Who Cares

Who Cares – Chapter 40

Chapter 40 Shattered


When Old Master Guan and Father Guan went to court, Guan Suyi also woke up early. After washing, she went to the study, and while practicing calligraphy, she waited for Zhao Wangshu to come and greet her. She had a loop of gauze wrapped around her wrist, with lead blocks on the inside. If she took it off and weighed it, it would have weighed four to five pounds. However, she had become accustomed to this kind of hardship cultivation when she was eleven or twelve years old, so her hand that practiced calligraphy was so powerful that she could penetrate the back of the paper. At first glance, it seemed to be written by the general who went through many battlefields, never thought it came from a boudoir woman.

Minglan was amazed when she saw it, and wished she could put her miss’s hand on her wrist, and also write a few back and forth freely and unrestrainedly.

After practicing for about a quarter of an hour, Zhao Wangshu, who should have arrived at maoshi (5-7am), finally arrived late, followed by Zhao Chunxi, who was blowing in the spring breeze. The old women who was guarding the gate of the courtyard hurriedly stepped forward to greet her, they were all very obedient. It seemed that they had already received the news that Ye Jieyu had given face to Ye Fan. Worried that madam would not only fall out of favor but also be stripped off her power, they wanted to make some good ties and went to higher place in the future.

Yesterday, she was left to dry for more than half an hour, but today even the floor tiles that have been stepped on have been wiped clean. Power and Holy’s favor were really good things. Thinking like this, Zhao Chunxi became more and more determined to curry favor with her biological mother, join force with her aunt, win over her maternal family, and suppress Guan shi.

The two siblings crossed the threshold and saluted in unison, although their faces were respectful, there was a bit of contempt in their eyes. Zhao Wangshu didn’t have any shrewdness, so he couldn’t hold back what’s in his heart. Before his sister could speak, he said triumphantly, “Mother, today we won’t go to the main courtyard to pay respect with you, and the homework at noon and evening will also be waived. This is what Dad said.” He blinked his eyes and had an expression of “Come and ask me why”.

How could Guan Suyi didn’t know about his little thought, but she still played along, “Oh, why is that?”

“My eldest aunt is adding makeup for the third aunt. One of them is an eight-foot-tall red corals which is a treasure of Wei Kingdom, and it’s invaluable. My sister and I were invited to see it. I heard that the third aunt also invited many people to appreciate it together. Even the eldest princess will also attend. She herself said that such a treasure is not even in her princess’s house. In the national treasury only have this one and it actually given to the third aunt. The third aunt is very blessed.” Zhao Wangshu stretched out his arms and pulled the air, looking very proud.

Zhao Chunxi corrected with a chuckle, “Silly brother, where is it the blessing of third aunt, it’s obvious grandfather’s family has dipped in the light of eldest aunt to have today’s glory. The one we should be most thankful for is eldest aunt, after all, she is the daughter of our Ye family, as it should be bless the family. Oh, by the way, the third aunt also sent a post to mother, blame me for being so happy that I almost forgot, will mother go with us?” She took out a greeting post from her sleeve pocket.

Hearing this, Guan Suyi almost laughed out loud. Unexpectedly, Zhao Chunxi, who was so scheming and had deep thought in the previous life would have such a naive moment, misunderstood other people’s ironic remark as a compliment, and was proud and boasted everywhere just to see other’s jealous and envious expression. But this also couldn’t be blamed on her. She was not like in the previous life, given advice, urged, guided, and constantly taught by words and example. It was reasonable she became mediocre, silly, and narrow-minded, because her Ye family’s education was like this. Just like her mom who thought she had outstanding means, but in fact neglected the root and pursued the tip.

“The Ye family is really the most respectable family in the honorable circle, even the eldest princess is slightly inferior. Well, since your father agreed, then just go. I don’t like to join in the fun. Have you prepared the carriage?” Guan Suyi wrote slowly, her expression flat.

Zhao Chunxi and Zhao Wangshu couldn’t find humiliation and panicked expression on her face, so they were a little bit disappointed. She answered while adjusting her mind, “The carriage and horses are ready, and Daddy will personally sent us over. So, we will take our leave.”

Zhao Luli went to sent over in person, but unwilling to follow the children to the main house to take a look and say a few words to herself, probably afraid because Ye Zhen’s provocation she would be fly into rage and embarrassed him, right? This living turtle, he only knew how to shrink into his shell when he encounter a problem, but there was no responsibility at all. No wonder Ye Zhen wanted the red apricot tree to lean over the garden wall, and remarry other.

At this moment, Guan Suyi finally understood Ye Zhen’s difficulties, waved her sleeves lightly, and said in a loose tone, “Go, go early and come back early.”

The siblings did not answer to agreed, turned around and ran out, and after a while disappeared from the gate of the courtyard. Several maids and old women hurriedly chased after them, and very attentively instructed, “Eldest miss, eldest young master, run slowly, be careful of falling! Now it’s still early. Even if a bit late, that’s also your grandfather’s house, they definitely will not to blame.”

Minglan slammed the door and spat, “These darn opportunist, they will go to whoever has the upper hand, what a traitorous face, it’s extremely despicable! This servant guess that these two brother and sister will never come again once they went out today. Their Ye family has such a good face, and concubine Ye has Ye Jieyu as her backing. How can she put miss in her eyes again? This Ye Jieyu is also a confused person. Having so much power even take care her brother-in-law’s room, not afraid of being laughed at.”

“Ye’s family originally was just a merchant. Before the founding of the country, they were selling horses in the border. It was not easy to put their daughter in the harem. They couldn’t be expected to know how to write the words ‘shame’ and ‘etiquette’. Those two brother and sister will always come again, because once my Guan family take action, the Ye family will be unlucky, and those two will come to me with their tails between their legs to make amends, will respectfully call me mother again, and pay respect in the morning and evening.” While talking Guan Suyi wrote the words “Propriety, Righteousness, Honesty and Shame” on the paper, and finally held it high to appreciate it carefully.

Minglan wailed, “Are they going to come back? That’s so annoying! The eldest young master is still tolerable, just a little bit stubborn, a little stupid, can barely bear him; however the eldest miss’s is not what it seems on the surface, honeyed words with a sword in the belly. I feels terrified when I sees her, always worried about being stabbed in the back. She smiled at you for a while and said that you are good and good, but when she went back, she pulled lord marquis to cry and complain, saying that you are bad and bad. Insidious little girl, don’t know where she learned this trick.”

“Probably come from the family education.” Guan Suyi shook her head and sighed.

Just at this moment, the housekeeper brought a brocade box, saying that it was sent by the madam from the main house of Marquis Zhenxi Mansion, and she had to open it in person.

“Bring it over.” Guan Suyi sent the rest of the people away, opened the box cover to check inside, and saw that there were more than a dozen Legalism classics in it, all of which were single issue, absolutely rare, and famous masters’ manuscript. “Marquis Zhenxi is so generous, this is the real treasure of Wei Kingdom, and it is invaluable!” She also understood that these books could not have been given by Li shi, who was illiterate.

Minglan was also a savvy person, and said in surprise, “Miss, this gift is too expensive, isn’t it too hot? Your friendship with Marquis Zhenxi has not reached this level!”

“Even if I burnt a layer of skin off my hand, I will still take this gift! He really doesn’t have much friendship with me, but it doesn’t mean that there is no need for friendship with Guan family in the future. A potential ally means an extra path, and even an extra life. Although there is no intention of forming a party, he has to plan ahead. Moreover, he is only sending a few books, and not doing other actions. Just accept it, no need to think too much about it.”

Minglan was completely relieved, so she arranged the brush and paper for her miss to write a thank you post, and prepared a valuable return gift to send to the Marquis Zhenxi Mansion.


When Zhao Chunxi and her younger brother arrived, the Ye Mansion was full of distinguished guests, it was very lively. Occasionally, there were elegantly dressed nobles entering and leaving the room, at first glance, it seemed to be family of great official. Master Ye didn’t personally greet Zhao Luli, probably because he looked down on his status as an idle lord. Liu shi was also neither cold nor warm, but she still cared a little about the two juniors, called out the cousins of the same age to lead them to the backyard to play.

Zhao Luli stood for a while in embarrassment. Seeing that his father-in-law never came out, he went to the front yard by himself.

After waiting for about three quarters of an hour, the eldest princess arrived late. She waved back Liu shi and Ye Fan, who greeted with a flattering smile, and said straight to the point, “This Palace will enter the palace later to see the Empress Dowager, cannot be delay. What about that red coral? Bring it out for This Palace to see.”

The guests also urged again and again, their eyes shining.

Everyone saw that the eldest princess didn’t have a good attitude, and Liu shi and Ye Fan gritted their teeth in anger but could not do anything, only slander her in their hearts: “You just wait, after niangniang gives birth to the dragon heir, our Ye family will become the number one family in Yanjing. You and the emperor are neither born from the same mother nor close friend. How can you compare with the Ye family? Now let you be crazy, there will be times when you cry in the future!

While thinking wildly, she led people to the front of the water pavilion, where a huge gold-painted mahogany box stood, which was very bright against the sun. Before everyone could see the treasure, they began to murmur and praise its brilliant, and Liu shi who had slightly extinguished her arrogance became condescending again after hearing the adulation. She was going to open the box and presented the treasure when Master Ye arrived with the male guest, let this group of people gained some knowledge and understood the way of the world.

Zhao Chunxi was frightened by the stern and contemptuous expression of the eldest princess, and faintly felt that she did not intend to befriend the Ye family as rumored, on the contrary, she seemed to be looking for trouble. But so what? She was already married and counted as an outsider, how could she be compared with her mom? Her mom was the emperor’s wife. They accompanied each other day and night, slept on the same pillow, and would die together in the future. There was no more intimate relationship than this. Otherwise, how could the red coral, which only had this one tree in the whole country, got into her mom’s hand, not the eldest princess, or even the Empress Dowager?

Thinking like this, Zhao Chunxi lowered her eyelids and smiled triumphantly. She raised her head when she heard the sound of her grandmother opening the lid of the box with the key, and then she was shocked. She saw the whole body of crystal clear, brightly colored red coral somehow shattered into pieces, and when the wind blew, it raised a lot of white dust, making the person standing in front of it coughed incessantly.

Liu shi and Ye Fan screamed in surprise, Master Ye also trembled and almost fainted. The rest were either in a mess, or enjoying other’s misfortune, or leaned over to look closely, and some people took the opportunity to leave to avoid trouble.

“Don’t go, no one is allowed to go! Hurry up, hurry up and report to the authorities!” After all, Master Ye was a shrewd and capable businessman, so he quickly recovered and asked the servants to seal the gates of the courtyards to prevent the culprit from escaping. If no one deliberately made trouble, the extremely hard coral would not be shattered like this! Who dared to destroy even the things bestowed by the emperor, who was so audacious?

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