Who Cares

Who Cares – Chapter 112

Chapter 112 Requesting Imperial Decree


Ye Zhen never thought that Zhao Wangshu would actually find the news about Ye Zhēn. How is it possible? She followed him to the monastery like a wandering ghost, and when she saw the woman half-lying on the bed, her heart jumped. Although she was a lot older and haggard, her facial features were indeed correct.

“Who are you?” she whispered in disbelief.

“You talk, I’ll be waiting outside.” Guan Suyi was not interested to watch this good show. How would Ye Zhen feel when she saw herself terminally ill and on the verge of death? Ye Zhēn was the identity she really wanted, but this identity was inexplicably occupied by a woman who looked exactly like her, she should be very scared, right? Fear would be followed by deep despair, because this means that she had lost the chance to return to the palace forever.

After going around in circles, in the end, she could only be Zhao Luli’s wife, and now Zhao Luli had no title. From Jieyu to a commoner’s wife, this gap was no different than falling from heaven to hell. The thing she longed for the most was destroyed today…

Just when she thought like this, there was a scream from inside the room, the door slammed open, and Ye Zhen ran out while covering her face, she collapsed while shouting, “Who am I? Who the hell am I? I’m Ye Zhēn, I’m clearly Ye Zhēn…”

Zhao Wangshu followed closely and shouted anxiously, “Mother, please slow down, this is the imperial place of worship, you can’t just run around!” He still couldn’t figure out which “Zhēn” word in Ye Zhen’s mouth.

Guan Suyi looked into the room, and saw that Ye Cainu wiped the blood from the corners of her mouth with a handkerchief, and said “miserably”, “Making Madam Guan laugh. I’m sick to the bone marrow, and there’s not much time left. I vomited a mouthful of blood earlier, which frightened my sister. Please ask Madam to send her back, and don’t let her offend the noble people.” As she spoke, she coughed piercingly, as if she was on the verge of death.

Guan Suyi walked in, closed the door, looked carefully at her hairline and cheeks, pinched her chin, and finally removed the thin layer of human skin mask and put it in her sleeve pocket, then left silently. Ye Cainu, who was originally still on the verge of death, immediately locked the door rigidly and murmured, “His Majesty really has incredible foresight, Madam really took my human skin mask. What’s wrong with her?”

Once getting the hang of it, she didn’t find it hard to chant the scriptures every day. It seemed that in the blink of an eye, nine, nine, eighty-one days had passed. The coffin of the late empress dowager was sent to the imperial tomb, and all the womenfolk packed up their belongings and prepared to return home.

On the swaying carriage, Guan Suyi asked in a low voice, “Mother, how is the Empress Dowager?”

“Oh, it’s not as good as before. After all, this time she hurts the root. If it were not for the emperor’s effort to stop her, I’m afraid she would die in front of the coffin.”

“The emperor is really filial.” Guan Suyi covered her cheeks, feeling her teeth a little sore.

“Exactly! The emperor’s sacrificial eulogy has long been known all over the world. Others say that he is the True Dragon Emperor, with dragon energy on his body, which make all the beasts surrender to him. Speaking of which, his experience is really legendary, if your maternal grandmother hear it, she would rush to Yanjing and ask to write a biography of him. Do you miss your maternal grandmother?” Zhong shi smiled and stroked her daughter’s hair.

Before Guan Suyi could answer, a hearty voice came from outside the carriage window, “Sister, give your older sister a definite word, when will you reconcile? Now there is a betting table in the market, I’m just waiting for you to go back and make a big fuss with the Zhao family! ”

Li shi‘s playful expression froze into ice when she lifted the curtain of the carriage and saw the stern face of Zhong shi, then she turned her horse’s head and ran away.

“That’s the sister-in-law of Marquis Zhenxi, Li shi? Sure enough, a rude one. What is this betting table? What is this waiting for you to go back and make a big fuss with the Zhao family? Could it be that you really want to reconcile? Your grandfather and father are men after all, they don’t understand women’s suffering, how can we talk reconciliation so lightly? Gossip aside…”

After three months of letting it settle, Guan Suyi had already figured it out. People must look ahead, even if this step was not what she wanted to take, but since she had stepped down, she could not retreat. She rolled up her sleeves, revealing the cinnabar mole on the inside of her elbow, and interrupted Zhong shi‘s words, “Mother, Zhao Luli and I have been married for nearly a year, and he has never touch me. He couldn’t forget Ye Zhen, and wanted to keep himself clean for her. When Ye Zhen was away, there was no place for me in the Zhao family. Since she has come back, do you still want me to compromise and live alone for the rest of my life? Daughter asked myself if I made any big mistakes, why should I suffer this kind of punishment?”

Zhong shi stared at the cinnabar mole, her expression changed several times, and after a while, she said hoarsely, “Why you didn’t tell mother? My poor daughter, how have you been living this past year? I thought that Zhao Luli had changed, and he would definitely treat you wholeheartedly! Old Yao, change they route, don’t go to the Zhao Mansion, go to Emperor Teacher Mansion!”

She hugged her daughter and whispered through gritted teeth, “Mother will immediately let your grandfather go to the palace to ask for reconciliation! Since Zhao Luli likes Ye Zhen, then let them live together!”

Unexpectedly when the carriage barely arrive at the foot of the mountain, they met Zhao Luli who came to pick her up. His joyful expression was a little sluggish after seeing his angry mother-in-law, and when he was about to go forward to greet them, he only got scolded “bastard”.

Two carriages arrived at the Emperor Teacher Mansion one after another. One of them hurried out again after entering the mansion and went into the palace; the other was not willing to leave until evening.

Zhao Luli felt that his heart had been crushed, which then turned into pus and blood, and could never be restored again. He vaguely knew what the two Mount Tai wanted to do when they entered the palace, but he was powerless to stop them. The only thing he could do was stare at the red lacquer gate in front of him, hoping that the person he had been looking forward to for a season and have thought about for a season could slowly come out and give him a lively smile.

His eyes were already red, and an indescribable sense of fear choked his throat, preventing him from making a sound.

Suyi, come out and look at me! Suyi, tell me you don’t want to leave me! Suyi, I haven’t even dared to go home for the past three months, I’ve been living at the foot of the mountain waiting for you! Suyi, the one I love is you! I finally understand that the person I love is you!

He confessed over and over again in his heart, and shouted over and over again in his heart, but he never had the courage to knock on the door, because he had a premonition that when the door opened, his dream would be broken. Thinking about how unwilling he was when he married Suyi, and how he squandered her thoughtfulness and tenderness. She smiled so shyly and sweetly under the dragon and phoenix red candle, and now when he recalled it, it still vivid in his mind, his heart was relaxed.

With just one glance, she was engraved in his heart, but because of the dust in his heart, he refused to repent…


In the Weiyang Palace, Emperor Sheng Yuan was holding a grain of corn to feed a mynah bird, and when he heard the news that Emperor Teacher and Chief of Ceremonies were asking to see him, he almost knocked over the table beside him.

“Quick, quickly announce the two Mount Tai into the palace!” He waved his sleeves while correcting the table.

Even shouting “Mount Tai”, Your Majesty, aren’t you too impatient? Baifu felt helpless, he walked to the door of the hall and then turned back, reminding in a low voice, “Your Majesty, please seal the bird’s beak first, so as not to arouse the suspicion of the two Master.”

“Yes, keep your mouth shut.” Emperor Sheng Yuan immediately pinched Myna’s sharp beak and asked the servant to tie it with satin.

When Old Master Guan and Guan Father walked into the inner hall, they saw the emperor sitting behind the table, holding The Analects of Confucius in his hands. His slight frown and occasional flashes of realization showed that he was working hard and rather gained a lot.

“This minister has seen the emperor…” Before the two of them could bow down, they were lifted up by him, and they were brought in to sit down.

“The emperor is considering this year’s exam questions?” Old Master Guan thought that he couldn’t bring up the topic immediately, and made the emperor feel disgust, so he talked about other things first, and then slowly bring up the topic.

This was very painful for Emperor Sheng Yuan, clearly his heart was already anxious, he even already wrote the approval, but he couldn’t take it out.

After talking about the imperial examinations, they talked about the people’s livelihood, after talking about the people’s livelihood they talked about water conservancy, and after talking about water conservancy, they talked about the war. He rub and rub his violently beating heart, tap and tap his restless feet, until he almost turned blue, only then Old Master Guan quietly said, “There is one matter but don’t know if it should be mentioned or not…”

Mention, you just have to mention it with confidence! Zhen is ready to pick up Madam! Emperor Sheng Yuan shouted anxiously in his heart, but he pretended to be puzzled, “Oh? What is the thing that troubling Emperor Teacher? Just say it, Zhen will help you solve it.”

“It’s for my useless granddaughter…” Old Master Guan let out a long sigh and then explained in detail, then finally bowed down and said, “Begging the emperor, for the sake of the only seedling of the Guan family, allow her to reconcile and return home! She really can’t stay in the Zhao family, otherwise I wouldn’t have given up this old face to beg you.”

“Please help, Your Majesty.” Guan Father also bowed down deeply.

Emperor Sheng Yuan deeply felt that his sins were monstrous. If the two Mount Tai knew that the culprit who let Ye Zhen went back was him, he didn’t know how angry they would be. Fortunately, he got the human skin mask from the Miao people, and covered up the bad things of that year. Now even the Empress Dowager suspected that her memory was wrong. If there were really two Ye Zhen in the world, how could others investigate it deeply?

The only question now was how to appease Madam. She seemed to be getting more angry. Thinking of this, Emperor Sheng Yuan felt helpless in his heart, but a sweet smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

“Originally it was Zhen’s oversight, causing harm for Madam. Today, it should also Zhen who untie this knot. The two master must not be worried. In the future, Zhen will definitely show Madam the best marriage in the world.” He helped the two Mount Tai up and put on a show, “You two go back first. Baifu will go to the Zhao Mansion with the imperial edict later, so that others will not humiliate Madam even a little bit.”

Old Master Guan and Guan Father thanked him profusely, and kowtowed again and again. As soon as they stepped out of the palace hall door, a mynah bird flew towards the Emperor Teacher Mansion.

Zhong shi waited anxiously in the front hall, but Guan Suyi was already confident. She went back to her room to take a nap. When she woke up, she saw a mynah bird with bright eyes flying down the window sill, jumping and shouting, “When will Madam reconcile? When will Madam reconcile?”

“Why this little thing is here again? All day long it’s like calling the ghost, urging you to reconcile. Wait for this servant to take rice and gag its mouth.” Jinzi smiled and went to take out her purse. When she was chanting scriptures at Jueyin Temple, it was thanks to this bird that she was not suffocated to death. It flew back and forth five or six times a day, and then kept shouting reconcile, the small appearance was really stupid.

“Give it to me.” Guan Suyi took the purse, twirled a piece of rice and handed it to the mynah’s mouth, softly coaxing, “Be obedient, learn from me, Hunnar bastard.”

The mynah bird had learned this sentence for a while, and the pronunciation had become very accurate. After repeating it once, he would ask for a bite, wait for the bag of rice was fully pecked only then it would reluctantly fly away. From a distance it could still be heard scolding “bastard, bastard”.

Guan Suyi stood by the window and looked out, seeing the little black dot disappearing into the sky before she slowly sighed, “It’s really a child who can be taught.”

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TN: It seems that some reader are sympathizing with ZLL and want GSY to be with him instead, but let me remind you why that will never happen. Remember that GSY was pregnant in the previous life? How do you think she got pregnant? ZLL forced himself onto her, while he was drunk, and calling his “dead” wife, but that’s not why she hate him. She hate him because he has something to do with her miscarriage. So even though this thing never happened in this life, which is why she can tolerate him, even forgive him to some extent, she will never ever have a proper relationship with him. Even if there’s no Hunnar, she will still find a way to stay away from ZLL.

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