Who Cares

Who Cares – Chapter 41

Chapter 41 Extravagant


While sealing the gate of the mansion, Master Ye sent people to the capital city Yamen, the Joint Defense Department, and even the left, center, and right armies of the Imperial Guard to report the case, asking them to send people to quickly investigate. Although the Ye family came from a humble background and had a small official position, Ye Jieyu was the only woman favored by the emperor, and she was the woman with the highest status in the three palaces and six courtyards. Thinking that the next emperor would probably come from her, the people did not dare to neglect, and immediately sent elites to investigate, and immediately put on official uniforms and entered the palace to report.

In order to show off the national treasure, the Ye family posted invitations to all the top clans in Yanjing. The noble families disdained dealings with the merchants, most of them refused, and several were increasingly declining, so they condescendingly agreed only because of Ye Jieyu‘s face. Others just wanted to watch the fun or find fault, otherwise they didn’t even want to step on the Ye family’s land, lest they dirtied the soles of their shoes. And the most typical representative was undoubtedly the eldest princess.

Now that she was locked in Ye Mansion and not allowed to leave, furthermore there were officers and soldiers who come and go to investigate, frequently inquiring, and treat her like a prisoner, how could the eldest princess not angry? She slapped the soldiers who were blocking the way, and shouted coldly, “This Palace will come if she wants to, and leave if she wants to, see who dares to stop me! This Palace can even come and go freely in the imperial palace, but actually detained for no reason in your Ye Mansion. Is your Ye Mansion’s style even bigger than the imperial palace? Ye Jieyu is just a Jieyu, she has never been promoted as the empress, don’t take yourself as a serious imperial-in-law. It’s not the turn of some horse dealer from the border to be my Great Wei’s imperial-in-law, so I don’t have to lose face!”

The soldiers hurriedly knelt down and pleaded guilty, and finally retreated to both sides to send her away. Seeing that the eldest princess was gone, several prominent clan wives also wanted to go home, but they were stopped, and they couldn’t help but attack with anger, bluntly saying they wanted to report it to the emperor, to punish the Ye family’s great disrespect.

“My master and General of the Household have already entered the palace to report this matter, and the emperor’s decree will come down in less than half an hour. Please wait patiently, sirs, madams, and misses, please don’t panic. Fan’er and I will go to Ganquan Palace and ask niangniang to help come up with an idea, after all, what was destroyed was a gift from the emperor, and it’s extremely valuable, so my Ye Mansion would not dare to be too arbitrary.” While Liu shi‘s asked the maids and grannies to serve the refreshments, she led Ye Fan, who was dressed in splendid clothes, to prepare to enter the palace and meet Jieyu niangniang.

When the female guests heard her mention the emperor and Ye Jieyu, they had to shut up and sit down to drink tea, but the resentment and anger in their hearts were not less, but actually getting deeper and deeper. If there was no support from the emperor, what kind of thing was the Ye family, the body that was full of horse feces and horse urine smell, sprinkled with incense powder and wore a crown, could it pretend to be a person? How ridiculous!

Zhao Chunxi was surrounded and comforted by several little sisters whose identity were not as good as her, and felt impatient. Hearing that Liu shi was going to enter the palace, she quickly ran to beg, “Grandma, I haven’t seen my eldest aunt for a long time, I miss her so much, please bring me too. I’m very good, I will never talk nonsense, and I will not run around at will.”

Liu shi really loved her two grandchildren, seeing her eyes full of admiration, she agreed after a little thought. A group of people drove quickly to the palace gate in a carriage and handed over for a sign card to request a meeting.

In the Ganquan Palace, Ye Zhen threw the sign card and said coldly, “This Palace is still grounded and can’t receive guests, just reward them a few items and send them away.”

“Niangniang, this time something big has happened, you can’t not see.” Yong He said anxiously, “The old madam just said that the red coral tree you gave to the mansion was shattered by some thief, the Imperial Guard and the Capital Guard has checked and checked, rechecked and rechecked again, but couldn’t find any trace, and there were more than a dozen servants who were responsible for guarding the coral. Don’t you think this is strange, but it’s unknown who is it coming for, the Ye family or the emperor?”

“Shattered?” Ye Zhen was shocked and raised her voice, “Someone shattered it?”

“Yes! At first, this servant also thought that was just some nonsense.” Yong He showed a look of fear, just because the thief came and went without a trace, like a ghost.

“Help This Palace to change clothes, This Palace will go to see the emperor. You bring mother and the others in, This Palace will quickly return after receiving the Holy’s intention.” Ye Zhen quickly put on makeup, her expression looked anxious.

The red coral tree was very impressive because of its appearance, color, height, and posture. It could be regarded as a national treasure. However, the emperor did not love these. When she was brought into the palace, it was at her “relapsed from old poison” time. Because of guilt, he opened his private warehouse, and pulled some things near the warehouse’s gate to Ganquan Palace. This tree coral was one of them. Because of this, only Ye Zhen knew that the national treasure was not rewarded because of the emperor’s favor, only by a mistake.

But a national treasure was a national treasure after all, she could give it away, but not destroy it. Now that the Ye family was involved in this matter, if they couldn’t catch the culprit, they would be charged with a few crimes.

Only at this time did Ye Zhen realize that the emperor’s warning could not be counted as a slap in the face, this disaster really hurt the bones. It would be fine if it was quietly broken in the Ye Family’s warehouse, but it was broken in front of many people. This thief clearly did it on purpose and wanted to discredit the Ye Family!

At the same time, Emperor Sheng Yuan met Master Ye and General of the Household in the imperial study. After the two finished speaking, he said unhurriedly, “If you can’t find any suspicious point or catch a suspect, then let it go.” No one in the Wei Kingdom knew better than him why the incident happened. But now he wanted to revise the law and reset the official office, and he hated that he couldn’t break a quarter of an hour into half of an hour. Where he had the time and energy to waste on such trivial matters?

A coral tree was also worthy of being called a national treasure, and it had provoked all kinds of envy, all kinds of jealousy, and in the end toiled this many manpower and material resources, causing many troubles. Even the Capital Yamen, the Joint Defense Department, even the three armies of Imperial Guard had been dispatched repeatedly, as if it was a major case of overthrowing a country… If there was not this matter, he didn’t know that the Ye family still had this capabilities.

Emperor Sheng Yuan took a deep breath and told himself that he must be lenient and compassionate towards his ministers, so he suppressed the killing intent.

Master Ye didn’t dare to look directly at the holy face, so he couldn’t see the expression of suffocating anger and extreme patient covering the emperor’s face, and said unrelentingly, “How can this matter be let go? This coral is a gift from the emperor, and that thief dares to attack it, isn’t it coming after emperor? Now that Old Thief Xue has become the ruler in the west, and there are many remnants of the previous dynasty in the capital, cannot be said that this matter is not planned by them. Since they can target Ye Mansion today, how can we know that they will not dare to assassinate the emperor tomorrow? For the sake of the emperor’s safety, we must be thoroughly investigated to the end!”

Emperor Sheng Yuan tapped his finger on the table and said slowly, “Zhen will correct you on four points: First, that red coral is not a national treasure, but a dispensable decoration, and Zhen never pay attention to it; Second, that red coral was rewarded by Ye Zhen to Ye Mansion, its not a gift from the emperor. Don’t use Zhen’s dragon power to build momentum for your Ye Mansion. Third, the defense of the capital is decided by Zhen, and no one else can intervene. Fourth, Zhen have said before that if it is not for the enemy’s troops coming to the city wall, or rebels and traitors plotting to usurp the throne, and the Wei Kingdom is in the brink of crisis, the three armies of Imperial Guard and the Joint Defense Department are not allowed to move without authorization, otherwise they will all be punished for treason, and will be killed without pardon!”

As soon as he finished speaking, General of the Household, who accompanied Master Ye to meet the emperor, was already sweating like a waterfall and shaking like a sieve, his heart even cried out that he was cheated on by the Ye Family! The emperor did not dote on Ye Jieyu like the rumor said, let alone obedient and took her words as his own.

And Master Ye was a businessman, he was more sensitive to his interests, quickly understood the meaning of the emperor’s words: First, I don’t value the red coral, so I don’t value your Ye family’s daughter; Second, the Ye family taking advantage of the dragon power to win over court courtiers have touched the bottom line of Zhen’s patience, please self-discipline; Third, the Ye family is humble and unqualified to participate in the government; Fourth, mobilizing the Capital defense without authorization has already a capital crime, if Zhen is unhappy, I can pull you down at any time and behead you!

One after another, vague warnings hit the eardrums, causing Master Ye to almost lose his mind. Daughter, aren’t you very favored? Why it seems so different now? But the situation was so critical that he couldn’t think deeply. He hurriedly knelt down and kowtowed, begging for forgiveness. His sweat soaked his inner clothes, leaving streaks of water stains on his court clothes, looked very embarrassing.

Emperor Sheng Yuan picked up a memorial and flipped it through slowly, waiting for the two of them to break their foreheads before saying, “The Joint Defense Department and the three army guards who leave their posts without permission will be punished with one hundred sticks, and they will be demoted three grade. The Ye family’s blessing is shallow, difficult to bear the Holy grace, so the Heaven felt it, and denounce it with shattering the tree. There is no need to investigate this case, just drop it.”

Master Ye and General of the Household who escaped the death penalty promised again and again. Just as they were about to kowtow to resign, they heard Ye Jieyu‘s voice begging to see from outside.

What are you doing to join in the fun at this time? Master Ye didn’t think that the emperor would give face to his daughter. On the contrary, the anger that had just been extinguished was likely to rise again, and as expected, he heard the emperor say, “Let her go back, in the future, the study will not allow any concubines to approach, any trespassers will be killed without mercy!” Baifu complied with his promise, and went outside to pass the order.

Glancing at the two people who were paralyzed like a soft mud, Emperor Sheng Yuan waved his hand and said coldly, “Disperse. Master Ye can go to Ganquan Palace to talk to Ye Jieyu, so as to avoid the Ye family not listening to the advice and make a mistake again. That life-saving grace is not enough for you to wear down your whole life, so save it for a while.”

Master Ye was already scared until his soul flying, and there was no luck anymore. He stepped out of Weiyang Palace one foot at a time, it seemed that he had just returned to the world from King of Hell Palace, almost collapsed and cried. General of the Household, who had a close personal relationship with him, said fiercely, “Punished with one hundred stick, even demoted three grades. What an imperial-in-law with hand and eyes to the sky! When I leave the palace gate, I have to tell everyone the Ye family’s ‘Honored and favored’ by the emperor for Master Ye!” When the words fell he went to the Department of Justice to receive the punishment.

Master Ye was horrified in his heart, and repeatedly apologized, but because Baifu was around, he didn’t dare to chase after him, so he could only watch him drifting away. Baifu stretched out his hand to invite him, “Master Ye, please. The emperor can let you and Ye Jieyu meet each other at this time, is already beyond the law. Otherwise, if he doesn’t mention a word, and your Ye family continue to do things, no matter which month or which year, if you commit a taboo, you wouldn’t even know how you die. This servant warn you, the feelings of the past is indeed easy to use, but giving too much kindness can lead to resentment. Don’t endlessly waste His Majesty’s tolerance, you must know that the monarch’s prestige is hard to fathom, the emperor is ruthless, and the time can change in a blink of an eye.”

Master Ye had been repeatedly warned that at this time his internal organs were completely broken, and while wiping the cold sweat, he respectfully promised, how could he still have the high-spirited and arrogant energy from this morning. However, he didn’t know that the emperor’s hand was just knocking the mountain and shaking the tiger, but the Guan family’s father and son were going to break all of their bones.

It’s not too late for a gentleman to take revenge for ten years, but a gentleman’s revenge must also carry a lot of weight.

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