Who Cares

Who Cares – Chapter 113

Chapter 113 Reconciliation


Having her grandfather and father’s permission, Guan Suyi was instead feeling nervous, and tentatively said, “Grandfather, father, I want to bring Mu Mu back, is that okay?”

Old Master Guan pondered, “It’s just an extra pair of bowl and chopstick, you can bring him back if you want. I’ve seen that kid before, he’s very well-behaved and sensible, but he’s Zhao Luli’s adopted son after all, afraid the Zhao family’s side will not agree.”

Guan Suyi said firmly, “If a wife that reconcile wants to take away the children of her husband’s family, it will be extremely difficult, but Mu Mu is not a member of the Zhao family and has no blood relationship with Zhao Luli. Although he took him in, he never took care of him even for half a day, he didn’t even put him the household registration. From a legal point of view, Mu Mu just stayed in the Zhao Mansion and can leave at any time.”

Guan Father frowned and said, “Zhao Luli didn’t even put the child in the household registration?”

“When Mu Mu came, he was in the throes of losing his wife, where did he have the heart to take care of others, at most he just gave him a bite to eat. It was because sister-in-law couldn’t stand it, so she took the child to the second house to take care of, which made him grow up safely. Now that sister-in-law is gone, Ye Zhen is also the kind of gentle on surface and poisonous on the inside character, she doesn’t even care about her own children, then how about Mu Mu? If I don’t bring him back, I will be restless day and night.”

“If that’s the case, then bring him back.” Old Master Guan made a decision.

Guan Suyi was overjoyed, and then packed up and prepared to go back to the Zhao Mansion. As soon as she left the house, she saw Zhao Luli standing under the steps, his back was hidden in the twilight, looking very lonely. Hearing the movement, he suddenly turned around and said in surprise, “Suyi, are you willing to go home with me?”

“Let’s go.” Guan Suyi didn’t say much. After saying goodbye to her family, she boarded the carriage and urged, “Still not leaving? Why are you standing there foolishly?”

Zhao Luli seemed to wake up from his trance, bid farewell to his father-in-law and mother-in-law, and finally jumped into the carriage and galloped away. He thought that Madam would never come out again after entering the Emperor Teacher Mansion. Fortunately, fortunately…

The two didn’t say anything, one had nothing to say, the other was worried and fearful, and it seemed a long time before they felt the carriage slowly stop.

“Master, Madam, you’re finally back!” The housekeeper hurriedly greeted them with an expression of relief. He had been suffering for more than three months! He thought that Madam’s housekeeping method was strict, and it was not easy to be a servant under her hands, but it was only now that he realized that strictness was thousands of times better than chaos!

“Master, madam, you don’t know, wah! Late madam, no, no, it’s Madam Ye. She brought back all the servants that Madam drove away before. Nowadays the mansion inner spending has increase a lot, and the monthly payment of a single servant has doubled. Not to mention, isn’t the reason why those people were kicked out because of cheating and refuse to work? Now with Madam Ye’s support, they’re even more treacherous than before, eat from the mansion, take thing from the mansion, but refuse to work. The work is still done by we old people, but the monthly money has been divided by them. Now the mansion is full of grievances and people’s hearts are scattered! This old servant said a few words to Madam Ye, but she actually cried, said that this old servant helped Madam to squeeze her out, and why our family only expelled her dowry servants, and no one else moved. This old servant is really wronged. If her dowry servants were willing to be honest, where would they be sent away! ”

Guan Suyi had already expected Ye Zhen to be a demon, so she was not surprised, but Zhao Luli was shocked and angry, and hurried to the backyard.

After Ye Zhen remarried, all the servants of the Zhao family were replaced, and her original dowry servants was taken back by Ye Quanyong, and new people were assigned to come over, in order to seal their mouth. She had lived in the palace for a long time, and had not seen the faces of these people for a long time, so why talked about the relationship between master and servant? She took so much trouble to get people back, just to add help to herself.

After Ruan shi was buried grandly, in order to avoid meeting Ye Zhen, Zhao Luli went to another part of the country to discuss business. When he returned to the capital, no one knew about it. He lived alone at the foot of the mountain, so he didn’t know that such a change happened in his home. In his memory, Ye Zhen was weak, kind, and indifferent to the world. Although she had changed a little after she came out of the palace, she was definitely not a cunning and treacherous person. He thought in these few month she would stay quiet, and kept to her role.

But he was clearly wrong, and still very wrong. When he left, the mansion was clean and orderly, but when he came back, it was as if time had turned back and changed into the situation before he married Madam. The servant who was once driven away by Madam was now swaying in front of his eyes again, many empty houses were abandoned, and people come and go, which made a “bustling” atmosphere.

Seeing him walking in big strides, everyone greeted him shamelessly, shouting master one after another, but when they saw Guan Suyi, they were all frowning and pouting, turning a blind eye.

Zhao Luli’s anger grew stronger and stronger, he couldn’t believe that this was something Ye Zhen had done. Does she want to completely erase the traces of Madam’s life in the Zhao family? Why did she become so aggressive? What will Madam think when she sees these scenes? Afraid the heart that didn’t consider reconciliation before would also instigated by her.

He frequently glanced at Madam’s expression, but he couldn’t find a trace of strangeness in her calm and beautiful face. The calmer she was on the surface, the more she suppressed the terrifying waves inside. Once it broke out, it would definitely shattered the Zhao family into pieces.

While thinking about it, Zhao Luli’s heart was already cracking, and the rapid pace slowly slowed down, he didn’t dare to go inside. Because of Ye Zhen’s return, the house seemed to be a tomb, just waiting for him to be buried.

However, after a while, Mr. Lu, who had already been dismissed before, brought Zhao Wangshu out to welcome him, and finally made Guan Suyi, who had been silent, opened her mouth to ask, “Master Lu, are you also invited back?”

Mr. Lu sneered, “Thanking Madam Ye for the great blessing, so this old man can come back. After all, a mother is a mother and will never delay the son’s future.”

Hearing that the Zhao family was not implicated by the Ye family, he immediately returned to Yanjing to take his old job, but was turned away by Madam Guan. Without the accommodation and food provided by the Zhao Mansion, and he also spent a lot of money on wine every month, his life was simply miserable! Fortunately, Madam Ye hired him back again, which made him breaking through the darkness and see the light, and survived a desperate situation. Now seeing Madam Guan, he was full of resentment.

Guan Suyi ignored him and looked directly at Zhao Wangshu, “You also think I’m delaying your future?”

Zhao Wangshu lowered his head, not daring to speak. Standing behind him, the sly book boy who had been kicked away rebuked, “Whether or not you delay the eldest young master’s future, Madam, don’t you know yourself? Madam Ye went to the village school where the eldest young master was studying, and the place was old and broken, the house is full of children from poor families, and only a piece of dry food is provided for lunch, which can scratch the throat when swallowed. When writing, the cold wind comes in through the broken window, freezing people to the bone. Under the pressure of hunger and cold, how can you expect the eldest young master to make progress? Do you dare to touch your conscience and swear to heaven that you really doing it for the good of eldest young master?”

The book boy glanced at Zhao Luli and choked, “Madam Ye went to the village school to watch a few times in person, and she cried so hard every time. It’s inevitable the future of the eldest young master would be delayed, so she invited Mr. Lu back.”

Zhao Wangshu’s eyes were red, and his eyes were full of resentment. He clearly was already won over by Ye Zhen and left his stepmother.

Zhao Luli was about to flare out, but was gently stopped by Guan Suyi, and she sighed, “That village school is indeed shabby, it can’t compare to the Zhao family’s study, but the master who teaches there is my senior brother, who can be called a great talent, and has profound knowledge. I handed you over to him, and there is no reason to worry. So what if boys suffers a little? It’s to sharpen the mind and strengthen the muscles and bones. These past few months whether you benefited or not, you know in your own heart. Since you feel that Ye Zhen is your mother, I am the stepmother, she is for your own good, I am for harming you, that’s alright, I can’t control this family anyway.”

In her previous life, she invited this senior brother to teach Zhao Wangshu in the house, so that he could make a name for himself before the age of crown (twenty). As a result, he changed his tone and slandered her for having an affair with her senior brother. In this life, she didn’t want to implicate her senior brother, so she didn’t invite him back. But Ye Zhen still poured a pot of dirty water by accusing her of “treating her stepson harshly”. It was a sin that could not be escaped for two lifetimes.

“Madam, what nonsense are you talking about?” Zhao Luli glanced at her in a panic, and finally went to grab his son, “Still not apologize to your mother yet! Say that you will continue to go to the village school in the future, and you will no longer make trouble in your home studies!”

“Master Zhao, are you looking down on this old man? Alright…” Mr. Lu was so angry that his beard was shaking and he was about to come forward to argue when Ye Zhen came slowly with little Huai’en in her arms, smiling slyly, “Why are you all standing here? Come into the house if you have something to say.”

“Madam Ye, please.” Guan Suyi was too lazy to argue with everyone, so she entered first.

Zhao Chunxi was already sitting in the hall, with many account books stacked by her side, and seven or eight servants kneeling on the bottom of her feet. Seeing her coming in, a different look appeared on her face. Guan Suyi suddenly said, “This is to settle accounts after the autumn*? You gave your dowry to your mother?”

Zhao Chunxi felt bitter in her heart, and said astringently, “This is the property of the Ye family. Now that my mother is not dead, how can I not give it back?” Right now, the benevolence and filial piety customs in the Wei Kingdom was prevalent, and Ye Zhen only needed to cry a few times to make her completely defeated, where she dare to not pay back the dowry?

“The dowry servants who was kicked out has also come back? Well, that’s good, everything is back to the original state.” She turned to look at Ye Zhen, and said in a low voice, “Tell me, these people are kneeling here, what are they going to sue me?”

Ye Zhen opened the account book and said bluntly, “Younger sister, it’s not that I can’t trust you. Look, since you took over my dowry, the shopkeeper of the shop and the head of the farm have been replaced by you, and the cost of goods purchased in the shop has been several times higher. Are you planning to occupy the magpie’s nest? It is true that you have taken good care of my property, but it seems that they are no longer surnamed Ye, and have changed their surname to Guan? If I don’t come back, how much will my daughter get when she gets married in the future?”

Guan Suyi smiled, “How much Zhao Chunxi can get, don’t you know if you ask her? If I hold on to these things, do you think the account book can be easily get into your hands? The stewards I replaced, in the final analysis, are still surnamed Ye, and they are members of your Ye family. Ask this group of rammed goods kneeling at the bottom, why they were replaced? Why is the cost several times higher? On one hand they buy inferior and fake goods at low prices, and on the other hand they sell it at high prices, and earn the difference. And most of your Ye family operates medicine shops and grain shops. If people buy fake drugs and moldy rice, afraid they will die. I controlled everything strictly and ask myself not to make mistake, if you want to use this excuse to ruin my reputation, just save your breath, I came back today not to fight with you, but to discuss the reconciliation.”

The shocking news made Zhao Luli lose his soul, and Ye Zhen couldn’t recover for a long time. She was just about to make a move, but the other person already waved her sleeves and left, it was like she exerted her whole strength only to punch a cotton, and she was very aggrieved.

No, today she have to tear off a layer of Guan Suyi’s face no matter what, Ye Zhen rolled her eyes and was about to make a fuss, but then heard the gatekeeper made a report outside, saying there was Chief Bai who came to deliver the reconciliation letter.

In this way, all the tricks she had been brewing for more than three months were ruined by this sentence. And all of Zhao Luli’s plans and hopes were in vain.

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