Who Cares

Who Cares – Chapter 55

Chapter 55 Executed


Zhong shi saw her father-in-law and her husband didn’t take Ye Mansion’s ransacking seriously, even made up this “wife’s dominance” thing, as if they were raising their daughter as a son, she couldn’t help but hurriedly said, “Yiyi, don’t listen to your father’s nonsense, what is it this wife’s dominance thing, don’t make people laugh. If the family’s daughter loses her husband’s favor, her life will be extremely difficult. He will not give you son, he will not protect you, the pair of children will view you as enemy and alienated you, and to go as far as trampling you. When you are old and weak in the future, you can neither rely on your husband nor your children, then how should you live? Besides, Zhao Wangshu is going to inherit the title. When he becomes the head of Marquis Mansion, he can deal with you unscrupulously. So you absolutely can’t get to that point, let’s find a way to ease the relationship!”

Old Master Guan frowned, obviously dissatisfied with what his daughter-in-law said. Guan Father stopped eating and drinking, slapped the table and said angrily, “Woman’s foolishness, don’t corrupt my child!”

What is this woman’s foolishness? What is this corrupting your child? Are you and father-in-law really forget Yiyi’s gender? She is a daughter, not a son! Zhong shi was sullen in her heart, but it was not easy to argue with her husband in front of her daughter.

Guan Suyi was about to appease her mother, but she heard her father sneered and said, “Women can have a footing in the back house, one by relying on favor, and the other by relying on her maiden’s family, in other words, power and status. Men in the world, apart from the ones that truly self-cultivated and have a noble character, which one is not quick to switch sides and halfhearted? How is one to know how long this bit of pampering today will last? Instead of pinning your life hopes on others, it’s better to be self-reliant. According to you, in order for my child to have something to rely on in her old age, she has follow the Marquis Mansion and the Ye family in everything. They want to take concubines, we can’t object; they want to take concubines as wives, we can only bear it; if in the future that concubine gives birth to a shu son, their heart will grow bigger. If you want to be the righteous Marquis Zhenbei Madam, according to what you said, my child should take the initiative to give in, just so that the pair of stepchildren can support her for the rest of her life?”

Guan Father became more and more angry, and asked, “Would you like to let my child rely on others’ breath, endure humiliation and burdens, and accept compromise for a lifetime, or would you like to see her raise her head and straighten her back, be an upright person?”

Raise her head and straighten her back, be an upright person. Zhong shi was dumbstruck by the questions, and could not help but look at her daughter with shame on her face. Guan Suyi smiled and shook her head, indicating it was alright.

Old Master Guan put down his wine cup and said slowly, “I’m not good with words, and I don’t understand the ways of the world, so I’m often misunderstood, and the path will always be blocked. However, I never take a detour. If there is a stone in the front, I will move the stone away, if there is a south wall, I will break the south wall in the front, I will break the south wall, even if I die on the way, I will get what I want. This is the style of my Guan family, choose the straight path, loyalty, benevolence, righteousness, repaying kindness with kindness, repaying claws and teeth also with claws and teeth. For those who are benevolent and virtuous, we will talk to them with benevolence and virtue, and for those who cheat and manipulate power, we will also talk to them with power. The Ye family is not benevolent nor virtuous, like to usurp power, expecting us to repay them with kindness is delusional. It’s better to kick it away like a stone, and break it like a wall with all your might, so that they can no longer block your way. Then when you look at them again, it’s just a few random clamoring ants, it won’t get in the way.”

Zhong shi murmured, “But Yiyi still has to live in Marquis Mansion…”

Old Master Guan said in a light tone, “There will be no Marquis Mansion anymore. Although I have not impeached Marquis Zhenbei, as long as the emperor strictly investigate and handle it, he will not escape the punishment. Hundreds of lives are no small matter, and taking away the title is considered light. However, looking at my and Yunqi’s face, Yiyi’s first-rank title can still be preserved, and whether the Zhao family can recover in the future depends on how Yiyi acts.” Speaking until here, the old man touched his granddaughter’s head and instructed cautiously, “If the Zhao family can wake up and treat you well, and you will treat them with all your heart. If they can’t, with your rank on your side, and your father and I supporting you, why should you be afraid of anyone? The Ye and Zhou, those two families has collapse, but you have not defeated, it should be those people depend on your breath to live.”

Zhong shi was completely speechless, so she could only bury her head while serving her daughter.

Remembering the previous life of accepting a compromise and enduring the humiliation, and then looked at this extremely happy life, Guan Suyi burst into tears and was filled with emotion. In her last life, she dedicated herself to protecting her family, but in this life, they were the ones who have painstakingly protected herself. Was it really the cycle of karma, where good and evil has their own compensation?

“Grandfather, father and mother, you all have paved the way for me, if I don’t live well in this life, then I failed the teachings you have taught me for more than ten years. I will take the straight path, how they treat me is how I will treat them, never let myself suffer losses, let alone discredit the Guan family. It doesn’t matter if there is favor or not, it doesn’t matter if there is a title, as long as I feel happy with my self.”

“It’s good for my child to think like this. Don’t let those bad people and bad things ruin the atmosphere of our family reunion.” Guan Father laughed, raised his cup and drank, and finally said casually, “That’s right, my child, do you still have that Fragrant Snow Sea? You also know that your grandfather is clumsy. If there is a government affairs every day, he will write and rewrite the memorial, change it again and again, and then copy it several times, so the paper was used up especially fast. If you have extra, give him a few folder.”

Guan Suyi smiled and said, “I gave a folder to Li shi of the Marquis Zhenxi Mansion a few days ago. I still have two folder left, and I will ask Minglan to fetch it later.”

“Li shi? Madam of the main house of Marquis Zhenxi Mansion?” Guan Father pondered, “She is a person with a temperament and is worthy of friendship. You are not familiar with noble ladies in Yanjing, so it’s better to walk around with her more. Since there are only two folder left, save one for yourself, and make for us more in the future.”

Guan Suyi said it was not a problem, and persuaded her father and grandfather to stop drinking.


The emperor’s mansion was peaceful and happy, but the Ye family outside the north gate was miserable and wretched. It rained not long after they knelt down. At first, a few small droplets were fleeting, and soon it rolled like threads, and after it got into their clothes, it was extremely cold and chilling to the bone marrow.

“Mother, are we still kneeling?” The eldest daughter-in-law leaned into Liu shi‘s ear and asked.

“Kneel, why not kneel? On a rainy day we still kneel to show our sincerity.” Liu shi raised her hand and shouted, “This mister, can you please send a message to Ganquan Palace, saying that Ye’s Liu shi is outside asking to see.”

The guards had already heard about the change in Ye Mansion, and even the emperor also confessed his guilt, so it could be seen that there was no room for turning around. At this time, not only giving them some face was not good, but it might even anger the top, so they all had to be deaf and blind, and ignore it.

Liu shi shouted and shouted, knelt and knelt, but it was all in vain, she couldn’t help but lie on the ground and cried bitterly. When she cried, the rest of the family also cried, and a few other children didn’t know what was going on, they looked left and right, their mouths shriveled, and suddenly they opened their throats and let out a shriek. The harsh sound broke through the rain curtain and reached the sky.

The guard was so upset by the noise that he rushed over with his sword and scolded, “What are you wailing? If you disturb the nobles that passing by, can you afford it? Even the emperor has been implicated by you, even writing down a Guilty Edict, and you still want to ask for mercy? Keep dreaming! Are your faces bigger than the emperor?”

“Mister, please pass on a message to Jieyu niangniang! This is for you, you take it!” Because the family property had been confiscated, Liu shi was penniless, so she had to take off the golden hairpin on her head to bribe.

The guard’s eyes flashed slightly, and his heart said it was just to pass on words, he didn’t have to go there in person, just pick a small eunuch who had just returned to the palace, and let him run for a while. There was also the eunuch on top who could take the blame, it was nothing, so he gathered one of his sleeve, his five fingers were clenched, and ready to accept it. At this moment, a luxurious and extraordinary carriage approached not far away, and arrived at the gate of the palace in a short while.

The guard hurriedly pushed the golden hairpin away, went forward to check, but saw a hand with sharp bones sticking out from the raised carriage curtain, holding a token between his fingers, a five-clawed golden dragon flying in the clouds, surrounded by blood jade, its majestic was really terrifying.

“This subordinate have seen Lord Marquis Zhenxi.” The guard promptly knelt down and saluted, and hurriedly swept his eyes onto the gap with his heart pounding. He saw that the person sitting beside Marquis Zhenxi was not someone else, but His Majesty. He was wiping his face, front of clothes, wrists, and so on with a white handkerchief, blood splatter were all over his body, and a strong fishy smell spread in the carriage.

This is, this is just coming out from the torture chamber? The guard’s scalp was numb, and he couldn’t think of anyone who still had the “blessing” to make His Majesty toiling the torture himself.

However, he soon learned the answer, and only listened to His Majesty’s solemn voice, “That’s the Ye family? Tell them that Ye Quanyong is dead, don’t kneel in front of the palace gate to cry, it’s unsightly.”

The guard trembled and promised, and when he was sending the carriage away, Marquis Zhenxi smiled contemptuously, and said vaguely, “Ye Quanyong, that old fucker, hides poison between his teeth, that’s the death soldier’s method. He not only can’t get rid of the relationship with the Second Prince’s hidden troops, afraid even the greed of the previous dynasty was involved. I thought he was just a businessman, didn’t expect to hide it so deeply…”

No matter how many words, it disappeared in the rain, making the guard’s whole body cold. He was secretly glad that he didn’t pick up the golden hairpin. He turned his head and saw that Liu shi was still staring at him, he couldn’t help but get extremely angry, kicked her over and scolded, “Get lost, all get lost for this old man! The above has already spoken, you are not allowed to kneel here. You go to the Heavenly Prison to inquire, the sinner Ye Quanyong has already been executed, even kneeling to death at the gate of the palace is no use!”

“What did you say? Master is already dead? Impossible, this is absolutely impossible! The emperor has not yet started the trial, who would dare to touch the master’s hair?” Liu shi cried frantically.

The guard kicked more and more fiercely, and the other colleagues also ran over to help expel them. If the person who spoke before was not the emperor, they would not dare to treat the Ye family members like this. However, Master Ye was indeed dead, and it was still the emperor himself who tortured him. Even if Ye Jieyu’s honor and favor had broken the sky in the past, there would be no room for her to turn around in the future. So offending Ye Mansion could be said to have no pressure.

In the chaos, Zhao Chunxi and Zhao Wangshu were also kicked several times, their bodies were cold, their bones were aching, and their hearts were full of shame, embarrassment and fear, only thought they never felt so low before, never felt ashamed and unable to show their faces, as if they could melt into the mud with the rain. At this moment, they didn’t want to be in the company of Ye family at all. They were the son and daughter of the dignified Marquis Zhenbei Mansion, why should they suffer such humiliation?

“Don’t hit, we are the young miss and young master of Marquis Zhenbei Mansion, we are not the Ye family! Please stop hitting!” Zhao Chunxi shouted loudly while protecting her younger brother.

The guards were stunned for a while, and just at this moment, Zhao Luli hurried over, protecting his two children in his arms, and went to pull the embarrassed Liu shi and the others. When he was about to reprimand, he heard the leader of the guards shout, “What about Marquis Zhenbei? It was the emperor himself who told you to leave, so as not to hinder the view. If you don’t want to leave, it’s fine, and when the emperor demand an explanation, we will report it truthfully, punish you for the crime of ‘blocking the palace gate, intended to rebel’, and arrest everyone and put them in the heavenly prison.”

“Yeah, that’s how it should be for those who refuse a toast and still drink the penalty wine.” Another guard sneered and echoed.

Zhao Luli was dumbfounded, and the anger on his face turned into fear. He hurriedly pulled the quail-like Liu shi and the others, hired a few spacious carriages, and brought them back to the Marquis Mansion for resettlement.

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