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Who Cares – Chapter 120

Chapter 120 Feeling


Emperor Sheng Yuan knew that Madam was following him, the fragrance on her body was intermittent, coming from far then near. Pretending to find a few suspicious people, he stared at them as they walked pass him, then turned around and looked back for a long time, and out of the corner of his eyes accurately captured Madam’s figure.

It was a 16 or 17-year-old young man. Didn’t know how she done it, she became much taller than her actual height. Wearing an ordinary blue shirt, a black cloth tied on her head, with a sallow complexion and bland facial features, even if people look at her countless times they still wouldn’t be able to remember what she look like. Throw herself in the crowd, she could hide immediately.

Well, this mask is really beautifully done! Emperor Sheng Yuan secretly praised her, and his eyes seemed to pass over her intentionally or unintentionally. He knew that Madam would not be deterred by this occasional attention. On the contrary, she would become more competitive, she would run up to him to test or even provoke him.

Sure enough, realizing that she was seen, Madam who pretended to be squatting on the side of the road to buy fruit threw down a copper coin, picked the largest and freshest one, and swayed closer while eating. If he hadn’t judged her identity from the smell, Emperor Sheng Yuan would have doubted whether the sloppy young man in front of him was the dignified and virtuous Madam.

He didn’t expect her to have such a frivolous side. What to do? The more he got to know her, the more fascinated he became. He really wanted to pull the person into his arms and hug her firmly when she gets close! He couldn’t suppress the joy in his heart, every pore was relaxing and cheering for her…

What exactly should I do?

Emperor Sheng Yuan tried his best to restrain his inner turmoil, and his deep eyes stared straight into the young man’s eyes. The young man didn’t dodge, instead he raised his eyebrows and glared back, cursing in a rough voice that was not fully developed, “What are you looking at, asshole? Are you asking for a beating?” At the end he raised his fist, even the skin on his hands was sallow, without a single flaw.

Hearing her sudden change of voice, Emperor Sheng Yuan was amazed in his heart, but his face showed a doubtful expression, then he indifferently turned his head and looked at other people. He noticed that Madam quickly raised the corners of her lips, she seemed very proud, and he couldn’t help but feel happy. She likes to play, so just play with her.

He walked from the West Market to the East Market, went back and forth, and finally got a little tired. He stopped paying attention to the people around him, and turned to look at the street vendors.


Guan Suyi followed Emperor Sheng Yuan all the way, thinking that he should have given up by now, so she relaxed her vigilance and began to wander slowly. But she did not go far, instead fell not far behind the man, wanting to see how the emperor spent his spare time.

He seemed to rarely strolled down the street. It was also true that before the founding of the country, he fought on the battlefield, and after the founding of the country, he lived deep in the palace to handle government affairs. This kind of people’s livelihood, local condition and customs were common to others, but it should be extremely new to him.

He didn’t seem to know a lot of the things being sold on the side of the road, and often squatted down to watch for a long time. The tall figure blocked the rest of the customers, making the stall owner very unhappy, and viciously scold him several times. He wouldn’t bother with ordinary people, but his expression was a little embarrassed, he grabbed the back of his head with his big hands, looking very simple and honest.

It turned out that Hunnar she had first met was not a disguise, but a part of his true heart. Guan Suyi hid in the corner and snickered. For some reason, her heart became extraordinarily soft. What winning or losing, you suppress me and I resist you, it had became less important.

She continued to follow him and saw him squatting at a booth selling sugar paintings. Even a three-year-old knew this thing, so naturally he would not be ignorant to that level. He said warmly, “Stall owner, draw me a horse. Put more sugar, put more sugar.”

“Okay, wait a minute, big brother!” The stall owner scooped a spoonful of syrup and poured it on the smooth stone slab, quickly shaping a golden horse.

“Add a little more sugar, a little more!” He seemed extremely addicted to sweetness, and was dissatisfied with the stingy ingredients used by the stall owner, then his big hands poured a spoonful of syrup onto the horse’s belly. The stall owner cried out, “aiya, aiya,” and looked very distressed. But seeing him took out a dime of silver from his purse, he smiled again, and quickly pressed the bamboo sticks in the syrup.

What does it look like when a nine-foot tall strong man walks through the streets with a huge sugar painting? Before today, Guan Suyi couldn’t imagine this at all, but now she couldn’t help laughing. She covered her mouth with her fist and followed quietly, the more she watched, the more interesting it became.

Fortunately, Hunnar noticed the strange gaze of the passersby in time, and his ears slowly turned red. When he saw a drooling child standing on the street, he handed over the candy painting and said gruffly, “Here, go ahead eat it.”

“Is it, is it for me?” The child looked at him eagerly, wanting to take it but not dare to take it.

“Give it to you, take it and share with them.” He pointed to a group of radish heads huddled behind the child.

The child agreed again and again, and finally took the sugar painting, turned around and ran away quickly, calling his friends and companions, asking everyone to enjoy it together. Seeing the joy of the children, he shook his head with a smile and walked away. The children’s parents that were nearby, either smiling or bowing at him, and he returned the salute one by one, without any superiority.

Is this the real Hunnar? On the contrary, the virtuous and unpredictable Emperor Sheng Yuan in the palace was the one who disguised himself. Before she knew it, Guan Suyi’s resistance decreased a lot, because she found that the distance between her and the other person did not seem to be as far away as heaven and earth.

The two walked to the Huaniao Street one after the other, and just so happened to see someone juggling, holding a little monkey in a red jacket in his hand and ordering it to perform somersaults, jumping in fire rings and other actions. But if the little monkey hesitate, it will be whipped and squeaked in pain.

The passersby were very happy, clapping and applauding, bustling with excitement, but there were not many people who gave coins, which made the performer even more anxious, brandishing the whip until it made a crackling sound. Seeing the little monkey hugging its head and hiding its tears, Guan Suyi couldn’t bear it, and was hesitating whether to reveal her identity, when she saw Hunnar grab the whip and said loudly, “Stop hitting, I’ll buy this monkey from you.” While speaking, he took out his purse, and found that the broken silver had been used up, so he had to take out a gold bead.

The passersby were in an uproar, saying that this man was rich and strong, so he must be a military master. The performer did not dare to offend him, and was even more afraid that he would regret it, threw the whip and snatched the gold beads and quickly slipped away.

He hooked his fingers at the little monkey holding its head, and said in a low voice, “What are you doing squatting there? Come with me.”

The little monkey actually understood, and immediately climbed along his long legs to his shoulders, sat firmly, and carefully held the braid on the back of his head with one hand so as not to fall. The passersby were in an uproar again, saying that this monkey was a deity. It couldn’t move in any way before, but now he could understand people’s words, if it buy back and and teach it well, definitely would not lose any money.

Guan Suyi was stunned when she saw it, and after a while, she laughed lowly, and after laughing her heart ached. She understood Hunnar completely, and without noticing, she had already been pulled into the gate of his open heart, and could not help interpreting everything about him.

He thought that he was the reincarnation of a demon, not only able to kill his mother, but could also kill his wife and children. Once his wife gave birth, his tragedy would repeat itself on them. So he alienated all women and children. But he yearned in his heart. He yearned for family affection and love, just because he thought he could never get it.

And when he faced that animal, his eyes were like watching his own kind. After so many years, even after he leave the forest, his sense of belonging to the animal was far greater than to humans. It was difficult for him to integrate into the crowd, but he has to integrate. To be able to restrain the beast nature in his heart up until now, it was very difficult for him, and even more so, outstanding.

Guan Suyi suddenly wanted to end the game, generously walked over to greet him, but saw he turn around and enter a bookstore.

Since the imperial examination was imminent, the bookstore prepare many long narrow table, and the poor disciples who could not afford the books could copy the books for the store while reviewing their homework, and finally could still earn some money. The outer hall was very quiet, and whoever walked in would take the initiative to slow down and lower their volume so as not to disturb others.

Guan Suyi, who had planned to reveal her identity, had to hold back, and secretly observed Hunnar’s every move through a bookshelf. He was taking off the ink stick on the Bogu shelf, put it on his nose and smelled it, and said in surprise, “It stinks! How can it stick so badly?”

The shopkeeper took the ink stick and put them back in the brocade box, and rebuked, “What do you barbarian know? All the ink sticks smell like this. If you don’t buy them, don’t touch them! Hey, why do you bring the monkey in too? If it run around in my store and break something, can you afford it? Go go go, get out!”

Guan Suyi was about to step forward to clear the situation, when a woman wearing an emerald green dress with the same color tulle on her face intervened and said softly, “Shopkeeper, you have to welcome customers when you open the door for business, how can you unreasonably divided people by class? So what if he’s a barbarian? Barbarian can’t read and write? What if I say that the emperor only started to study Confucianism in his twenties, but now he is very talented and full of knowledge. Learning has no distinction between noble and lowly, it’s just in the foolish eyes of the unrefined people.”

When the shopkeeper saw her carried out the emperor’s name, and this man was from the Jiuli tribe, and he looked like a military man, quickly said with a smile, “What Second Miss Xu said was that this little one is petty, and has slight this uncle. You’re welcome to whatever you want to see.”

The woman pointed to the little monkey and said, “It looks cute, but it can’t be control when it gets crazy. Next time, it’s better to keep it at home.” Then she walked to the counter, took out a few volumes of books, her voice was very graceful, “Storekeeper, the book you want has been copied. You can check it. If there is something wrong, I will take it home and copy it again, so as not to make things difficult for you.”

“What’s Second Miss Xu saying! Who doesn’t know that the books you copied with your own hands have never been wrong, and your hairpin flower small script are unparalleled in the world. How many people spend a lot of money to order your manuscripts, this little one picking fault at you is the same as picking bones in the egg*!” The shopkeeper took the books, his eyes glowing.

Emperor Sheng Yuan, who was going to leave, immediately leaned over when he heard this and looked into the open page. He wanted to see what the so-called unparalleled in the world scrip was like. Guan Suyi also strolled over, looking at the woman from the corner of her eye. Second Miss Xu? Wouldn’t she be Hunnar’s empress in the previous life, the second daughter of Xu Guangzhi?

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