suyi sent Song shi to the authorities, and then turned around and went back to wait for Bian Min’er. She deliberately stood on the only road to the mansion of Central Army General, and when she saw a fast horse approaching, she turned around and entered a dark alley.

Relying on her status as a relative of the imperial family, Bian Min’er was accustomed to being rampant and domineering in the capital. When she saw the figure of her enemy, she couldn’t help but get angry and lose her sense. She immediately whipped her horse fiercely and chased into the alley, then suddenly widen her eyes. To her surprise she saw that Guan Suyi did not dodge, did not escape, only straightened her waist, raised her chin slightly, stood in front of the alley and waited, with an unmoving appearance.

Why is she so calm? Does she think I won’t let the horse’s hoof trample her to death? Or does she have some help? Bian Min’er was slightly startled, and was worried that she might be caught in an ambush by the other person. She then felt the fast horse under her body stalled forward, and then it abruptly fell, forcefully throwing her out. Fortunately, she was highly skilled in martial arts. She flipped a few times in the air and stabilized her figure, so she didn’t hit the wall and break her neck. When she looked back, she saw that the horse had broken all four hooves, and the wound was very smooth and even, as if it had been cut by a sharp blade.

The whine of the horse echoed repeatedly in the narrow alleyway, which was terrifying.

“You dare!” Bian Min’er’s eyes were red with anger, she raised her hand slightly, intended to summon the dead soldier who would protect her, but she didn’t see anyone after a long time. She quickly realized that those people must have been dealt with. The dead soldier who protected Guan Suyi were trained by Emperor Sheng Yuan himself, they were the first batch of elite dead soldier of the Jiuli clan, and were known as the strongest human-shaped weapon. How could others be comparable to them?

If she really fights with the other person, she would definitely lose.

“Bian Wu and Bian Liu betrayed me?” She slapped the dust on her skirt and laughed disapprovingly, “So what? Do you dare to kill me? Do you dare to oppose the entire Jiuli clan? Even Emperor Sheng Yuan dare not, who the fuck do you think you are?” After the words finished, she spat to the ground, and her expression became more and more contemptuous.

Guan Suyi stepped forward, slowly untied the black iron wire wrapped on both sides of the dark alley, rolled it into a small ball and put it inside her purse, and said in a low voice, “If I really wanted to kill you, I would have placed the iron wire on your neck height just now, and let your head separate from your body. You see, there are only you and me here. Your dead soldiers have already entered the underworld, they can’t stand up to testify for you. After I’m done, I’ll leave in secret and let Hunnar helped sweep this matter and push the charges on the remnants of the previous dynasty or the bandits. Without tangible evidence, do you think your father will fight against the Han officials of the whole Wei Kingdom for you? Will he take the risk of turning against the emperor? Women who want to be the empress, worthy of being the empress are plentiful, and without you, there are still thousands of people on top. You are not the only choice for the princes, don’t think too highly of yourself. ”

She walked slowly to the end of the alley and said with a cold tone, “I’m here today just to tell you that I’m not at all afraid of open fight, but do you dare to play hidden conspiracy?”

Bian Min’er was not a reckless person with no brains, so she naturally knew what Guan Suyi said was not false. Although her father spoiled her, if she died, it was just a corpse with no use value. Who would harm their own interests for a corpse and be willing to fight against the imperial power? No matter how much she despised Emperor Sheng Yuan, she knew that it was not that he could not destroy the Bian family, but that it was inconvenient to do it because of external troubles.

She had looked down on him since she was a child, and that sense of superiority had long been deeply rooted in her bones. Even if she knew that her aunt had become a puppet in the other person’s palm, she was reluctant to admit that he was no longer Wuxia Amon*. As if the more she belittled him, the more she could regain her lost dignity. Therefore, she must become the empress, and then give birth to the Crown Prince of Wei, so as to achieve the past glory of the Bian family.

If she really provoked Guan Suyi and died here, all her ambitions would collapse. Bian Min’er touched her cold neck, and then realized that she had underestimated the other person too much that she actually walked to the gate of hell. Fortunately, Han women look forward and backward* when they do things, and they stupidly miss the opportunity to kill with one blow…

“If you don’t kill me today, you will regret it tomorrow.” She stared straight at the other person and overbearingly said.

“The way you deal with the enemy is to let her die, or to live worse than death. The way I deal with the enemy is to let her lose everything she cares about the most.” Guan Suyi’s straight back had disappeared from the mouth of the alley, but her voice still resounding for a long time, “Who dies and who lives, who regrets their past deeds, let’s wait and see.”

Bian Min’er didn’t want to admit that for a moment, her heart trembled because of those words. She pulled out the dagger from her boot and stabbed the horse to death. Only then did she walk out of the alley with blood stains all over her body. In the distance, she saw a cavalry rushing fast, so she quickly avoided the road.

“Yo, isn’t this Miss Bian? Why, getting robbed by bandits?” The leader Marquis Zhenxi’s tone was concerned, but his careless demeanor showed the opposite feeling.

“What the hell it got to do with you?” Bian Min’er would never tell anyone what happened today. Being scared to death by a Han woman had become a lifelong shame for her, and it could only be washed away by killing the other person herself.

“Indeed it has nothing to do with this Marquis.” Marquis of Zhenxi then raised his whip, “This Marquis has been ordered by the emperor to clean up the bandits in Yanghua Mountain, so I will leave first.” The soldiers then cleared up the way and quickly ran towards the city gate.

Bian Min’er stood there and watched for a long time before she left while gnashing her teeth.


After Guan Suyi warned Bian Miner, she walked around the street for two more laps before returning home.

Jinzi looked at her calm and indifferent profile, and said softly, “Miss, I feel that you have changed a lot this time. You seem to be more stable, and seem to be more dangerous. If it changed to you in the past, how can you let your hands get bloody, afraid you don’t even dare to look at it.”

Guan Suyi shook her head and sighed, “I wanted to stay away, but someone forced me to jump down with swords and halberds. If I don’t jump, the only ending is to get pierced intestine and rotten stomach. It doesn’t matter how tough your character, how strong your ability, how smart your brain, you are still vulnerable in the face of power. Bian Min’er dared to deal with me, relying on her status and power. I dare to fight with open fire with her, and also relying on my status and power. When power collide with power, it only depends on who has stronger arm and harder fist. After all, the Guan family is a civil court official, and we belong to the Han people. We can’t compete with the imperial relatives, so we can only borrow somebody’s authority. If I am still unstable now, if I’m not ruthless enough, the only ending after entering the palace is a dead end.”

Jinzi looked around, lowered her voice and said, “Miss, you are wrong, how can the palace be so terrible like you said. There are two factions of concubines in the harem, one is the Han people, the other is the Jiuli people, and the two factions have their own leaders. The concubines of the Jiuli clan obeyed Pan Jieyu‘s orders, and the Han concubines followed the lead of Shen Jieyu. Pan Jieyu is the daughter of the Pan clan and is a bit difficult to deal with, but the rest of the people are from ordinary families, nothing to be afraid of.

Most of the concubines in the harem were selected by the Empress Dowager, and she certainly would not add help to Hunnar. Therefore, there were many Han concubines from poor families, even the daughters of street vendors. In order to prevent foreign relatives from interfering in politics, Hunnar sent the women who had been sent to the palace by the Han ministers to meet the Empress Dowager in Changle Palace, and it’s unknown what she said, one after another they feigned illness and left the palace, which also saved him a lot of troubles.

In this way, apart from Pan Jieyu, there was really no one in the palace who could overpower Suyi in term of family status. But she was a little unhappy after all, but she didn’t say it clearly, just nodded and said, “What is the situation, let’s talk about it after entering the palace in the future.”

“Don’t worry, miss, this servant will follow you in.” Jinzi comforted.

As soon as the two entered the main house, they saw Minglan standing under the porch wearing bloody clothes. Obviously she had just returned from the hospital. She pointed to the hall and whispered, “Senior Brother Qi brought Sister Song with him, and now he’s kneeling inside to plead guilty. Madam’s face turned pale, she sent a message to the master and asked him to come back and deal with it.”

“Hurry up and change your clothes, I’ll go in and have a look.” Guan Suyi stepped into the main hall and caught sight of Song shi who kept kowtowing, and couldn’t help but sneered. In the prevous life, she sold her and senior brother for one thousand taels. In this life, she sold her for one hundred taels, it’s really became cheaper after one life. Song shi was so greedy, it’s no wonder that when others want to deal with the Guan family, the first thing that come to mind was her. If senior brother become the Zhuangyuan* in the future, and he had such a wife by his side, no matter how capable he was, afraid that he would be ruined for not cultivating the inner house.

She just thought of this when Guan Father walked in and said coldly, “Qi Yu, you lost your father since you were young, and I’m the one that brought you up. They say a teacher for one day and a father for a lifetime, but it’s a pity that back then when your teacher wanted to help you set a decent marriage, you categorically refused because of your mother’s order, and finally chose to marry Song shi. At that time, as a teacher, I once said that a rural woman with a rough temperament may hinder your future and make you regret it. Now Look, what did this Song shi do? For one hundred taels of silver, she slandered Suyi as a naked woman, with broken limbs, and all facial features destroyed thrown in the city center. Let’s not talk about how other people will talk about it, just say that if this news spreads to the old master’s ears, how much his already seriously ill body will be hit? The imperial examination is not only to test your learning, but also to test your moral conduct, and having the slightest stain on the body will only be thrown off. This matter has already become a big issue, and it has been filed to the authorities. They says husband and wife are one body, therefore you cannot take the exam this year, lest you would be impeached for not cultivating the inner house, and you will be disqualified from your scholarly honor, which will only make your situation worse.”

“Master!” Qi Yu cried out in disbelieve, tears instantly welled up in his eyes. He had studied hard for many years, wasn’t it just for this moment? Why was it ruined at the last step? Song shi, what a good one Song shi! If he had known this earlier, he shouldn’t have ignored Master’s objection, let alone tolerated her for the sake of his mother.

Guan Father was not soft-hearted, and continued, “If you passed the exam and admitted to an official position in three years’ time, it’s inevitable to have people come to the door to try to form connection. If Song shi is still your wife, can you guarantee that she will not accept bribes and sell you behind your back? Have a worthy wife then husband are less likely to suffer. If you want to be promoted without disaster, you’d better change to another wife.”

“Don’t!” Song shi screamed, “Who the hell are you, why do you want my husband to divorce his wife! Qi Yu, if you dare to write a divorce letter, I will hang myself in front of the Emperor Teacher Mansion and let everyone have a good look this his Guan family bully others!”

Qi Yu, who was still a little hesitant, changed his eyes in an instant. He kowtowed three times to Guan Father, and dragged the noisy Song shi out of the house. When Song shi returned home, she thought that her mother-in-law would always help her. Wasn’t it she that don’t want her son to marry a woman from wealthy family, for fear of being suppressed repeatedly in the future? Unexpectedly, as soon as the other person heard that because of Song shi, Qi Yu would not be able to participate in the imperial examination this year, and had to wait for another three years, she immediately vomited a big mouthful of old blood. Saying that she was completely wrong, she should not ruin her son’s future, and then let her son write a letter of divorce to drive Song shi away.

The wicked have their own wicked grind*, and Qi Yu’s mother was not a fuel-efficient lamp*, and in her hand Song shi would not end up well. After a few rounds, she suffered crushing defeat and returned to her parents’ home crying.

On the other side, Guan Suyi received a post from Linxiang County Princess. inviting her to attend the tea party three days later. Linxiang County Princess and Bian Min’er were good friends. This post was very strange, afraid it would become a Hongmen feast* for her. But Guan Suyi was not at all frightened, and immediately wrote a reply to accept the invitation.

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