Who Cares

Who Cares – Chapter 143

Chapter 143 Reunited


First, Mu Mu disappeared, and then Madam also disappeared. Emperor Sheng Yuan didn’t know how he lived this past day and night. He didn’t want to think about any tragic situation that might happen, and only told himself firmly that even if he turned Wei Kingdom upside down, he would get the two back.

The siblings were kidnapped one after another, which clearly showed it was premeditated. If Madam was caught first, the dead soldiers he sent to Madam’s side would definitely be aware of it, but if they were all transferred somewhere else, and the Emperor Teacher Mansion was in chaos, it would be easy to attack Madam. The mastermind behind this was very clear about his relationship with Madam, but who is it?

He would not doubt his confidant, and after thinking about it, a figure could not help but emerge in his mind. But more thoughts were suppressed by him, he just wanted to find Madam and Mu Mu as soon as possible, a quarter of an hour late, the damage they suffered would increase by one point, and he had no time to delay.

He rode steadily on the horse, seemingly very calm, but his mind was empty, he didn’t dare to think about anything, he just moved in the established direction. This was a habit he developed when he lived among the beasts. When his stomach was too hungry or his injuries were too severe, in order to survive, he could only empty everything and leave his limbs to the survival’s instinct to take control. He didn’t think about whether he could find Madam today, let alone thinking whether it was living person or a cold corpse that he would find.

In any case, find it first.

When the army was about to pass through the crowd and turn on the official road, he leaned over slightly, raised his whip, and prepared to accelerate with all his strength. He stared straight to the end of the road, his eyes were sharp, but his pupils were dilated, as if his body and soul had been divided into two halves, one half was terribly calm, and the other half was slowly approaching the edge of losing control.

Suddenly, he heard a high-pitched whistle from the side of the road. The whistle played several turns, first it was thrown straight into the sky and then fell down again, the rhythm was very unique. One sound barely left another ringing again and the sound was stacked on top of each other, it turned the tune from when the woodcutter was bored into a splendid arrangement, which was similar to the long-lost “Howling Sound”.

Not only the people around were attracted by the whistle, but even the soldiers who were in a strict military form couldn’t help turning their heads to take a look.

“The army is on the move, carrying the monarch’s order. Why are you making such noise? Are you tired of living?”

Emperor Sheng Yuan also followed suit, his empty eyes slowly focused, and then it burst into starlight. The whistler was a slender woman, after pulling out her fingertips from her mouth, she stared straight at him. She was wearing a very ill-fitting dress, with long sleeves, and the dress’s hem was dragged beside the carriage shaft. Her face seemed to be covered with liquid, and it looked very bright in the morning light.

Seeing that he turned his head to look, she whistled again, then took off her heavy cloak and threw it far away. The soldiers thought that there was hidden weapon or poison inside the cloak, and were about to swing their swords to intercept, but the emperor raised his hand to stop it.

The woman’s figure was very slender, and after throwing off the wide robe she looked even weaker, but no one expect that her hands were extremely strong. When Emperor Sheng Yuan and the woman looked at each other, a faint thought appeared in his heart, but he did not dare to confirm it, for fear that everything in front of him was just a dream.

But he soon smelled a scent hidden by the cloak, and his dark eyes instantly radiated ecstasy. It was indeed Madam, she was still alive!

“Get out of the way!” He shouted hoarsely, whipped the horse, and quickly ran towards Madam. The expression on his face was a mixture of joy from regaining what he lost and fear of being on the verge of despair.

The people watching saw that this little lady dared to whistle at the heavily armed soldiers, and even took off her clothes to seduce the general, and they all thought in their hearts that she was just tired of living! She didn’t even realize what she looked like, her facial features were just ordinary, and she even smeared lard ointment on her face, under the sun it was dazzlingly bright. Look at it, the general at the front was already furious, and maybe in a while he would slash her with a sword!

But the scene of blood splattering in their imagination did not happen. The tall general strike the horse to rushed to the front of the little lady’s carriage, jumped on the carriage shaft with a gentle leap, hugged the person into his arms without saying a word. He covered the back of her head with his big palm and pressed it firmly against his chest, his chin pressed against the top of the other person’s head, and rubbed it lightly over and over again with the palm of his hand. The originally cold face was actually turned into a gentle mess, and upon closer inspection, there were tears in the corners of his eyes.

No matter how smart Guan Suyi was, she was just a mortal, how could she not be afraid of life-or-death situation? But she didn’t dare to show it, and she didn’t dare to let her fear dominate her, because she knew that her biggest weapon was a clear and sharp mind. Once she lost this weapon, her life would be lost. So she kept suppressing and holding on, until the moment when she was taken into Hunnar’s arms.

“You’re here?” In front the other person, she didn’t need to hide her weakness and embarrassment, all the negative emotions erupted like lava.

“I’m here. Are you alright?” Emperor Sheng Yuan pushed Madam away and looked her up and down carefully.

“I’m fine.” Guan Suyi wiped away her tears and pointed to the carriage, “There are still people inside, let’s go in and talk.”

There was a murderous look in Emperor Sheng Yuan’s eyes, but it quickly disappeared, and he waved at the dumbfounded soldiers. “Change the route to Tong Valley, and join Marquis Zhenxi as soon as possible!”

“Yes! Everyone shouted in unison, then turned their horse’s heads and stepped onto another official road and headed east.


In the carriage, although the Jiuli man tried his best to cover it up, he still showed a look of disbelief, which immediately turned into fear.

Emperor Sheng Yuan inspected his whole body, and said firmly, “This is the person who kidnapped you? He recognizes me.”

“Do you know him?”

“No. He should be a private soldier raised by some family, perhaps he has seen me on some occasion.”

“You put on a beard and changed the color of your eyes, but he can still recognize you. It shows that he is very familiar with you, and must have seen you many times.” Guan Suyi changed the topic and asked, “Do you have any news about Mu Mu?”

“Yes, go and save him now.” Emperor Sheng Yuan tentatively stretched out his hand to hold Madam’s thin shoulder, and said softly, “You seem to have not slept all night, take off your mask first, get a good night’s sleep, and I’ll let you know what happened when you wake up.”

Guan Suyi almost fell into his arms, but remembering Mu Mu, whose life and death were unknown, she regained her strength, “I’ll go to sleep after we save Mu Mu. Where is he now?” As she spoke, she removed the mask with a special potion and then exchange it with a young man face. Before returning to the Emperor Teacher Mansion, she couldn’t let others discover her true identity, lest the mastermind behind the scenes make a big fuss about it.

Emperor Sheng Yuan’s arm hung vainly on Madam’s shoulder. Seeing that she did not dodge, he held it more firmly, but he did not dare to take her into his arms rashly, lest he offend her even a little bit. She was indeed very fragile now, and he could embrace her into his arms with just a little effort, but he didn’t want to take advantage of the situation. After the ecstasy of finding what he thought he lost, he just wanted to stay close to Madam and be alone for a moment.

“After Mu Mu disappeared, someone found the unconscious Minglan in the grass, and then everyone realized that you were gone too. Emperor Teacher and Chief of Ceremonies hurriedly entered the palace and begged me to seal the city gate. I was afraid that the kidnapper had escaped and sent Marquis Zhenxi out of the city and the soldiers were sent to many roads to search for suspicious people. If you and Mu Mu were killed, who would benefit from it? I followed this clue and it led to your cousin Guan Wenhai’s head…”

Listening to Hunnar’s story, Guan Suyi finally pieced together seven or eight points of the truth. Guan Wenhai was also involved, and was used as a scapegoat by the mastermind behind it. Since losing his heir status, Guan Wenhai had been drinking heavily all day and doing nothing. One day, he was very drunk in a wine shop, and the two mercenaries listened to his rants about Guan Father, and immediately expressed their willingness to help him teach Guan Father.

Guan Wenhai made a deal with these people in confusion, paid 500 taels for their hard work, and prepared two relatively safer way out, and after the mercenaries got hold of Mu Mu and Guan Suyi they would sell them far away. The two reasoned that they didn’t have enough people, so they would only responsible for selling Guan Suyi, not Mu Mu, and let him figure out a way by himself.

Guan Wenhai was already possessed, he even took a group of rouges and asked them to help sell Mu Mu. He didn’t actually know the exact plan, and only responsible for funding and arranging the route. Mu Mu took the land route and was going to be sold in Tong Valley in the east; Guan Suyi took the water route and was going to be sold in Wuzhou in the west.

Since he couldn’t get five hundred taels on the spot, he borrowed money everywhere, and repeatedly surveyed the situation on the east and west roads. Although he was handsome and dressed luxuriously, he went to the place where dragons and snakes were mixed, which left a deep impression on people. As soon as Emperor Sheng Yuan posted the reward list, someone went to the yamen to report him, and said his drunken words exactly.

Emperor Sheng Yuan immediately arrested and tortured the person, and finally dug up some clues. But he knew that this matter was by no means simple. Maybe Guan Wenhai was just a hurdle arranged by the mastermind, or maybe Madam and Mu Mu were neither in the east or west road. But he didn’t dare to gamble. What if the other person’s falsehood had some truth, or his truth had some falsehood? What if this news was actually true? If he killed Madam and Mu Mu because of his hesitation, he would never be able to forgive himself.

So after just thinking about it for a moment, he personally led the troops out of the city gate, but he didn’t expect to encounter Madam as soon as he set foot on the official road.

“It’s true that there is truth in falsehood, and there is falsehood in the truth.” Guan Suyi sneered, “I am not in Wuzhou at all, but at Yanghua Mountain, which in the completely opposite direction! If you chase down the waterway, you will only get farther and farther from me. As for Mu Mu, nine out of ten he is in Tong Valley. In order to save money and trouble, the rouges Guan Wenhai found should follow the route he arranged, but it cannot be ruled out that these people are cunning and change the route halfway. Anyway, let’s go and see it first. Guan Wenhai is just a scapegoat, he contributed money and efforts, and after it finish still need to be responsible for the crime. Really fucking stupid!”

After several twists and turns, and got the exact news of Mu Mu, Guan Suyi finally couldn’t hold back anymore, cursing uncontrollably. No matter who was behind this, just wait for her! Without having to borrow Hunnar’s hand, she would definitely ruin the other person’s reputation, let them feel death was better living!

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  1. I’m kinda annoyed that this emperor acts so much without thinking…makes sense how he’s schemed against so often…obviously the Jiuli people know who he is, so it’s gonna be pretty obvious who the woman is if he goes jumping over and hugging her 😛 Would’ve made more sense for him to send forward the army, sneak back around alone, then meet up with GS…

    1. It is established that he is not a political genius 😑 He is a rough soldier for hire who realised that the only way to survive was to grab the highest seat in the land. This time around he has capable and good hearted advisors around him. Also, it’s a matter of cultural unfamiliarity, which led him to make some stupid decisions.

  2. Way too obvious who the mastermind is. The dumbass cousin was just the fall guy to distract. Won’t spoil it here. Will see if I am right.

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