Reborn After Widowhood

Reborn After Widowhood – Chapter 160

Chapter 160


The mountains in the Xifengkou area were steep, but not very high. They look similar to the mountains where Hongfu Temple was located in the capital, so Hua Yang was really confident that she could climb it by herself.

After a good night’s sleep, she was awakened by Chao Yun and Chao Yue in the morning, even though it was still dark outside.

Chao Yun said: “Prince Consort has already waiting outside.”

Hua Yang thought, Chen Jingzong didn’t like the wind, flowers, snow and moon, but he had a special liking for the sunrise.

After a simple wash, Hua Yang changed into a set of riding suit with a white background, her long hair was styled into a man bun, and wore a white jade crown.

Chao Yun looked at her family’s grand princess happily: “With you here, no man would dare to say that he is dashing.”

Although Chao Yue didn’t flatter her, her eyes were full of pride when she looked at the grand princess.

Hua Yang was both happy and amused: “You should set your sights lower, otherwise how can I choose a husband for you?”

Chao Yun immediately said: “Who want to marry. I want to follow you for the rest of my life.”

What’s the good thing about getting married? Staying with the grand princess all your life is the real comfort, you can eat and drink well, and you don’t have to be angry with anyone.

Chao Yue thought the same thing and went to bring breakfast.

She lifted the curtain and left the tent, while Chen Jingzong coming in. Seeing the grand princess’s appearance, his eyes almost instinctively passed over her, and finally said: “Still need a cloak, it’s windy up there.”

Chao Yun smiled and said, “Prince Consort is still careful.”

Chen Jingzong looked at Hua Yang.

Hua Yang sat down in front of the short table. Just as she was about to pour herself a cup of warm water, a slender hand stretched out to do it for her.

After pouring seven points full, the man said seriously and yet improperly: “Grand Princess, please use it.”

Hua Yang finally glared at him.

After breakfast, the two set off.

The military camp was stationed on a flat ground under the Great Wall. Walking some distance north was the entrance to the Great Wall, where there were guards guarding the place. After verifying the identities of the grand princess and prince consort, they were let go respectfully.

The first section of the road was quite flat, and then there were steps paved with long stones, and they were quite steep, definitely not comparable to the mountain road over Hongfu Temple.

Chen Jingzong was worried that Hua Yang would accidentally slip, so he held her hand.

Even so, Hua Yang had just climbed to the first beacon tower, and her calves were already feeling sore.

Chen Jingzong looked up and pointed to the Zhenyuan Tower at the top: “There are still five beacon towers to climb.”

Hua Yang pursed her lips.

Chen Jingzong smiled and stepped back two steps, turned around and exposed his back to her.

Today Emperor Yuanyou was going to climb the Great Wall. There were two soldiers standing at some intervals on the Great Wall, all of whom were guards who had followed from the capital.

Although these soldiers were facing away from the inside of the Great Wall and their backs turned to them, Hua Yang still didn’t want them to see this scene.

“I can still walk,” she refused.

Chen Jingzong: “The troops doing the exercise are all down there. It’s dark and they can’t see us.”

Hua Yang walked straight up.

Chen Jingzong had no choice but to follow her, holding her arm with one hand and holding her back forward with the other to help her save some energy.

When Hua Yang was too tired to walk, the two of them rested for a while. Because of the heat, Hua Yang had already thrown the cloak to Chen Jingzong.

Just like that, they were climbing from beacon to beacon. With one less to climb, the goal was close at hand, and it was easier to persevere.

As they continued, it seemed that Hua Yang leaning more and more on Chen Jingzong, half hugged and half lifted up by him.

After finally reaching the Zhenyuan Tower, the guards guarding the tower consciously retreated. Chen Jingzong held Hua Yang in his arms and came to the east exit. Leaning against the wall, Hua Yang, out of breath, rested on him. In the distant horizon, a round red sun was slowly jumping out of the ground. The morning glow was soft and gorgeous, illuminating the thousands of miles of mountains and rivers inside and outside the Great Wall, casting a glow on the serpentine, seemingly endless Great Wall.

Hua Yang’s pounding heart gradually calmed down, but another kind of pride arose.

Chen Jingzong looked at her rosy face and used his sleeves to wipe away the sweat on her forehead and the tip of her nose.

There were guards below. Hua Yang glared at him, turned around and walked into the tower.

There was no one here, but Chen Jingzong was not satisfied with just wiping her sweat. He pressed her against the extremely strong wall that could stand here for thousands of years. He kissed her from the tip of her eyebrows to her collar, and finally kissed her soft lips.

A quarter of an hour later, the two returned to the Great Wall outside.

The north of the wall was a wasteland, not the green grassland Hua Yang imagined.

Chen Jingzong pointed to the distance and said: “In the past, the territory within a thousand miles outside was your family’s territory, including the northeastern area that are now occupied by Hou Jin, which was also the territory of this dynasty.”

Hua Yang knew her own family’s territory better than he did, and knew more clearly how these lands beyond the Great Wall were lost step by step after being conquered by her ancestors.

She propped both her hand on the wall, when suddenly Chen Jingzong covered the one on her left.

Hua Yang looked over.

Chen Jingzong looked into the distance and said to her: “When I become an old man, I may have helped your family get back all the territory outside.”

The morning light illuminated his young and handsome face, and the autumn wind blowing from the north seemed to laugh at the arrogance of this young man.

In Hua Yang’s eyes, he was far less convincing than General Qin, but General Qin was already in his fifties and near retire age. Chen Jingzong was still very young, and being young meant there were endless possibilities.

Feeling the warmth in his palm, Hua Yang said: “One day, even if you are darker than the soil below, I will not dislike you.”


Hua Yang was very interested in the construction of the wall and started chatting with a soldier above.

The sun was getting warmer, and Emperor Yuanyou and his party below finally began to climb. Hua Yang looked at her brother wearing a bright yellow dragon robe from time to time.

Emperor Yuanyou had been practicing martial arts for the past few years. The fifteen-year-old young emperor was tall and had long legs, so he didn’t find it difficult to climb. He even had the energy to support Cabinet Elder Chen next to him.

Chen Jingzong suddenly approached Hua Yang’s ear: “Look, what are the benefits of civil servants?”

Hua Yang glanced at him and said, “You go down and pick them up.”

Chen Jingzong: “Which one?”

Hua Yang: “It’s up to you.”

When the emperor came, Chen Jingzong was supposed to pick him up. He walked down the stairs from Zhenyuan Tower, sometimes took several steps at a time, his figure looked strong.

When Emperor Yuanyou and the others arrived at the first beacon tower to take a short rest, Chen Jingzong had already arrived and saluted Emperor Yuanyou first.

Emperor Yuanyou smiled and said, “Why did you come down?”

Chen Jingzong: “Grand Princess is soft-hearted. She is worried that Cabinet Elder will not be able to climb up, so she ordered this minister to come and help.”

Emperor Yuanyou smiled and looked at Chen Tingjian. At this time, if Chen Jingzong said that he was here to pick him up, Emperor Yuanyou would not be happy.

Chen Tingjian looked at his son unhappily. He really owed this boy a favor in his previous life and couldn’t even get a single pleasant word from him.

Who would have thought that after Chen Jingzong stood up straight, he would actually come to Cabinet Elder Lu, the oldest person in the cabinet: “When we climb up later, you don’t have to be polite to this junior.”

Cabinet Elder Lu: …

Chen Tingjian: …

He Qingxian burst out laughing, and even Emperor Yuanyou shook his head helplessly.

Everyone continued to set off, and Chen Jingzong really stayed by Cabinet Elder Lu’s side, supporting him like he was supporting Hua Yang. It wasn’t until he saw Emperor Yuanyou helping his old man again that Chen Jingzong reluctantly walked over and said, “Your Majesty, don’t get tired. Let this minister help.”

Emperor Yuanyou wanted to ease the relationship between father and son and let go.

Chen Tingjian glanced at the Old Four beside him, who had long been grown taller than him, pursed his lips and said nothing.

At Chen Tingjian’s age, he was still able to climb the first two beacon towers, but the following sections were steeper. Not only Chen Tingjian, but the other three cabinet elders were also supported by military attachés who were traveling with them. Only He Qingxian had a straight waist. He was also panting, but always followed by Emperor Yuanyou’s side.

Emperor Yuanyou praised: “Cabinet Elder He has a strong body, not inferior to the young people.”

He Qingxian smiled: “Your Majesty is surrounded by old scholars like Cabinet Elder Chen, so you may find it strange. In fact, those old men and old women who have been farming all year round can climb such mountains faster than this minister. It’s just that their energy is used to take care of the crops, there’s little leisure to climb high and look far away.”

The old scholar Chen Tingjian: …

Chen Jingzong looked at the old man who was polite to him at the beginning but now put half of his body weight on his side, and agreed: “It’s true that when Grandmother Chen was in her fifties, she was stronger than Chief Minister.”

Chen Tingjian was both angry and in pain. Thinking of his mother, whom he hadn’t even seen one last time, his eyes turned red. However, since he was walking at the front, only a few people, including Emperor Yuanyou, noticed.

Emperor Yuanyou gave Chen Jingzong a look, as if to say that it was fine to provoke him occasionally, but what if he really got hurt from the anger?

Chen Jingzong stopped talking.

As soon as he entered Zhenyuan Tower, Chen Tingjian immediately threw away his son’s hand and stood next to Emperor Yuanyou.

The faces of several cabinet elders turned red from exhaustion. When Hua Yang saw that her brother was in good spirits, surprise and approval appeared on her face.

Emperor Yuanyou smiled and said, “Sister, did you catch the sunrise this morning?”

Hua Yang: “Well, it’s spectacular and gorgeous. Your Majesty and all Cabinet Elders can try it some other time.”

He Qingxian looked at Chen Tingjian teasingly: “If Cabinet Elder Chen is interested, I will definitely accompany him.”

Chen Tingjian just pretended not to hear.

Emperor Yuanyou called Qin Yuantang to his side and continued to ask about the construction of the Great Wall. Qin Yuantang answered fluently and introduced to everyone about the barrier walls, support walls, horse blocking walls, and so on.

When the appointed time for the drill arrived, everyone stopped talking, and Qin Yuantang asked Emperor Yuanyou to light the signal smoke as a command.

The north wind rolled up the smoke of war, rising in great clouds as the “enemy troop”, pretending to be invaders, charged into the lower gate of the wall, creating a mighty spectacle.

Inside the wall, the sound of drums and trumpets filled the air instantly. The “defending troops” split into several groups: one group quickly ascended the walls to defend, another rushed to the wall gate to confront the enemy, and a third lay in ambush, ready to assist. Additionally, other troops fortified their positions.

The enemy troops charged wildly, but soon encountered the defending army’s chariot battalion. The chariots, lined up like a moving wall, repelled the cavalry, causing them to flee in disarray. Under the cover of the chariot battalion, the defending infantry swiftly pursued the retreating enemy.

Although it was an exercise, the border troops of Jizhen seemed to be really on the battlefield. The enemy troops tried their best and the defenders also fought bravely.

Emperor Yuanyou felt his heart surge when he saw it, and his hands tightly supported the wall in front of him.

Suddenly, Qi Jin’s voice came from behind, complimenting Qin Yuantang: “I have long heard that the Qin Army has strict military discipline and is brave and good at fighting. When I saw it today, it is indeed very well-deserved.”

Even though the battle between the two armies below was in full swing, Qi Jin’s voice still spread a certain distance, at least Hua Yang, who was standing on the left side of Emperor Yuanyou, heard it.

She continued to look down calmly, and from the corner of her eye, she caught a glimpse of her brother looking straight, but the corners of his lips were slightly pursed.

Behind him, Qin Yuantang immediately responded: “What Qin Army and Li Army? This general only serves His Majesty. These 100,000 soldiers are also soldiers of the imperial court.”

Qi Jin noticed his gaffe and apologized.

It was just that as soon as the “Qin Army” came out, it still somewhat solidified the surrounding atmosphere.

Hua Yang suddenly pointed in a direction and asked, “Who is that young general in silver armor?”

Emperor Yuanyou followed his sister’s gaze and saw the silver-armored general rushing out of the gate on his war horse, waving his spear and fighting among the fleeing “enemy troops”. Four or five enemy soldiers surrounded him, but he swept them out with the weapon in his hand in one shot, which looked very heroic.

Not only having a good spear skill, but the man himself looked majestic. No wonder he caught his sister’s attention.

Emperor Yuanyou: “That’s General Qin’s eldest son, Qin Ji.”

Hua Yang said unexpectedly: “It turns out to be him.”

Emperor Yuanyou: “Sister, have you heard of his reputation?”

Hua Yang: “The day we first arrived, wasn’t Prince Consort injured by him? There was a bloody bruise on his back. I was still a little angry at that time. Today, seeing the power of the eldest son of Qin with my own eyes, I feel that Prince Consort did not lose unjustly. ”

Emperor Yuanyou clarified for his brother-in-law: “Prince Consort did not lose, the two were tied.”

Hua Yang: “But with his injury like that, it’s obvious that his skills are inferior to the other person.”

As she spoke, she continued to follow Qin Ji closely.

Emperor Yuanyou:…

He looked at prince consort sympathetically.

Chen Jingzong’s face was ashen, but all the fierceness in his eyes was directed at Qin Ji below.

The author has something to say:

General Qin: You should pretend to be sick and don’t show up these few days!

Qin Ji: ….

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