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Who Cares – Chapter 121

Chapter 121 Indulged


Speaking of which, this Second Miss Xu was also a legend. In her last life, Guan Suyi had never met her, but she heard rumors about her from time to time, and it was all praise and no slander. One day she compiled her grandmother’s manuscript, inside it showed how her grandmother resolutely refuse to remarry after she lost her husband, went through countless hardship to cultivate her father.

The article was gorgeous in words and sincere in emotion, which greatly exaggerates the loyalty of her grandmother, and soon spread in Yanjing city. At that time, Xu Guangzhi was already a high ranking minister, with real power in his hands, and with him secretly pushed the waves, Second Miss Xu became even more famous.

Later, she wrote an article teaching the concubines in the palace how to emulate “the ancient sages”, and her words and deeds were gradually cited by the noblewomen as a model. After ascending into the empress position, many of her remarks were compiled into books and circulated everywhere, so it was named “Lesson for Women”, which means the precepts of women’s words and deeds. Although they were quite contradicted among the lower classes, but they were highly respected among the upper nobles. In particular, the old-fashioned Confucian scholars who had conservative thinking simply regard it as a guideline, and told the women in the clan to practice it diligently.

It’s unknown how many innocent women were killed since the “Lesson for Women” came out, and Guan Suyi was one of them, so how could she have a good impression of this Second Miss Xu? She strolled over and looked in the book she had copied.

Second Miss Xu’s hairpin flower small script was indeed beautifully written, and because of her carefulness, there was not a single typo. At the end, she would smoke the pages with incense, so after opening it, it was not only pleasing to the eye, but could also refresh the mind. She called herself Caiwei Sanren, and every time she copied a book, she would place a paragraph on the last page, gradually gaining some reputation. Many children from high gate family in the capital wanted to order a manuscript of “Caiwei Sanren”, and she wrote two volumes a month and sold them in bookstores.

Unexpectedly, Second Miss Xu, who was the mother of the country in her previous life, had been reduced to the point of copying books for living in this life. It really showed a reversal of fate, and the impermanent of the world. Guan Suyi sighed and carefully observed her form and characters, there was indeed something outstanding about it, and it was not a false reputation.

On the other side, Emperor Sheng Yuan finished reading the book and shook his head indistinctly.

Most talented people were mostly arrogant and aloof, and talented women were no exception. Discovering that this Jiuli man, who did not understand literature, actually showed disdain for her manuscript, Xu Yayan, also known as Second Miss Xu, chuckled, “What advice does this benevolent brother have on this little girl’s handwriting?”

Emperor Sheng Yuan’s temperament was even more honest than Madam, immediately said, “Your handwriting only has form, not the spirit, and it lack a bit of character. It looks beautiful and smells good, but when you think look at it again it’s empty. Very boring.”

“What did you fool say?” Xu Yayan’s maid was just shopping outside, and as soon as she stepped into the store she heard someone slander her master, she immediately stepped forward and scolded, “Do you know how many children of noble families in the capital are willing to spend a lot of money to order my Miss’s manuscript? If you don’t know anything, don’t come out and disgrace yourself!”

“Someone also spent a lot of money to order this thing?” Emperor Sheng Yuan raised his eyebrows and looked very surprised. At the end, he glanced at Second Miss Xu, and suddenly said, “I’m afraid the drunkard’s intention is not in the drink*.”

The last sentence not only made the maid angry, but also made Second Miss Xu furious, her fingertips trembling slightly. She tried to compose herself and sighed, “I helped you out, but you insulted me later. May I ask this benevolent brother, have I ever offended you?”

Emperor Sheng Yuan scratched his head and wondered, “Saying a few words of truth is insulting you? Then forget it, I won’t say it.”

Guan Suyi let out a snort, seeing Second Miss Xu’s maid glaring at her, she hurriedly walked around to stand behind Hunnar. She could see that this man was really honest and straightforward, otherwise he wouldn’t have torment these two master and servant, and still didn’t realize it. No wonder Ye Zhen couldn’t make progress after staying by his side for so many years. He really didn’t know how to read other people’s minds, let alone take care of other people’s feelings.

However, on second thought, it was really not easy for him to do what he did to her until now.

Finding Madam was hiding behind him, Emperor Sheng Yuan habitually spread his feet and assumed a protective posture. Xu Yayan, who was facing him head-on, felt the towering aura that he suddenly exuded, and her face couldn’t help but change. She vaguely realized that this person might not be an ordinary soldier.

“You’re right, my handwriting is indeed lacking a bit of character, but a woman’s wrist strength is limited, so there’s nothing to be done about it.” She gave up the idea of arguing with him and waved to the shopkeeper, “Shopkeeper, please check it out quickly.”

The shopkeeper had been running the bookstore for many years, and knew the way of the world. In good conscience, Second Miss Xu’s handwriting was indeed not as good as the well-known great expert, but she was considered outstanding among women, and buying it to collect at home was not a loss. Shouldn’t this reckless man be like those scholars who were wandering around, hoping to attract Second Miss Xu’s attention? Beauty is indeed easy to cause trouble!

As soon as he thought about this, he heard the other person insist, “It’s not that women’s wrist strength is limited, it’s just that you haven’t practice it at home. I know one person who is ten thousand times better than you.”

Xu Yayan’s competitive spirit that had just calm down was stimulated again, she frowned and asked, “Oh? Who exactly is this talented person?”

“The young lady of Guan family.” My Madam. Emperor Sheng Yuan silently added a sentence in his heart.

Xu Yayan’s inquiring expression instantly faded, and she said with a half-smile, “Is it her? Have you seen her handwriting with your own eyes?”

Emperor Sheng Yuan did not forget that now he was only an ordinary soldier, how could he be qualified to see Madam’s real work with his own eyes? If he admit it in public, wouldn’t it be ruin her reputation? He could only shake his head reluctantly.

Xu Yayan laughed more and more contemptuously, “Since you haven’t seen it, how can you say that it’s a thousand times better than me? Sure enough, it’s really stealing fame by deceiving the world, and there are people everywhere to help build momentum.” She shook her head without interest, and didn’t paid more attention to the other person.

Emperor Sheng Yuan did not care about other people’s feelings, but he attached great importance to everything about Madam. Seeing that she seemed to look down on Madam, he raised his thick eyebrows. He was about to argue, but saw Madam, who dressed as a young man, got out of his armpit and leaned down on the counter, her whole body seemed to have no bones, and her face looked like a ruffian.

“Then have you seen Miss Guan’s handwriting?” She spoke provocatively.

Xu Yayan responded very quickly and said slowly, “Handwriting is based on the person, and the strength of character is all in the brushstrokes, flowing out of the ink. The arrogant person’s handwriting is also proud, and the indifferent person’s handwriting is also weak. That Miss Guan can drive out Master Lu for no reason, making him almost live on the streets with nowhere to go, which is really disgracing her family principles, and ruining her family’s reputation, which shows that she is a frivolous and arrogant person. I don’t care what her handwriting looks like.”

“Then do you know why she drive out Master Lu? How do you know that it wasn’t Master Lu who made the mistake first and disgracing himself? Could it be that because Master Lu’s literary name is more well-known, so he’s the one that always right?” Guan Suyi asked aggressively.

“Then how do you know it must be Master Lu’s fault?” Xu Yayan asked rhetorically.

“I just know it.”

“How do you know? What evidence?”

“Since I said I know, then I know. I damn sure know, what you gonna do about it?” Guan Suyi put one hand on her hip and pressed the other hand on the counter, her legs occasionally shook, acting like a sly rogue in the market very vividly.

This was really “a scholar meets a soldier, and the reason is not clear.” Xu Yayan was so angry that she leaned back and was speechless for a long time. Her maid rushed forward and was about to scold, but when she saw this rouge raised his fist and waving it, looking like he was about to fight, she had to shut up angrily. They were all women, how could they fight with a man on the street, and if it spread outside it would embarrassed them to death!

In the end, the shopkeeper couldn’t stand it, picked up the feather duster and scolded, “Where is this scoundrel coming from, running to the store to harass my customers. Get out, get out of here!”

Guan Suyi bared her teeth at Second Miss Xu, and then dragged Hunnar to run out quickly, with a bright smile on her face, her heart was full of sunshine and rain and dew, only felt comfortable and refreshed. It turned out that doing unruly things in front of other people’s face was so delightful! No wonder there is a saying, “Doing good is like a hard climb, doing evil is like an easy fall”, insisting on doing good was extremely difficult, but learning bad could be done anytime.

Emperor Sheng Yuan stared sideways at her high-spirited face, and smiled as well. In Xu Yayan’s view, this young man was definitely a loathsome face; but to him, there was no one in the world who was more lovely than Madam. Whether she was dignified or cunning, even her rogue appearance could deeply move his heart and fascinate him.

The two laughed and ran away, finally stopped in front of a wonton stand.

“Hungry, go get something to eat?” Guan Suyi gestured with her thumb.

“Go.” Emperor Sheng Yuan patted her shoulder.

The two of them swaggered over and sat on the low stool with their legs crossed, and said in unison, “Boss, two bowls of wonton.”

“Okay, please honorable guest to wait a moment, this little one will serve you right away.” The boss agreed with a smile, and after a while, he brought two bowls of steaming wonton with chopped green onions.

Guan Su picked up a wonton and blew it, then stuffed it into her mouth and chewed it with a savoring expression on her face. She was so happy today, and it’s not an exaggeration to say that it was the happiest day in her two lifetimes. She did a lot of things she once wanted to do but couldn’t do. She cursed in a foul language, and if her grandfather heard it, he would be furious and then use the family law, but she did not regret it at all, on the contrary she was still feel unfulfilled.

After changing her face and throwing away the so-called “benevolence and morality”, it turned out that she could also live so recklessly. She felt as if she had pushed open an extremely dangerous door, or slipped into some bottomless abyss, and if she indulge in it, the mirror in the heart is covered with dust*.

No! It was enough to play only this time. People should not indulge themselves without limit, otherwise they would surely fall. She secretly reminded herself, and the joy in her heart dissipated in an instant. But seeing Hunnar, who was drinking soup from a big bowl and gorging on wonton, she became happy again. This person probably doesn’t know who he ran all the way with, and who the person he ate that the roadside stall with, right? When she told him face to face in the future, he would definitely showed a disbelief and frustration expression.

Thinking like this, she pressed her fist to her lips and snickered, but then she heard the person beside her casually said, “Madam, did you have a good time today?”

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  1. So not impressed. Just another pretentious arrogant noble. But even worse, she was actually responsible for demoting the status of women!!!

    1. Ironic, isn’t it? Because she’s also a woman, that’s mean she’s demoting her own status by wrote that book. She’s really represent the women in the real world.

    2. It’s the brainwashing patriarchy does to the women on top – to be acceptable to the males – they adopt the most poisonous rhetoric to put down the women below their social status

  2. A ML tem 18/19 anos, Ye Zhen tem mais de 30 anos, mas não lembro de ter lido sobre a idade de seu ex marido e do imperador, se a idade de YZ é mais de 30, a de seu marido não deve ser menor, quanto ao imperador, acaso o escritor está dando grama nova para boi velho? Acho que a diferença de idade entre eles deve ser mais de 10

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