Let Me Pursue you

Let Me Pursue You – Chapter 83

Chapter 83


Yuan Ci Xian didn’t joke around with this question. Ever since the first moment she knew the truth last night, this was the first thing that collided with her will.

The original intention of her approaching Lu Shi Qing was to keep away from Zheng Zhuo and find a reliable backer. But she didn’t think that she would go around in circles, in the end returned to the original point, and inevitably following the old path of her previous life: Her father chose Zheng Zhuo, and the person she married was his best friend.

All this was like the so-called inviolable destiny in Shaohe’s mouth.

Especially after witnessing the close relationship between Lu Shi Qing and Zheng Zhuo, it was difficult for her not to feel worried—she was afraid that he would abandon the Yuan family, but at the same time afraid that he would sever ties with his best friend for her, and fell into a painful dilemma.

Lu Shi Qing didn’t seem to understand her meaning for a while, and twitched the corners of his mouth in embarrassment: “You won’t be eating Zheng Zhuo’s vinegar, are you?”

Yuan Ci Xian choked and said, “I’m not you, even your own vinegar you’re not letting go…” After saying that, she said seriously, “I mean it.”

Lu Shi Qing restrained his smile when he heard the words, and asked instead: “Why do you say that?”

She shook her head to indicate that it was nothing, thinking that it was fine now, forcing him to make such assumption was a bit difficult, so she said: “Forget it, I won’t embarrass you, I’ll take a look at your injury first.”

Seeing that she was about to step forward and rip off his clothes, Lu Shi Qing stopped her and held her hand in his palm, looked down at her and said: “I mean, you said it wrong. It’s not your family, but my family.” His tone was calm and slow, “If I can’t even protect my own family and can easily abandon them, how can I establish myself in the court and assist the wise master in my eyes?”

Yuan Ci Xian was stunned, raised her head, and stared at him with flickering eyes.

“And in the same way, if I believe that the wise master is an unscrupulous person who tramples on the innocent people, how can I have the ability to protect my family? I don’t know where your suspicion and hostility towards Zheng Zhuo came from, but he is not as relaxed about Cai He as you can see on the surface. But to be in the top position, he has to make a choice. Everyone has selfishness, but it doesn’t mean he’s a heinous person.

“I promise you that with me here, the Yuan family and him will never come a life-and-death confrontation. No matter what, I will protect them, and what you said will never happen no matter what. If you believe in me, then you can believe in the people I believe in.”

Yuan Ci looked at him quietly, and a smile appeared in her eyes.

She thought that she already believed in Lu Shi Qing in this life more than the illusory dream that had become a thing of the past and was hard to discern.

She raised her head slightly, kissed his chin lightly, and said, “Okay.”

Lu Shi Qing’s blood was stirred by her proactive kiss, and he was about to bow his head to kiss back, but was stopped by her and heard that she wanted to see the wound on his chest.

The scar was so ugly that he didn’t want to take a second look at it, but she was so persistent that he could only take off his clothes. Who would have thought that when his clothes were disheveled, Xuan shi happened to knock on the door and said that she brought him some nourishing soup.

Afraid of being misunderstood and accused for not knowing propriety for messing around in broad daylight, he hurriedly put it on again, but in a hurry, he folded the lapel upside down. He didn’t realize it was wrong until Yuan Ci Xian opened the door to invite Xuan shi to come in. As a result, his mother, who was indeed deeply misunderstood, gave him a fierce glare.

But mother was mother after all, still thinking about him and his future child in her heart. She put down the deer antler soup that would give him stamina before going out, and told Yuan Ci Xian to watch him finish drinking before leaving the house.

Of course Yuan Ci Xian knew what this soup was for, thinking that last night Lu Shi Qing was indeed useless, maybe he was really weak and had kidney deficiency, so she done as instructed.

Lu Shi Qing, who was forced to drink a large bowl of nourishing soup, gritted his teeth and thought that she would definitely regret it tonight. Unexpectedly, in the beautiful night after taking the bath, he sat at the foot of the bed waiting for Yuan Ci Xian to come out of the clean room, and he was ready to redeem himself in front of her, but when she came, she had a serious face and counted something on her ten fingers.

He was a bit confused, seeing that she was so serious that she didn’t even look as she walked and was about to bump into the low stool in front of her, so he hurried up to move it away, then stopped her and asked, “What are you doing?”

Could it be she was counting how many days he would sleep on the footstool. This afternoon, she seemed to have calmed down.

Yuan Ci Xian came back to her senses when she heard the voice, blinked dumfounded, bit her lower lip, looked at him with some embarrassment and said, “I’m counting… I’m counting my monthly period.”

Lu Shi Qing blinked more dumbfounded than her, then hesitatingly asked: “What’s wrong with your period…”

She waved her hand to signal him to wait, then counted again with her fingers, wondering to herself, “It’s supposed to be today.” After she said it, she seemed to think of something, and grabbed his arm in horror, “Lu Shi Qing, I shouldn’t be pregnant, right!”


Lu Shi Qing smiled incredulously: “Wait… calm down.” After saying that, he also seemed to be a little restless, stared at her and asked, “Isn’t it… is your monthly period so accurate?”

She nodded affirmatively: “I never missed a day before, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to find out what’s wrong so quickly.”

He glanced at the sky outside the window, pondered for a while and said: “Isn’t today hasn’t passed yet?”

Yuan Ci Xian felt that this made sense, and said “Umm” solemnly: “Why don’t I wait and see?”

He twitched the corner of his mouth: “How can you wait for this?”

She pointed to the outside, and seriously suggested: “Let’s go outside and play chess for a while, maybe it will come out later.”

Lu Shi Qing had doubts in his heart as well, so he reluctantly agreed and accompanied her outside to play chess. As he thought about his moves, he offered his opinion: “I remember,” he started, after all he just got married and discussing such matters was not so easy, but he bit the bullet and continued, “it’s not easy to get pregnant a few days before the monthly period.”

His implication was that she may have been mistaken.

Upon hearing this, Yuan Ci Xian placed a piece on the board with a “click” and then nodded as if pounding garlic. “There seems to be such a saying!” she said, but then frowned, “But I remember it’s a few days after the monthly period when it’s not easy to get pregnant?”

This made Lu Shi Qing uncertain as well. He furrowed his brow and asked, “Where did you hear that?”

“Just a few days ago when I was preparing for the wedding, an old woman reminded me. What about you? Where did you hear it from?”

“I heard it from someone else too.”

Yuan Ci Xian wondered, “Then why do we hear it differently?”

Lu Shi Qing shook his head in puzzlement, yes, why is it different.

The two of them furrowed their brows and tried hard to recall the situation at the time. One was insisting that it was after the monthly period, while the other firmly believed it was before. By the end of the game, both were absent-minded, and even when it was time to move the pieces, they were distracted. Lu Shi Qing took the color piece from Yuan Ci Xian and placed it on the board. Yuan Ci Xian responded by simply moving a piece on the board.

When the two distraught and terrified people found something wrong with the chess game, they didn’t want to play anymore.

Seeing that Yuan Ci Xian was already very tired and rubbing her eyes to stay awake, Lu Shi Qing pushed the chessboard away and said, “Go to sleep.”

Unexpectedly, Yuan Ci Xian still shook her head with a grimace and looked at him earnestly, saying, “No, there are still two hours left, wait a bit longer. I… I’m nervous.”

He was actually just as nervous as she was, but he was a bit more rational. He said seriously, “If you can’t wait for two hours, are you planning to stay up all night? Even if you do get pregnant, do you want to ruin your body and risk your life?”

Although he didn’t want the child to be born from the short-live passion last night, but if it happened, what else could they do? She was his legally married wife, not someone he had eloped with, so of course they would try their best to have the baby.

Yuan Ci Xian was annoyed by his poisonous tongue, but also felt that what he said made sense. After being glared at him for a while, she compromised and said, “Okay, let’s sleep.”

She finished speaking and dragged her slightly weak legs to the bed in the inner room.

Lu Shi Qing cleaned up the remaining game on the table and stood in front of the bed to confirm, “Where do I sleep?”

They only found out about the wedding five days ago, and she started to suspect that she might be pregnant just one day after the wedding. Yuan Ci Xian was really too fragile at the moment. She patted the bed beside her and pouted, “Here.”

He climbed up as he wished for and lay down beside her, but in this situation, the so-called redeeming himself was no longer possible, so he held his breath and closed his eyes, but because he was thinking about this matter, he couldn’t fall asleep at all. Opening his eyes and turning his head to look at Yuan Ci Xian, he found that she was huddled in the corner of the bed, and although her eyes were closed, her eyelashes kept fluttering, obviously she had not fall asleep.

He originally wanted to keep a little distance from her, in case he couldn’t repress himself, but now he couldn’t bear to see her like this, so he moved over and pulled her into his arms, and asked in a low voice, “Cannot sleep?”

As he approached, a very clean honey locust smell rushed towards her face. Yuan Ci Xian thought it smelled good, opened her eyes and sniffed, then nodded: “I’m trying.”

Lu Shi Qing knew that she was not mentally prepared for this, but he felt that he had spoken too seriously just now, and there was no point to keep blabbering on, so he only lowered his head and asked her: “What you do if you couldn’t sleep before?”

Yuan Ci Xian answered honestly: “When I was young, my mother would tell me stories while patting me on the back.” She looked up at him, “Do you want to?”

Lu Shi Qing choked.

Storytelling this kind of thing, he didn’t particularly want to. But he couldn’t refuse at this time, so he patted her on the back after a moment of silence, and then asked patiently: “What do you want to hear?”

Yuan Ci Xian closed her eyes in his arms, Listening to his reluctant tone, she curled her lips and said, “You just tell that story, once upon a time there was a mountain and a temple on the mountain. I might fall asleep after hearing it for the thirtieth times.”

Lu Shi Qing sighed, his hand movements never stopped, and he began to speak: “Once upon a time there was a mountain. There was a temple on that mountain, and there is an old monk and a young monk in the temple, one day, the old monk said to the young monk, there used to be a mountain, and there was a temple on the mountain…”

He kept talking, and didn’t know how many times he repeated it until he fell asleep, and woke up early the next morning. Seeing that Yuan Ci Xian was still sleeping soundly in his arms, he got up and called her.

Yuan Ci Xian woke up after being startled by his movement, and asked him sleepily: “What’s the matter, what happened?”

Lu Shi Qing stared at her, and said two words: “Monthly period.”

Only then did she react, immediately got off the bed and rushed to the clean room to check, then came out with a sad face, wanting to cry but have no tears: “No…”


Small theater:

Dear diary: The second day of the wedding, the weather is fine. Today my wife gave me a test, and I got full marks in the test because of my quick thinking, and I got the chance to sleep with her at night and do shameful things. However, what I never expected was that I would be terrified by the lateness of my wife’s aunt, and actually make a goal in one shot. I just want to ask, what is Director Gu’s intention in arranging this speedy pregnancy?

Director Gu commented: My dear, you think getting pregnant is so easy. Each one of you, when listening to pre-marital education, you took the old woman’s words on the right ear and came out from the left ear, you deserved to be suffocated 😤

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