Who Cares

Who Cares – Chapter 96

Chapter 96 Stupid to Death


Emperor Sheng Yuan picked up the painting and said calmly, “If Zhen hadn’t met Madam, Zhen would have never imagined that Zhen could still appreciate it so closely, without the slightest fear and despair. At the time when Zhen was the most high-spirited, the day when Zhen stomped on the entire Central Plains under one’s feet, the Empress Dowager held this painting and gave a detailed account of the scene when Zhen was born.”

Guan Suyi’s temples began to swell, and she could almost feel the feeling of destroying the world. For a child who had been abandoned since childhood, nothing was more important than tracing one’s roots. It would be fine if he didn’t know it for a lifetime, but on the day that should have been the most glorious day, the bloody truth was suddenly revealed. The impact was no less than falling from a cloud into the abyss, and a destructive power of a tsunami and landslide.

Everything he hoped, pursued, and even believed in would be destroyed in an instant. If the will was not strong enough, afraid he would go crazy on the spot. Guan Suyi didn’t know how he survived at that time, but she could imagine what kind of torment he was going through for more than 1,400 days and nights.

However, even in such pain and despair, he was reluctant to burn the painting, which showed how much guilt and longing he had for the mother he had never met. Did he think that if he kept this painting and used it to torture himself forever, he would be able to wash away the sin of killing his mother?

It turned out that the man who looked so powerful was hiding such a rotten and festering wound in his heart, but he never wanted to treat it, instead he dug it deeper and deeper with the knife. The human spirit was not infinitely powerful, on the contrary, it would become weaker and weaker with age. If all the strength was exhausted, there would be a time when that knife pierce the heart.

Guan Suyi closed her eyes and suppressed the surging tears, she was not qualified to cry for this man, even he himself was not, because all of this was fake! It’s a big lie! The truth was indeed bloody, but it was not cruel at all. On the contrary, it’s saturated with deep love and expectation.

She said while barely maintained a calm voice, “Your Majesty should have guessed it right? The reason why your mother held a knife in her hand was not to resist, nor to kill you. She had a difficult childbirth and no one was by her side, in order to save your life, she can only open her own stomach and take you out; she was afraid that the clan would not find you in time, so she cut her wrist and fed you with her own blood.”

She fixed her gaze at the emperor who was showing a fragile posture in front of her, and said word by word, “So you have never been a Rakshasa, let alone killing your mother, but a treasure she exchanged with her life. Not only you are not a child that no one want, on the contrary, your birth carry more maternal love and hope than anyone else. Because she has a spirit in heaven and has always been guarding by your side, so you can survive such a difficult environment, and you can overcome the danger again and again until you reach the top. Your Majesty, for her sake, don’t hurt yourself in the future, you are now the monarch of Great Wei, the ruler of the world, and your life is no longer yours alone!”

Emperor Sheng Yuan was so warmed by her words that his whole body was burning, and his heavy heart was still hard, but he opened a gap for her alone, and carefully brought her in, put it on the tip of his heart, or maybe hide it at the bottom of his heart, except for himself, no one was allowed to touch it.

He intertwined his fingers with her and said eagerly, “That’s right, Zhen’s life is no longer mine alone, but Madam’s. Without Madam, Zhen would never have discovered the truth.” On the day he received the secret report, he repeatedly chewed these four words. The truth was like a thunderbolt, which exploded in his mind, and then everything suddenly became clear.

When he went to see the paintings that the Empress Dowager worked so hard to draw, he didn’t feel any guilt or fear or despair, he just wanted to cry for his mother. She must be the bravest and greatest mother in the world; just as Madam was the strongest and wisest lady in the world.

He finally let go, and was proud of it. He no longer hesitated whether to approach Madam, but immediately rushed to her side to show his identity. He was the son of Husu Liya, Hunnar, and Huo Shengzhe, the monarch of the Great Wei Dynasty. He was not a demon, so why should he hide it?

However, Guan Suyi couldn’t understand his surging emotions, and turned her face away and said urgently, “Please don’t say these words, Your Majesty. This subject woman can’t afford it, let alone dare to ask for it. Since you have let go of the past, would you please hurry up and put on your clothes?”

Emperor Sheng Yuan saw that she seemed to be embarrassed. Although he thought it was cute, he couldn’t bear to tease her too much. While putting on his robe, he confessed, “Madam, don’t underestimate yourself. For Zhen, you are a unique treasure in the world. The reason why Zhen competed for the world was just to survive. Later, Zhen was stabbed in the heart by the Empress Dowager, and thought about how to sit on the throne more firmly, even if you die, you shouldn’t be taken advantage by others. It wasn’t until Zhen met Madam that Zhen realized that this world is not only belong to Zhen, but also belongs to the common people. Providing one side water and soil is far more satisfying than destroying a city. Now, Zhen want to be a good emperor, and Zhen want to hold your hand and together we build a peaceful world, Yellow River is clear and the sea has no waves.”

Guan Suyi turned her face away, the blush slowly climbed from the base of her ears to her cheeks, and then extended to her neck. She didn’t need to look at this man’s warm expression, just his loving voice alone could make her heart flutter and her thoughts chaotic. She couldn’t respond to him, she could only keep silent.

Emperor Sheng Yuan didn’t need any response, and continued to speak, “Because had not yet guessed one’s own background, Zhen was hesitant at first whether to fight for you. Every time Zhen saw an innocent child or a woman with a bulging belly, Zhen will think uncontrollably, Zhen is a Rakshasa evil spirit, will Zhen’s children be like Zhen, breaking out of the body in such a bloody way? If end up hurting Madam, what will Zhen do to atone this sin?”

Guan Suyi became annoyed, turned her face and sarcastically said, “Your Majesty, we don’t have any relationship, you think too much!”

“It’s true that Zhen was really think too much, so Zhen immediately came to the Zhao Mansion to find you and confess Zhen’s identity to you.” Emperor Sheng Yuan hesitated for a moment, then said with difficulty, “Because of the fear of giving birth to another Rakshasa and letting him bear the suffering that Zhen once endured, Zhen have been keeping oneself clean all these years, and dare not get close to any woman. Zhen and Ye Zhen are not what you guessed…”

With a blushing face, he explained the stupidest thing he had done in his life to Madam in detail, he sighed, “The aide from those time that was bribed by Ye Zhen to give suggestion to the old Marquis over and over again to offer his daughter-in-law to Zhen in exchange for rich and honor has been found. The Miao expert who were instructed by Ye Quanyong to hunt and kill Zhen, who then in turn were killed by the Ye family only to survived by chance have also been found. Now they are all in prison. If Madam doesn’t believe it, Zhen can bring them in front of you to retell the story again.”

Guan Suyi calmed down and asked, “The murderer who killed the entire Ye family and poisoned the Zhao Mansion was this Miao man? Was Ye Zhen involve in sister-in-law’s death?”

“That’s right.”

“What a number one beautiful woman in the Central Plains, what a very favored in the Six Palaces Ye Jieyu, her method is really exceptional!” Guan Suyi had never hated a person so much. It turned out that everything, including why she would marry Zhao Luli again, was her who played tricks behind the scene. How can a person be so shameless?

She wanted to climb another high branch, so the father-in-law became the villain who offer tributes to the powerful, and eventually became enemies with his son; she wanted to abandon her husband and her children, so Zhao Luli became a coward who needed his wife to sell her body in order to be granted a title, and since then he felt guilty and couldn’t raise his head; she wanted to be a phoenix who fly to the Ninth Heaven, so Emperor Sheng Yuan became the target that being hunted down and fooled, and finally took all the infamy for her and gave her supreme glory.

Was there any woman in the world who was more “pure and kind, weak but virtuous” than her? Afraid in the last few hundred years and the next few hundred years, there would be no one like her.

“High, it’s really high! The last time this subject woman met Ye Jieyu, said she’s not as good as the rumors said, but it turns out it’s this subject woman who has eyes but fail to recognize Mount Tai*! Your Majesty, you two husband and wife, one is deceitful, and the other is utterly stupid, you should make a great pair, why do you want to harm me? In the Zhao family, I have a husband who dotes on me, a mother-in-law who protect me, although the children are not my own, they are all respectful and filial to me. Why should I leave them and be together with you, this accomplish? You are stupid, but I am not stupid; Ye Zhen is cheap, but I am not cheap!”

She suddenly lifted the thin blanket and stood up, without even bothering to put on her shoes, she ran out quickly, leaving only a sarcastic remark, “Your Majesty, after drinking so much ink, you really have made a great progress, this bitter trick almost deceived me! Let’s not meet again in the future, just pretend we never knew each other!”

Emperor Sheng Yuan deceived her, teased her, and even tried to rob her, but it couldn’t make her really angry, because she had suffered more sinister and uglier injuries than this. However, there was only one thing she couldn’t forgive – knowing the circumstances, he shouldn’t have helped Ye Zhen push her into the fire pit.

Why when he looked down on her he can willfully trample on her, and when he fall in love he want to easily redeem her? Because he is the emperor? Because he has tragic life experience? In this day and age, who doesn’t have a few heart-wrenching memories? How pitiful do you really think you are?

Guan Suyi walked quickly, and when she returned to the side room, she found that the soles of her feet had been scraped with stones and had many wounds, which was very painful. Jinzi hurriedly took out the ointment and wiped it for her, while wondering, “Madam, do you know how to break acupuncture points?”

“What breaking acupuncture points? The acupoint he tapped is connected to the Tianzong acupoint. I only need to keep leaning on the back of the chair and secretly press the Tianzong acupoint, then I can use the blood to break through the blockage. You should read more books in the future, don’t be like your family master, hopelessly stupid!” Guan Suyi said while gritting her teeth.

Jinzi smiled wryly, “Madam, don’t put your anger on my head, this servant has only you as a master, and there is no other master! This servant’s number has been revoked by the Dark Guards, and apart from military households, will never be able to return.”

Guan Suyi was stunned for a while, and then she poked Jinzi’s forehead with her fingertips, “Sly girl, you know how to use words to block me. Fortunately, you were sent to monitor me, so you more and less learned something, otherwise sooner or later you will be like Huo Shengzhe, stupid to death by himself.”

Jinzi did not dare to refute, and secretly mourned for His Majesty in her heart. It turns out what Madam can’t tolerate the most is not deception, but stupidity? That is so miserable, afraid there is no hope for His Majesty in this life.

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