Who Cares

Who Cares – Chapter 134

Chapter 134 Bet


Guan Suyi was embarrassed and waiting for Emperor Sheng Yuan’s ridicule, but she didn’t expect to hear another confession. Her cheeks started to flush layer by layer, then she turned her head away, not dare to look into his eyes full of love and ecstasy.

Emperor Sheng Yuan reluctantly suppressed the excitement in his heart and laughed hoarsely, “Madam, do you know what you were doing just now? You cut open your heart and showed it to me. Have you ever done this to other people? Emperor Teacher, Chief of Ceremonies, Madam Guan, do they know the real you?”

Guan Suyi’s ears trembled slightly, and she didn’t dare to look at him. How could she possibly say those words to someone else? She was the di daughter of the Guan family, a paragon of virtue and morality!

Emperor Sheng Yuan laughed louder and louder, and then said tenderly, “It’s not that Madam has no feelings for me, otherwise you would not be reluctant to lose me, but you dare not accept it. What are you worrying about? Worry that my heart will change after you enter the palace and worry that you will lose the favor and not being able to survive? Madam is so bold and strong, can’t you try to take a step forward? You didn’t want to reconcile at first, but now aren’t you living well? When you enter the palace, I will definitely cherish you properly, become the only favorite in the harem with unparalleled honor.”

“The ending as the only favorite in the harem are usually a sudden death or the cold palace.” Guan Suyi finally turned to look at him, and some resistance resurfaced in her eyes.

“In the end, you just won’t believe me, so it’s useless for me to say more.” Emperor Sheng Yuan helplessly supported his forehead. Madam was really stubborn, and the door of her heart that was just opened was closed so quickly.

Guan Suyi was almost sidetracked by this man, so she couldn’t help but be alert and said bluntly, “If you help Mu Mu change the household, count it as I owe you one.”

“Then what do you plan to use to pay it back?” Emperor Sheng Yuan firmly pursued, unable to let go.

“Aything except entering the palace.”

Emperor Sheng Yuan’s eyes darkened slightly, then he pointed to his lips and said, “Then kiss me, mouth to mouth, tongue wrapped around tongue.”

Guan Suyi was embarrassed and annoyed by his straightforward request, and immediately wanted to refuse. But she was afraid that he would flung his sleeves and leave, and if she went to ask for it again in the future, he might raise the price, which would make it even more difficult to pay. However, letting her straightforwardly agree, she still very unwilling in her heart, so she could only stare at him with her fiery eyes.

After finally gaining the upper hand, Emperor Sheng Yuan would not give in so easily, then he patted his clothes as if ready to leave, “Since Madam feels embarrassed, then forget it. Anyway Chief of Ceremonies’ methods are not bad, just bribe someone to do something about this can also get the matter done. Even if this unruly handle is in the hands of Minister of the Household, he must control everything. It is difficult to be an honest official, and a little stain will ruin your reputation, so you let Chief of Ceremonies fend for himself.” After the words fell the man walked to the door, his face was full careless smile.

“Alright, I promise you!” Guan Suyi gritted her teeth and shouted, ponder for a while then said, “But do you dare to make a bet with me. If you win, I will kiss you; if you lose, you will help me with this matter unconditionally.”

Emperor Sheng Yuan turned around and smiled, “You talk about how the bet works first?”

“You sit here, and if you can stay still for a quarter of an hour, I will kiss you.” She pointed to a low stool.

“Can I blink?” Emperor Sheng Yuan was afraid he would fall into Madam’s words trap. Don’t look at her dignified and virtuous appearance, in fact, she had more tricks than anyone else, and even more she was a little scoundrel.


“Can I speak?”


“You wouldn’t push me on purpose, would you?”

“I won’t touch you.” Guan Suyi raised her hands.

“Since it’s a bet, of course there must be a jackpot. If I win, you have to sit in my arms, put your hands around my neck and kiss me, and then you have to call me husband. If I lose, I will naturally help you settled Mu Mu’s household registration.” Emperor Sheng Yuan grandly sat down, his eyes were full of blazing hot flames.

Guan Suyi felt like she was burned by him, and lowered her eyes, “Alright, let’s start. I promise not to touch your body. If you move by yourself, you will lose.”

“Naturally.” Not to mention sitting on a stool, even if he squatted on a horse, Emperor Sheng Yuan could hold on for two hours without moving. He stared at Madam intently, his eyes like a wolf that had been hungry for a long time.

In order to avoid his gaze, Guan Suyi walked around the round table twice, and then stood in front of him. She looked at him with gentle eyes for a while, and finally leaned down slightly, opened her red lips, and approached inch by inch.

Emperor Sheng Yuan was taken aback by her gesture that was like begging for a kiss, and almost couldn’t help but reaching out and hug her. Fortunately, he quickly remembered the bet and reluctantly suppressed it. It turned out that Madam was waiting for this, said she won’t touch him, but she didn’t say she won’t seduce and confuse him, really cunning!

He gritted his teeth, closed his eyes, and didn’t look at Madam’s demonic appearance.

Seduction, this kind of thing, Guan Suyi had done it once before, and this time practice makes perfect. At first she was hesitating whether to retreat or not, but thinking of the jackpot that had added to the bet, she could only bite the bullet. Just pretend like she was wearing a mask. Thinking like this, she slowly let go of herself and leaned forward. It’s really weird, when she was wandering the streets that day, she clearly wore a mask on her face, but it seemed that she removed the mask in her heart, so that she dared to be the real Guan Suyi.

Who is Guan Suyi? Before that, she didn’t even know it herself, but afterwards, she realized that she would never be able to become a perfect person who always restrain herself and return to the rites and abiding by morality, as taught by her grandfather. She had too much rebellion and too much unwillingness, and she needed to vent.

Staring at this deeply contoured, resolute and stern face, she slightly opened her red lips and sent out a mouthful of orchid fragrance. The other person’s eyelashes trembled violently, and the muscles in his cheeks also trembled. Obviously, he was quite startled, but he tried his best to restrain it. She gave a low laugh and blew onto his eyelids again, his eyelashes trembling more frequently, and finally he opened her eyes after couldn’t bear it any longer.

“If you don’t open it, I’ll blow into your ear.” There was a thick honey juice flowing in her voice, making the other person’s blue eyes to burst into flames in an instant.

“Madam, you’ve turned bad. At this moment, you are really a rogue.” Emperor Sheng Yuan’s voice was like a stone stuck in his throat, making it very hoarse.

“This is how I am originally.” Guan Suyi’s delicate red lips were getting closer and closer, so close that he could feel her body temperature and breathing in the air. She was still talking, and the fragrance from her lips was blowing from time to time, making his skin tingle.

Emperor Sheng Yuan’s heart was beating like a drum, his blood was boiling, but he knew very clearly that if he wanted to pick up these two red lips, he couldn’t do anything. Endure, must endure.

Guan Suyi got closer, her lips and his lips were only separated by a thin-paper distance, and then she stayed still, her voice was very beautiful, “Just a little bit, can you feel it?”

How can he not feel it? Emperor Sheng Yuan’s blue eyes were already covered with blood, and the upper and lower canine teeth touched lightly, desperately want to bite the prey sent to his mouth, but had no choice but to restrain himself. When he thought that the other person would continue to seduce him until a quarter of an hour passed, she suddenly pulled away, and the cold wind poured in as she leaned back, instantly cooling his hot lips and bulging heart.

How can you back off so suddenly? Don’t you know that chasing prey is the instinct of a wild beast? Just as this thought appeared in his mind, his body had already rushed over uncontrollably, only to be held back by an unsheathed sword.

“I won.” Guan Suyi said word by word. Of course she knew that he would rush over by instinct, otherwise she would not have proposed this bet.

Emperor Sheng Yuan’s strength was taken away by these two words, and he laughed sullenly, “Madam, you really have turned bad! But I love you even more! Even if you are arrogant, hypocritical, a rouge, and just want to string me along and scheme me, I also accept it.”

Guan Suyi was pierced by this sentence, rubbed her numb lips, and then smiled brightly. She hadn’t figured out how to deal with this feeling, but she also decided to move forward slowly and tentatively. When she sense danger, she only need to see what kind of answer her heart would give, perhaps firmly refuse, perhaps move forward without hesitation.

Emperor Sheng Yuan was dazzled by her bright appearance, took out a document from his arms and handed it over, sighing, “Although I couldn’t taste Madam’s lips, this sincere smile can also be used as consolation. I’ve got the paperwork done on the way here, so hide it properly. You also know that since ancient times, the patriarchal law has always been higher than the country law. If the Guan clan do not recognize Mu Mu and unwilling to put him in the family tree, even if you change the household, it will not help. ”

How could Guan Suyi not know this? Within a clan, the power of the clan leader was above everything else, and if he want to punish a clan member with capital punishment, it was useless even if the officials come.

“After changing the household, at least we gained a foothold with the law. In the future, when Mu Mu grows up, it will not be easy for others to get hold of him. Besides, my father will also find a way to put him in the family tree. The clan is not tightly bound and inseparable whole. I can always draw a few people to speak for him.” Guan Suyi rubbed her eyebrows, showing exhaustion, “I hope grandfather and father can live a long life and pave the way for Mu Mu. Thank you very much this time.”

Emperor Sheng Yuan pondered for a moment, and then tempted her, “Why should you be polite between you and me? Have you ever thought that if you marry the most powerful person in Wei Kingdom, Mu Mu will be the country’s uncle. Who would dare to meddle with the country’s uncle’s family property? All your troubles now are just troubles you asked for yourself. If Mu Mu is your adopted son, I will treat him as my own son; if he is your younger brother, I will treat him as my own brother, and I will never make him suffer.”

Guan Suyi’s ears turned red, and she wanted to be angry, but also found it funny, she quickly snatched the document and reprimanded, “Start talking nonsense again! It’s getting late, go away! What I hope the most is for Mu Mu to become a worthy person, not to help the Guan family hold on to the family property. If I really hand him over to you, I am afraid he will become a little scoundrel or a little bully.”

Emperor Sheng Yuan reluctantly walked to the door, and pretended to say goodbye, but suddenly pulled Madam into his arms, quickly kissed her on the side of the face, and then flew up onto the roof and disappeared without a trace.

“One household registration for a cheek kiss. Madam will not be stingy, right?” The man’s deep and rich voice still echoed in her ears, making Guan Suyi’s cheeks flushed red, both embarrassed and annoyed, and after enduring for a while, she inexplicably laughed.

Mu Mu ran out with Big Brother in his arms, and asked with disappointment, “Sister, where is brother-in-law? Jinzi said that my brother-in-law is a great general and he is very amazing.”

“Shh, don’t mention him in front of others, not even father, mother and grandfather. This is our secret, okay?” Guan Suyi stretched out her pinkie and said helplessly.

Mu Mu’s eyes lit up, and immediately hooked her sister’s pinkie finger, and mysteriously promised, “I will never mention it. Pinkie swear and the hook can’t be change for a hundred years.”

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