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Who Cares – Chapter 132

Chapter 132 Reality


“Gate wall of peach and plum, famous all over the world?” Guan Suyi flipped through the “Subset Commentary” in her hand, and smiled sarcastically, “All I see is fishing for fame and pull support to form faction.”

Jinzi reported Xu Guangzhi’s recent movements in detail, and sighed, “He is really a snake who knows how to curry favor. You destroy his literary name again and again, but he still can get up again and again, and climbs higher and higher each time. You take a look, this is his newly published article, titled “Doctrine of Teacher’s Way,” which compared the scholars who criticized him for recruiting disciples to ‘Groups of dog in village barking, barking what they find strange*‘, and also said that he ‘disregarded common customs, be laughed at and insulted, resisting face and become a teacher,  and he’s willing to guide the students of Wei Kingdom in literary road and stand up to the teacher’s way’. Because most of the students who participated in the imperial examination were from poor families, they’re not qualified to hire great teachers, and they are deeply impressed by his one or two teachings, so they speak up to build momentum for him. Now no one dares to openly oppose him, they all have fled away.”

“Bring the article here,” Guan Suyi spread her palms, her tone was careless, “Mencius said – The fault of people is that they like to be the teacher of others. But I can’t agree. If someone else writes this kind of book, I will definitely give full support and exert my strength to cheer them, just because they pointed out a clear path for the students in the world. However, this person is Xu Guangzhi, I will suppress him again to see how many times he can get up.”

Jinzi took out the manuscript of “Doctrine of Teacher’s Way” and asked in a low voice, “Miss, what kind of deep hatred do you have with Xu Guangzhi? Why you insist on making things difficult for him? Besides, how do you want to suppress him? He has blocked all the words, and bought the hearts of the poor students all over the world, and you alone may be no match for the people’s mouths.”

Guan Suyi waved her hand and whispered, “Who said I was fighting against him alone? I’ll just throw out a brick and get a jade back* and let all the great scholars in the world to also speak. At that time, this “Subset Commentary” will not be worth a penny.”

“What is this trick of throwing out a brick and get a jade back ?” Jinzi liked Miss’ ruthlessness toward the literary world the most.

“He writes books, and I also write books. It just depends on who has better ideas.” After saying this, Guan Suyi spread out the rice paper, picked up the brush and was about to write. But unexpectedly Zhong shi to walk in with a stack of calling cards. She urged, “Why haven’t you dressed yet? Didn’t I tell you that we’re going to be a guest at Madam Ma’s house later?”

“I also sent Minglan to inform you that I will not go.” Guan Suyi had no choice but to put down the brush dipped in ink, frowning slightly.

“You have to go even if you don’t want to. I have already replied to the post, how can I break the promise? Mother tells you that Madam Ma’s eldest son is really gentle and elegant, very handsome. He traveled around Jiangnan before, and this time he came back specially to participate in the imperial examination, his learning is not worse than Young Master Ji. Although he married once, his first wife died of illness. Now the three-year filial piety period has passed, and still have not any children. He is a good match.” Zhong shi walked forward and dragged her daughter, her hands kept busy while quickly tied up her daughter’s loose hair, and ordered Jinzi and Minglan to prepare the dress and rouge gouache.

Seeing that the manuscript on the table was disrupted, and the brush rolled off the table, Guan Suyi finally couldn’t bear it any longer, and asked solemnly, “Mother, what do you want me to do? Hurry up and get married? Well daughter will immediately write a letter to my lover and ask him to come and marry me, so you don’t have to worry, just wait at home to receive the betrothal gift.”

Her parents could see the intersection between her and Emperor Sheng Yuan, how could she not see through their cover up? If really want to force her to marry, alright then, who is not marrying? She can even deal with a coward like Zhao Luli, can’t she deal with a fool like Hunnar?

Zhong shi was startled and stammered, “You, do you have a lover? Who is it?” Then she waved her hand quickly, “No, no, no, how can I still don’t understand my daughter? How can you get involved with other man shortly after reconcile! Yiyi, you must be scaring your mother. Alright, mother won’t force you, if you want to stay at home then stay at home, do whatever you want, mother will turn down Madam Ma and tell her not to wait.”

Only then did Guan Suyi hold Zhong shi‘s arm and smiled slightly, “Mother really understands daughter, just now I was really scaring you, don’t take it to heart.”

Then Zhong shi sat weakly on the embroidered stool and patted her chest lightly.

Seeing Madam was taken aback by her miss, Minglan quietly pulled Jinzi out of the inner room and whispered, “Don’t you think Miss smiling very evilly? This time when she returned home, she really changed a lot, where would she contradict Madam like this in the past, she would have already followed her to the meet-up.”

“Miss just want to live her own life. Could it be that the Guan family dislikes her for reconciling, and can’t tolerate her to eat leisurely?” Jinzi frowned and asked back.

“How? Miss is the only child of the Guan family!” Minglan immediately retorted.

“Then why rush Miss to get married? Could it be that a woman’s value can only be reflected in her husband? I think Miss is like me, probably has the idea of establishing a female household.” Jinzi firmly asserted.

Inside the house, Guan Suyi also said in a deep voice, “Mother, all day long you take me to this madam, to look at to that young master, and let them to turn their noses up at me, even treat me like an ornament or an exhibit. They also disliked me for not being gentle, that I am not virtuous, and they think they will not be able to suppress me in the future, afraid that I might cause trouble in the house. What a big face! What is this suppressing? Could it be because I’m a reconcile woman, I’m destined to suffer from them after getting married? Then why should I reconcile with Zhao Luli? At least in the Zhao family, no one will think about oppressing me, and no one will be able to oppress me. Are you are in a hurry to get me married, so that I can experienced the pain of being humiliated again? If so then fine, I will find you the most honorable son-in-law in the whole world, and this time I will swallow my blood even if my teeth are knocked out, and I will never complain!”

Zhong shi was about to say a few soft words, persuaded her daughter to change her mind, but when she heard this, she was frightened, and she quickly waved her hand and said, “Don’t, don’t, don’t! Don’t be impulsive! You are a person who already reconcile once, it’s alright to be a second wife, how can you enter the palace? Are you not afraid of being laughed at by the world!”

“So because I reconcile I’m only worthy of being a second wife?” Guan Suyi’s strength was drained by these words. It turned out that the idea that “women are humble and only worthy of being dependant of men” had existed since ancient times, and was not Xu Yayan’s original creation; it turned out that even women themselves just wanted to find a husband and make do with the situation for a lifetime. However, she make do once, make do for the second time, and no longer wanted to make do for the third time. If she really can’t escape, it’s better to choose Hunnar, at least he is the most honorable person in the world, even if it make do, it will not be too bad.

Zhong shi felt uncomfortable by her daughter’s desolate gaze, and sighed, “This is the situation of the world, and no one can be exempted. Besides, the palace is a place that eats people. You have a straightforward personality, how can you survive?”

“Can’t the Guan family support me for the rest of my life?” Guan Suyi’s voice was hoarse, obviously tired.

“No.” Zhong shi‘s eyes showed despair, “To say something unpleasant, after your grandfather and father passed away, if the Guan family have no heirs, according to the law, all family property must be returned to the clan and distributed by the clan members. When the time comes, where can you go? The world is so big, but where is there any place for you? It’s not that mother wants to force you. If you marry someone and take away a generous dowry, even if you don’t live well in your husband’s house, it’s better than being homeless and penniless.”

“Can’t I set up a female household like Jinzi?” Guan Suyi asked again. This was actually the future she had planned for a long time.

“If it’s a commoner’s family, of course you can. But the Guan family has a big business, and many people are staring at us. If your grandfather and father are gone, not only the clan will take action, but even outsiders will also be involved. The so-called the tall tree attracts the wind* is precisely this. You are a woman, at that time you won’t know when you are hurt, so mother want to find you a support, so that you can live a safe life.” Zhong shi hugged her daughter and wept softly.

Guan Suyi finally woke up from the excitement and joy of returning home and began to face her own situation and the hidden crisis of the Guan family. In her last life, she had gone early, and the Guan family was impoverished, with no money left except for a dilapidated house, so how could the clan care about them? But this life was different. The Guan family was prominent for a while, and even estranged relatives often came to the door, let alone close relatives within five-clothes? Afraid they were all waiting to divide this huge business!

After pondering for a moment, she said apologetically, “Mother, it’s daughter’s fault. I shouldn’t always think about myself and ignore your feelings. Let’s not be in a hurry to get married. Let’s bring Mu Mu here first and change his seniority.”

“Yiyi, what do you mean?” Zhong shi‘s eyes lit up.

“Didn’t the second uncle come to the door a few days ago and ask grandfather to adopt the seventh cousin as your son? Seventh cousin is three years older than me, already understand the matter, and now he want to catch up with the imperial examination, this is to borrow the power of our family to pave the way for him. He has a father and a mother, and a lot of brothers and sisters. In the past, when our family’s reputation was not prominent, he didn’t respect grandfather and father, so how could he treat you with sincerity? Afraid as soon as he get the family property, he will change his face. If so, it’s better to adopt Mu Mu and let him be your son.”

“But after all, he already has a mother and son’s relationship with you, and has no blood relationship with our family. Setting aside what the outsider will say, the patriarch will definitely not agree. This is a bit difficult.” Zhong shi had already have this idea in the back of her mind, but she didn’t dare to say it openly.

“Even if it’s hard to, it’s still need to be done! Even if all of our family’s things are thrown into the lake, we still won’t let others have it.” In the previous life, in order not to be dragged down by her reputation, it’s unknown how many clansmen went to Cangzhou and begged her to die sooner. A few other cousins sent her poison, which made her heart feel cold.

If it wasn’t for her maternal grandfather and grandmother running around for her and damaging their body; if not for her grandfather being repeatedly persecuted by the clan, she would not have cut her life short.

“Change the household, recognize him as the son, immediately start to prepare. I’ll explain to Mu Mu. Let’s hide it from the clansmen for now, and the matter of entering the family tree must be carefully planned, so that no one will interfere with it.” She took out a document from the box that Hunnar gave her, and indeed Mu Mu was assigned to her name as an adopted son.

With the support of her daughter, Zhong shi had the backbone, and immediately walked out, “Yes, I’ll go to your father to discuss it. Your father may not have this idea, just afraid of messing up the seniority in the family and it’s not easy to open his mouth. Your grandfather is old-fashioned, I’m afraid we have to persuade him slowly.”

“Go ahead, Mu Mu is still young and has just come to our house, so it’s not too late to change his seniority.” When Zhong shi walked away, Guan Suyi shook the document and instructed, “Jinzi, invite your former master out, just say that I have something to ask him.”

Jinzi did not dare to neglect, and hurried away.

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TN: so basically the other Guan family is so awful that GSY is better off having an evil mother-in-law than staying single.

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