Who Cares

Who Cares – Chapter 141

Chapter 141 Secret Fight


Guan Suyi had guarded Mu Mu very strictly recently, for fear that some people would harm him, but she didn’t expect with a little bit of slip up and something really happened. It was Zhong shi’s maid and Minglan who took him to play. Both of them were very reliable, and they didn’t go far, only played with rattan ball at the flowerbed in the main house.

The rattan ball was kicked by Mu Mu through the courtyard’s wall, and Zhong shi‘s eldest maid was too lazy to pick it up, so she asked if there was anyone over there, and if there was, please help them by throwing it over. Minglan also ran over and shouted, shouting a few times and turning back, Mu Mu was gone.

“Miss, the young master just disappeared here, in the blink of an eye the person is gone! Sister Taohong and I thought he was hiding, and we searched for a quarter of an hour inside and outside the courtyard, and when we couldn’t find him, we realize that something was wrong, and we quickly report it to you.” Minglan choked and pointed to a path, which was full of lush flowering trees and shrubs, with messy footprints and crumpling marks, obviously trampled by Jinzi and Taohong.

Even if the kidnapper had been hiding here, the evidence would have been destroyed long ago and had no reference value. Guan Suyi tried her best to keep her calm, “Where’s Big Brother? Big Brother is gone too?”

“Yes, they’re gone.” Minglan burst into tears.

“What are you crying about, it’s more important to find the people.” Guan Suyi then ordered, “Send someone to inform grandfather and father, and ask them to come back quickly. If necessary, please ask them to write a memorial and ask the emperor to close the city gate and search all over the capital. Go and check to see if there are any idle people entering and leaving the mansion within a quarter of an hour. The rest of the people will be looking in the house, and check every single corner.”

Minglan took the order and left, Jinzi quickly returned and said that during this period of time there were two groups of people entering and exiting the Emperor Teacher Mansion. One was a farmer in the suburbs of the capital who came to deliver the ingredients, pushing trolleys and baskets, which was very suspicious; The second was from the clothing shop who came to deliver the cloth. Because the news of the young master’s disappearance had not yet spread, the gatekeeper let them go without checking.

“Jinzi, I’ll leave following the trail outside to you. I’ll look within the mansion. If there’s any delay, the kidnapper will run farther, so let’s split up.” Guan Suyi’s eyes were already red, but she held back her tears.

Saving people was like putting out fires, Jinzi understood this principle, and immediately led the dead soldier to track down the two groups of people. Guan Suyi searched all over the place where Mu Mu used to play hide and seek, hoping that he would just hide, and not be taken away. Even if it was determined that it was just a mishap in the end, even if the chaos caused people to be in a complete mess, as long as he’s alright, everything would be fine.

On the trees, on the roof, on the ancient well, under the bed, they searched all the places they could find, but Mu Mu was never been seen. Zhong shi had already dizzy from anxiety, her forehead was covered with icy kerchief, and she was already losing her mind, but Guan Suyi never gave up.

“Miss, someone said that a piece of head cloth was found at the back corner gate. It looked like it had been scraped from young master’s body, and there’s blood on it!” Minglan rushed in quickly.

“Let’s go and have a look!” Guan Suyi was shocked and walked quickly, but when she arrived at the back corner gate, she didn’t find the so-called cloth, and she didn’t find any servants searching here. She was about to turn around and ask Minglan, but then she was hit hard in the back of her head and immediately lost consciousness. At the last moment before she fainted, she vaguely heard the sound of the corner gate being opened, and two people lifted her up and quickly left the Emperor Teacher Mansion.

When she woke up, she found that it was dark all around, her body was locked in a long and narrow box, and it rocked back and forth, as if she was inside a carriage. She clearly regained her consciousness, but she couldn’t move her limbs, let alone speak.

Her acupoint had been hit! She immediately realized her condition, then quickly pulled away from the panic and began to think about the whole situation. She was now sure that Mu Mu’s disappearance was just a cover, and the one that the person behind the scene wanted to deal with was probably herself. What’s more, that person also knew her relationship with Hunnar, otherwise they would not have gone to such lengths to move Jinzi and others away.

Who is this person? What’s their purpose? In between flashing light, she remembered the vacant position of Hunnar’s empress, and couldn’t help but smile bitterly in her heart. The mastermind behind the scene knew that Hunnar had sent someone to protect her secretly, so before getting started, they used a tactic to lure the tiger away from the mountain, so that person must have regarded her as the biggest rival in the competition. She had been busy helping her grandfather sorting out manuscripts recently and had never step outside the house, but she was still caught in the whirlpool of fighting. Was this the so-called “people sit at home, and disasters come from the sky“?

Who was so powerful to actually see Hunnar’s intention? She never thought that Hunnar would tell others about them, so it must have been leaked unintentionally. And the word “unintentional” had already pointed out many clues: First, this person might have frequent contact with Hunnar, or with his close confidant, or with people in the palace; Second, this person either wanted to become the empress herself, or wanted to eliminate dissidents for others; Third, there was no doubt that this person must be from the Jiuli clan; Fourth, this person had a lot of capabilities, and if this person was a member of the Jiuli clan, they must be one of the ten noble surnames.

Guan Suyi went through the ladies who were vying for the empress position in her mind, and then smiled bitterly in her heart. She didn’t want to know, she was startled when she thought about it, her enemies were all over Yanjing, everywhere. Anyone who learn Hunnar’s intentions towards her would choose to get rid of her, without exceptions.

But why? Why should she become the dead soul under their knife? Why should she make way for them and die inexplicably outside? It still fine if they only deal with her, but they also decided to harm Mu Mu. If she could survive the catastrophe this time and escape from death, she would definitely repay them a hundredfold!

Two flames ignited in Guan Suyi’s eyes, she then tried to mobilize her body and found that although her limbs were limp and weak, her head could swing left and right, and she finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Since being tapped once by Hunnar, she had studied this skill in depth, and had also practiced it several times with Jinzi. Just hitting the acupoints itself wouldn’t do anything, but people who studied martial arts would gather internal energy to their fingertips, and then hit the acupoints around other people’s body deeply, closing all the meridians on this acupoint channel, causing a short-term confinement phenomenon. There were specific acupoints for imprisoning the upper body, lower body, limbs, and throat, but no matter which martial art schools, the method of tapping the acupoints was always the same.

The same was true for the method of solving it. Those who have martial art in the body could use their own internal energy to remove the internal energy on the acupoints, while those who do not have martial art should reversely compress the other acupoints that were connected with the particular acupoints, and use the backflowing blood to disperse the blockages. Jinzi once demonstrated on her the acupoints that could confine the whole body, and it was easy to untie it, just press the Tianzhu acupoints on both sides of the back of the neck directly.

Coincidentally, the people behind this seemed to have placed her in a coffin, with a hard wooden pillow resting on the back of her neck, with a depression in the middle and bulging on both sides, which was perfect for pressing Tianzhu acupoint. Guan Suyi shook her head from side to side and pressed down hard, trying to restore her freedom before these people could make a move.

In the darkness, the passage of time became unknown. It seemed that a long time had passed, and it seemed that it was just a moment. When the sweat soaked through the inner clothes, the gums were bitten, and Guan Suyi felt numb in her hands and feet, she finally regained senses. She didn’t hurry to move, just put her ear to the wooden board, and listened to the sound outside.

When the acupoints had not been untie, she heard people’s noise in her trance, but now it was getting quieter and quieter, and the road became bumpy. They should have left the city and entered the official road.

“Get the people out, let’s change the carriage and move through the mountain road.” A cold female voice came.

“Okay.” A certain man agreed, lifted the lid of the coffin, and was not surprised to see that Guan Suyi had woken up. He just took her out with a blank expression and placed her on another carriage. The woman asked the coachman to drive the original carriage to the southwest, as fast as possible, then jumped into the new carriage and turned on the rugged mountain road.

Guan Suyi restrained herself from speaking and moving, just looked at the two people carefully. Judging from their appearance and stature, there was no doubt that they were from the Jiuli clan, and there was a murderous aura on their bodies, like some running dogs raised by the nobles, who were especially responsible for dealing this kind of private affairs. The man was driving the carriage while the woman stayed by her side, and then she said slowly, “Are you awake? Don’t panic, we’re just taking you to Yanghua Mountain, and after three days, the people there will naturally take you back to the capital.”

Yanghua Mountain? It was a land occupied by bandits. Often passing convoys were intercepted by the bandits, all the men were killed, and the women and their belongings were plundered back to enjoy. If she was sent to that place, Guan Suyi could foresee her fate, she would be humiliated and tortured in all kinds of ways. But that’s not all, they even asked the bandits to send her back and in full view of everyone it would tell the world – The di daughter of Guan clan has been destroyed, and now just a piece of junk that has been used up by them.

What a vicious mind! Who is the person behind this? Guan Suyi thought that she hated Zhao Luli, Ye Zhen, and Xu Guangzhi, but only then did she realize that those emotions were just resentment, not hatred. The real hatred was wanting to eat human flesh and drink human blood!

The woman lowered her head to look at her red eyes, her tone was full of contempt, “You Han women are so ridiculous, you think you can become the empress with just a bit of good looks? Let me tell you, Jiuli women will never bother to play tricks with you, let alone play fight openly and secretly with you. There are only two ways for us to deal with the enemy, one is to let her die, and the other is to let her feel that death is better than living.”

Guan Suyi felt so much hatred and stared at the woman closely, trying to carve her appearance into her mind.

The woman shook her head and smiled, “You can look as much as you want. In three days, your eyes, ears, tongue, hands and feet will be cut off one by one, then no matter how much you want to see, it’s useless. It’s also sad and regrettable that the di daughter of the Emperor Teacher Mansion would have fallen to such a point.”

Guan Suyi bit her gums and spat out a mouthful of bloody spit at her. The woman thought she was going to bite her tongue to commit suicide, so hurriedly leaned over to probe, but unexpectedly, the other person raised her hand and hit the woman’s armpit with all her strength, causing the woman to lose her mobility instantly, and then quickly dislocated her jaw, depriving her the opportunity to call for help.

“I told you to behave!” Guan Suyi opened her mouth, but what she emitted was that woman’s unique cold voice, which made the woman stunned and frightened. The man outside the carriage wanted to lift the curtain to take a look, but after hearing this, he felt relieved and continued driving.

“It seems that hitting the acupoint lightly is not enough, I need to twist your limbs too.” Guan Suyi continued to imitate the woman’s voice and quickly dislocated all her joints, making her completely incapacitated.

The mastermind behind the scenes thought she was just a weak woman with no strength to even truss a chicken, which was a big mistake! Without any martial arts foundation, how could she follow her grandfather to travel in the war-torn Nine Continent? Is Jiuli noblewomen so great? If she’s so tough then fight her face to face!

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