Who Cares

Who Cares – Chapter 43

Chapter 43 Assertions


Although the old madam was also from an official family, she only knew a few characters and did not have much knowledge. After marrying into the Zhao family, she did not enjoy a good fortune. Instead, the whole family was convicted and sent to the border. The more difficult the life, the sensitivity towards political affairs were dropped significantly. She thought that Ye Zhen was extremely favored, and she held the palace power in her hand. Sooner or later, the Ye family would crush the Marquis Mansion and even the Emperor Teacher Mansion and become another top-level clan, but she did not expect her daughter-in-law to assert that the Ye family would definitely suffer.

Was this actually possible? If it was true, then she would set off hundreds of firecrackers to celebrate. Thinking of this, she asked the same question.

Guan Suyi poured tea for her mother-in-law, and slowly said, “The ancients have ancestral systems that cannot be overstepped, from the big thing like how to build a house, to the the small thing like the difference between the left and right lapels on the clothes, even the utensils for drinking, the offerings for sacrifice, the color of the fabrics, the patterns of the embroidery, all have their own regulations according to status, bloodline, and caste. There are no taboos for the supreme and the nobles, but the humble and the lowly needs to be careful in everything. If those lowly ones goes beyond the ancestral system, they will be severely punished. Is the Ye family noble or lowly?”

Thinking of Ye Zhen, who was the sole favorite in the inner palace, the old madam hesitated, “Although the Ye family come from a humble background, but Ye Jieyu, who has the emperor behind her back, is already considered half an imperial person, so naturally belongs to the nobles.”

Guan Suyi shook her head and chuckled, “No. Whether she is really favored or falsely favored, no one can tell except for the emperor. However, I can guess eight out of ten. The emperor destroyed the feudal vassal and built Wei Kingdom, exempt the taxes, lighten the forced labor, end the suffering and turmoil of wars for hundreds of years, allow the people to recuperate and live and work in peace and contentment, it’s not an exaggeration to say that he is a wise monarch. He has no experience in governing the world, so everything needs to be explored slowly. In the former kingdoms that has perished, every monarchs who guards the gates of the country is an example for him to learn, emulate, or take as a warning. The Great Zhou was divided due to the division of the feudal vassal, and the Qin state was unified due to the reorganization of its regions and counties. So the emperor followed the county system and destroyed the feudal vassal state; The last emperor of the previous dynasty was assassinated by the eunuch in charge of treasury with a random knife and plotted to usurp the throne. Therefore, the emperor abolished the twelve supervisory system and set up internal and external attendants, and strictly prohibited palace eunuch to participate in political discussion, to put an end to court eunuch disaster; The former Han Dynasty fell apart due to the inner palace turmoil and the disaster of the foreign relatives. The country was finally taken away by the foreign relative Wang Mang and established Xin dynasty, so the emperor restrained the foreign relatives and strictly built the inner palace. Look at the daughter of the prime minister, the daughter of General Zhenguo, the daughter of Marquis Guanwai, who were elected to enter the palace this year… they were all sent home for various reasons, and the beauties left behind were all from ordinary families and has little background. This shows the extent to which the emperor’s defense against foreign relatives has reached. They said that the monarch are paranoid, this is not false, and he chose to hand over the palace power to a daughter of a merchant, aside from favor, is there no political consideration at all? Can his love for Ye Jieyu really reach the point of surpassing the imperial power?”

The old madam listened foolishly, and the more she thought about it, the more reasonable it became.

Guan Suyi sipped the tea to moisten her throat and continued, “Merchant seek profit and are good at drilling camps. How the Ye family made their fortune, not only they themselves know, but others can also clearly see. Back then, the emperor and his brothers fought together against the enemy, Later, they turned against each other because of discord. The Ye family flattered several sides, supported left and right. Yesterday sold ten thousand army provisions to Prince Cheng, today sold thousands of war horses to Prince Jin, and tomorrow sell many knives to His Majesty, when the two prince rebelled, behind them was also the financial support of the Ye family. Their Ye family watched from the sidelines and fished in troubled waters, just to wait for a certain prince to win, wasn’t it so that the fisherman will benefit? However, the emperor was not a fool, he had already seen through him, and was about to dispose the Ye family, but Ye Jieyu suddenly appeared and staked her life to earn a life-saving grace. So the Ye family solved their grave situation.”

The old madam suddenly realized, “The emperor want to dispose the Ye family? Yes, yes, one year there was an epidemic of horse plague at the border. Master Ye was arrested and it was said that he deliberately sold the plague horses to the military camp. He was suspected of colluding with foreign enemies, and in a while was about to be beheaded. For this, Lord marquis ran around many times, tried to mediate, later… Later, Ye Jieyu saved the emperor, and the Ye family’s disaster was completely eliminated.”

If the daughter-in-law hadn’t pointed it out, she wouldn’t have noticed that those old things still contained such a complicated inner story.

Guan Suyi nodded and said, “The emperor places great importance on feeling and righteousness, and knows how to repay his benefactor, so he is willing to abandon his previous hatred and treat the Ye family well, but it doesn’t mean that he can indulge his foreign relatives without a bottom line. The prime minister, General Zhenguo, Marquis Guanwai, which one was not an important minister who helped him reach the top, and which one was not very helpful to him? He even has to guard against them, not to mention the Ye family who clings halfway and has ulterior motives? Ye Jieyu‘s reputation has been very good before, I heard that because of her weak body, she couldn’t move around in the inner palace, and she didn’t arrogate her power or act arbitrarily, so the emperor was very at ease with her and was willing to spoil her. But in recent days, I don’t know what she thinks, she has become high-profile. The emperor is in middle of recruiting people and wants to lift up the Guan family to promote Confucianism, but she is trying to suppress it, isn’t she working against the emperor? The emperor was already wary towards the foreign relatives, already more defensive, and when he saw her heart was big, how could he be lenient?”

The old madam repeatedly echoed, “Yes, yes, there are many beauties in the harem, each has its own merits. Which kind the emperor wants but he didn’t get, how can he endanger the imperial power because of this.”

Guan Suyi continued, “Let’s take ten thousands steps back and say that the emperor has a deep affection for Ye Jieyu, obeyed her words, and condoned her arrogance, then what the imperial concubines, imperial clan, noble family giants, and the upstart in the court will think? The rare national treasure in the treasury was taken away by a merchant’s daughter. Like that was not enough, it was bestowed to a clan sister, and she was still a lowly clan sister who was about to become a concubine. Where is she lift up her maiden family to? Nevertheless she is provoking jealousy from all the honourable families in Yanjing; She is not giving away treasures, she is throwing a hot potato. Just wait, if the Ye family continues to be rampant, even if the emperor does not take action, there will be a lot of people beating the drum.”

After taking a slow sip of hot tea, she sighed deeply, “A merchant is a merchant. After all, their vision and knowledge are limited. They can only see the interests at hand, but cannot see the long-term layout. That’s why people in the world have such a sentence – The heirloom of morality is more than ten generations, the heirloom of farming and reading is second place, the heirloom of poetry and books is also second place, the heirloom of wealth and honor is only three generations. If Ye Fan wants to make waves, I want to see how long she can be proud.”

The old madam kept pondering her daughter-in-law’s words, and at the end she clapped her palm and praised, “Good morality heirloom is more than ten generations. My Zhao family can marry Suyi as a daughter-in-law, it’s our ancestor’s accumulation of virtue in the previous life! Well, since the Ye family wants to be a demon, we will wait and see where they end up.”

Amitabha, fortunately that Ye Zhen is gone, otherwise the marquis mansion will be scourged by her for three generations! Thinking like this, the old madam finally let go of the filth of the past.

Inside the house, the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law get off the topic, talking and laughing gently, but there was a dead silence outside. Zhao Luli, who was in deep thought, did not notice that the little maid who passed through the curtain was peeking at his new wife with a strange look. He was so upset now that he stood there for a while and then walked away with his two children while hiding his face, as if he didn’t dare to see anyone.

Why wait until the future to see the fate of the Ye family, just an hour ago, the coral tree that represented Ye family’s glory had been shattered into powder, and the emperor not only did not investigate, but instead withdrew the imperial army and ignored it. Just as Guan Suyi said, if the Ye family was honest and content with their lot, he would treat them like a puppet. On the contrary, if the Ye family showed the intention of forming a party, he would use thunderous means to subdue them. He was wary of his foreign relatives, so how could he let the Ye family grow big?

The situation where foreign relatives were rampant, eunuchs were in charge of politics, and the king and the horse share the world would never happen again, and the world could only be surnamed Huo. Even though he had been with that domineering king for nearly ten years, Zhao Luli sadly found that his understanding of him was not as thorough as Guan Suyi’s in-depth analysis.

The broken red coral is probably his means of knocking the mountain and shaking the tiger, right? The cause and effect come too quickly, and I don’t know whether Zhen’er will be afraid, how should she deal with herself? At this point, Zhao Luli was still thinking about his dead wife, and he didn’t even care about his new wife’s face and impression.

Of course, Guan Suyi didn’t care about his concern. When the porridge was ready, she would stand at the corner gate with her mother-in-law. Every time she met a passerby, she would donate a bowl, forming a good karma and accumulating a blessing.


The stepmother had spoken so clearly, analyzed the current situation so thoroughly, and even explored a thing or two about the emperor’s personality and temperament, how could Zhao Chunxi not understand? She returned to Penglai Garden in a daze, and after she dismissing the idle people, she gritted her teeth and said, “You must have heard Guan shi‘s words, right?”

Hexiang was sweating like pulp, and her voice trembled, “Heard, I heard.”

“Then what do you think I should do now? The Ye family has already suffered, the emperor has abandoned them, and even my eldest aunt may fall out of favor, who can I rely on now? Do you really want me to kowtow to Guan shi and admit my mistake, and then help her attack the third aunt, attack the Ye family? What is the difference between this and admitting the thief as the mother? I don’t want to, I really don’t want to, I never want a stepmother, I just want my own mother.” After all, she was only a half-grown child and when she encountered a thing that was completely beyond her control, even she would cry, her heart was filled with confusion and fear.

On one hand, she longed for a mother’s love, and on the other hand, she hated Ye Zhen for abandoning her husband and her children, but she secretly envied her life full of riches and honor, so she imitated the other’s unscrupulous methods to chase fame and fortune. With no one to teach her, her every move, every word and deed was disorderly, even a little ridiculous, so even without without her stepmother taking action, she was pierced by the cruel reality one by one.

He Xiang took pity on the eldest miss, but did not dare to speak indiscriminately. Facts have proven that her previous predictions about the Ye family were all jokes, which made the eldest miss take the red greeting post sent by Concubine Ye to madam to show off her power. Madam was extremely smart, how could she not hear the sarcasm and ridicule in her words? However, in her eye, the proud eldest miss was probably no different from a jumping clown, right? No wonder she didn’t feel humiliated at all, and she could practice calligraphy so calmly.

Before they had even stepped into the Ye mansion, she had already predicted the disaster of the Ye family, truly accurate judgment and incredible foresight. Thinking like this, Hexiang couldn’t help but feel a little frightened, and with a trembling voice, she comforted her, “A wise man submits to circumstances. Miss, the Ye family has suffer, you still have to rely on madam for the time being. Wouldn’t it be better, wouldn’t it be better to be humble and flatter her, serve left and right, and wait to plan again in the future.”

Zhao Chunxi forgot to cry, and after a long silence, she spat, “Shut up! Even if I die, I won’t bow to her! If she doesn’t care about me and my father, even if the third aunt is implicated by the Ye family and couldn’t make a different in the back house, it still easy to add some obstacles  her. I don’t believe that she can really cover the sky with one hand. If when she’s seventeen or eighteen she can’t give birth to a child, I want to see how proud she is! At that time, will she not rely on me and Wangshu? The river flows thirty years to the east, thirty years to the west, I will fight her!”

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