Who Cares

Who Cares – Chapter 150

Chapter 150 Real Star


An inconspicuous carriage was parked in the dark alley, around fifty or sixty steps away was the lively Luogu Street. Over there was bustling with noise, but unexpectedly it was particularly quite here.

Guan Suyi was sitting cross-legged, drinking tea slowly. After a while, the carriage curtain was lifted, Jinzi bent over to came in, and said in a low voice, “Miss, you are right, that Bian Min’er reserved a private room in the most luxurious teahouse on Luogu Street early in the morning, and invited seven to eight noble ladies to drink tea inside, and now they have been together for more than an hour and have not left, as if they were waiting for something.”

“Seven to eight noble ladies? Who are they?” By this time, Guan Suyi was sure that Bian Min’er was the real culprit behind the scenes. With such an arrogant personality, how could she not come to watch her tragic situation in person?

Jinzi reported the names of many Jiuli noble girls one after another, all of which had the same status as Bian Min’er, but one of them seemed very abrupt.

“Xu Yayan? She is a Han woman and a commoner. How could she get involved with these people? Is she not afraid of becoming sheep that enter the wolf pack and being swallowed alive?” Guan Suyi was quite surprised.

“Miss, you don’t know, the daughter of County Prince Jun, Linxiang County Princess, is very close to Bian Min’er. She advocates the Han learning, so she loves to associate with Han talented women. Xu Guangzhi used to be an advisor in County Prince Jun Mansion, and at that time Xu Yayan has a good relationship with the Linxiang County Princess. Didn’t the emperor say that he likes beautiful and talented women? Now all the ladies in Yanjing are studying Han learning, and this Bian Min’er is no exception. Then through Linxiang County Princess as the bridge, she asked Xu Yanyan as study companion, and consulted about Confucianism every day.”

“Oh? It’s really a muddy pig and a scabies dog* mixing up together.” Guan Suyi’s tone was full of disgust. After finally escaping from death, she could see clearly no matter how proud and arrogant she was, she was nothing in front of power! Hunnar was right, he had thousands of ways to deal with her, but he just couldn’t bear to do it. However, he couldn’t bear it, but others would not keep their hands. Why should she force herself to be a soft persimmon for that bit of hypocrisy, and let others pinch it as much as they want?

From now on, she would turn herself into a sword, and whoever come to provoke, she would chop off their hand!

Restraining the anger in her eyes, she said calmly, “Tell me about this Bian Min’er.” Know yourself, know your enemy can then come unscathed through a hundred battles, she has to find an opening to start. You are on the first day of the month and I am on the fifteenth*, and no one owes anyone.

Jinzi was very familiar with to the noble daughters of the Jiuli clan, and immediately reported, “Bian Min’er is the niece of the Empress Dowager and the eldest daughter of the general Bian Zhaoxiong of the Central Army. Because her personality is like a man, her martial arts skills are very strong. She is quite favored by Bian Zhaoxiong and the Empress Dowager. In the past, Bian Zhaoxiong fought a victorious battle, but he didn’t want any reward, and only asked for the title Linci County Princess for his daughter, with fief of 800 households, which is unparalleled among the noble daughters of Wei Kingdom. However, the Empress Dowager’s family is now being suppressed, and several emperor’s grandsons are in His Majesty’s hand, their life and death are his to decide. Although the Bian family controls 100,000 military powers, it is nothing compared to His Majesty’s millions of soldiers, and now has already declining. In order to reverse the situation, Bian Zhaoxiong united several princes to push Bian Min’er to the empress position and use it to consolidate the position of the Jiuli clan nobles in the court. They not only want to ensure that Bian Min’er enters the palace, but also want her to give birth to the eldest son, and then establish him as the crown prince.”

“The Empress, Crown Prince, the future emperor. The Bian family is really ambitious.” Guan Suyi said casually, “If she didn’t come to provoke me, maybe I would take the initiative to back down in my stupidity. But apparently she thought that I don’t understand enough and had to swing a stick over me, which forced me to wake up. In order to thank her, I need to give her an unforgettable gift.”

“Miss, what do you want to do? Send her to the bandit den too?” Jinzi was eager to move.

“Colluding with bandits, do I look like that kind of person?” Hearing screams from outside the alley, she waved her hand and said, “Go and have a look, the person seems to have been sent back.”


At the same time, Bian Min’er was whipping the windowsill with the horsewhip and her smile was extremely cruel.

“You have anything to do with that person?” Linxiang County Princess’s words were certain.

Bian Min’er didn’t answer and asked, “Guess who she is?”

“It’s already been cut like that. How can I guess if you don’t tell me. Could it be that this person have no eyes and offended you? In any case, you’re now a person who is about to become an empress, so it’s better to be more restrained.” Linxiang County Princess warned in a serious tone.

“If I’m not the empress, who else can it be? Pan Duolan? She’s been in the palace for so long, but she never gone up to the dragon bed!” Bian Min’er sneered disdainfully.

“How do you know she never sleep there? Don’t make irresponsible remarks on this kind of things.” Linxiang County Princess looked left and right, and the rest of the ladies quickly lowered their heads, not daring to look at them, but all pricked up their ears to listen, especially Xu Yayan, and there was a flash of light in her eyes.

“Sister-in-law told me. She has lived in the palace for so long, how could she not know?” The sister-in-law in Bian Min’er’ mouth was the widow of the late first prince, and it was also she who sent the news that Emperor Sheng Yuan was infatuated with Guan Suyi into the Bian Mansion, which gave Bian Min’er a head start. As for where the first prince consort got this news from, it was really not clear, and Bian Min’er did not verified it at all. Her principle of doing things was “It’s better to kill a thousand by mistake than let one go.”

However, it turned out that there were indeed dead soldiers lurking around Guan Suyi, that slut really had an affair with the emperor!

Thinking of this, Bian Min’er couldn’t help but show a vicious expression, which startled Linxiang County Princess. She was about to inquire but then she heard shrill cries coming from outside the window. A woman knelt beside the dying naked woman and shouted, “Suyi, what happened to you Suyi? Come on, go to the Emperor Teacher Mansion and inform them that something happened to their daughter! My poor Suyi, how could you become like this!”

Guan Suyi, the daughter of the Emperor Teacher Mansion? The already noisy crowd boiled in an instant.

On the second floor of the teahouse, Linxiang County Princess was also shocked and exclaimed, “That person is actually Guan Suyi? Why did you make her like this? You, you…”

“I didn’t do it. It’s just a bitch. If I touch her I’m afraid I’ll dirtied my hand.” Bian Min’er picked her nails with a very casual expression. This was not a lie, she just threw Guan Suyi in Yanghua Mountain, why should she spend so much effort to deal with this kind of people?

It was already three days but the ban on the city gate had not been lifted. The emperor said to the outside world that he was searching for a kidnapper who had slipped through the net. In fact, while secretly looking for someone in the capital, he also sent the elite cavalry along the waterway to chase all the way down to Wuzhou. However, he could do all the calculations, but he could never calculate that the person had been sent to Yanghuan Mountain, and she was already ruined that very night, so what if he suspected her? There was no evidence left behind, and with the protection of the Bian family and the princes, she only needed to wait at ease to enter the palace.

Could it be that for a bitch who rides thousands of people and sleeps with thousands of people, the emperor can still turn against the whole clan?

Thinking like this, Bian Min’er laughed in high spirits.

How could Linxiang County Princess not guess the inside story, she tapped her forehead with his fingertips, as if she was very angry, but after a while she smiled helplessly, thinking that it was very interesting. On one side Xu Yayan was chilled by the cruelty of the two, but on the other side she secretly felt relieved. Guan Suyi, who was once magnificent, was nothing more than a bitch in front of those noble girls of the Jiuli clan, just someone they could abuse as much as they want. Thinking about how invincible she was in the past, and then looking at the bloody mass of rotten flesh below, it’s really gratifying!

In the street, the woman was still crying, and the crowd watching the excitement circled around, pointing and talking. A little girl pushed aside the crowd and squeezed in, and asked, “I am Miss Guan’s personal maid Minglan. She is staying at home perfectly fine now. Who among you said that something happened to her?”

“Hurry up, Miss Guan’s maid is here, let her recognize her.” The onlookers immediately made way for Minglan.

As she approached, Minglan shouted in horror, “Sister-in-law Song, why are you? My miss is fine, why are you recklessly spreading rumors like that? Quickly send the person to the hospital, and then report it to the officials, this is a big case murdering human life!” As she spoke, she took off her cloak and put it tightly over the woman’s body, but she didn’t dare to move her at will, only checked her injuries, and then begged the passers-by to ask for a doctor.

It turned out that this woman was Qi Yu’s wife Song shi, and for some reason she insisted on identifying the woman lying on the ground as Guan Suyi. Seeing Minglan, her face stiffened, then remember the mysterious person’s explanation, she said with certainty, “You dead girl, don’t think I don’t know. My husband said that the eldest miss was missing when Mu Mu disappeared. Now, I’ve been worried for several days. When I saw this woman today, I felt familiar. I walked closer and saw that she is Suyi. You think she has lost the face of the Guan family in this disaster, and you don’t want to recognize her. Then I will send her to the hospital myself! From now on, I will also take care of her food and drink. This is a life, ah! That damned Emperor Teacher Mansion, what a benevolent family, even their own daughter refuses to recognize!”

“How many times have you met my miss? What evidence do you have to prove this woman’s identity? You talking this nonsense, is it related to the case? If you don’t make it clear, I will send you to see the official!” Minglan was so angry that smoke was rising above her head, and fire were spitting from her eyes.

Where did Song shi dare to look at the woman’s face, stubbornly said, “You said that she is not Suyi, then do you dare to call out your eldest miss to let people see? It’s pitiful enough for her to suffer this great calamity, why do you still force her to die? Recognize her, send her to the doctor, and save her life, is it difficult for your Emperor Teacher Mansion? Everyone, my husband Qi Yu is the brilliance disciple under Lord Chief of Ceremonies, and has senior brother – junior sister relationship with Miss Guan, and I am also like a sister to her. Even if I admit wrongly, it’s unlikely to admit wrongly my own sister. The Guan family doesn’t want her, I want her, let me go, let me take her to the hospital, saving people is like putting out fire, saving people is like putting out a fire, ah!”

Song shi said righteous and awe-inspiring words, but she didn’t dare to reach out and hug the woman.

The onlookers had already been confused by the two, and didn’t know which one to believe. Suddenly they heard someone shouting loudly, “What’s so hard to tell? Just invite Miss Guan to let us see!”

“Yeah, call your master to come, then you don’t have to argue!” There was a burst of chorus from the crowd.

Just at this moment, a carriage slowly approached, and a woman in magnificent clothes lifted the curtain of the carriage, and said in a lengthened voice, “I heard that the daughter of the Guan family is in danger? Why don’t I know it myself?”

“Miss Guan is here! The real person is here! That woman inside is talking nonsense!” Someone recognized Guan Suyi and quickly opened the way for her.

When the group walked to the center of the street, they met Song shi‘s eyes, and her expressions changed.

“Sister-in-law Song, I’m staying at home perfectly fine, so why do you have to identify this woman as me? Could it be that you know something? It’s inconvenient for me to ask you right now. When the officials arrive, you can tell them in detail.”

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