Let Me Pursue you

Let Me Pursue You – Chapter 84

Chapter 84


The two finally couldn’t hold back and invited a doctor.

The doctor heard about this late monthly period, although he felt that they made a big fuss as it was only two days late, he didn’t dare to neglect, and carefully asked the date of the last time the two had sex together, and then gave Lu Shi Qing a look, signaling him to follow him to the outside.

Yuan Ci Xian blinked in confusion, and wanted to get up and say something, but Lu Shi Qing glanced back, so she had no choice but to touch her belly where it’s unknown whether a piece of meat was growing, and waited in the room with a sulk.

Lu Shi Qing was also at a loss, and during the few steps from the inside to the outside, he imagined all kind of wild things until he heard the doctor ask in a low voice: “Assistant Minister Lu, before you married your esteemed wife, have you done the deal?”

He froze for a moment and asked, “What do you mean?”

The doctor smiled and said, “Don’t misunderstand, this lowly one just wanted to confirm it with you. Your esteemed wife the night before yesterday, is it the first time?”

“Of course.” Lu Shi Qing was puzzled, he then nodded.

“Since this is the case, it’s impossible for your esteemed wife to be expecting. It’s not easy to be pregnant after having intercourse a few days before monthly period, let alone it’s the first time. Assistant Minister Lu, you’re too impatient to have a child.”

Who said he was too impatient to have a child.

He gritted his teeth and said, “You mean, it was possible to have intercourse last night.”

The doctor nodded not particularly understand: “Naturally, there is nothing wrong with it.”

Lu Shi Qing was full with hatred when he heard this. What he meant… Yuan Ci Xian, who delayed the deed, made him bear the expectation of deer antler soup all night, and she was almost mad at him.

But in the end, he patiently confirmed: “Then why is her period late, is there something wrong?”

“Don’t worry Assistant Minister Lu, your esteemed wife has a good physical foundation, and the delay in this month’s period is probably due to recent unstable rest or excessive emotional fluctuations. Why don’t you wait patiently for a few more days and see.”

Lu Shi Qing choked when he heard this. Unstable rest and excessive emotional fluctuations seemed to be caused by him. If he had known this earlier, he should not have given her so much stimulation on their wedding night.

He sent the doctor away and explained everything to Yuan Ci Xian. At night, he didn’t dare to bother her again and urged her to go to sleep early.

Yuan Ci Xian had already heard the doctor’s words in the morning and felt relieved. Seeing Lu Shi Qing’s dissatisfied but righteous face, she couldn’t bear it, so after laying down for a while she nudged him with her elbow.

Lu Shi Qing was trying to calm his mind, he turned his head to ask her, “What, want to listen to stories again?”

She shook her head and hesitated before saying, “I just wanted to say that I’m not in pain anymore, you don’t have to hold back…”

Her words immediately smashed the defense line he had built up with great difficulty. Lu Shi Qing swallowed his saliva and didn’t say anything. He struggled for a full fifteen minutes before suddenly flipped over and pressed her down, looked down at her and asked, “Are you sure?”

Yuan Ci Xian nodded, very considerately said: “I’m not sleepy, you won’t take too long anyway.”


Lu Shi Qing was so angry that he couldn’t hold back any more, and almost took off his whole clothes in one go. He had just finished the preliminary work and was about to move onto the main event when he heard the person under him panting and urgently shout, “Wait!”

He had no choice but stop the arrow that was already on the bow, and the hand pulling on her trouser belt stopped with difficulty. When he looked up, he saw her embarrassed face: “I suddenly want to relieve myself…”

Lu Shi Qing gritted his teeth and stared at her for a long while, seeing that she seemed to be unable to hold on, he had to take a deep breath, rolled over and got up, signaled her to hurry up with a dark face. Unexpectedly, after waiting for half a quarter of an hour, even the “yellow flowers” have cooled down and he didn’t see her coming out, so he had to pick up a robe to wrap around his body, and went to knock on the door of the clean room: “Yuan Ci Xian, are you stuck in the toilet?”

He then heard the person inside walking towards this direction with a slow pace, he saw her open the door and looked at him with puckered mouth: “Lu Shi Qing, I was wrong, I’m sorry.”

He was about to pick her up and carry her back to continue with his business. But when he heard this sentence, he was stunned for a moment, and his outstretched hand stopped in mid-air. Then, as if he had thought of something, he said suspiciously: “You don’t mean to say that your monthly period has arrived, do you?”

Yuan Ci Xian didn’t even have the nerve to look down at the certain part of him that was standing up, instead, she looked at his face and then pleasingly hugged his arm, saying sincerely, “You are so clever, you’re sure to accomplish great things in the future.”

He was so angry that he almost bit his teeth off. He slapped the door behind her and said, “I don’t want to accomplish great things…”

She was shocked by his momentum, and flinched a little, “Then what do you want now?”

He tried to calm himself down, but failed. He grabbed her hand and pulled it down, saying, “Help me clean up the mess.”

Yuan Ci Xian’s hand shrank reflexively from the heat and she stuttered, “H-h-how… how do I clean it up?”

This time, Lu Shi Qing was able to withstand it. He held on for two quarters of an hour in her hands, leaving her exhausted.

When it was over, he regretted his impulsive behavior and brought her a basin of water to wash her hands. He asked her if her arm was sore.

How could Yuan Ci Xian not feel sore? But it was the fire she lit, so even if she had to kneel she needed to extinguish it. She could only choke out “it’s okay”, and after he helped her clean her hands, she said, “Why don’t we sleep in a separate room for the next few days, I’ll go to the next door.” As she said that, she wanted to get up.

Lu Shi Qing stretched out his hand to stop her: “What sleep in separate room?”

She shook his arms and said with a bitter face: “I don’t want to suffer alongside you…”

He endured the pain, and she who solve the trouble also suffered the pain.

Lu Shi Qing choked, and motioned her to lie down: “Just this time, there won’t be another time. I’ll take a bath, you just go asleep.”

Yuan Ci Xian had no choice but to return to the quilt. She was really sleepy now, but still wondering how he improved by leaps and bounds, and then she fell asleep in a daze.

Lu Shi Qing refused to sleep in a separate room with her, and with this kind of thin quilt in the middle of summer, he was simply begging for trouble. He was so hot every night that his blood kept rising. After two days, he came up with a good idea: before going to bed, he turned on the lamp and do some work on the bed. When he was tired from reading official documents, he could then sleep peacefully.

Yuan Ci Xian really thought that he was busy with official business. Lying by the side at night watching him sit and flipping through the papers, she asked him what he was looking at.

He had just finished reading a secret letter from the south, replied, “The information on Xi Ju’s movements recently.”

After hearing this, she got up and asked him, “Where is the wedding team now?”

“Mianzhou in Jiannan.” Lu Shi Qing looked down at the secret letter in his hand, and sighed, “It’s not easy for those spies to reach Mianzhou, this is probably the last secret letter.”

Yuan Ci Xian thought for a while and understood what he meant. There were thousands of entourages of Great Zhou in Shaohe’s marriage team, but the characters there could only be described as mixed.

This was an excellent opportunity to sneak into Nanzhao and get close to Xi Ju. Whether it was the emperor or a few imperial princes, they must all show their own talent and arrange their spies to mingle in it. The same goes for Lu Shi Qing and Zheng Zhuo.

It was just that Xi Ju was vigilant and good at discerning people, afraid he had dealt with these people more or less along the way. Now, even Lu Shi Qing had to put up his hands.

She asked: “Is there any news in this secret letter?”

Lu Shi Qing didn’t answer for a moment, but thought for a while and said: “Even if there is, it’s counted as no.” He handed the secret letter to her.

After Yuan Ci Xian took it, she saw that the secret letter recorded the time and frequency of the private conversations between Xi Ju and Shaohe. A few sentences in it briefly described a meeting between the two in the carriage, and said that there was a faint sound of quarrel.

It’s just that it’s unclear what they were arguing and quarrelling about.

That’s why Lu Shi Qing said, even if there is, it’s counted as no.

But after she read it, she had some thoughts, and after pondering for a while she said: “These two people are not the kind that will argue over small things such as daily necessities. If there is a quarrel, most likely one of them made some request, and the other party refuse.”

Lu Shi Qing nodded in agreement, then suddenly heard her change the subject: “Do you know why His Majesty suddenly ordered us to get married in a hurry?”

“It was Xi Ju’s suggestion.”

“So that Shaohe can give up completely?”

He nodded.

“It doesn’t seem that simple.” Yuan Ci Xian thought for a while, “He may have persuaded His Majesty with this reason, but the ultimate goal is not like this.”

“Then what do you think?”

Yuan Ci Xian was also not sure, guessing: “Is it possible that Xi Ju wanted to steal secrets about the imperial court from Shaohe, or force her to form some kind of political cooperation with him, so he wanted to stimulate her with your marriage with me, then she could see the imperial family and His Majesty for what they are… or even show your indifference, which makes her more and more disappointed with Great Zhou?”

Maybe it was because Xi Ju who wanted Shaohe to cooperate with something, but Shaohe insisted on refusing, so the two had friction and conflict.

Lu Shi Qing blinked lightly, he also thought about this, but finally denied it.

He shook his head and explained: “A princess married to another country is no longer important to Great Zhou. She has almost nothing except these thousands of entourages and a few loads of dowry. What can she use to discuss cooperation? As for the court secrets you mentioned,” he paused, “There are people in the imperial family who are more scheming than her. What secrets does she know? If she heard something she shouldn’t, she would not be alive today. This time Xi Ju asked for marriage, even if His Majesty was possessed to agree, there would also people in the court who want to intervene.”

After listening to his words, Yuan Ci Xian’s heart was not only uneasy, but went cold.

From Lu Shi Qing’s point of view, this was indeed the case. After all, Shaohe had a mediocre political mind, and the emperor didn’t attach much importance to this daughter. It really makes no sense for her to come into contact with something important.

But Yuan Ci Xian knew that Shaohe might know more than anyone else in this world, even more than her.

Shaohe had helped her and Lu Shi Qing over and over again, so she had always regarded her as a good person, and never considered this threat. Now, she dared not imagine what the consequences would be if such a person became her enemy.

She didn’t know how Xi Ju knew about Shaohe’s usefulness, but she just felt that something wasn’t quite right.

Yuan Ci Xian’s hand trembled slightly, and she tightly grabbed Lu Shi Qing’s sleeve, saying: “Shaohe must not be allowed to become Great Zhou’s enemy.”

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