Who Cares

Who Cares – Chapter 122

Chapter 122 You Win


Guan Suyi was not a fool, immediately wanted to understand the key point, slapped her chopsticks on the table, and asked, “When did you find out?”

“I recognized Madam within half an hour after leaving the cloth shop.” Emperor Sheng Yuan turned to look at her with a big smile.

He recognized her so quickly, but he pretended not to know, and because she ran up to him to provoke him, she became a beam-jumping clown without she realize! Guan Suyi didn’t show it her face, but there was lightning and thunder in his heart, and the waves of anger were raging. What wins or loses doesn’t matter? After made into a fool by Hunnar, she found that it was very important, extremely important!

“How did you recognize me? I changed my face, height, voice, skin color, and I’m sure that even if my parents were here, they wouldn’t be able to point me out.” She must find the flaws and make up for it, otherwise she would not be able to sleep for days and nights. This person was really hateful, he actually played her the whole journey!

Emperor Sheng Yuan knew that she had a terrible shortcoming of taking things too seriously, so he didn’t try to setting up suspense, pointed to the tip of his nose and said frankly, “If it were someone else, they would definitely be fooled by you today. But don’t forget, I was raised by a pack of wolves. Not to mention that my eyes and ears are far beyond ordinary people, my sense of smell is extremely sharp. The smell on your body has been deeply engraved in my mind, and I will know it by smelling it.”

He sniffed, his expression a little intoxicated.

Guan Suyi was provoked by his frivolous and proud look, but her face did not show anything. She blew the hot soup in the bowl and said slowly, “So that’s why. If want to get pass you, it’s not enough to change the face, I have to change the smell too. Is this the only flaw? Anything else?”

“No, Madam’s disguise technique is more powerful than that Miao people, and you even disguised your voice.” Emperor Sheng Yuan sincerely praised.

“It’s nothing. Before, when my grandfather and I were traveling around, I once met a Taoist woman who cheated people by ventriloquism. She did not open her mouth, but at the same time she made five or six different voices, male and female, old and young. There is no doubt that the people who invited her to do the trick were deceived by her and went bankrupt. My grandfather exposed her, but he was surrounded and beaten by the locals. I was really angry. After I went back, I ponder how to do it for several months and finally learned the technique of changing voice and ventriloquism. I was going to challenge that Taoist woman, to see who would win or lose, but I didn’t expect that she was robbed and killed by bandits because she collected too much money.”

Guan Suyi’s eyes were vacant, reminiscing about the past. She had traveled many roads and met many people. She thought that she was talented and had a bright future, but in the end she couldn’t fight the people’s will or win against power. In this life she was still unwilling to compromise, but she understood the principle of being able to bend and stretch.

Emperor Sheng Yuan looked at her, and it was not difficult to imagine how Madam was angry and annoyed but resolutely refused to admit defeat. In this way, she made him feel very distressed, and loved her even more deeply.

“Speaking of which, there are only two ways for the Miao people to make masks. One is to directly peel off other people’s faces; the other is to cut off a piece of skin on someone’s abdomen, dissolve the flesh and blood with lime water and put it on the face of a living person, and mold their facial features. The mask that Madam took away last time was molded according to Ye Zhen’s face, but whose facial features were taken for this one? I took a closer look and it doesn’t seem to be human skin either?” The past was not so wonderful, so he deliberately change the subject.

This piece naturally was not a human skin, but a blend of boiled pigskin glue and resin. Its facial feature was a mold she casually sculpted, pour inside then cool it down, next peel it off and it’s finish. Whenever she want to disguise herself in the future, she only needed to re-carve the mold, didn’t need to kill anyone, let alone skin them.

And even better, this mixture of glue and resin was easy to soften after soaking it in hot water, and a casual pinch on the face could instantly create a new face. However it wouldn’t last for a long time, it would wrinkle in two hours, which would be very eye-catching.

These knowledge, Guan Suyi would never tell Hunnar, and he had no problem sleeping if he didn’t get the answer. Thinking like this, she ate the last wonton, and suddenly got very close, looking straight into the other person’s eyes.

The magnified face of Madam was so close. Although the facial features were ordinary, the skin was rough and sallow, and it looked like there was no redeeming quality, but the smell was very alluring. As a half-beast, Emperor Sheng Yuan relied more on smell than vision to identify his beloved, so his heartbeat accelerated, his breathing stagnated, and a wave of heat rushed throughout his body, and then rushed towards the lower abdomen.

“Want to know what kind of skin is this?” He heard Madam ask word by word, her voice was no longer a rough young man voice, but her own, with a sweet and coquettish tone.

“Want… want to know.” Emperor Sheng Yuan’s throat was dry, and there was a fire burning his heart, to the point that even though winter still had yet to pass, there was a layer of fine sweat on his forehead.

The mask had not been torn off, and now Guan Suyi was still that sly scoundrel. She grinned, her eyes full of shining malice, “Want to know? But I won’t tell you!” She then kicked the low stool and ran away, waving her hands without looking back, “Today’s wonton is your treat!”

Emperor Sheng Yuan wanted to chase immediately, but was stopped by the stall owner that said anxiously, “Hey, hey, where is this guest going? You haven’t given the money yet!”

“I’ll give it to you!” He reached out to touch his waist, and then looked embarrassed—the purse with the silver in it was gone! When was it lost? With his martial arts, it was impossible to find anything missing from his body!

The stall owner had already realized what happened, he tightened his grip more and more and refused to let go. His mouth kept shouting, “Want to eat without paying. I’ll have you arrest and see the officials” and other words, attracting the passers-by to gather around to watch the fun and made him lose face. In the end, the dark guard who was lurking around came out and handed over four copper coins for his battered master, ending the dispute.

After sweeping away the embarrassment, the two walked to a secluded corner to talk.

“Master, Madam suddenly approached you to talk, and you were confused, that’s when she took your purse from your waist and ran away. We didn’t dare to offend her, so we had to let her go.” The dark guard dressed as a civilian, his face was also ordinary, people who saw would easily forget him. This kind of appearance was the most suitable for hiding, so that was why Emperor Sheng Yuan would say that Madam’s mask was beautifully made.

“So that’s the case, Madam really gives Zhen a headache!” He pretended to rub his eyebrows, as if very distressed, but the corners of his mouth were raising up, his eyes were full of smiles. Even a fool could feel his pride and joy.

Another dark guard quickly circled into the alley, holding a purse in both hands, “Report to Your Majesty, Madam hired a carriage to go back to the Emperor Teacher Mansion, and hung the purse at the back of the carriage. This subordinate was afraid that others would steal it, so had to take the opportunity to get it back.”

Emperor Sheng Yuan frowned, seemed unhappy. He opened the purse and looked inside, then his face was clearing up again. He saw a note inside, with a line of small characters on it – after all, it’s me who win today.

That’s right, you win! You won the moment I fell in love with you. He carefully folded the note, put it inside his purse, first hung it around his waist, but feeling that it was not right, he then put it in his sleeve pocket. Still feeling that it was not safe enough, he simply carried it in his arms.

“Let’s go, go back to the palace.” One sentence made all the dark guards hide. He walked out of the alley alone, humming a little tune he heard from somewhere, and went back contentedly.

Guan Suyi took off her mask in the carriage, and when she opened the curtain, the coachman was stunned, but he didn’t dare to ask any questions, only thought he remembered it wrong.

Jinzi, who had been waiting at the gate, hurriedly stepped forward to greet her, “Miss, you are finally back, hurry in, so as not to bumped into Zhao Wangshu. He has been waiting for you here all day, and insisted on seeing you. Fortunately, he was hungry just now and ran to find something to eat, or you will get entangled by him.”

“What did he come to find me for?” Guan Suyi’s bright mood was clouded with a layer of gloom.

“He asked you to go back and testify for Ye Zhen, saying that it was indeed you who arranged for her to meet Ye Cainu that day. This servant asked him why, but he didn’t want to say more, his mouth was really tight.”

“For the sake of his mother’s reputation, can his mouth not be tight? Although he is gullible, impulsive, reckless, feeling and thinking too much, but he has one positive point, filial piety, and a foolish filial piety at that. If he’s not forced to a desperate situation, he will not doubt his relatives. For him, no matter how much effort and affection people gave him, it cannot compare to the fetters of blood. Blood is his criterion for distinguishing good and bad. If there is no blood relationship with him, the relationship will be shallower. ”

“Then you are kind to him, didn’t it the same as feeding a dog?” Jinzi’s eyebrows stood upright, filled with righteous indignation.

“Just do what you want.” Guan Suyi didn’t take Zhao Wangshu to heart at all, so she didn’t feel lost or angry. As long as she had enough food in her hand, even if it’s a wild dog that walked past, she would throw a few bones, let alone people? But it’s just throwing a bone, nothing more.

One moment the two entered the Emperor Teacher Mansion, the next moment Zhao Wangshu arrived there, wiping the oil stains on the corners of his mouth while walking, looking very hasty. However, a miss was a miss after all, and even when the sun sets over the western hill he still couldn’t meet the person and the gatekeeper refused to announce him. He could only turn around in dejection.

“Going to find Suyi? Is she willing to see you?” The old madam laid on the couch, dozing.

“Not willing. But I really saw my eldest aunt. She’s in the palace, how could my mother be her! Both you and daddy are confused!” Zhao Wangshu’s tone contained a hint of resentment.

The old madam sneered, “Your daddy said to leave you alone, I still blame him for not taking matters seriously, but now I finally understand that it’s useless no matter what we do to you. You’re a thickhead, unable to understand anything. That’s it, since you think Ye Zhen is innocent, you can go with her. Come on, send the eldest young master back to the East Mansion!”

Zhao Wangshu was full of remorse and wanted to stay and explain, but he was pushed by the servants to the East Mansion and they immediately closed the door. He wandered for a while, and finally went to Penglai Garden to visit his mother. Seeing that she was paralyzed in bed, dying, he immediately burst into tears, “Daddy has been given bewitching medicine by Guan Suyi, and can’t distinguish between good and evil! Sister is also don’t want to pay attention to me either, and only stay in the west mansion. Mother, the east mansion has only us two, what should I do in the future? Son wants to find the antidote for you, but daddy said that he threw it all away. He is so cruel!”

Ye Zhen’s eyes flickered with two clusters of nether fire, and scolded sharply, “What are you crying for! As long as you have a future and become a superior person, why do you need to ask them for the antidote? If you want to save me, you have to study hard, get scholarly honor, and become a very noble official! I brought you back from that peasant village school, and re-employ Master Lu, isn’t it for your future? The first imperial examination of Wei Kingdom will be held in the spring, you must not slack off, mother will depend on you in the future. If you can stand up, mother will be able to live; if you can’t stand up, mother can only die!”

Zhao Wangshu wiped away his tears, nodded again and again.

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  1. I get that this interaction between GS and the emperor is supposed to be “cute”, but I still can’t get over the power differential and the way he treated her before. His “regret” is only regret he didn’t get what he wanted, not regret that he harmed and innocent person. In that, he and YZ are alike.

    1. The power differential only matters if he actually uses those powers to force her, if he wanted to use his powers to get her he just need to write a decree and she will be brought into the palace the same day, there would be no need to play those games with her if he just wanted to obtain her like some valuable object he desires. He likes her as a person and hence wants to woo her without having to rely on his emperor position

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