Who Cares

Who Cares – Chapter 123

Chapter 123 Exposed


Outside the Weiyang Palace, a tall and slender woman stood with her hands behind her back, looking into the distance. She was wearing the Jiuli tribe dress, and her hip-length black hair was woven into many small braids, interspersed with five-colored jewels, which looked dazzling under the orange sunset. Hearing the sound of wings flapping behind her, she turned her head to look back, revealing an unusually gorgeous and heroic face, the light in her eyes twirling, overflowing with seductive charm.

“Mynah bird?” She raised her eyebrows and chuckled, “Hunnar is still the same as before, always like to keep small animals around.”

Baifu ran out after the Mynah, and when he saw the woman, he hurriedly saluted, “This servant has seen Pan Jieyu. It’s getting late, Jieyu niangniang should go back first. His Majesty is still reviewing the memorials, afraid he will be busy until the end of the month and will not have some free time.”

Pan Jieyu‘s name was Pan Duolan, it was one of the top ten noble surnames of the Jiuli people, so she had a very prominent family background. In the past she followed the grand princess to fight on all sides and made countless military achievements. After the founding of the country, Emperor Sheng Yuan wanted to make her a female general and ordered her to guard a region, but she resolutely refused and instead asked to enter the palace as a concubine. Because of the face of the grand princess and the Pan family, Emperor Sheng Yuan did not refuse, and established her as a Nusheng. Later, Ye Zhen lost her position, so she was promoted to Jieyu, and now she was in charge of the Six Palaces.

Said to be in charge, but the power was still in Baifu’s hands. She was only responsible for controlling the harem’s concubines and telling them to keep to themselves. Fortunately, she came from military background and too impatient to take care of those common affairs. Instead, she had a lot of experience in disciplining and training idle people, and quickly established a clear prestige in the harem. Now even the Empress Dowager’s Changle Palace had to be governed by her, so she became a hard-line figure who could not be offended.

Of course, this was only for people outside the Weiyang Palace. People such as Baifu in front of her, his attitude towards her was not very friendly, but rather perfunctory.

She seemed to have noticed it, and couldn’t help but smile bitterly, “Why should Chief Bai lie to This Palace? Although This Palace is a subordinate of grand princess, but also helped the emperor in a few bitter battles, also fellow comrades for many years, and understand him not less than you. Whether he’s in Weiyang Palace at this time, you know, I know, heaven knows , and this Mynah bird also knows.”

She spread out her palm, and there were actually a few grains of rice lying on it, which attracted the Mynah to immediately fly over to peck, and she gently covered its wings.

“Huh? Why you tie its beak?” She saw the Mynah bird was just pecking lightly, and not a single grain of rice was eaten, Pan Duolan took a closer look and realized that the Mynah had a black rope wrapped around its mouth. Without much thought, she untied it and let it peck at happily, which caused Baifu to break out in cold sweats and feeling agitated, he was eager to pounce and snatch the Mynah bird back.

“Madam marry Zhen, madam marry Zhen, madam marry…” The next few words were all blocked by the golden grains scattered to the ground by Baifu. Peck, peck, peck, the only sound outside the hall was the sound of the Mynah pecking seriously.

“Madam? Which madam? Is the emperor really going to set up an empress?” Pan Duolan’s face was no different, but her heart was stirring up terrifying waves. She was not a fool, how could she not guess the meaning of those words. Seemed the emperor had a sweetheart, and his desire to marry was very strong, otherwise he would not keep talking to the Mynah, and letting it accidentally learned this sentence. But this was not right. How could an unmarried woman be called Madam?

As she thought more and more deeply, a tall man slowly walked out of the inner hall, did not look at her, only waved at the Mynah bird. The Mynah immediately abandoned the rice, flew to his shoulders and stood still, pecking the hair around his ear with its sharp beak.

“This concubine has seen Your Majesty.” Pan Duolan didn’t have time to think about it, she immediately bowed, and before she got up, she saw the man walking back to the inner hall, he didn’t bother to say a word to her. Turns out, he’s different. To think in the past, they used to wander aimlessly on a horse and watched the sunset together; they fought and went through fire and water side by side. If it wasn’t for the Empress Dowager who told her about His Majesty’s life experience in order to break up the relationship between the Pan family and His Majesty, she would not have avoided him like a snake, nor would she have made trouble to this irreversible point like now.

His Majesty had obviously cold towards her, especially after learning the truth of that year, afraid he would not forgive her for her ignorance and contempt. How could she be so stupid? How could she believe it without checking it? Now his life experience was no longer a sin, but had become a legend praised by people all over the world.

Where is he a monster? He’s clearly the real Dragon Emperor, blessed by Heaven! The Jiuli noble clan, who once thought that he would not leave any heirs and could not sit firmly on the throne, were finally in a hurry.

Pan Duolan, who originally had unfulfilled feelings for His Majesty, after being instructed by the clan, actively took action to try to repair the relationship between them. But the situation seemed to be far worse than she expected. His Majesty already had someone in his heart. Who is the other person? While thinking about it, she lingered in front of the hall, and after not hearing His Majesty’s summons for a long time, she left unwillingly.

Inside the palace hall, Emperor Sheng Yuan was cleaning the wounds of the little monkey. The little guy who was originally rebellious was now obediently squatting on the table, even if the pain was so painful, he did not dare to move randomly. The Mynah tilted its head to look at it, pecking at its small hands, feet, and long tail from time to time, its black bean-like eyes were full of curiosity.

While Baifu blended the powder medicine, he reported in a low voice, “Your Majesty, just after you left the palace, Pan Jieyu came. She waited for you for most of the day, and refused to leave no matter how much this servant persuaded her.”

Emperor Sheng Yuan originally had a good impression of Pan Duolan. She said that she wanted to enter the palace, which meant that she wanted to be his woman. He was also already old enough at the time, and in any case had to be served by someone, so he agreed. Unexpectedly, on the day of entering the palace, the Empress Dowager invited her to a banquet, and afterwards she always avoided him, and every time she saw him, she would show a painful and fearful expression.

After that, he no longer thought about these women in the palace. They could do whatever they like, and it was their own choice how they want to spend the rest of their live, what it got to do with him? However, now, after the reversal of his life experiences, they actually threw themselves on him one after another, fighting for power and profits, each tried to outwit the other.

“Let her wait if she likes to wait, not just her, from now on anyone who comes will be the same, they are not allowed to step into the Weiyang Palace for half a step.” Emperor Sheng Yuan slowly sprinkled the medicine powder on the little monkey’s wound, and when he saw that it was just squeaking but didn’t dare to move, he praised, “Your temperament is quite strong, not bad. This is your brother, called Little Brother, and you will be called Big Brother in the future, understand?”

Hearing his master called his name, the Mynah jumped to his shoulder and pecked his ear.

The little monkey seemed to understand, and grinned at Emperor Sheng Yuan.

Baifu smiled, and finally said worriedly, “Your Majesty, just now Pan Jieyu heard what Little Brother said, you see…”

“No problem, Madam will soon marry Zhen, so what if she heard?” He picked up a grain of rice and coaxed, “This sentence must be studied properly, if you learn well you will be rewarded with fruit to eat. Madam marry Zhen, Madam marry Zhen…”

The Mynah jumped from his left shoulder to his right shoulder, saying this sentence very smoothly.


Xu Yayan came home with a small cloth bag in her arms, and saw her mother cleaning the dead branches and leaves under the eaves. Because of the thin clothes, her fingers were red from the cold, and the pustules that grew on the joints, showing faint signs of festering. The only two old servants in the family were cooking in the back kitchen. Just by the smell, one could tell that today’s dishes was very simple, afraid it was just porridge and pickles.

“Yan’er, did you got any money?” Xu Guangzhi’s wife Lin shi hurried up to meet her, her eyes full of hope.

Xu Yayan felt a pain in her heart, and hurriedly took out two ingots of silver from the cloth bag and handed them over, “I got it, there are twenty taels in total. I spent five taels to buy the four treasures of the study for father. Recently he is writing a book, and these things are quickly consumed. I will copy two more books this month, and next month I can buy a few new sets of clothes for father and big brother, so they won’t lose face when they go out to socialize.”

“Two copies in a month is already hard enough, don’t copy it again, so as not to burn your eyes. You are eighteen this year, and you should have already married, but the situation in our family is really…” Lin shi locked the silver taels in the money box and sighed, “I don’t know what your father thinks. Originally, he was able to rely on County Prince Jing to find a good job, but in the end he resigned and returned home to concentrate on writing the book. Now we are almost have no money for the foods, all rely on you alone to support. Your sister married far away in Taiyuan, and I heard that things were not good over there. She was often rejected by her husband’s family because our humble family status, which become a drag. You are already this old, you can’t afford to be delayed. I feel sorrowful in my heart, these days are really hard to live.”

Lin shi held the corner of the handkerchief and gently wiped her tears. Within a year, she had a lot of gray hair on her temples.

Xu Yayan on the contrary didn’t take it to heart, she comforted, “Mother, you don’t have to worry about your daughter, as long as father’s big work is successful and spreads widely, he will surely become famous in Wei Kingdom and able to rebuild his prestige. When daughter talks about marriage again, it will be a thousand times more impressive than it is now.”

Lin shi said nervously, “Tell your mother the truth, your father can really turn things around this time? Just with a book?”

“Father not just write some ordinary articles, but summarized, annotated, and analyzed Confucian classics one by one. Now that the imperial examination is imminent, how many people can afford to hire great scholar as their teacher? How many people can afford to spend a few taels of silver a month for a private tutor? The vast majority of students got the Four Books and Five Classics but no one helped them to solve their doubts. It all depends on personal understanding. How can they not be afraid when they go to the exam room? Once father’s set of book comes out, it will be regarded as a treasure book by the students of the world, and it will be quickly spread out. Soon he will become popular in Wei Kingdom, and won the reputation of ‘Master of the world’.”

“Master of the world? So powerful?” Lin shi‘s eyes widened, and her mood was surging up.

“Naturally. What is Emperor Teacher? Only Master of the world is worthy of father’s talent.” Xu Yayan’s eyes were full of pride.

“Hahaha, no one understand father better than Yan’er!” Xu Guangzhi walked into the inner hall with a set of books, followed by his eldest son, also holding a thick stack of manuscripts. He sat down in the main seat, patted the table and said, “Bring a jar of good wine, I will definitely drink it today.”

“It seems that father’s manuscript has been successfully finished?” Xu Yayan was overjoyed.

“Rushing and rushing, finally completed it before the imperial examination. Just need to transcribe a few copies and distribute them, then can quickly accumulate fame. I don’t believe with my, Xu Guangzhi, great talent, I can’t have a place among the powerful people of Yanjing. Before, it was me who thought wrongly, the emperor believes in hegemony and arbitrarily decide the regulations of the court. If people wants to stand out under his command, they cannot rely on any force, and can only be a pure minister. Then I will concentrate on cultivating books and use my true talents and practical learning to open up a path to heaven. Yan’er’s marriage is not urgent, there will be better choices in the future.”

Lin shi could only agreed. Xu Yayan said excitedly, “Father, just hand over the manuscript to me, I will transcribe it for you even if I don’t sleep! I’m very familiar with the shopkeepers of several bookstores, I will ask them to help spread the word, the speed will certainly be very fast.”

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  1. The thing is, if those books were “explained” by Xu Guangzhi then a lot of students will be brainwashed into his own line of thinking and we all know how pedantic, hypocritical and radical he is so if the questions of the examination are more practical and insightful, they will all failed and eventually it will come back to bite them.

  2. Yah the people who made the exam are the Guan grandfather and father so since his interpretation of the classics is so different from theirs all the students who read his explanations will suffer.

  3. So th emperor was really betrayed by everyone. Now they want to cling to him. But it’s just like Zhao Luli with Guo Suyi. Why should he given them even a second chance? Even if hé forgives them he has no reason to trust them. I’m pretty sure that if it wouldn’t be a huge hassle du to the ministers they would already bé all kicked out.

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