Who Cares

Who Cares – Chapter 110

Chapter 110 Unyielding


If it usual, it’s just a little puddle, just stride over it and go back to her room to change into clean clothes. But today was different. Guan Suyi spent nearly an hour revising the manuscript. Seeing that the sacrificial ceremony was about to begin, if she waded through the water and after reaching the side hall, she would not even have time to change a set of sacrificial dress.

Wearing a sacrificial dress with a drenched skirt and splattered mud spots to participate in the ceremony, the above could immediately punish her for a “great disrespect” crime.

At this moment, the gorgeous and extraordinary dragon robe had absorbed water, becoming thicker and swollen, if one step on it to cross over, at most would wet the edge of the shoe and wouldn’t be splashed on any mud spots. But it was a symbol of imperial power! Who would dare to step on a few shoe prints on it? Do you want to die?

Only a barbarian like Hunnar would take it off without hesitation and use it to cover the water puddle. Perhaps his understanding of imperial power was not deep enough. When he think of this in the future, what would he think? If he want to settle the account afterwards, let alone her, afraid even ten Guan Family would not be enough for him to kill! Guan Suyi gritted her teeth in anger, not daring to step on it, but also unwilling to turn around. Hunnar was waiting for her with open arms. If she walked back and asked him to send some palace servants to cover the puddle with wooden boards, it would be the same as trying to compromise with him, what was the difference with surrendering to the imperial power?

Really unwilling! Thinking like this, Guan Suyi was about to cross the fence on the side of the path and walk into the flowerbed.

“Madam, afraid you don’t know, the shallow grass is withered and soaked with rain, if you walk over it, the water stains and mud spots will only be more than the puddle.” Emperor Sheng Yuan reminded worriedly.

Guan Suyi often traveled through mountains and rivers when she was young, how could she not know this? As soon as her hand reached the fence she hesitated, didn’t move for a long time. What’s more, in addition to shallow grass, there were all kinds of vegetation in it, and there were not a few with thorns. If the clothes were torn or the hair was messed up, it would only make her more embarrass. It seemed that she had nowhere to go except stepping on the dragon robe.

“What do you think of imperial power?” she asked back.

Emperor Sheng Yuan took two steps forward and said in a gentle tone, “Before, Zhen only regarded it as a tool to survive. Because if Zhen is not the emperor, the other option is to die. Later, through Madam’s advice, Zhen slowly came to understand that imperial power is not only Zhen’s personal right, it’s also the right of the common people in the world, and the common people in the world are even more important. The journey to the Great Way, the world is for the public*, Zhen can accomplish it, and it is slowly being realized. So Zhen thought the imperial power is very heavy, but it’s also very light. It’s heavy enough to help the common people of the world, light enough to give up a dragon robe, just to make Zhen’s woman walk more smoothly. After all, Zhen is a human being, and Zhen also have feelings and selfish desires. Madam, you just go forward, Zhen cushioned you under your feet, support you by your side, follow you at the back, and waiting for you at the front. No matter where you want to go, Zhen will accompany you.”

He bowed deeply and cautiously.

Guan Suyi was indeed a little moved, but only a little. Power might seem tempting, but it would destroy her peaceful life. This person was so sincere now, but how could she be sure that he wouldn’t turn his face in the future? The imperial family was ruthless, he now still not understand that his power and majesty would grow stronger in the future, and this would gradually be eroded. As Han Feizi said in the “Bei Nei” – the trouble of the master lies in believing in people, and believing in people, then controlled by people*.

Therefore, no emperor could ever forget his original intention, and no emperor could be too suspicious. The more he indulged himself now, the more terrifying he would be when he was suspicious in the future.

Guan Suyi wouldn’t gamble with her family’s life, so she should take advantage while they still had some friendship to persuade him stop his feelings early. Thinking like this, she looked up, then slowly backed away.

Emperor Sheng Yuan blocked the path and said, “Madam, you’re not thinking of jumping over it, right? This puddle is ten feet long, and it’s difficult for even a healthy man to cross, let alone a woman? And the road ahead is muddy and slippery, if you’re not land steady enough, you may fall into the puddle, and the end will only be more embarrassing. Madam, please don’t be willful.”

Guan Suyi ignored him, backed away a certain distance, and then accelerated.

Emperor Sheng Yuan hurriedly followed, raising his arms high, ready to catch her, but saw that she was not jumping far, but high, then grabbed a tree trunk that was sloping above her head and swung past easily. She landed like a butterfly, silently, her plain skirt suddenly bloomed and suddenly gathered again. The beads of water she shook were crashing down, splashing some small water, the scene was very beautiful.

While slapping the dust-free hem, she chuckled, “Your Majesty, this subject woman also want to understand. When you think there is only one road ahead, or even no road, it only shows that your vision is not broad enough. You can try to look left, right, up, and down, just don’t look back. Your Majesty, the marriage has been given, and this subject woman have stepped on the thorns and waded through the puddle, so you should also go all the way forward.” She strode away, passed a servant, snatched his oil-paper umbrella, and disappeared into the pattering rain.

Emperor Sheng Yuan looked at Madam’s hazy and unrestrained back, and then looked at the wet dragon robe on the ground, and suddenly laughed, “Madam, you walk ahead, Zhen will catch up to you soon. You are right, people have to move forward and never give up.”

Guan Suyi didn’t even stop her footsteps, and went far away. Emperor Sheng Yuan stared at her in a daze, and when the white shadow completely disappeared, he looked at Baifu, who was busy picking up the dragon robe, “Madam neither admires power, nor loves brocade clothes and jade food, wealth and honor, her only hobby is to collect books. How do you think Zhen can win her heart?”

Baifu hesitated for a moment, then said bravely, “Your Majesty, you should wait until she reconcile. Although you call her Madam this, Madam that, she is still the eldest master Zhao’s madam. Besides, you already know she love to collect books, you should also read more books on weekdays.” (ROFL)

Emperor Sheng Yuan’s face darkened. He planned to turn back to the inner hall and change into a sacrificial robe, but somehow he stopped again. The saber on his waist suddenly came out of its sheath, flashing a cold light, then in a flesh restrained its evil spirit. And the tree trunk that had been held by Madam above her head had now fallen into the puddle, smashing a cloud of mud.

“Go back.” He stood silently for a while before walking away.

A quarter of an hour later, a little eunuch came running across the puddle, and said in a low voice, “Your Majesty, the Empress Dowager wants to see you.”

“If want to see Zhen, then come here by yourself, if don’t come, then just stay in the room honestly.” Emperor Sheng Yuan put the sacrificial eulogy into the brazier, half of his resolute and stern face reflected the light, and the other half was hidden in the shadows.

After a while, the Empress Dowager hurried over and saw the puddle in the middle of the road. She had to stop and shouted, “People come, don’t you see that this path is blocked? Hurry up and fill it with sand or a plank! ”

Baifu walked to the corridor to salute and replied respectfully, “Reporting to Empress Dowager, people have been sent to look for the sand and wood, please wait a moment.”

How could the Empress Dowager wait? After going around twice, she finally waded through the water helplessly, and hurriedly said, “Where did you catch Little Sixteenth and the others? Give it back to Aijia*!” (tn: little sixteenth refers to her grandson)

Zhen told you to be honest, don’t make trouble, but you didn’t listen.” Emperor Sheng Yuan sneered, “Zhen can posthumously confer father, grandfather, and great-grandfather as emperor, can posthumously confer mother as Empress Dowager, also can posthumously confer dead brother as first rank Prince. With the title of first rank prince, those little cubs you raise can earn the title of county prince no matter what, and they will live comfortably in the future. Zhen have already spared you once regarding the painting, but you don’t know how to repent, and attack Madam Guan. There’s no other choice, Zhen have to make you understand that in this palace, whoever Zhen want to live will live; whoever Zhen want to die will die. Whoever Zhen want to crush is a grasshopper; whoever Zhen want to hold is superior person. You see, this is what the Central Plains people call ‘those who obey me prosper and those who oppose me perish‘. Whether those little cubs can survive or not depends on whether the Empress Dowager knows what to do.”

The Empress Dowager felt cold all over her body, trembling like a sieve, and said in a shaking voice, “Your Majesty, it was Aijia who made a mistake. You killed Aijia’s three sons, how about we write off the debt? Aijia will do one’s best to perform the sacrificial ceremony for late Empress Dowager, and no longer playing tricks, just please let Little Sixteenth and the others go. Regard this as Aijia begging you!”

As she spoke, she was already in tears, her eyes were red, she obviously had been force to a dead end.

Emperor Sheng Yuan stared at the ashes of the manuscript, and said lightly, “If there are any other mistakes in the ceremony, Zhen will use the blood of those cubs to sacrifice for the late mother. You should understand the character of Zhen mother’s. Saying that the sacrificial ceremony cannot see blood, but afraid she likes it very much.”

The Empress Dowager remembered the dead Husu Liya, recalling her heroic appearance on the battlefield and wielding the enemy, she finally bowed her head slowly and complied in humiliation.

Baifu secretly sighed for the Empress Dowager: This is discarded after being used by His Majesty. When she planned the plot, His Majesty didn’t burst her plan, instead waited for that female official and Madam Guan to come into conflict, before ran to become a hero that save the beauty, but it was a pity that Madam Guan didn’t seem to buy this.


Guan Suyi left the master hall, avoided the ministers and the imperial family, and quietly returned to the side hall. Because the Jiuli people marched and fought a lot, they were very experienced in setting up tents, and in just half an hour, many tents were set up in the open space. There was a big brazier inside, and there even imperial physicians and palace attendants stood nearby, when they saw anyone with different color’s face, they would come forward to treat them, so to prevent those nobles from suffering the cold and falling ill.

Compared with the full of complains a while back, the side hall was now a harmonious group. Seeing Madam Guan who was walking, everyone rushed forward to greet her, with expressions of gratitude on their faces. Guan Suyi nodded her head one by one, came to the inner hall, walked around twice, but still could not find a spare praying mat.

“Mother, where is my seat?” She walked over to Zhong shi and asked in a low voice.

“I also don’t know ah! A few internal attendants just came and took your praying mat, but they didn’t put it in the inner hall. Maybe they forgot. If the emperor can invite you to the main hall to seek writing advice, he will never treat you badly. You wait, mother will help you ask.” Zhong shi was about to get up when she saw Supervisor Baifu walked in quickly and saluted respectfully, “Madam, this servant has been ordered by His Majesty to call you to the main hall to attend the sacrificial ceremony. The ancient said one who can correct a misread thus be your teacher, you taught His Majesty to write a sacrificial eulogy, and you are worthy as a revered master. Please.”

The emperor was kindly invited, who would dare to refuse? Guan Suyi couldn’t, she went to the main hall with the envious eyes of the ladies, walked along the wall to the crowded inner room, and finally found her place beside the grand princess. The grand princess sat on her knees with a straight waist and a machete on her knees, her whole body was full of dangerous air. When she saw her coming, she smiled and nodded, and said with a grin, “Look, even His Majesty is here, but the Empress Dowager hasn’t arrived yet, really too arrogant. Probably dissatisfied with His Majesty for posthumously conferred his birth mother.”

Can this be said openly? Guan Suyi looked at the different faces of the court courtiers, and observed a moment of silence for the Empress Dowager’s reputation.

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