Who Cares

Who Cares – Chapter 36

Chapter 36 Blessing


Guan Suyi slowly regained her calm, and ordered the shop assistant to send two extremely flat and thin bamboo strips and a brocade box, and put them aside for later use. After the heat dissipated, she said, “Take the stones out.”

Just as a guard was about to stretch out his hand, he saw that His Majesty had already stood up and politely said, “I’m here, Madam, please stand farther away, in case the ashes reignite and hurt you.” The stone slab was still scalding hot, but he easily took it out as if he didn’t feel anything. After it was done, he spread out his palm to take a look, and his skin was not red even a little bit, showing that his internal strength was deep and his martial arts were strong.

Guan Suyi thanked him softly, and then used two bamboo strips to clip out the burnt and incomplete pieces of paper, and put them into the brocade box carefully. Although Li shi had a bold temperament, her handwork was very meticulous, so she also helped pick up pieces of paper.

Qin Lingyun knew that Marquis Zhenbei madam had followed her maternal grandmother to study history since she was a child, and that historians were very good at repairing books. If people who don’t know how to do it intervene at will, they might not even be able to save these scraps of paper, so they could only wait and see. But in the end he couldn’t bear the anger, and said solemnly, “Confucianism advocates benevolence and virtue, but Xu Guangzhi burns books and abolishes the Legalism, the means were too cruel. After ten days of battle of words, he become famous in the Central Plains, and then want to take the Emperor Teacher’s position, is he worthy?”

Legalists were good at taking advantage of the situation and used every method to gain power, so at a glance Qin Lingyun could see through Xu Guangzhi’s ambitions concealed by his profound knowledge. Old master Guan advocated uprightness and peace, and he preferred to advance on both ways; His Majesty advocated the promotion of the Confucian family and the suppression of the Hundred Schools of Thought. But he insisted on abolishing Hundred Schools of Thought and respect only Confucianism, since the beginning all kind of words and deeds had already revealed his intention to become official and climb higher.

How could Guan Suyi no know what kind person Xu Guangzhi was? If she hadn’t disrupted the situation herself, he would have become an extremely high-ranking official by now, and her father’s current official position should have been taken by him, and then he also put forward the idea of ‘abolishing the Hundred Schools of Thought and respect only Confucianism’, and established the indestructible status of Confucianism in the Wei Kingdom at the fastest speed.

On the other hand, grandfather and father, their means of promoting Confucianism were indeed too gentle compared to him. If they fail to meet His Majesty’s expectations, it’s possible that Xu Guangzhi could still ascend to high ranking position, then how many books would suffer this fire and turn to ashes? How many humanistic ideas would have been completely destroyed and wiped out? The sins in Xu Guangzhi’s hands were comparable to the previous emperor who burned Confucian books and buried Confucian scholars alive.

The more she thought about it, the more disturbed she became, she said coldly, “Since His Majesty has made a clear decree, and wants to support Confucianism as a national study, he must be in great need of such talents. Although Xu Guangzhi is ruthless and narrow-minded, he has already made a name for himself, I’m afraid soon he will soar to the sky. With him taking the lead, and to have highly ignited Confucian scholars echoing each other, Confucianism will surely rise rapidly. The chaos in the literary world started from him, and the abolition of a hundred schools of thought started from him, but compared with the stability of the society and the domestication of the people, that is not worth mentioning. After all, I am a boudoir woman, what lowly people think counts for little. What is the use of worrying about this, it’s better to preserve a few more books.” Her frowning brows were stained with a hint of sadness.

Emperor Sheng Yuan fixed a glance at her, his tone was extraordinarily gentle, “Madam is worrying too much. His Majesty has already been assisted by the Emperor Teacher and Minister of Ceremonies. In three year, the imperial examination will be set up with Confucianism as the main subject. Then without the need of external force it will quickly become a national study, what’s the use of another promoter? And Xu Guangzhi is very hostile, radical, and ambitious. He can be used for a while, but not for a lifetime. His Majesty is wise, and his ears and eyes are well-informed, certainly will not be deceived.”

Hearing this, Guan Suyi really felt a lot more relaxed, smiled and sighed, “Hunnar looks rough on the outside, but he has a clever mouth, can easily said a few soft words to comfort people. Never mind, what His Majesty thinking is not something small people like us can speculate. There is wine today and drunk today, tomorrow’s worry will worry tomorrow.”

The tip of the Jiuli man’s ears turned red and he said, “Madam has a first-rank title conferred by His Majesty himself, your status is noble. How can you compare yourself to a small people? Rest assured, Madam, your blessing are deep, lucky star high and shining. You will have this wine everyday, there’s no need to be harmed by tomorrow’s worry. You’ll be worry-free and peaceful all of your life.”

Guan Suyi smiled even more cheerfully, and her pink fingertips pointed at the Jiuli big man, and sighed, “This impertinent man’s clever mouth is really cute. Well, then I will accept Hunnar’s lucky words.”

The Jiuli man who was praised as “cute” had red ears, and he didn’t know how to react except scratching his head and laughed foolishly. Guan Suyi quickly calmed down and went to pick up the scraps, so she didn’t notice his overwhelm feeling. But Qin Lingyun and Li shi were rather horrified.

Perhaps in Guan Suyi’s hearing, those words were just a blessing from this man’s good heart, but when it passed through the two people’s ears, this golden mouth jade words were extremely heavy. He was the supreme ruler of Wei Kingdom, the peerless hero who dominated the Central Plains, and if he wanted someone to live worry-free and peacefully, he only need to open his mouth. The so-called blessing and lucky star are probably alluding to himself, right?

Thinking of this, Qin Lingyun couldn’t help but smile happily. Others didn’t know the inside story, but he was the dignified and respectful Marquis Zhenxi and His Majesty’s close friend, how could he not hear a little bit of wind? The Ye Jieyu named Ye Zhen in the palace was actually Zhao Luli’s “deceased wife” Ye Zhen, who was sent to His Majesty due to various misunderstandings. Since then, Zhao Luli hated His Majesty and stayed far away from the court, but he did not expect that the second wife he married after many years would be favored by His Majesty again. This time it wasn’t a fake, rather a serious interest, but His Majesty had never been very concerned about feeling and love, afraid he was still in ignorance.

Thinking back at that time when Ye Zhen left, Zhao Luli was so devastated that he had a hangover overnight, causing him to delayed military situation and two cities were lost, which not only killed many of his comrades, but also killed countless civilians. His Majesty was completely disappointed in him because of this, and Qin Lingyun’s two sworn brothers were also died in that fierce battle. How could he not hate Zhao Luli? If it was a different person, he would still dissuade His Majesty, but it was Zhao Luli and Ye Zhen who were unlucky, it was already considered benevolent and righteous if he did not add fuel to the fire.

Hook up, just hook up, and let Zhao Luli wear another green hat! He was extremely happy in his heart, and the anger from the burning book were washed away.

Emperor Sheng Yuan couldn’t take care of his weird-looking subordinate, his slightly pale blue eyes stared at Marquis Zhenbei madam’s every move, looking extremely focused. Her method of repairing books was really superb. She peeled off the charred black paper that had been glued together while handling it gently, and then sandwiched them one by one in a heavy book so that it could be brought back to put together. Tirelessly clipped for half an hour, only after all the fragments were neatly placed then it was put into the brocade box.

Her serious attitude, serious expression, and even her eyes with hints of anger made her more attractive. Emperor Sheng Yuan looked at her again and again, and somehow remembered a certain passage in the “Book of Songs”, and his heart that was still swaying with sweetness suddenly became sour and bitter. When he tried his best to suppress his agitate feeling, Guan Suyi had already cleaned up and bid farewell.

“Madam is leaving now?” He wanted to say something to keep her, but there was no justification, so the Jiuli big man could only ask dryly in the end.

“It’s not early, we’ll meet again another day.” Guan Suyi left the table holding the brocade box, as if thinking of something, she whispered in Marquis Zhenxi’s ear, and finally smiled at Li shi and walked away gracefully.

Emperor Sheng Yuan, who did not get her private words, was even more disturbed. When she walked out of sight, his simple and honest attitude was replaced by a domineering one. He ordered in a deep voice, “What did she just say, report it and let Zhen know.”

Li shi also stared at her brother-in-law with suspicious eyes.

There was a drop of cold sweat on Qin Lingyun’s forehead, and after thinking for a moment, he said, “Madam said: everything that was said in Wencui Building should not be heard by outsiders, otherwise I won’t get what I wish, forever fail in love.” This threat was too poisonous, he definitely dared not violate it.

Li shi‘s cheeks flushed red and then laughed dryly. Emperor Sheng Yuan nodded in agreement, “She is Guan Qiguang’s granddaughter after all, how can she criticize Confucianism? You’d better forget all those words.” As for the guards and the dead soldiers hiding in the dark, he didn’t need to give too many orders.

Qin Lingyun and Li shi nodded their promises, and finally watched the emperor’s carriage return to the palace, and only then did they have the heart to play in the street, but Guan Suyi, who was supposed to return to the Zhao family, knocked on the door of the Emperor Teacher’s mansion.

“I knew you were coming. You must have received the news that Ye Jieyu made a face for Ye Fan, right? Merely a concubine, they actually added such luxurious dowries. The eight-foot-tall red coral alone is worthy of a princess’ dowry. The Ye family is indeed a merchant family, they act wildly and have no rules.” Zhong shi led her daughter inside, spitting words as she walked, very angry.

Guan Suyi’s face was like submerged in water, but she was not thinking about this. Seeing her grandfather and father hurriedly approaching, she immediately asked, “Did Xu Guangzhi come to the door today?”

“Why do you ask this?” Guan father was stunned for a moment, and then comforted, “I already know about Ye Jieyu‘s interference in Marquis Mansion’s back house, in a few days I will let the Ye family fall into trouble. You don’t have to worry about it, and feel at ease to go back and act your first-rank title. Xu Guangzhi did come, his front foot just left, your back foot arrived.”

“Father and grandfather decide the affairs of the Ye family. I won’t worry about it. Let me just ask, does Xu Guangzhi want you to help write a few letters of recommendation?”

“That’s right.” Old master Guan nodded and said, “He is very knowledgeable, has a golden mouth and wooden tongue, and a rare talent. Your father and I have already agreed to recommend him for an official position.”

“No.” Guan Suyi took out the brocade box and said slowly, “I heard that Ye Jieyu made a face for Ye Fan, so I went out to look for grandfather and father to discuss it, but didn’t expect to run into him in Wencui Building. After the great victory, he actually burned the Legalist’s books, trying to drive all the scholars and hundreds of schools to a desperate situation. Confucianism was known for its benevolence. Confucius and Mencius those two Sages cultivated morality all of their life, Zengzi was trembling in fear in order to maintain benevolence, as if facing an abyss, like walking on thin ice, and only rest went he died. And Xu Guangzhi burnt books and wasted articles, his methods are biased, narrow-minded, and has long violated the fundamentals of Confucianism, how can he serve as an official? I ask grandfather and father to refuse.”

Having already agreed to this matter, it would definitely offend Xu Guangzhi if they were to refused. If what his daughter said was true, Xu Guangzhi was not a gentleman, but a villain. As the saying goes, it’s better to offend a gentleman than a villain. The recommendation must not be done, but some roundabout way was also needed. Guan Father thought about it for a while, but he heard his father’s angrily scold, “Burning books and abolishing Legalism, creating chaos in my literary world, and doing things backwards, Xu Guangzhi that incompetent, we must not associate with him! The matter of recommendation is dropped.”

Guan Father and Guan Suyi looked at each other and smiled bitterly: When will the old problem of my father (grandfather) who can’t tolerate sand in his eyes be changed? If one day he offend His Majesty, they will be in a big trouble.

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