Who Cares

Who Cares – Chapter 44

Chapter 44 Refined and Vulgar


Zhao Chunxi relied on her mother being favored in the palace before, so she always felt that she was superior to others, even if she had to pretend to bow her head to Guan Suyi because of her dowry, she privately held a sense of superiority and believed that she was the stronger party, and Guan Suyi was just a fool who was blinded, manipulated and tricked by her.

But now, everything she relied on, and her complacent glory, have all vanished with the fragmentation of the coral tree. At this time, if she compromised with Guan Suyi, it would be like she was a captured prisoner of the war, an imprisoned convict, an oppressed slave, with broken self-esteem and a heart full of humiliation.

Guan Suyi had already said that she would not care about her, and she was absolutely unwilling to go up, even more unwilling to kowtow and admit her mistake. However, the dowry could not be omitted, and the marriage could not be ignored. How should these two problems be solved? Just beat Guan Suyi once and for all, break her arrogance, destroy her hopes, tarnish her reputation, see what she could use to despise others, and what she could use to discipline herself?

Thinking like this, Zhao Chunxi said to He Xiang, “Take out the box that my eldest aunt gave me.”

“Miss, do you want to do it? There are no our snitch in the main house. It’s not easy to handle!” He Xiang pulled out a mahogany box from under the bed. When she opened it, it was full of bottles and jars, exuding a strange and unpleasant smell.

Speaking of this, Zhao Chunxi was secretly resentful again. As soon as Guan Suyi came, she pulled out the snitches she had placed in the main house. If her foreign relative was rich enough, it would be easy to buy a few more, wasn’t there a lot of servants who were flattering and showed the intentions to cling to her yesterday? But after today, when the news spread that Ye family’s coral tree was smashed by thieves and the emperor ignored it, she would become a fallen phoenix again, disliked everywhere, and constantly suppressed by the main house. Who would actually serve her?

Shaking her head, she said fiercely, “How to do it, I don’t have any idea for the time being, just find a few snitches in the main house and plan slowly. It doesn’t matter whether it’s done by money or threat, in short, draw a few first, and wait for the people to be in place before taking the next step. For the sake of Wangshu’s future, Guan shi must never give birth to a son.”

“Yes, this servant will go and sift through the maids and grannies in the main house to see if there are any poor people in the family or those who are extremely greedy for money. If we can draw one that count as one. Miss, are you also going to contact one or two for Mingfang? Since ancient times, wives and concubines have always been incompatible, and this servant do not believe that she will really be loyal to Guan shi.”

“Alright, you can find a way to put a few snitches around her. If I knew today, I would never let my father marry Guan shi no matter what. I really opened the door and led thieves into the house.” Zhao Chunxi once again felt deep regret, However, she was glad that her stepmother had not been able to enter the palace to confront her mom, otherwise the Ye family would be completely defeated.


In the Weiyang Palace, Emperor Sheng Yuan was studying the previous dynasty’s legal code when he heard the voice of Marquis Zhenxi asking to see him outside.

“Announce him in.”

Marquis Zhenxi walked in slowly holding a brocade box, silently performed a minister’s courtesy towards the monarch, then sat down, placed the box on the imperial table, and pushed it forward. Emperor Sheng Yuan had long been accustomed to his silent style, and joked, “Why, your sister-in-law hasn’t give in? Seeing that you have become a living mute, she doesn’t feel distressed?”

Marquis Zhenxi wrote the word “Bei” on the table with tea, and then the word “Su”, drawing a sword in the middle, and finally shook his head angrily.

Emperor Sheng Yuan wanted to laugh a little, remembering that the hardships Guan Suyi suffered were all because of him, his eyes turned dim immediately, and there was a hint of regret and jealousy that he himself didn’t even notice. He sighed, “The ex-wife he couldn’t protect, and the second wife is squeezed again and again. Zhao Luli enjoyed the happiness of the world but didn’t know how to cherish it. Sooner or later, he will regret it.”

You always say that Zhao Luli will regret it, but you can’t see that the gap between your eyebrows has already been filled with regret. Forget it, this subordinate won’t wake you up, you can slowly realize it by yourself. Qin Lingyun rejoiced in the other’s misfortune, and then tapped the brocade box, signaling His Majesty to open it by himself.

The mahogany brocade box was carved with several lilies. The white petals were inlaid with polished shells, decorated with pearls as cores and jade as leaves. It looked fresh and elegant, yet gorgeous and noble. A colorful rope was interlaced at the four corners, forming the shape of a group of butterfly playing together, so it added a bit of wittiness. However, a gift box was packed so pleasantly, which showed how ingenious the person who gave it.

Emperor Sheng Yuan seemed to be aware of it, and even laughed, “Is this the return gift from Madam?”

Don’t call madam, madam, can you call her by the full name Marquis Zhenbei madam? People who don’t know will think that you are calling your beloved wife. Qin Lingyun glanced at Baifu secretly, and saw that he pricked up his ears and his eyes were suspicious, probably tried to guess who the madam in His Majesty’s mouth was.

“Because it’s a return gift for His Majesty’s unique, rare and famous master’s manuscript, this minister did not dare to be careless, so sent it to the palace for presentation. If Your Majesty doesn’t like these things, it would be good to give it to this minister. By the way. My sister-in-law also got a few boxes of rouge powder, which personally made by Marquis Zhenbei Madam. Your Majesty, if you have no use for it, this minister will let her take it.” Qin Lingyun, who had reduced the number of beads to ten a day, did not dare to waste the slightest amount, continue to write on top of the table with tea, especially when writing “unique, rare, famous master’s manuscript”, which showed envy and injustice in his heart.

Emperor Sheng Yuan carefully pulled the colorful rope and asked, “How do you know that Zhen have no use for it? If it’s placed a hollow wooden box or a silk brocade bag inside, it can be used as a incense case or storage. Next time she returns the gift, you have to turn everything in.”

Qin Lingyun made an admitting his guilt action, but his heart pondered: The next time she returns the gift, that means His Majesty will send another gift? Even the most precious Legalism classics were willing to give up, so it can be seen that Guan Suyi is the one he really cared about. Ye Zhen has advancing step-by-step for many years, but in the end, it is not comparable to the relationship between His Majesty and Guan Suyi. It’s a pity that she still thinks she is favored, gets a dispensable decoration and made a ruckus to let everybody knows, but in the end she lose face. After so many years, the Ye family still hasn’t made any progress, but they delusionally want to become the next top clan, really don’t know whether to call them pathetic or hateful.

While he was thinking like this, Emperor Sheng Yuan had opened the lid of the box, and a strong fragrance rushed to his face, making people intoxicated. Both the monarch and minister’s mind were refreshed, immediately took a deep breath uncontrollably. When they took a closer look, they found that inside the box was not a spice and other things, but a bright and pure white rice paper folder, but it was completely different from the ones sold in the bookstore. Thicker, smoother, whiter, silkier to the touch, and adorned with pale yellow sweet-scented osmanthus flowers, it was such a rare quality.

“What kind of paper is this? I’ve never seen it before on the market, even the Bai Xuan tribute is not as good as this!” Qin Lingyun was so shocked that he forgot to keep his mouth shut. His Majesty’s stern gaze stopped him.

Emperor Sheng Yuan haven’t yet appreciate these paper, rather picked up the thank you post on top and looked at it slowly. Qin Lingyun glanced at it for a while, and said in awe, “What a domineering brushstroke, there are the sound of swords, spears, and halberds colliding between the horizontal and curved hooks, and the rise and fall have the appearance of dragon soaring and tiger leaping. Old Master Guan is worthy of being a master of the world, and he actually taught such a granddaughter! How exactly did she practice, one day this minister will have to ask Old Master Guan for advice! There are no vain people under the famous name, the literary noble family are really amazing!”

Emperor Sheng Yuan’s heart was also filled with amazement, and the already uncontrollable admiration was now added with a bit of adoration. He originally thought that women were only suitable for hairpins flower small case, and Ye Zhen’s handwriting was already considered skillful, but he didn’t expect that he was so ignorant.

Good word! He secretly praised, looked down, and then became more and more impressed. It turned out that this folder was not purchased from the bookstore, instead madam personally beat the straw pulp, dried and pressed the moisture, and the osmanthus flowers embellished on it were screened by her, embedded one by one, the process was complex and delicate. It was not an exaggeration to even praised it with the phrase “ingenious workmanship”.

Attaching the secret method of the rice paper’s production, she went on to write – The gift from Lord Marquis can be regarded as a peerless treasure. I cannot bear to refuse. Although I don’t want to be greedy and cheeky, I am even more unwilling to pretend to be lofty and indifferent to return the treasure. Therefore, I presented the “Fragrant Snow Sea” that I have studied for a long time. Although the value is not equal, the intention is full of sincerity. I also hope that lord marquis can forgive and kindly accept it, sincerely thank you.

A few short sentences had vividly expressed her love for books, making Emperor Sheng Yuan felt warm inside, and his dragon’s heart was delighted.

Putting the post in a thick booklet for the time being to avoid wrinkling and damage it, he took out the folder to enjoy it, and muttered to himself, “Madam is really good.”

Qin Lingyun took out a few Buddhist beads and said, “Some people regard pearls and jade as treasures, while others regard words as treasures, but it’s just because of different width of visions and depth of inner qualities. However, the world is chaotic, black and white are reversed, and the vulgar are loved and praised, but the noble are disliked, and the pearls are covered in dust, which is really sad and ridiculous. Marquis Zhenbei madam is indeed good, but who can appreciate it?”

Zhen appreciate it very much. These words were like a fish bone stuck in his throat and very hard to spit out for a long time. Emperor Sheng Yuan gave Marquis Zhenxi a cold look, and waved his hand ruthlessly, “The return gift has been delivered, you can leave.”

Qin Lingyun, who was thrown away after being used, could only salute and retire. After leaving Weiyang Palace, he stood on the side of the road and laughed for a while before walking out of palace gate.

Dismissing the irrelevant people, Emperor Sheng Yuan took out the post and continued to read. There was a burst of joy, a burst of regret, and a vague melancholy and continuous pain in his heart.

He was born in the army, surrounded by vulgar people, used to fight and kill, dance with knives and spears, and even women were not exempt from vulgarity. Only he loved reading and literacy, and seemed to be out of place with the others. It was the first time he become an emperor, and he naturally didn’t know how to govern the country. Even if he was confused and hesitant, it must not be noticed by outsiders.

In order to show his majesty and stabilize the court, he could only carry it alone, no matter how hard or difficult it was. Whenever he tossed in bed and couldn’t sleep in the middle of the night, he extremely longed for someone to speak to, possibly guide him through the maze, or talk and laugh to relieve fatigue. Guan Suyi appeared at this time, like a spark falling into the gunpowder, colliding with his mind and even his soul, creating a dazzling flame of light. Unlike a court minister, she would not impose her own views on him, forcing him to accept them, she was just enjoy saying it, and others just enjoy listening to it, and at the end they looked at each other with a smile, which was incredibly fun.

Such an attitude was undoubtedly the most comfortable and safest, comparable to a fine wine, really addicting to drink.

Emperor Sheng Yuan laughed for a while, sighed for a while, and finally put the thank you post and the folder into a secret box, lay down and fell asleep, and left Baifu to wonder in horror: Why the emperor have a relationship with the new Marquis Zhenbei madam, and he seems to be quite infatuated. Lord Zhao, you really have a bad luck of eight lifetimes!

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