Who Cares

Who Cares – Chapter 119

Chapter 119 Having Fun


When the master and servant returned from the eastern suburbs, they saw that the city of Yanjing was already a bustling scene, they couldn’t help but want to wandering. The streets were crowded with people, with shops on both sides, banners fluttering in the wind, and hawking sounds repeating continuously, which was very different from the depression in the early days of the founding of the country.

“In just a few years, Yanjing has returned to the hustle bustle of the previous capital. If it continues like this, the Wei Kingdom will definitely be rich and powerful and eventually dominate the Nine Provinces.” Guan Suyi said with emotion.

Jinzi, who used to work in the military department, could not help shaking her head and sigh, “It’s possible to be rich and powerful, but it’s difficult to dominate the Nine Provinces. Xue The Thief occupied Shuzhou and other places, wantonly hoarded troops, occupied fields, gathered refugees, and expanded his power. There will be a war in Wei Kingdom. The current peace and happiness may be just a flash in the pan (short-lived).”

When Guan Suyi died in the previous life, Emperor Sheng Yuan and Xue Mingrui did have large and small battles every year. They both wanted to annex each other, but they couldn’t do anything to each other. Later, when civil unrest broke out in Wei Kingdom, Xue Mingrui took advantage of the situation to raise troops and almost went straight into the heart of the Central Plains, but was finally blocked at the border of the country by Emperor Sheng Yuan, who personally lead the expedition.

After this battle, both of them were severely damaged, and it might take many years to heal. In the end, Guan Suyi had no way of knowing who destroyed whom, who ruled whom, but she could guess that the smoke and the massacre, the death and the destruction, had never left that land.

In this life, however, the situations were different. The current Wei Kingdom was more stable, prosperous, and more united. Emperor Sheng Yuan’s prestige among the people was like sun in the sky, and the people’s sense of belonging to the country was also particularly strong. If Wei Kingdom had a few more years to recuperate, the odds of winning would be even greater.

Thinking like this, the haze in Guan Suyi’s heart finally slowly dissipated, and she pointed to the most lively West Market and said, “Come on, let’s go there and see.”

The two master and servant walked through a few streets, their faces were still full of interest, but their eyes were slightly distance.

“I feel like there’s a thorn on my back, do you?” Guan Suyi’s lips didn’t move, but her voice clearly penetrated Jinzi’s eardrums.

“This servant feel it too. We may be followed, but this servant cannot find out who they are, let alone where they are hiding. I am afraid in Wei Kingdom only His Majesty can escape the eyes and ears of the dark guard.”

“I also think it’s that bastard. There’s a cloth shop at the front. I’ll go in and buy a set of clothes, disguise myself and leave. You wait outside and if you don’t see me come out after a quarter of an hour, go back by yourself.”

“Ma…” Jinzi was glared at, so she had to change her words, “Miss, is it really okay for you to go back alone? Why don’t we agree on a place where we can meet again after throwing off His Majesty?”

Guan Suyi had never visited the city center area alone, so she couldn’t help but want to have fun and categorically rejected Jinzi’s proposal. The two walked into the cloth shop, one went inside to change clothes, and the other sat outside to attract the attention of the stalker. About a quarter of an hour later, Jinzi leisurely stepped out of the threshold with her hands behind her back, and was suddenly dragged away just after walking through a dark alley.

“Where is Madam?” Emperor Sheng Yuan’s face, who had changed the color of his pupil color, was very ugly.

“This servant has seen Your Majesty.” Jinzi lowered her voice, her expression a little smug, “Madam told this servant to wait a quarter of an hour and then go back by myself. Where she goes now, this servant doesn’t know. Your Majesty, you are very powerful, just go check it out.”

Emperor Sheng Yuan glared at her, turned and walked out of the dark alley. He stood in the street for a while, carefully identifying every pedestrian passing by. Madam got a human skin mask, which was mold according to Ye Zhen’s facial features. She would probably dress up as her and escape along the back door of the cloth shop.

According to her temperament, what will she do at this time? In case he discover her, she probably would immediately return to the Emperor Teacher Mansion. Thinking like this, Emperor Sheng Yuan started to move his feet, but suddenly stopped. No, if Madam wore that human skin mask, the dark guard lurking around would not fail to recognize that face.

She couldn’t escape by flying, if she want to leave from the cloth shop, she could only disguise herself and tried to fool people. She obtained that human skin mask at the end of autumn, and now it’s almost spring, more than three months was enough time for her to tear apart and mend the mask, mend and tear apart again, and study it thoroughly. With her ingenuity, even if she didn’t kill people and skin them, it shouldn’t be difficult to make a brand new human skin mask. Therefore she didn’t pretend to be Ye Zhen at all, but had a different face.

Emperor Sheng Yuan was dazed for a moment, then laughed lowly, and murmured, “Madam is really a headache.”

Jinzi followed him unhurriedly, and said with a smile, “Boss, what do you think miss looks like now? Is it male or female? If you turn Yanjing City upside down, can you find her? I think you’d better not bother with that, and go home quickly.”

Emperor Sheng Yuan glanced at her and said firmly, “Although I can’t guess what Madam looks like now, I can guess what she’s thinking. She seems to be mature and prudent, but that’s just on the surface. Were it not for the Zhao family forcing her to that spiritless point, her naughty temperament is no less than that of a child. She throw you away and change clothes, so that she can have fun, otherwise, it’s unlikely she doesn’t understand that I follow her just to see her from afar, and will not cause the slightest harm, there’s no need to take a lot of trouble to get away. She seemed to avoid me, but she was actually making an excuse to go to the market to play alone.”

After returning to the Emperor Teacher Mansion, Jinzi realized that in addition to being graceful, shrewd and courageous, Madam also had a lively and agile side. If she had heard these words before, she would have sneered, but now it made her wonder. She was by Madam’s side almost day and night, and she thought she knew her very well, but compared to His Majesty, she was actually still inferior.

His Majesty was not a person with a delicate mind, and he didn’t know how to figure out other people’s characters, especially women, otherwise Ye Zhen had been by his side for so many years, but he had not discovered her filthy thoughts until now. But facing Madam, he was able to suppress his predatory instinct, test her bottom line step by step, and then stood at a relatively comfortable distance to pay attention to her and protect her.

It was precisely because of thinking what she think and wanting what she want that he could figure out her every move so accurately. His Majesty really showed his sincerity to Madam, which was very difficult for him, who had a beast nature flowing in his blood.

Jinzi just finished sighing, and then listened to him slowly analyzing, “In addition to love having fun, Madam is very eager to be the winner, especially doesn’t like being suppressed by me. She always resists stubbornly, and will not be satisfied until she sees me defeated. This time can break away from me so smoothly, she will never leave easily, she will hide in the dark and observe my actions to see if I will look dejected and frustrated. If I do as she wishes, she will be happy all day.”

Jinzi was speechless, and sighed, “Boss, if revenge breeds revenge, will there ever be an end to it? Is it worth the trouble?”

“You don’t understand, this is mine and Madam’s interest.” Emperor Sheng Yuan looked around, his face seemed panic, but his tone was full of laughter, “This is the loveliest thing about Madam, knowing that the road ahead is uncertain, knowing that the imperial power cannot be disobey, she still struggles hard but effortlessly. She neither hurts others nor herself. If she can advance, she will advance, and if she can’t, then just let it go. She is strong, but also very soft. She knows how to protect herself and she knows how to protect her family.”

Jinzi said indifferently, “Your Majesty, although you spend very little time with Madam, you know her better than me.”

“It’s nothing, just a matter of heart.” Emperor Sheng Yuan was wandering on the street, a pair of eyes staring closely at every passersby who passed, and then continued, “I will tell her with my actions now that I already know that she has changed her face, and with her competitive personality, she will not leave now, but walk out of the corner, take the initiative to approach me, and test me. So I don’t have time to talk to you, go back to the Emperor Teacher Mansion by yourself.”

Jinzi also looked at the passersby with wide eyes and pleaded, “Boss, just let me follow. I really want to know who will catch whom today.”

The answer to her was Emperor Sheng Yuan’s cold knife eyes. Jinzi took that as a no, had no choice but to leave angrily, even after walking two streets she kept looking back.

The passersby seem to be very ordinary, they approached very naturally, and passed by very naturally, making Emperor Sheng Yuan dazzled. If Madam was hidden among these people, he had to admit that her disguise technique had far surpassed that Miao expert.

Suddenly, a faint scent of cinnamon entered his nostrils, making his eyes to tremble slightly. It was Madam. She was indeed nearby, hid her appearance but failed to cover up her smell. If it were a different person, they might have already concede defeat to her brilliant skill, but he was raised by a pack of wolves and relied on his sense of smell to hunt since he was a child. How could he be easily deceived?

His heart was filled with infinite joy, but his expression was even more somber. Look thoroughly and see through everyone who passed by, his sharp eyes made people feel terrified. Some people dodged while calling “Ah”; some people were angry, turned back and spat; there were also some girls who had not left the boudoir that scolded him for being rude.

He remained unmoved, continued to walk forward, and continued to examine the flow of people around him with stern eyes. He knew that the more focused he was, the more reluctant Madam to admit defeat, and would definitely change from following from afar to wandering nearby, and would even deliberately walked past him to be slightly provocative.

Guan Suyi disguised as a sallow-skinned, ordinary-looking young man. When she swaggered out from the back door of the cloth shop, the dark guard lurking there really didn’t report the news and very smoothly told her to walk away. She originally planned to go to the West Market, but she turned back halfway, climbed up to the tea house across the street, sat down by the window, and watched the play while drinking tea.

She wanted to see how Hunnar reacted, if he found her disappear inexplicably, would he be dejected, would he be frustrated? As soon as she thought of his shocked expression, she was overjoyed, and hurriedly picked up the large bowl of tea to hide the raised corners of her mouth.

Hunnar really came out of the shadows, grabbed Jinzi and kept asking. He was confused at first, but he reacted quickly and began to observe the passerby. Yes, the human skin mask was obtained from him, and he would definitely be able to see through her tricks. In other words, he knew she was nearby.

It’s fun, it’s so much fun! Since marrying into the Zhao Mansion, Guan Suyi almost forgot the taste of playing around, and immediately put down the teacup and walked to the street excitedly.

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