Let Me Pursue you

Let Me Pursue You – Chapter 120

Chapter 120 Extra Story – This Life – Happy Reunion (2)


Lu Yuan Shu saw the person who was coming. She let out a low “ah” and loosened her fingers in surprise, the red silk fell and went with the wind, floating in Zheng Hong’s direction.

Zheng Hong raised his hand, skilfuly took it, and twirled it in the palm of his hand. Then he saw her hurriedly controlled her face, and called him: “Your Majesty.”

Seeing that she was small in stature but had a decent posture, he sighed quite maturely: “You really don’t recognize me, didn’t you agreed not to call me this.”

He didn’t even call himself “Zhen“, why she called him Your Majesty?

After saying that, he lowered his head to search for something in his sleeve, as if wanting to give it to her.

However, Lu Yuan Shu carefully looked around, lowered her voice, and called him again: “Your Majesty.”

Zheng Hong stopped halfway, looked up at her, and saw her small cherry-like lips slightly opened, silently mouthing: Brother Majesty.

Zheng Hong was overjoyed, then turned to look at Yan Fu, the eunuch beside him: “What did Zhen said!”

Yan Fu narrowed his eyes and smiled when he heard this. On the way to Luoyang, the emperor said with certainty that when Young Lady Lu saw him, she would still call him “brother” like in the past.

Although little Yuan Shu didn’t dare to yell this out because of etiquette and there were many people around, Yan Fu still gave Zheng Hong a thumbs up and said, “Master is far-sighted and insightful.”

After he finished speaking, he saw the triumphant look on the young emperor’s face, and suddenly recalled the situation of the past few years.

Back then, the young emperor suffered a great disaster. But he was rescued by De Prince, narrowly escaped death and returned to the capital, and ascended the throne in a hurry. For a long time, there was no smile on his face.

A six-year-old child, sitting on a dragon chair with his feet still unable to reach the ground, doing things that adults might not be able to do with a solemn expression.

The emperor grew up too fast. With the assistance of Prime Minister Lu and the former courtiers under De Prince, he quickly wiped out the remnant of Ping Prince’s faction, rectified Yuan family’s name, and revealed the crimes of the late Emperor to the whole world. One by one he done everything in order.

The whole court from top to bottom, no one thought this was wrong. Because no one treated him like a child.

He was their monarch, no matter how narrow his shoulders were, he had to carry the rivers and mountains of Great Zhou on it.

But Prime Minister Lu couldn’t bear it sometimes. Those things that were too dark, too bloody and brutal, he settled everything for this child.

However, one time not long after, an important criminal was interrogated in the prison. After hearing about it, the young emperor said that he would watch it himself.

He saw the torture with bamboo slips wrapped around the criminal from the beginning to the end, from the initial paleness to the slowly blood restore on his face. When he walked out of the cell, there was no trace of fear, and his steps were steady and powerful, as if bearing the weight of a thousand catties.

But Yan Fu knew that when the lightning flashed and thunder roared that night, the emperor had a nightmare. He jumped off the bed barefoot, crying while running around, his mouth was whimpering, but not knowing whom to call.

For the emperor, his father was a sinner through the ages, his biological mother had long since passed away, and his stepmother, Empress Liang, had no face to pose as a mother in front of him, the emperor, after Princess Shaohe chose to sacrifice this younger brother to save her.

From then on, this child couldn’t even find a place to hide when he cried.

In such stumbling, he was pushed forward desperately by the mighty torrent, forcing himself to grow into an adult as soon as possible. In the first two years, he was too busy that he didn’t have time to laugh.

Even Yan Fu thought that the emperor, who was forced to grow up rapidly, would be like this forever. He was taciturn at a young age, and the furrows in his brows were deeper than the smile lines.

But then, Lu Yuan Shu appeared.

That day, the little girl who was as white as porcelain and delicate as jade was led by Prime Minister Lu, walking unsteadily, swaying gently.

The emperor’s eyes suddenly lit up, and the corners of his lips could not stop rising.

Yan Fu thought how could the emperor who was less than ten years old have a special affection for a two or three-year-old girl, so he curiously asked him why he was smiling.

Then he heard the emperor say that when the baby girl was just one month old, he had hugged her once, but after that, the Great Zhou soon became stormy.

Yan Fu understood that this baby girl was the last vivid, beautiful and stable memory for the emperor before the misfortune came.

When the emperor saw her, it was like seeing the Great Zhou that was once wrapped in bright clothes by the adults, and the decayed and the festered inside had never been exposed.

Yan Fu thought, this baby girl must be a bit special to the emperor.

In later years, when the emperor was free, he would sneak out of the palace every now and then, went to Yongxing Lane to see this girl, and brought her a lot of presents every time. In order to avoid Prime Minister Lu’s anger, when visiting, he must prepare a few memorials in advance, which was euphemistically called: want to ask Teacher a few questions.

Yan Fu didn’t feel that the emperor was neglecting his duties. On the contrary, he thought that such emperor showed a human liveliness, like a real child.

Maybe Prime Minister Lu thought the same way, so he didn’t stop this matter. Of course, maybe it’s because of the difference between the monarch and his ministers, so he couldn’t forcefully stop it.

On the other hand, Yuan Shu’s brother, Yuan Zhen, didn’t like the emperor robbing his sister’s attention. He acted like a newborn calf who was not afraid of the tiger, and openly and secretly tripped the emperor.

Of course the emperor was not really angry, but a little dissatisfied, so he coaxed little Yuan Shu with a gift, saying, “In the future, don’t call me Your Majesty, just call me Brother.”

Yuan Shu was so happy with the gift, left her own brother behind, and called him sweetly.

Then one day, Lancang County Princess heard this, and said in shock: “Our family is going to have a State Princess?”

The emperor said: “Madam, does Yuan Shu want to be one? If she wants to, I will confer her.”

County Princess said that he was too kind, then rejected him and told him to study hard. She then turned around to warn Yuan Shu: “You can’t call Your Majesty ‘brother’, if you really want to, you have to call him ‘Brother Majesty’.”

Yan Fu thought at the time that County Princess was really a wonderful person, no wonder she gave birth to such a lovely girl. The Lu family had a sense of propriety after all, they never took advantage of favors and became arrogant, so they refuse to take advantage of the emperor, and didn’t want to make Yuan Shu the State Princess of Great Zhou.

At that time, he felt a little sorry for little Yuan Shu, but as the years passed, and now that the emperor was fourteen years old, he suddenly felt that it was a good thing that she was not conferred State Princess at that time.

The emperor matured early, even though he was only this age, his mind was more mature than that of a seventeen or eighteen-year-old boy. It was just that now Yuan Shu was still a flower bud, so he had not realized it, and just treated her like a younger sister.

But according to Yan Fu’s discerning eyes, this was not such a simple matter. Or should he said, sooner or later it would not be a simple matter.

When the emperor and Yuan Shu grew up a few years later, it was still unclear whether the relationship between the two was still pure brother and sister.

If Yuan Shu had been named a State Princess at the beginning, and she became like the emperor’s younger sister, when the emperor figured it out one day, wouldn’t he be so angry with his decision that he vomit blood.

Yan Fu lost in his thought for a while, then saw Zheng Hong took out a tiger doll from his sleeve, and handed it to Yuan Shu, saying, “It’s a playing thing for you.”

Lu Yuan Shu reached out and took it, played with it for a while, then stretched her head to look up at him: “Your Majesty is here to attend the hundredth day banquet, so what about my brother’s gift?”

Oh, the little girl had grown up, she became an older sister, and knew how to do favor for her younger brother.

Zheng Hong pulled the corners of his lips and smiled: “His gift is in the carriage behind. There are plenty. Don’t worry, Yuan Shu’s younger brother is also my younger brother.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he heard a cold snort, turned around just to see Yuan Zhen popping out.

Boys at this age had not started to grow tall yet, so Yuan Zhen was not much taller than Yuan Shu. He looked like a dwarf in front of Zheng Hong, but he still wanted to stand in front of his sister, and said like a little adult, “It’s windy outside. Your Majesty please come inside quickly.”

He said it calmly, not only not offending others, but also cutting off the solitude between his sister and this imaginary enemy.

Zheng Hong felt that compared to when he only stuck brown candies on the soles of his shoes, Yuan Zhen had made a lot of progress. But want to compete with him, you’re still far behind.

He raised his eyebrows, and said with his hands behind his back: “Teacher didn’t invite me, it’s really impolite for me to come uninvited, I’m afraid it’s not appropriate to go in like this.”

Yuan Zhen was only eight years old after all, most of his emotions and anger were still written on his face. When he heard it, he showed a look of secret joy. He was about to say some polite words to see off the guests, but saw the other person smiled in the next moment, “But since Yuan Zhen said so, if I don’t go in, I really failed your good intentions.”

“…” Lu Yuan Zhen’s face turned a little green.

Yan Fu felt that the emperor was too naughty, bullying an eight-year-old boy like this, so he hurriedly smoothed things over, and said to Zheng Hong: “Then Master, let’s go inside?”

Zheng Hong nodded, and said to him casually: “Alright, I just happened to encounter a difficult problem recently, and I want to ask Teacher for advice.” After speaking, he gave him a look.

Yan Fu received the signal, and hurriedly asked: “Master, what’s the matter?”

Zheng Hong was satisfied in his heart, and said lightly: “I want to move the capital to Luoyang.”

Ouch, moving the capital was such a big thing, it was not like ordinary people moving. Yan Fu was so frightened that his legs went soft, and he almost lost his balance. Then he looked back at Lu Yuan Zhen, and the boy’s face was so black that ink could be rubbed out of it.

Several half-grown children entered the mansion one after another. Yuan Zhen was so angry that he didn’t open his mouth all the way, and only by holding Yuan Shu’s hand hard, could he find the sense of existence as the real brother.

Yuan Shu had nothing on her mind, one hand curled up in her brother’s palm, and played with Brother Majesty’s tiger doll with the other. When she reached the hall, she first called her father and mother, then Dou Azhang and Lu Shuang Yu “uncle and aunt”, and then asked when her grandfather and grandmother, as well as her (maternal) uncle and aunt would arrive.

As soon as she finished speaking, there was a sudden loud crackling sound outside the gate of the mansion, like a firecracker exploding, shaking the sky and earth, and resounding through the clouds.

She was taken aback and let out a short “ah”.

Zheng Hong reacted very quickly, and covered her ears earlier than Yuan Zhen on the other side. After the firecrackers outside were over, he put down his hands and lowered his head to comfort her: “Yuan Shu don’t be afraid, I’ll go out and see what happened.”


Yuan Shu was frightened, and the emperor ran out to see what happened. Could the people in the room still be idle?

Of course not.

Lu Shi Qing and Yuan Ci Xian looked at each other, Dou Azhang and Lu Shuang Yu looked at each other, Yuan Zhen and Yuan Shu looked at each other, Yan Fu had no one to look at, his left eye met his right eye, and then a group of people followed closely behind, followed Zheng Hong out.

Unexpectedly, before he got there, he heard a male voice that seemed to be stomping in anger: “Surnamed Jia, tell me, which bastard told you that the Han people will have firecrackers for the Hundredth Days Banquet?”

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