Who Cares

Who Cares – Chapter 97

Chapter 97 Empress Dowager


Emperor Sheng Yuan sat cross-legged in the room, feeling depressed. Seeing that Madam had softened her heart, she not only explained the truth of the painting for him, she also cried for him. He only needed to explain what happened to Ye Zhen, highlight how he kept himself clean, and then they could fall in love with each other. But how she end up getting angry?

He took apart every sentence and even every word he had said before, and thought about it carefully, trying to figure it out. Today’s meeting was indeed a bit of a bitter trick. What kind of person Madam was, as someone who silently guarding her for half a year, even if it asked what she ate and drank, Emperor Sheng Yuan knew very well.

She was a typical knife-mouthed tofu-hearted person. She looked strong and incomparable, but she was actually the most kind, and especially liked children. Just talked about children and there wouldn’t be unwillingness to compromise. That’s why he slowly turned the topic to his childhood, and shared with her all the most difficult years and the most painful secrets.

However, in the process, he was slowly comforted and finally completely cured. He originally thought that the more rotten and deeper the wound, the more painful it would be when it dug up. But with only a few words from Madam, the rotten flesh disappeared and it was instantly smoothed out. She said that he was his mother’s treasure, and that he should not hurt himself, how happy and moved he was.

Everything was fine, but why you become so angry? Emperor Sheng Yuan was puzzled and scolded “Ye Zhen really harmed Zhen” through gritted teeth. Without a doubt the person he hated the most was Ye Zhen, the Empress Dowager, the first prince’s consort, the eldest princess and others have to step back.

Baifu was surprised by Madam Guan’s skills, and couldn’t help but exclaim, “Your Majesty, didn’t you immobilize Madam’s legs? How could she run away?” If they hadn’t taken for granted that Madam couldn’t move, they wouldn’t let their guard down easily.

“Is it the time to explore this? Why don’t you go to Jinzi and ask her why Madam is angry?” Emperor Sheng Yuan waved his hand impatiently, picked up the embroidered shoes on the ground, carefully patted off the dust, and hid it in his sleeve pocket.

Baifu hurriedly went to inquire, and returned with a stiff face after a while, and whispered, “Your Majesty, Lady Jinzi asked you not to look for her in the future, she will not tell you anything about Madam. She said that she will only be the madam’s girl in the future, no longer your dark guard, and her master will only be Madam.” After the words finished he felt frighten and waited for His Majesty to get angry.

Although Emperor Sheng Yuan’s face showed surprise, but there was no anger at all, after a while he laughed a little, and praised “good girl” while clapping his hands.

“Your Majesty, Lady Jinzi still has something to let this servant help convey.” The first disaster was avoided, but more cold sweat broke out on Baifu’s forehead, and he hesitated, “She said, she said that Madam thought you are stupid and asked you to read more books in the future.”

“What did you say?” The smile on Emperor Sheng Yuan’s face twisted for a moment.

“Your Majesty is insightful, this is not what this servant said, it was conveyed on behalf of Lady Jinzi!” Baifu knelt down with a plop, and secretly cried bitterly in his heart.

Emperor Sheng Yuan was stunned for a long time, and his tall and straight posture finally stooped down little by little. After sitting in the room for a long time, he left in a very dejected manner. When he walked to a pavilion, he saw that there were many scholars gathered inside, bent over on the desk to write rapidly.

“What are they doing? Go and see.”

Baifu was ordered to investigate, and when he came back, he whispered, “They are copying Madam’s “Book of Sacrifice for Sister-in-law”. Because there are many people attending the ceremony today, and the literary giants of the Guan clan and the Zhong clan all participate, therefore the scholars within the capital are all flocking here and the powerful nobles are also gathering here, after they read the sacrificial eulogy, it has already swept half of the capital, perhaps soon everyone will have a copy.”

Emperor Sheng Yuan paused and ordered, “Send someone to spread this sacrificial eulogy to build momentum for Madam.” He smiled softly again, “Actually, there is no need for Zhen to help Madam make a name for herself, this article is so gripping and mournful, sooner or later it will become a masterpiece for all eternity.”

Baifu didn’t dare to delay, and hurried to do it. The efficiency of the dark guards was naturally first-class. When the imperial carriage reached the foot of the mountain and entered the city gate, Madam Guan’s “Book of Sacrifice for Sister-in-law” was already in the hands of everyone in Yanjing City. Every time they moved a certain distance, they would met a few literati with red eyes reciting the manuscript paper in their hands, and women followed behind them to listen carefully, and then hugged their children and cried heartily.

The greatness and selflessness of a mother’s love were rendered to the extreme by this article. Now when they talk about the Zhao Mansion and Ruan shi, people would only praise her for her bravery, and never mention any witches or devils. Even those old Confucian scholars who were sour and decay in their thinking, repented after reading the sacrificial eulogy, and burned incense candles to show their condolences.

People’s words were fearful thing, and people’s words were also venerable. As long as they were properly guided, they could exert unparalleled power. No wonder the people of the Central Plains have such a saying – defending people’s mouth is better than defending the river*… Therefore, those who manage the river should dredge them to make it smooth; those who govern the people could only enlighten them and let them speak. To encourage the free airing of view was indeed right.

Emperor Sheng Yuan ordered the carriage to slow down and look all the way. The streets that used to be full of mercenaries have now been cleaned up, and prosperity was beginning to emerge. The faces of the people that come and go were full of smiles, although the clothes were simple but it were clean; there were children playing on the roadside, giggling and laughing, looking so carefree and innocent.

This scene made Emperor Sheng Yuan feel a lot of emotions, but also extremely satisfied, until he entered the palace gate, only then he felt that something was still missing.

“If Madam can accompany Zhen to enjoy the scenery and explore people’s sentiments, how good will that be? Seeing such a prosperous scene, Madam will definitely be very happy, and she will not despise Zhen for being stupid.” He walked into the Weiyang Palace and sighed with regret as he changed into his dragon robe.

Baifu didn’t dare to interject at will, he could only laugh dryly, and then followed His Majesty to Changle Palace. It was the residence of the Empress Dowager. Ever since he ascended to the throne, the Emperor had never set foot here again. Although the mother and son still maintain an illusion of peace due to Confucianism’s emphasis on filial piety, but who in the deep palace didn’t know that the Empress Dowager hated the Emperor to the bone, and so was the emperor towards the empress dowager, and even more than that.

“Why are you here?” The Empress Dowager was surrounded by many young children, all of whom were the orphans of the eldest prince, third prince, and sixth prince, as for how the third prince died, one had to ask the saber on Emperor Sheng Yuan’s waist. They were all the blood of the Empress Dowager, who originally had the most hope of ascending to the throne, but as a result, a Rakshasa evil spirit slashed with a sword, so the deep resentment in her heart could be imagined.

She took the youngest son of the old sixth into her arms and patted him gently, then scolded, “Before you come, let someone make a report, don’t scare the child. What are you, don’t you know?”

“Make a report? The world of Wei Kingdom was conquered by Zhen, the palace was occupied by Zhen, the dragon chair was seated by Zhen, you are all Zhen’s vassals, and you can only survive by Zhen’s charity, Zhen come and go, why should let people make a report? If it weren’t for the fact that Zhen chose Confucianism to govern the country, and has to abide by the so-called ‘filial piety’ of the Han people, you as Zhen’s nominal mother, do you think you can still live to this day? Before asking others what they are, bow your head first to look at yourself!” Emperor Sheng Yuan stepped into the inner hall without hesitation.

The Empress Dowager faintly felt restless under her anger. When the news of Guan shi‘s cutting open the abdomen to take the child out reached the palace, she began to lose sleep and couldn’t eat, for fear that Emperor Sheng Yuan discover something. That painting was her only weapon to control the other person, and even kill him. If it was exposed and seen through, her situation would become very difficult and dangerous, and the imperial grandsons would have no possibility to survive.

Filial and unfilial were all said by others. As the emperor, and firmly controlling the entire forbidden palace, it was not difficult for him to do some beautiful efforts on the surface; correspondingly, it was easy to get rid of her secretly. If she was dead, what about the imperial grandsons? How could they not be abused? Especially Hunnar was that kind of vengeful character.

The Empress Dowager thought a lot, and her face became more and more pale. Several grandsons were spoiled by her too much, and their temperaments were erratic. They pointed at Emperor Sheng Yuan and scolded, “Go away, demon, don’t dirty imperial grandmother’s place. People come, drive him away, he is a demon, his body is full of bad luck, whoever infected will get moldy!”

Of course, there were also timid and cowardly children who have thrown themselves into the empress dowager’s arms and cried, and they were also incessantly screaming demon and Rakshasa. It could be seen that ordinarily, the Empress Dowager often told them about the “legendary life” of this uncle.

In the past, if Emperor Sheng Yuan encountered such a scene, he would spontaneously avoid it, but today he sat quietly at the top, his expression indistinguishable between joy and anger. The reason why he tolerated these people before was because he was worried that he would have no children, and wanted to find a less annoying child to adopt under his knees; the second reason was to keep them torturing himself so as to atone for his sins.

But now, they were dead or alive, said what and done what, what it have to do with him? Just go to hell!

Thinking like this, he didn’t bother to talk nonsense with the Empress Dowager, pointed to the things in Baifu’s hand, and said slowly, “Thank you Empress Dowager for giving Zhen this picture of a goddess protecting her child, so that Zhen can understand how brave and strong Zhen’s mother was, and how she loved her son dearly. When the time is suitable, Zhen will announce her existence to the world, and do nine, nine, eighty-one days rituals* for her. Over the years, she has always accompanied Zhen, protecting Zhen everywhere, let Zhen turn misfortune into blessing, Now that Zhen have ruled the world, she should be perfectly content to reincarnate. Empress Dowager, some people gave birth to a few children, and the children still die, they can’t protect them even if they want to; But some people only gave birth to one, and even when he was exploited in a thousand ways, bullied in every ways, but he still able to grow up peacefully. Why do you think is that? Because those who do good have their own blessings, and those who do evil have their own retributions.”

He took the painting, touched it with great preciousness, and sighed, “Zhen will posthumously confer mother as the Empress Dowager, and order the court ministers to draw up a glorious posthumous title, so as not to let her dignity and splendor be taken away by others. Empress dowager, you must take care of your health, Zhen is busy with government affairs, afraid Zhen don’t have time to manage your funeral.” Without waiting for the Empress Dowager’s reaction, he flung his sleeves and left.

Several of the little imperial grandsons followed him and insulted him, and even picked up small bows and arrows to try to attack, but they were hurriedly thrown down and stopped by the palace maid. The emperor’s words were clear enough, he wanted to recognize his mother, to justify her name, and the honor of the Empress Dowager would be taken away. After her death, not to mention adding a posthumous title and ceremonious burial, whether or not she could enter the imperial tomb was hard to say.

Apart from this cage-like Changle Palace, the Empress Dowager was afraid that there was nothing left, how could she protect a few little imperial grandsons? From then on, everyone in the palace had to learn to tuck their tails between their legs!

Back in the imperial study, Emperor Sheng Yuan let out a sigh of relief and waved his hand, “Send Ye Zhen back. Zhao Luli has been waiting for so many years. He should get what he wish for.”

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