Who Cares

Who Cares – Chapter 142

Chapter 142 Escape from The Trap


The woman never expected Guan Suyi could open the acupoint by herself, and she never expected her strength to be so powerful that she could subdue herself in a flash, on top of that she still imitated her own voice.

Old Five, lift the curtain and take a look! The woman screamed wildly in her heart, but she could only turn her eyes and head weakly like Guan Suyi before. She thought this mission was easy. At first, things did develop as smoothly as they expected, but everything went out of control because she miscalculated Guan Suyi.

She was guessing what Guan Suyi would do. It could be seen that she was only agile and had not developed internal strength. The reason why she could put herself down was because the element of surprise. When the Old Five found out the abnormality and came to capture her, she definitely would not be the Old Five’s opponent, so the best way for her was to jump out of the carriage and escape.

Guan Suyi was also thinking about what to do, but she immediately rejected the idea of ​​jumping from the carriage. First of all, she didn’t know where it was and how to get back; second, she was not sure that she would not meet the bandits on the road; finally, she was not reconciled! She would never be reconciled if she didn’t let those people who hurt her and Mu Mu get retribution!

The fire of hatred burned in her heart, burning her bright eyes red. She really wanted to ask the woman about Mu Mu’s whereabouts, and who was the mastermind behind her, but she also understood that people who practiced martial arts have keen eyes and ears, and the man outside would definitely be able to hear her voice when they were so close. So she couldn’t ask anything, she could only say less and make less mistakes.

She raised her hand, slapped the woman twice, then took off the purse around her waist, and took out two human skin masks, one was of her own facial features, and the other was an unshaped one which needed to be heated to be mold. But there was neither boiling water nor fire here, so she had to find another way.

The more critical the moment, the clearer her thoughts became, and she quickly found a compromise and put the unshaped mask on the woman’s face. She evenly smeared a layer of glue on the outer layer, and after a while, the glue dried and harden, and the other person’s facial features were printed down. She carefully peeled it off, put it aside for later use, and then covered the mask with her facial features over the woman’s face and glued it tightly.

The woman did not understand what she was doing, and her heart was full of fear and anxiety. It was not until she also put on a mask and changed each other’s clothes that the woman realized in horror – she actually thinking for the plum tree to withers in place of peach tree*, and gave her opponent a taste of their own medicine!

No no no, you can’t do that! Old Five, come and help! The woman went crazy when she remembered the conditions she had negotiated with the bandits earlier. She was going to be gang-r*ped by the men of the whole village, gouged out her eyes, ears, mouth and nose, cut her tendons and hamstrings, and then threw her naked in the most prosperous part of Yanjing. This was thousands of times crueler than the torture used in the Heavenly Prison!

Please spare me! She looked at Guan Suyi with tear-filled eyes, trying to impress her, soften her, and then find an opportunity to fight back. Aren’t all Han women like this? Unable to see people in distress, even when the leaves dried up and the flowers withered, they will shed a few tears. Can you really send others to death with your own hands?

Let me go then I will let you go! She had these words written in her eyes, but she vaguely understood that Guan Suyi, who had changed her appearance and voice, didn’t have to worry about exposing herself. Her mask was glued and her complexion was shiny. It looked very strange in the daytime, but the carriage would not reach Yang Hua Mountain until nightfall. In the dim light, who could see who? If Old Five was convinced by this face, and if he was not attentive enough, he would fall into her trap.

She was not a weak woman who had no power to even truss a chicken. On the contrary, with her strength, it was not difficult to split the skull of an adult with one hand! The woman was terrified in her heart, but now she was the meat on other people’s chopping block.

As midnight approached, the weather was slightly cold, and Guan Suyi, who had taken a rest while closing her eyes, took off the cloak hanging on the wall of the carriage, and put it on tightly. She approached the woman and said in the other person’s voice, “It should be almost there, you have a goodtime tonight.”

The man chuckled and tightened the reins, “We’re already here, it’s guarantee to send her to the seventh heaven.”

The carriage slowly stopped at the foot of the mountain, a few people walked out of the dark forest, and asked in a low voice, “Would you like to pass this road or go up the mountain?”

“To the east, south, west, north and middle, where does this road lead to?” The man did not answer the question.

Guan Suyi quickly realized that they were matching the secret code, and felt very fortunate in her heart. Fortunately, the man trusted the woman very much, and only let her guard the hostage, not letting her answer the call, otherwise she would be exposed by now. The woman’s eyes widened and she tried to struggle, but she couldn’t even move a finger, so she could only wait in despair.

“This road leads to the underworld, give me your life!” With cruel words, a few bandits stepped forward with a smile on their faces and hurriedly asked, “Is it in the carriage? Give us brothers a few looks”

Guan Suyi didn’t show any signs of timidity, she picked up the woman with one hand, lifted the curtain of the carriage and threw her out. If the woman didn’t talk to her, she really couldn’t judge the temperament of the other person, and she wouldn’t be able to act so well. However, it was her short words that gave Guan Suyi insight into her nature – looking down on people, arrogance, vicious, and regarded killing people’s lives as the greatest pleasure. The woman never regarded her as a human being, so she would not hand her over peacefully, and nine out of ten she would just throw her away.

From the man’s chuckle, Guan Suyi could tell that she did the right thing.

After the woman fell to the ground, she grunted, and when the bandits lit the torches, they could not help but take a deep breath, “Mother, this old man have never seen such a beautiful girl! Look at this face, look at this body, simply delicious!”

Because she practiced martial arts all the year round, the woman’s figure was indeed not bad, the part that should be substantial was extremely substantial, the part that should be slender was not full, and coupled with Guan Suyi’s face, her appearance was even more attractive. The man didn’t know Guan Suyi well, so he didn’t see the clue and urged impatiently, “Okay, don’t look anymore, you have three days and three nights to enjoy it as much as you want, don’t waste the journey time!

The few people’s lust had been lit, and they echoed one after another, “Yes yes yes, hurry up the mountain to let the boss take a look, and after he play enough then give it to us brothers to enjoy. It’s a pity that she’s not a virgin, otherwise the taste will be even better!” After the words fell, they let out a string of lewd laugh, then walked along the rugged mountain road into the dense forest and quickly disappeared.

Guan Suyi said coldly, “Let’s go back and report it.”

The man did not doubt her, and drove the carriage back the same way they came. When it was almost dawn, they finally arrived at the suburbs of the capital, and it would only take half an hour to reach the city gate. In order to prevent the man from talking to her and thus exposing her identity, Guan Suyi pretended to be asleep all the way, and only “wake up” at this time, opened the carriage’s curtain and walked to the other person’s side to sit down. She knew this road, she also knew that there were army troops stationed here, and that there were no bandits. Taking advantage of the man’s inattentiveness from drowsiness, she raised her hand and strike the side of his neck.

The man fell down without saying a word, but was grabbed by Guan Suyi in time, dragged inside the carriage, and she neatly dislocated his limbs and jaw. Like the woman, he did not carry anything that could indicate his identity. The carriage was also a Wupeng carriage used by ordinary people, and there was nothing special about it.

Parking the carriage in a secluded place, Guan Suyi silently waited for the other person to wake up. About a quarter of an hour later, the man opened his eyes and realized his situation while showing a look of hatred and doubt.

“Where is the little boy you kidnapped from the Emperor Teacher Mansion?” she asked in her real voice.

The man was shocked at first, then suddenly realized, and after a while, he exuded a strong murderous aura. It seemed that he was more ferocious and inhuman than the woman. He was closer to the dead soldier than a running dog kept by the nobles. If want to ask the secret from the dead soldier’s mouth, it was impossible without some extraordinary means.

Guan Suyi knew her own ability, she could resist the villains, but she couldn’t use torture, so she could only take the person back to Jinzi to deal with. Hopefully, they have tracked down Mu Mu’s whereabouts and they would be able to reunite as soon as she got home. She climbed out of the carriage, tightened the reins, and directed the carriage to drive on the official road. Before she got close to the city gate, she saw a crowd of people in front of her, complaining and clamoring.

“Sister-in-law, what’s going on at the front?” She greeted a woman on the side of the road with a smile.

“I heard that the young son of a high-ranking official was kidnapped. Yesterday, he reported to the emperor, so the city gate was locked and the people were not allowed to enter or leave the city. I originally thought that the ban would be lifted today, but looking at this situation, I’m afraid I won’t be able to enter today.”

“Has the child been found?” Guan Suyi held her breath and asked.

“Can it still be locked if he’s already been found? I don’t know whose child is this, even causing the whole city to be under martial law.”

An old man next to them said in a low voice, “It’s the child of the Emperor Teacher Mansion, he disappeared at noon yesterday, and they searched for a day and a night but still couldn’t find him. My son is a yamen in the city, and he is very well informed. I heard that last night the lights in the city were not allowed to be turned off, and people were searching from house to house. The emperor also issued an edict, asking the troops stationed nearby to sweep along the way, if alive need to see the person, if die need to see the corpse!”

“Isn’t the Emperor Teacher the teacher of the emperor? The status is noble enough, no wonder the emperor is so anxious. Bodhisattva please give the blessing, I hope the child is found sooner, and we can enter the city quickly.” The woman folded her hands and bowed to heaven and earth.

Hasn’t been found? Guan Suyi’s heart throbbed violently, and she was thinking about whether to falsely report the kidnapper and let the guards take her into the city, but she saw a hustle and bustle ahead, and people kept shouting, “Back up, the army is going out of the city! Be careful! Don’t be stepped on by horses’ hooves, the army master won’t take responsibility if there’s people trampled to death!”

“The army is out, hurry up, hurry up stand to the side! Perhaps they have found some clues, and go out to catch the kidnappers!” The crowd slowly retreated to the sides, Guan Suyi’s eyes lit up, she immediately turned her horse’s head back, and retreated for about a mile before she stopped firmly on the side of the road.

She had to find a way to inquire about the situation and see if Hunnar had found a clue. Outsiders only knew that the young son of the Emperor Teacher Mansion was abducted, but they did not say that the daughter was also missing, which showed that Hunnar deliberately concealed the news. The Guan family was a literary family and had never dealt with people in the military. If she didn’t know the general who came out to search for the people, before she even approached, afraid she would be killed as a suspicious person.

She couldn’t enter the city gate, and she couldn’t approach the army, could it be that she had to wait here for days? She thought and thought, but she still didn’t dare to take off her mask and take the initiative to reveal her identity. Not only her family and Hunnar were looking for her, but afraid the mastermind behind the scenes would send spies to keep an eye on the situation at any time. These people may be hidden among the people, the army, or even lurking around Hunnar. She could not trust anyone.

When she felt helpless, the army finally passed through the crowd and slowly approached. Although the man at the front had a full beard and changed the color of his pupils, he was undoubtedly Hunnar! He personally led the army to find her!

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  1. One part of me is like ‘Retribution!!’ – you had no remorse or compassion when planning this cruelty to Guan Suyi, so lay in the bed you made.

    However on the other hand as a 21st century person who values people, I can’t take any pleasure/satisfaction in the acts that might happen to her, even if it’s of her own making.

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    1. You share the name of a NewJeans member!!!

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    2. Also, I feel that this whole scheme was carried out by that Pan Jieyu, or she at least had a part to play in it~

    3. Also, I feel that this whole scheme was carried out by that Pan Jieyu, or she at least had a part to play in it~

  2. Also, I feel that this whole scheme was carried out by that Pan Jieyu, or she at least had a part to play in it~

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