Who Cares

Who Cares – Chapter 56

Chapter 56 Dove Occupied


(T/N: the title doesn’t make sense because it’s related to the next chapter’s title)

Guan Suyi stayed at home for a whole day, embroidered with her mother, practiced calligraphy with her father and grandfather, ate dinner, loosened up a little in the garden, and when the food had been digested she went back to the Marquis Mansion neither too slow nor too fast. As soon as the carriage drove into the back alley, they saw the steward mama standing on the side of the road with an umbrella while looking over her neck, her face looked very anxious.

“Mother Wang, it’s raining, what are you doing here?” Minglan asked as she lifted the curtain of the carriage.

“Oh, madam, you’re finally back.” The steward mama hurriedly stepped forward to meet her, and talked like a burst of cannons, “Lord Marquis brought all the womenfolk of the Ye family, and now they are gathered in the old madam’s room, crying. Liu shi even went to our main house to look for you earlier, saying that she wanted to fight with you, but she was pulled by a few grannies. They made trouble for a while, and after seeing that you hasn’t come back for a long time they went to the main courtyard. The old madam wanted to drive them away, so they ran to the main entrance of the Marquis Mansion, knelt down and kowtowed, shouted out grievance and beg for mercy, provoking passers-by to come to see, saying that our Marquis Mansion is not benevolent, forcing the old madam to be helpless, and asked Lord Marquis to solve it by himself. You also know what kind a person Lord Marquis is, always gave everything for the Ye Mansion, how can he drive the people away, only wish he could take in the entire Ye family, and then he also kneel down and beg the old madam for mercy, almost making the old madam faint.”

The steward wiped the rain off her face and continued, “The old madam really can’t handle him, she is looking forward to your return! Hurry up, hurry up, go to the main courtyard, it’s an emergency.”

Guan Suyi frowned slightly and instructed, “You go to the old madam first and send a message that I will come as soon as possible after I change my clothes.”

“Yes, yes! This servant is going right now.” The steward sighed in relief, then ran away with the oil-paper umbrella crookedly.

Guan Suyi got off the carriage, Minglan and Jinzi hurriedly covered her from the rain, and the three master and servant returned to the main house with muddy feet. After freshening up, she changed into a clean dress, took the account book, abacus, keys, matching cards, etc., and then slowly stepped into the rain curtain and walked towards the main courtyard.

“As long as we go back to the Marquis Mansion, there will be countless dirty things. Miss, next time you go back to your maiden’s house, don’t bring this servant with you, the gap is too big and this servant really can’t adapt.” Minglan sighed.

Jinzi laughed, thinking that this little girl’s words were really interesting.

Guan Suyi also slightly curved her lips and replied, “Okay, don’t follow next time, I’ll send you directly to Zhao Luli, and I’ll pick you up in a few hours, and you’ll be able to experience climbing from hell to the Western Paradise, and you will surely cry with joy when you see me.”

“No no no, this servant would rather serve a pig than the Marquis.” Seeing that this was a bit too poisonous, Minglan glanced at her miss secretly, seeing that she didn’t seem to have heard it, she winked at Jinzi.

It turned out that Marquis Zhenbei was inferior to a pig in the hearts of these master and servant, Jinzi secretly kept this information to her heart.

The three walked around the rippling lotus pond, walked through the rained on corridor, and went straight to the hanging flower gate full of roses in full bloom. As soon as they crossed the threshold, they saw many people standing under the eaves of the main courtyard. Most of them were womenfolk, as well as more than a dozen young men, young women, and children, all of whom were very good-looking.

One of the middle-aged women seemed to know Guan Suyi and screamed, “Mother, that bitch Guan shi is here!”

Hearing the sound, Liu shi rushed out of the house, raised her hands with long fingernails, and said angrily, “Little bitch, you’re finally back! You’ve hurt my Ye family to this point, I’ll fight with you! See if I don’t tear you apart today!”

“Hit her, beat her to death!” Didn’t know which young man took the opportunity to stir up everyone’s emotions, and several women followed closely with vicious expressions. They moved too fast, and Marquis Mansion’s guards who were guarding around the courtyard had no time to react, they didn’t expect the Ye family to be so arrogant when they were already dying, and they dared to make trouble in other people’s territory.

Jinzi was about to protect the master, when she heard a crisp sound of “pop”, Liu shi was slapped by her madam and flew far away, unable to get up for a while, followed by a girl with a stick in her hand, who was also stunned, and the weapon was immediately grabbed by her, snapped it into two pieces, and threw it on the ground carelessly.

The stick as thick as an adult’s wrist was actually broken like this, and everyone in the Ye family was a little afraid. Guan Suyi then took out her name post and said solemnly, “Minglan, the criminal Ye family’s woman want to murder this madam, and now there are witness and evidence, you immediately go to the Department of Justice to send a word and ask them to come over and arrest her.”

“Yes!” Minglan took the post and looked at it, it turned out that miss had already written it when she was at her parents’ house, which showed that she had expected this situation.

The Ye family was stunned for a moment, and then they were terrified, wanted to beg for mercy but unwilling to give up their face, couldn’t help but look at Liu shi. With great difficulty Liu shi finally get up, and when she heard these words, she lost all her arrogance, and said in a trembling voice, “Who is going to murder you? We didn’t even lay a finger on you, but we were beaten to pieces by you! It’s a false accusation! My face, the slap print on my face is the proof!”

Guan Suyi passed over the Ye family members who glared like a tiger watching his prey, dared to be angry but did not dare to speak, and said word by word, “I beat you, whether it’s justified or not, you have to bear it, because you are a criminal now, and I am a first-rank title woman. Don’t say that you intend to attack me, even if your eyes are a little disrespectful, I will immediately give you a round of hitting board and you will have nowhere to complain. And you,” she said contemptuously, turning her fingertips around, “if I’m unhappy, I can immediately send you to Heavenly Prison to reunited with Ye Quanyong.” Speaking until here she clapped her palms a little, and pretended to suddenly realize, “Look at this madam’s memory, it seems that the sinner Ye Quanyong has already feared the crime and already die, isn’t it?”

She poked at the Ye family’s sore point with every word, making them embarrassed and desperate, and at the same time felt extremely terrified. The people who were still full of arrogance just now were like eggplants beaten by the frost, and they all shrank into the corner one by one, for fear that Marquis Zhenbei Madam would not like them and let the officials arrest them.

Minglan stood at the corner for a while, and when she saw the yard was quiet, she said, “Miss, do you still want to report to the officials?”

“You are guarding here. If anyone is disrespectful or has bad intentions, it’s not too late to make a report.” Guan Suyi stepped into the main hall without looking back, “Keep an eye on all of them for me, and send anyone who is not honest to prison. People who live relying on others’ charity should have the consciousness of someone who live relying on others’ charity, don’t always think that everyone in the world has to revolve around your Ye Mansion.”

All the family members raised their voices and answered with the promise, and very appropriately threw away the stick in their hands. Liu shi was completely stunned, clutching her rapidly swollen left face, standing in a daze under the porch, a look of resentment slowly appeared in her eyes, and then she became dazed. Guan Suyi passed through the main hall and entered the inner room, and found that Zhao Luli was clasping Zhao Chunxi and Zhao Wangshu to kowtow to the old madam, his face was full of anxiety and sorrow.

The old madam closed her eyes tightly and twisted the Buddha beads in her hands, she was already powerless to resist. When she heard the footsteps she raised her eyes, and said in surprise, “Suyi, you’re back! Quick, get rid of those people outside! They are not welcome in my Marquis Mansion!”

“Mother! The Ye family has fallen to this point. No matter how much resentment you have, now is time to help, right? If I leave them alone, they are penniless, and they are all old and weak women and children, how can they live in Yanjing City? What’s more, father-in-law has offended a lot of people, if there are people who throw stone while somebody down and deliberately finds fault, what do you think will happen to them? If it goes wrong, it will cost several lives. No matter how father-in-law violates the law, the women and the children are always innocent. You save their lives is to accumulate virtue for yourself, and there will be good rewards in the future. Mother, I beg you, mother!” Zhao Luli dared not go to Guan Suyi, with a slap from the day before yesterday, coupled with reprimand today, he always had a feeling that he couldn’t lift his head in front of her.

Seeing his mother turned her face away with a grim expression, he hurriedly held his son and daughter and kowtowed again.

Guan Suyi calmly walked to the old madam’s side and sat down, and looked at the father and children from head to toe. Very good, drenched in the rain, but the clothes on the body hasn’t been changed, and the hair hasn’t been dried, so they rushed to the main courtyard with a pale face, which clearly to make a bitter trick!

Zhao Luli was really infatuated with his “dead wife”, but he didn’t realize that the pair of children might not be of the same mind with him, especially Zhao Chunxi, whose unwillingness almost overflowed.

Guan Suyi shook her head and laughed, she was worthy of being Ye Zhen’s daughter, her selfish nature was exactly the same. Since she liked to stick to the Ye family so much in the previous life, and always thought that the Ye family was good and perfect everywhere, then let her fulfill her wish in this life, let her eat, live and sleep with the Ye family’s womenfolk, and see how long she could endure.

While thinking about it, the old madam couldn’t bear it anymore, patted the back of her daughter-in-law’s hand, and whispered, “Suyi, whether the Ye family is leaving or staying, you can say something.”

Except for Zhao Luli, who was very nervous, everyone else stared at her with hopeful eyes, especially Zhao Chunxi. She thought that the Guan family had vendetta against the Ye family, and Guan Suyi definitely would not tolerate the womenfolk of the Ye family, so let her be the villain, and she only need to stand up at the right time and blame her stepmother for being ruthless, and then she was “forced to compromise” after making a little fuss, in this way, she not only followed her original intention, fulfilled her filial piety, and also had a good reputation for being benevolent, it could be said to be watertight.

However, Guan Suyi was destined to disappoint her. She gave Jinzi a slight hook, and handed over a stack of account books and a small abacus to make it convenience. It was obvious that she was well prepared, and she had no lack of plan in her mind.

“Whether the Ye family will leave or stay, it’s up to Lord Marquis to decide.” Spreading out the account book and smoothing out the abacus, she spoke word by word.

“Suyi!” The old madam was extremely shocked, Zhao Chunxi’s eyes flashed slightly, and her heart was disappointed.

“Don’t worry, listen to me first.” Guan Suyi patted the back of the old madam’s hand and continued, “Does Lord Marquis want to keep the Ye family forever and take full responsibility for their food, clothing, housing and transportation; Or are you going to take them for a while and then find another place to settle down when the situation calm down?”

Thinking of the “dead wife” who was seriously ill, the father-in-law who died inexplicably, and the mother-in-law who was miserable and helpless outside, Zhao Luli bit his teeth and said firmly, “Naturally being a good person who will do it to the end and take care of them for the rest of their lives. The Ye family’s shop was sealed, the family’s property was confiscated, and even the sacrificial fields were seized, what do they have to support themselves in the future? If I ignore them, or give up halfway, they have no choice but to die. Madam, I know that I was wrong before. I apologize to you here, please forgive me a lot, also please spare the Ye family, so as to leave them a way to survive!” When the words finished, there were “bang bang bang” noises as he kowtowed his head on the ground.

Before Zhao Chunxi and Zhao Wangshu could react, their father pressed their heads down and ordered, “Quickly kowtow to your mother and admit your mistake, and ask her to save your grandmother!”

Zhao Wangshu cooperated ignorantly, but Zhao Chunxi seemed to have swallowed a fly, her heart was unwilling and extremely disgusted, but she had to obey because of moral relations.

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