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Who Cares – Chapter 133

Chapter 133 Explaining


In the early years, Guan Father and Old Master Guan traveled outside to promote Confucianism, so they entrusted Zhong shi to the care of the clan in their hometown. The clansmen promised on the surface, but secretly withheld the things that the two sent back. When Zhong shi couldn’t open the pot and was starving to death, they came to the door and forced her to sell the land to sustain her life. If it were not for Zhong shi get the news before and hid in her parents’ house, she might not be able to keep her husband’s property.

Later, Guan Father couldn’t stand it, so he had to take his wife with him. The couple gave birth to their eldest daughter during the journey, and they gradually got used to the life of wandering outside. Two years later, Zhong shi became pregnant again, but because of the unstable fetus and weak body, she had to return to her hometown to give birth. This time, Guan Father was on guard, and all the belonging were brought back by a reliable friend. The clansmen couldn’t take advantage of it, and they began to isolate her. Occasionally, Jiuli’s army and the army of the previous dynasty were fighting nearby, fearing that they would be attacked by the war, the clansmen fled to the mountain overnight, and left the Zhong shi alone in their residence.

Zhong shi was seven-to-eight month pregnant, how could she escape? Unable to think of anything, she took a bag of dry food and curled up in the basement of a certain family’s house. It was the middle of winter and the weather was so cold that even normal people couldn’t stand it, then how about a pregnant women? After the war was over, and the army left the camp, Zhong shi had a miscarriage. She gave birth to a male fetus who was not breathing, on top of that she injured her body and could never conceive again.

The clansmen came down from the mountain without caring for her, let alone look after her for a day. The family who dug the basement also blamed her for having a miscarriage, which stained his land, and from time to time after that he would stand outside her courtyard wall and curse, as if he had formed a deep hatred, which showed how the humanity was so cold, cold penetrating the bone marrow.

Guan Father deeply hated the ruthlessness of the clan, but because of the blood connection, he couldn’t take revenge and had to secretly swallow this anger. However, the clansmen not only did not realize that they were wrong, but also intensified their efforts to force them to return the fields to the clan, just because the two of them were always traveling around and not produce anything. However, when did Old Master Guan get even half an acre of land when he separated from his brothers? The hundred acres of fertile land were all bought by him and his son with their own hard work, and had nothing to do with the clan.

They were resolutely unwilling to return the land. But they did not live in the village, and that hundred acres of fertile land were always idle, so naturally others couldn’t stand it. That was why the relationship between them became worse and worse, until later the war broke out in full swing, and the clan moved to Yanjing to avoid disaster. Only then the relationship eased a bit, which was also because Old Master Guan used the money from selling his land to pay for travel expanse for everyone. But after arriving in Yanjing, the clansmen who used to cry and said that they didn’t have money for the travel bought a large courtyard with three or four entrances, but the Guan family was the poorest, and could only temporarily live in a broken house and relied on thin tiles to cover up from the rain.

No one wanted to help them, so the white-eyed wolves were always be the white-eyed wolves wherever they went, and couldn’t be redeemed.

Guan Father had no affection for the clan since a long time ago. Now that the Guan family became famous, they all came to the door one after another. How could he not guess what they were thinking? Seeing his daughter bring Mu Mu home, it was not that he didn’t think about it, but he never opened his mouth because of the seniority problem. Perhaps because the Guan family suddenly has a son, even thought he was only the adopted son of his daughter, it made people restless. Recently, they frequently came to the door to make peace, and even the patriarch had repeatedly visited and directly ordered them to recognize the second uncle’s eldest son as the heir.

Heir? Dream on! Guan’s father and daughter had the same thinking. Even if the things belong to the Guan family were thrown into the lake, still wouldn’t let others have it. Therefore, when his wife came to him and revealed that she want to recognize Mu Mu as the heir, he immediately agreed, and said that he would persuade the old man. The Old Master attached great importance on ethics, and if his great-grandson suddenly become his grandson, afraid that he would not be able to overcome the hurdle in his heart. In addition, there were still problems such as changing the household registry and the family tree that need to be solved, so it need to be figured out slowly.

After getting her father’s approval, Guan Suyi called Mu Mu and explained to him the problem of changing his seniority.

“Mu Mu, you can’t call me mom in the future.” She took the little child into her arms and spoke softly.

“Why? Mom, don’t you want me anymore?” Mu Mu was so frightened that he couldn’t even hold the little monkey, his eyes were dripping and immediately a lot of golden beans fell out.

“No, no,” Guan Suyi hurriedly explained the matter of recognizing him as the heir, not afraid that Mu Mu could not understand this matter because of his young age. Now leave some impressions in his heart, and when he was older, he would gradually understand. But Mu Mu was better than she expected, knowing that they just changed the way he address people, not to send him away, he immediately agreed while hugging Guan Suyi’s arm.

“So can I stay here forever? Always with mom, grandfather, grandmother, and great-grandfather?” Mu Mu confirmed again and again.

“Yes, you will be the Guan family in the future, and you have to change your name to Guan Mumu. Also, you can no longer call me mom, you have to call me sister, your grandfather and grandmother are your parents, and the old master is your grandfather. Do you want to? ”

“I do.” Mu Mu hugged his new sister and refused to let go. As long as they don’t send him away, they could ask him anything.

“Mu Mu is so good. In the future, you can only call us this in private and don’t let outsiders hear, or they will hurt you.” Guan Suyi breathed a sigh of relief, thought for a while, and felt happy again. She was supposed to have a younger brother, but he died because of the war and the indifference of the clansmen. Mu Mu survived, this might be because God was compensating her, compensating her mother!

“Good brother, obedient brother.” She was overjoyed, kissing Mu Mu on the left cheek, and kissing Mu Mu on the right cheek, making him giggle.

“Sister? Sister, sister, sister…” Mu Mu called out tentatively, feeling it was very novel, he called again and again, and quickly adapted to the change in seniority. The two siblings hugged and played together, feeling closer than when they were adopted mother and son.

“Madam, I’m here to make an appointment.” Emperor Sheng Yuan stood at the door and smiled at the two people in the room.

Mu Mu was startled, and hurriedly hid in his sister’s arms, but the little monkey ran over, stumbling onto the man’s shoulder and sat down there, his mouth kept chattering. A Mynah flew in and stood on top of the little monkey’s head, pecking its ear with its sharp beak and called “Big Brother, Big brother”.

“It knows Big Brother. Who is it?” Because of the presence of the small animals, Mu Mu’s fear subsided. He pointed out to the Mynah and asked.

“This is Little Brother, Big Brother’s brother.”

“But it’s a Mynah, and Big Brother is a monkey.” Mu Mu came out of his sister’s arms, ran timidly to Emperor Sheng Yuan, and stretched out his short hand, as if he wanted to bring the little monkey back, but he couldn’t reach it.

“You can be relatives without blood, just like you and me.” Guan Suyi took the opportunity to teach her younger brother, and then sent Jinzi a wink and asked her to take Mu Mu away.

Unexpectedly, Emperor Sheng Yuan suddenly bent down and picked up the little guy, carried him on his other shoulder, and said with a small laugh, “This is my wife’s new brother, Guan Mumu? Much cuter than other cubs.” People who knew him all know that he hated children the most in his life, and avoided them whenever he saw one, but the one who was raised under Madam’s knee was really pleasing to the eye.

The culture of the Central Plains was indeed extensive and profound, and the phrase “love the house and its crow” was simply very appropriate here.

Mu Mu was startled at first, he was supported on the waist by that man, then they walked around the house twice, which made him laugh, and while hugging the man’s head he asked, “Who are you? Why haven’t I seen it before?”

“I’m your brother-in-law.” Emperor Sheng Yuan laughed.

“Hunnar, what nonsense are you talking about?” Guan Suyi’s cheeks were flushed with anger.

“Since Madam dislikes me for talking nonsense, then I’ll leave now.” Emperor Sheng Yuan put down Mu Mu and made a move to leave.

“No, you stay.” Guan Suyi hurriedly stepped forward to block the door, then took Mu Mu into her arms and handed him over to Jinzi to take away. Mu Mu was a little worried, and before going out, he explained in a milky voice, “Sister, don’t be angry, talk to brother-in-law well.”

Before the helpless Guan Suyi could answer, Emperor Sheng Yuan laughed softly and promised, “Don’t worry, little brother-in-law, your sister’s temper will come and go quickly, and it will be fine after a while. This is a greeting gift from your brother-in-law, keep it.” He took out a gem-studded dagger from his waist and stuffed it into Mu Mu’s arms.

Mu Mu was a boy after all. He liked weapons, swords and halberds very much, so he quickly hugged him tightly and said politely, “Thank you, brother-in-law.” After that the two people went out of the room, and took away Little Brother and Big Brother and the house was completely quiet.

Guan Suyi calmed down her shyness slightly, and spread out her hand to invite, “Please sit down and drink tea.”

Emperor Sheng Yuan took a seat opposite her, raised his teacup and sighed, “This is the first time I am treated politely by Madam, today is worth remembering.”

Guan Suyi gritted her teeth and continued, “I think Jinzi has already told you? It’s not difficult to change the household register, but changing from the grandson to the son is a bit confusing, and afraid it will cause an uproar. Although my father is well-liked, but he also has many enemies, the court above and below all staring at him. If he runs around to change the household register, and his political opponents get the wind, it will definitely affect his career. When the clansmen receive the news, they will also attack our family. At that time Mu Mu will be in danger. I want to ask you to quietly change his household registration so that it can give him a heavy layer of protection.”

“Since you understand that it will ruin Chief of Ceremonies’ career, why did Madam tell me? Aren’t you afraid that I will mark down Chief of Ceremonies?”

“You won’t.” Guan Suyi smiled slightly, “Borrowing your word, I only do this because you like me.”

Emperor Sheng Yuan’s heart trembled and he sighed, “Madam, you have turned bad. You’re like a scoundrel now.”

“I was originally like this, but you think of me too well. I am indeed a scoundrel, and I act recklessly because of your liking; I’m also very hypocritical, rejecting you while enjoying the pleasure and convenience you brought me; And I’m still duplicitous, on the surface rejects you to death, but secretly feel happy and proud of your affection. When I’m fine, I hope you will go as far away as possible, and when I have something, I will think of you as soon as possible, and ask you to cut through the thorns for me. Sometimes I want you to give up on me, and sometimes I want you to love me more. You see, I’m such an inconsistent and contradictory person. I reject you, use you, whet your appetite, I don’t want to accept but I also don’t want to lose, it’s so hypocritical and disgusting. If you think I’ve broken your beautiful imagination, leave as soon as possible.” Guan Suyi slowly opened up her heart, and even herself couldn’t figure why she was saying these things.

Emperor Sheng Yuan was stunned for a moment before he said, “Madam, not only do I not want to leave now, but I love you even more. Your imperfection is exactly the perfection in my eyes.”

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  1. Oh…wow…bearing herself so openly really bought tear to my eyes 🥹
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  2. Well, at least she is very aware about herself and what she is doing. Love her honesty and it is very much a response to Hunnar’s love confession. And we have to give credit to Hunnar, he loves her entirety – the good side as well as the bad. And wow, the audacity of cousins!

  3. By far one of the most “unique” confessions i hv ever read in a novel. The translator did justice to this marvelous work!!

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  5. I wish I had said these things to the guys who liked me. This style of laying everything out on the table would have prevented those people from building up an imaginary version of me in their heads, then get angry at me when I don’t match it. :’)

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