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Who Cares – Chapter 111

Chapter 111 Twin


Her lifeblood were pinched between the Emperor’s fingers, and now their life and death had not yet known, how could the Empress Dowager dare to show any dissatisfaction? The reason for being late was because the skirt was soiled when wading through the water, and she had to change to a new set of sacrificial clothes. The sacrificial clothes were the most luxurious dress, which need to be put on layer by layer, and more than a dozen palace maids have to work for a while at the same time.

That’s why everyone in the hall waited for a quarter of an hour before they saw the Empress Dowager hurried in, and knelt down on the emperor’s left side. It was unknown how the court courtiers and the imperial clans thought, but the perception must not be good. Emperor Sheng Yuan’s expression was the same as usual, he raised his hand to signal the start of the sacrificial ceremony. The silent and empty hall immediately sounded a mournful music, with sublime rhythm, fast-pace gongs and drums, the Sanskrit sound resounding to the sky, creating a solemn atmosphere.

As the funeral music gradually subsided, the chanting of monks and guests slowly merged into it, reverberating in the hall and touching the eardrums. It was the first time Guan Suyi participated in such a grand and solemn scene.

After reciting a passage of scriptures, Emperor Sheng Yuan stepped onto the high platform, knelt in front of the coffin, and then recited the sacrificial eulogy word by word, attracting everyone to listen. The court courtiers thought that with His Majesty’s literary talent, it would be good enough to be able to write the sentences smoothly, but they did not expect this manuscript to be so heartwarming and tear-jerking, and it was written in the form of a letter, which made it more profound.

If it wasn’t for this sacrificial eulogy, they would never have imagined that His Majesty was raised by a pack of wolves, nor would they have imagined how he swept thousands of armies on the battlefield, going through life and death situation countless of times. For a person to become powerful and then worthy of the greatest admiration really need an extraordinary blessing, and even more need unbreakable perseverance. It was not easy for His Majesty to walk all the way here, and it was with Heaven’s will for him to be able to ascend the throne!

The originally oppressed court courtiers, were now in awe of His Majesty, and no longer had any objection. After writing the dragon blood black and yellow*, the writing of the sacrificial eulogy took a sharp turn, recounted the mourning and farewell feelings. The most violent writing was mixed with a few soft lines, but it was not abrupt at all, instead extremely harmonious, it also slowly pulled down the high tone and sank into mourning.

The discerning people immediately realized that these few paragraphs that set the tone so delicately must be done by Madam Guan. It was precisely because she lifted her hand to press it, so that this sacrifice was not covered with the smell of blood and slaughter, but made it even more majestic and terrifying.

Good article! The most affectionate, the most tender, the most sincere and the most filial! It’s another masterpiece! If this article was announced to the world, the emperor’s prestige would be more flourishing, the imperial power would be more stable, and the rumor of the real dragon emperor would surely spread throughout the whole Nine Provinces! While applauding secretly, the court courtiers had to admit that only Madam Guan could set such a strong and soft tone for this article. If it were replaced by any Confucian scholar, they would not be able to write such a touching effect. Not to mention that men were naturally rougher than women, and they were not good at expressing delicate emotions. Even if they could express them, how could they say it in front of His Majesty, “How do you remember the late Empress Dowager?” Embarrassment was a small matter, if it considered making a joke, they could be charged with the crime of “great disrespect”.

“Good article!” The court courtiers who were immersed in their thoughts were awakened by Master Xuan Guang’s admiration, only to realize that their cheeks were already covered with tears, and His Majesty on the high platform closed his eyes tightly, choked up without saying a word, and seemed to be in extreme pain.

Even though she had cried once in the back hall before, Guan Suyi’s eyes were still red, seeing the handkerchief handed by the grand princess, she quickly took it and wiped her face.

“This kid has made great progress in his literary skills! Sure enough, only Madam Guan can properly teach him. To think back then this old woman  taught him to speak, and my face almost got scratched by him, but in the end he couldn’t. So I had no choice but to beat him, every day beat him, repeatedly beat for a month before taming him. The first word he learned was Amu (mother), and the first thing he said to me was ‘Where is Amu?’. At that time I didn’t dare to answer him because I also thought he was the reincarnation of a demon, and the reason why I approached him and taught him was just for fun.” The grand princess recalled the past with emotion.

Guan Suyi listened silently, feeling very uncomfortable. She still resented Hunnar’s shameless action, but her resentment was much lessened. The reason why he had a tyrannical and domineering personality was due to the living environment. How could beasts reason with people? It was their instinct to rush to bite when they encounter prey. He was able to restrain this instinct and not do irreparable things in front of her could already be considered extremely attentive.


At the end, the sacrificial eulogy was not burned, and it continued to be offered in front of the coffin to infuse the power of vows, and it would be buried on the day when the coffin of the late Empress Dowager was buried.

When Master Xuan Guang announced that this morning’s ritual was over, the courtiers couldn’t come back to their senses. They were ready to chant for day and night. It must be known that when the last emperor of the previous dynasty held a ritual for his deceased mother, he detained the monks and civil and military ministers for more than three months. How many people coughed up blood, and how many died of exhaustion, nowadays it’s impossible to know the truth, but the tragic memory was still fresh.

They thought that the emperor attached so much importance to the sacrificial ceremony of the late Empress Dowager, so he had to follow that example, but they never expect him to be so lenient. Four hours in the morning, four hours in the afternoon, and they dispersed at night. If feeling that it was inconvenient to went back and forth, they could stay at Jueyin Temple, indeed very amiable and benevolent!

The ministers sent off His Majesty with gratitude, but unexpectedly he summoned everyone to the dining room to eat vegetarian food, without any imperial arrogance at all. Everyone was flattered and followed suit. Guan Suyi was held back by the grand princess and had to fall behind.

The two sat down at the table for the palace womenfolk, and when they saw the solemn expression and clear eye of Emperor Sheng Yuan, the two sneered in their hearts.

“This brat is getting better and better! In the past, everything was written on his face, and his brain is just a muscle. Now that he’s an emperor, he can actually cover up some dirty thoughts.” The grand princess clearly did not believe in the so-called don’t talk when you eat, don’t talk when you sleep rule, sneering in a low voice while taking a big mouthful of rice, her eyes slowly moved away, and landed on the women opposite.

Guan Suyi followed her line of sight, raised her eyebrows and said, “Several imperial son’s consorts are very sincere, their eyes red from crying, and now they can’t even eat.”

Sitting opposite were the three daughters-in-law of the Empress Dowager. Since their husband had never been posthumously conferred, they could only be regarded as the imperial son’s consort, and it felt like two generations lower than Hunnar. The last time they met at the flower banquet, these people were surrounded by many young children, with heavy makeup and full of arrogance, rather had the air of looking down of people, which was very different from current distraught and terrified appearance. Especially the eldest imperial son’s consort, her fingers kept shaking, to the point that she couldn’t even hold the bowls and chopsticks.

The grand princess snorted coldly, “What sincerity? The lifeblood is held by someone, so they have to give in. The sky in the palace has changed. Look at the Juilu’ concubines, who didn’t even dare to touch the side of Hunnar before, now they’re all looking at him with spring in their eyes, and started getting restless. Not to mention those Han concubines, they’re probably thinking how to hook him and sleep with him. People’s hearts are so fickle!”

Lifeblood? Is that the imperial grandsons? Guan Suyi pondered in her heart, seeing that the Empress Dowager had not been seat at the table for a long time, she couldn’t help but ask.

“Don’t you know? She took the initiative to recite the scriptures for nine, nine and eighty-one days for the late Empress Dowager. She probably still knocking the wooden fish in front of the coffin.” The grand princess grinned, “The sisterly feeling between the Empress Dowager and the late Empress Dowager are so deep, it’s really touching, a role model for our generation!”

If people really recite the scriptures for nine, nine, eighty-one days, they could vomit blood and die, right? The little imperial grandsons were really taken by Hunnar. Guan Suyi picked up the teacup and drank slowly, without the slightest pity or intolerance in her heart. This was an inner palace battle, and had nothing to do with her. It was enough for her to keep herself and her family safe. As she lowered her eyes, there seemed to be a scorching gaze piercing over her, and when she raised her eyes, all she saw was Hunnar’s serious face. She felt helpless in her heart, but also a little funny.

Just at this moment, a palace maid hurried over and whispered in her ear, “Madam Guan, the guards patrolling the outer hall caught a suspicious boy who claimed to be your stepson, please go over and identify him. So as not to hurt innocent people by mistake.”

How could Zhao Wangshu run into the imperial place of worship? Did he want to die? Guan Suyi was shocked, put down the bowls and chopsticks and apologized to everyone in the room one by one, quietly went out and came to the open space in front of the hall, only to see that Zhao Wangshu was tied up and detained on the ground. She hurriedly stepped forward to intercede, and when the guard left, she dragged him to a secluded corner and asked him why he come.

Zhao Wangshu didn’t say anything at first. After being threatened, he cried and said that Ye Zhen missed her sister and wanted to meet Ye Cainu. He couldn’t bear to disappoint her, so he came to inquire.

“Mom, please don’t tell daddy about my arrest, otherwise he will hate my mother even more. Mother has nothing left, just me and my aunt. You are so high above and everything goes well for you, please be charitable and help her out, alright? Count it as son begging you! Today, it’s all son’s own initiative, and has nothing to do with mother. If something goes wrong, son will take the responsibility!”

Looking at the crying Zhao Wangshu, Guan Suyi couldn’t help but think of him in her previous life. He was also used by others, and he was also deep in a deathtrap. One was by his aunt and the other was by his own mother. How could he still not learn? In his heart, blood was the most important thing, right? No matter how nice others treated him, he couldn’t resist a lie from a loved one.

She suddenly felt very tired and said helplessly, “Wait, I’ll find someone to ask about Ye Cainu‘s whereabouts for you.” In the end, she couldn’t help but warn, “No matter who order you to come today, she shouldn’t be unaware that trespassing in the imperial forbidden area is a capital offense. Think clearly before you act in the future, and don’t take risks lightly.”

Zhao Wangshu wanted to refute, but then remember the agreement with his mother, he gritted his teeth, “No one instructed this son, it is son who wants to come.”

“Don’t easily said this son, I’m not your mom.” Guan Suyi left without looking back, and finally found a palace maid and asked about Ye Cainu‘s situation. She really thought that she would hear the news that the other person had died violently, but this woman respectfully said, “Madam wants to see Ye Cainu? She lives in the monastery, this servant will help arrange for you to meet.”

Guan Suyi immediately realized that this was another good thing arranged by Hunar, he actually made a Ye Zhēn! What would happen if Ye Zhen and Ye Zhēn met? Afraid Ye Zhen’s dream of returning to the palace would be completely shattered, right?

Her eyes dimmed slightly, and she followed the palace maid’s words and said, “Then troubling female official to help arrange it. I want to bring a few people over, can I?”

“Of course. Madam, please go. This servant will wait here until you make the arrangements.” The palace maid really agreed.

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